2021’s Candid Review: Does Candid Teeth Straightening Work? 

candid review

Regular visits to an orthodontist might not be possible for you during this difficult time of the pandemic, but Candid has made it possible anyway. It has come up with a way easier, cost-effective, and hassle-free method to get your teeth aligned at the comfort of your home. 

Candid’s technique might sound familiar to you at first, but actually, it is much more advanced and comforting as compared to the traditional hassle of visiting your dentist every other week or month for a follow-up. 

So, let us enlighten you with the advanced techniques and methodologies this brand has come up with.

Candid Review: Brand Rundown

Candid is on a mission to make people regain their confidence with a bright and beautiful smile at a very affordable cost as compared to the old and conventional methods. The brand claims to provide results 30% faster than the treatment you get at a clinic. 

Candid makes a difference by providing its customers with the plans specifically developed by Orthodontists instead of dentists. With the training of 7 years, these specialists specializing in the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of irregularly aligned teeth come up with the best possible designs for your teeth to make them straight. 

To ensure that you get the desired results, Candid keeps a check on you. The same orthodontist who develops the plan for you stays in contact with you and keeps track of your progress by regularly checking the scans you take through your cell phone. This is what makes Candid totally different from other companies in the market. 

With its team of 50 highly professional orthodontists, Candid is gaining more and more popularity with every passing day and is spreading its network throughout the United States of America. 

In What Way Do the Candid’s Aligners Work?

Candid’s aligners hold your teeth firmly and keep them shifting until they reach their final position, which is desired. You have to wear them at night for just the first two weeks. The rest of the time you’ll have to wear it in the daytime only. 

To save your time, we gathered some important information regarding Candid’s Aligners and made a list of things we liked about the product/service and things we didn’t like.


  • These Aligners are Easy to use and cost-effective.
  • Licensed and trained orthodontists supervise the whole procedure.
  • Their customer service is commendable.
  • You don’t have to pay for the whitening kit; it is absolutely free of cost!
  • This treatment is 30% faster than other teeth aligning treatments.
  • Over ten thousand people have benefitted from their service. 
  • You are not bound to continue the treatment if you don’t want to.
  • The payment options are pretty flexible.
  • The aligners are hardly visible. 


  • If you have serious alignment issues, then Candid might not prove itself helpful for you. 
  • No refund is offered for the teeth aligners.
  • Those who prefer in-office treatments might not prefer this remote system. 

What Makes Candid Different from Its Alternatives?

When we compared Candid with other forms of treating irregularly aligned teeth, we found notable differences that can’t be ignored. The first and basic difference is the time period. Candid requires only six months to show the results that braces show in double the time – approximately 18 months. 

The second important difference was the cost that you have to bear for the in-office consultations. Candid provides you remote assistance and follow-up, which eliminates the need for clinical visits, eventually saving you a lot of bucks.

We compared the price differences and concluded that with Candid, you might be able to save up to $4600, which is HUGE!  Because with Candid, you’ll be able to get the job done for only $2400 whereas, if you go for Braces or Invisalign treatment, that might cost you $5000 and $7000 respectively.

You can either pay the whole amount at once, which is $2400, or you can go for the monthly payment option. If you choose the monthly payment option, then you will be charged $99 per month, starting with a down payment of $399. The mentioned prices are inclusive of all the accessories that come with the Aligners. 

How Do You Know If You Are a “Candidate” Or Not?

To check whether you are eligible for the treatment or not, you have to take a short survey. That survey confirms your eligibility for the treatment to get started. There might be several reasons that can hinder you in becoming the Candid’s Candidate. 

For example, you can’t qualify for the treatment until and unless all of your baby teeth fall out. Also, if the alignment of your teeth is severely irregular, Candid won’t be able to do anything for you. Lastly, Candid doesn’t offer bite correction either.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is that you must address any oral issue like tooth decay, cavities, or bleeding gums before you start your teeth alignment treatment with Candid. 

Candid’s Treatment Package Review

Review of Candid’s Starter Kit

Candid Starter Kit
  • Affordable Price
  • No Office Visits Needed
  • No Commitment To Buy Aligners
  • Full Refund If Non-Candidate
Check Latest Price Learn More

It is evident from its name, the “starter kit” is the start of the procedure. You can order this kit for $95 to get the procedure started by taking photos and molds of your teeth at home, but if you prefer the free of cost option, then you will have to visit your nearest Candid studio, where you can get a free 3D scan done by a specialist. Whatever option you choose, the process usually takes half an hour. 

If you don’t feel that the treatment planned for you by the orthodontist is right, you can quit right away. There is no compulsion of carrying out the whole procedure if you are not fully willing.

