Effuel Reviews (2021): Things to Know Before Buying

Effuel EcoOBD2 device helps you save on fuel costs. It may not seem much at first, but in the long run, the savings can turn out to be really significant and money can be spent elsewhere.

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Effuel Eco OBD2 is a fuel saving device that can be plugged directly into your car – instantly giving you better gas mileage. It is a chip that interacts with the onboard computer to allow the engine to use fuel more efficiently while increasing output at the same time.

You’re probably wondering why someone would need this device in the first place. Well, it all comes down to fuel. As we are well aware, fuel prices are slowly creeping up to the point where more people find it expensive to run their vehicles. Modern road cars are tuned to be as fuel efficient as possible, but sometimes that is not the case. Many factors can reduce a car’s efficiency over time.

Apart from that, fuel (be it gasoline or diesel) is derived from crude oil, which is a fossil fuel. This means that it comes with 2 major issues: its supply is limited, and its combustion damages the environment. With the rate crude oil is being used, compared to the amount of time it needs to form, scientists predict we may run out in the upcoming decades. Apart from that, the combustion of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is known to be a cause of global warming.

This has led to the decline of internal combustion engines as manufacturers are favoring sustainable alternatives like electric vehicles. However, the full shift from gasoline or diesel engines to electric vehicles is slow, which means most of us have to deal with saving as much fuel as possible in our traditional modes of transportation. That is where the Effuel device comes in. Let’s get into why and how it solves these issues.

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How does Effuel Eco OBD2 work?

As mentioned, Effuel is a small chip that can connect directly to your car via the OBD2 port. All modern cars have an OBD2 port. The OBD2 port is directly connected to the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU), which controls everything in a fuel injected engine. This includes the air fuel ratio, valve timing, idling speed, and rev limiter. Each car’s ECU is pre-programmed (known as “the map”) by the car manufacture.

Due to various factors like fuel grade or oxygen concentrations, the efficiency of the engine can drop since the original map was not made for these circumstances. What this device does is analyze the data collected by the sensors of the car and “remap” the ECU to perform more efficiently once it is connected to the OBD2 port. The changes it makes are temporary as the ECU switches back to the stock map when EcoOBD2 device is removed.  

A more efficient engine means it will use less fuel, this results in massive savings. Your car will give you more miles with each refill, meaning you’ll also refill it less frequently. Effuel claims a 15-35% of fuel savings depending on the car you drive. Apart from that, increasing efficiency means the engine would would have more power and torque, up to 35% and up to 25% more respectively as claimed by Effuel. 

Not only does this solve the issue of money, but it also helps to save the environment. Yes, one car cannot make a significant difference, but if enough people take advantage of this, the results can change our futures for the better.

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How to use Effuel OBD2?

Thankfully, the Effuel EcoOBD2 is a simple device that does not need any professional or mechanical knowledge to use. Anyone can use it if they follow the following 6 easy steps:

Turn your car off and take the key out of the ignition. In order for it to work properly the car systems must be switched off completely. In case your car has a push button start, turn the car off and keep the key fob with you. There is no need to disconnect your battery.

Once that is done, Find the OBD2 port of your car and insert the EcoOBD2 device in it. The location of OBD2 ports varies from car to car. Refer to your car’s owner’s manual for the exact location. Once it is found, just plug in the device.

Next, Insert the key into the ignition and twist it to the first stage (do not start). This is necessary as the device needs to be reset and calibrated first. In case of a push button start car, just press the starter button once without pressing the brake pedal.

Press and hold the reset button on the EcoOBD2 device for 5 seconds. After that, wait for around a minute before doing anything.

After that, Start the car. 

Just drive casually and use the car like you normally would. The EcoOBD2 device will automatically detect your driving style and will take around 150 miles to adjust perfectly for maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Effuel EcoOBD2

This device is incredibly easy to use and can be handled by anyone hassle free. As we have seen in the steps above, it is a simple process, and it requires a couple of minutes to install and calibrate the Effuel device.

You save on fuel costs. It may not seem much at first, but in the long run the savings can turn out to be really significant and money can be spent elsewhere.

You can also feel better about saving the future of the planet. Not only will you delay (or possibly stop) the complete depletion of fossil fuels but also save the environment from harmful emissions that result in global warming.

As we shall see later, the Effuel device is inexpensive especially compared to getting your car manually tuned by a mechanic. If you have multiple cars, then there’s good news as there are bundles that can result