There are a total of six products that you get in a starter kit. The Candid Starter Kit also contains a guide on how to make your very first Aligner on your own.

  • Putty catalyst and aligner base
  • Cheek stretcher
  • Bite guide
  • Three upper teeth trays 
  • Two lower teeth trays
  • A shipping box that has to be returned

Click Here to Get Candid’s Starter Kit from the Official Site.

Review of Candid’s Clear Aligner Kit

Candid Clear Aligner Treatment
  • Free Starter Kit + Foam
  • Care by Orthodontists
  • Full Refund if Non-Candidate
Check Latest Price Learn More

Then comes the next product that you get in the package, the Aligner Kit. This aligner kit contains all the aligners that you will need for the whole treatment process, along with a free product that is a whitening foam.

Premium quality plastic is used to make these aligners, which do not contain phthalate and BPAs. The use of thermoplastic makes the aligners more comfortable to wear and keeps them free of stains.

Click Here to Get Candid’s Clear Aligner from the Official Site.

Review of Candid’s Whitening Foam 

The whitening foam contains Hydrogen peroxide that helps you have a brighter and whiter smile. Hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening is common and is mostly used by specialists in clinics to perform teeth whitening procedures. 

It is also considered a safe and effective technique to achieve whiter teeth. Those who are already using the Candid’s aligners can have this whitening foam for $25.

It is pretty easy to use the foam. All you need to do is so take out your tray and pump the product in it. Half a pump would do the job perfectly. Then, put your tray back in and spit out any excess product. The whitening foam will then do its job without causing any sensitivity in your teeth or gums. 

You can use the whitening foam as a cleaner for your aligners or retainers too. Also, it can help you get rid of bad breath.

Review of Candid’s Retainer

Candid Retainer
  • Comfortable Fit For Overnight Wear
  • Complimentary Whitening Foam Included
  • Available Only For Candid Aligner Users
  • Free Shipping
Check Latest Price Learn More

A retainer does a completely opposite job as compared to an aligner. You might be wondering how does that happen? Well, while the aligners work to shift the teeth to the desired position, the retainers work to prevent the teeth from dispositioning. 

Retainers are relatively thicker than aligners and are mostly worn during the night.

Retainers of the Candid brand are comfortable to wear and can be customized according to your desired fitting. 

Another noteworthy thing here is that these retainers are very cheap compared to those you purchase from an orthodontist, which can cost you up to $500. Whereas, Candid’s Retainers will cost you only $99 along with a free whitening foam (the details of which are discussed above).

Click Here to Get Candid’s Retainer from the Official Site.

Candid Reviews: What Do the “Candidates” Have to Say Regarding the Product? 

To find out if the company delivers what it promises, we reviewed the customers’ feedback on the official website and found an overwhelming response. 

More than 1600 people reviewed Candid’s products, out of which 1400+ gave a 5-star rating and detailed positive feedback. We picked out some reviews that we found worth sharing and added them to our article.  

Justin had lost his confidence to smile because of the gap in his front teeth; he states that people used to notice that gap before anything else in him that always made him uncomfortable. That was the time when he decided to solve the problem once for all, and he opted for Candid. He further states that with the help of Candid, he got his lost confidence back, and now he smiles brightly like never before!

Next comes Tatiana, who states that the remote treatment proved itself quite helpful for her in this time of the pandemic as it enabled her to continue her treatment safely at the comfort of her home. She says that, at first, she wasn’t really confident, but Candid gave her no reason to complain. 

Then we have Christina. She appreciated the customer support and communication their team had with her. Their team kept monitoring her progress throughout her journey.

However, there were a few negative comments too which were answered by Candid’s team. 

Ernesto wasn’t satisfied as he found the procedure painful, due to which he gave up and didn’t finish. 

To ensure that the website reviews do not deceive us, we looked for other credible sources too and found the same reviews. The teeth blog gave a 5-star rating to Candid whereas, another website called customersadvocate.org gave it a 4-star rating.

Our Take on Candid

From our research, we have concluded that Candid can be an excellent option for those who want to get their teeth straightened and whitened at a relatively lower cost. 

Candid works the best for those who have a slight or moderate irregular alignment of teeth. If you have severely irregular alignment or larger gaps, Candid might not do the job for you. 

The thing that makes Candid different and better from all of its competitors is the highly qualified team that it has. Remember, you aren’t just buying mere pieces of plastic when you choose Candid. Those plastic pieces are designed not by just ordinary dentists but by orthodontists. 

The flexible payment plans offered by Candid make it even easier for the users to afford the treatment while staying at home.

Discounts and Promotions Offered by Candid

Candid is generous enough to offer fantastic discounts to its customers. They have given a 50% off on their starter kits, but keep in mind that it is a limited time offer only! 

Another way of availing amazing discounts is to refer it to your family and friends. By doing so, you can get a $100 gift card if the person you referred to makes a purchase.

To stay updated regarding the contests that Candid runs throughout the year, you’ll have to sign up for notifications. 

How to Become a Candidate?

The signing up process is quite straightforward as it requires just a few simple steps:

  1. First of all, you take a short survey in which Candid determines whether you are eligible for the treatment or not. Then, the next step is to get your teeth scanned. You can either visit your nearest Candid studio for a free scan, or you can order yourself a starter kit to take the photos and impressions on your own.
  2. After that process is completed, the aligners and all the other related products that you’ll need are delivered to your doorstep within 14 to 21 days. 
  3. Then, you have to log in to their portal, from which they’ll monitor your progress throughout the procedure.
  4. Now, an orthodontist will assist you throughout your teeth alignment journey. He’ll keep a keen check on what progress you are making by examining the scans you’ll take from your phone.

The only drawback of Candid is that it is only available in the United States.

Candid Studios

For now, the Candid Studios are closed because of the Covid outbreak, but you can stay updated about the reopening of the studios by signing up with your email. 

Those who can’t wait to get the treatment started can skip the first step, which is usually an in-office consultation, and start right away by following the steps discussed above.

But, if you want to consult a specialist before you get started, you will have to wait until the studios open again. Then, you can visit any of their retail store in Columbus, Irvine, New York City, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, Santa Monica, San Jose, and West Hollywood.

Shipping Policy

After you have submitted the scans of your teeth or have visited the studio as the first step, it takes a few days for the orthodontist to design your treatment.

You get your Aligners delivered to your doorstep without any delivery charges within 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, Candid is limited to the US only.

Return Policy 

Get A Full Refund

This option is only for those who don’t find the treatment suitable for them in the initial stage. But, if you send the starter kit back in a distorted condition, you won’t be able to claim your money.

You Will Not Get A Refund

This will happen if you try to get your money back after you have accepted the plan given by Candid’s team. It will be too late to claim a refund, as your customized aligners will be getting ready by then.

So, be quick to make this decision. Don’t procrastinate if you feel that Candid is not for you.

Starter Kit

You’ll be asked to sign a form when you order an alignment starter kit. The form takes your consent for ordering the product. Hence, there will be no refund for the starter kit if you want to quit without any valid reason. You can only receive a refund in case the orthodontist approves that Candid is not suitable for you.

In Case of a Defective Product

You can call Candid at 1-844-295-6915 if you find a defective product in your order. Or, you can drop an email at portal.candidco.com. Candid will then exchange that product for you.

Change of Plans

If your orthodontists think that you need a different plan for better progress, that’ll be done without any extra cost.

How to Contact Candid’s Team Directly?

If you still have any queries left and you want the Candid’s team to answer you directly, there are three options for you.

  • Make a call; you can call directly on their customer service phone number from Monday to Sunday, from 9 am to 7 pm (EST). Their phone number is; 1-844-295-6915
  • Have a direct chat; the second option is to have a direct chat with them through their official website.
  • Drop an Email; the third and last option is to email them at portal.candidco.com.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Candid

Is It Possible to Drink and Eat with Your Aligners?

Yes, it is possible. However, some users might find it uncomfortable to eat and drink with Aligners. But, if that’s not the case with you, you can eat or drink while having them on. 

Just make sure to clean the aligners with cold water. Also, don’t forget to brush your teeth once you are done. 

Talking about drinks, you can have tea and coffee only if it is not scalding hot. If you like it like that, you will have to take the aligners off.

In What Way Do You Clean the Aligners?

It is pretty effortless to clean your Aligners. All you have to do is rinse them with cold water. Additionally, you can use a brush with soft bristles to clean them. However, cleaning your aligners with hot water or mouthwash is never recommended.

After How Much Time You Need to Change Aligners?

The company recommends changing the Aligners after six months every time.

Would It Be Possible to Kiss, Exercise, Or Play Any Musical Instrument While Having Your Aligners On?

Of course! There’s no issue with that. You can do all of that without any hesitation.

Is There Any Insurance for My Candid Treatment?

We can’t be definite about this. Your Candid treatment might and might not be covered by insurance. It basically depends on the one who’s providing you with the insurance and what your policy is. It might be possible that you get up to $1300 reimbursed by your insurer.

Where and How to Upload My Photos?

It is quite an easy task. You just have to log in to Candid’s candidate portal. Detailed instructions are given there on how to get the job done.

What If I Am Unable to Understand the Starter Kit Process?

Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Candid’s team is always there to help you out. You have to do the same thing here, too, logging in to the portal.

Click here to Get Started with Candid Today.

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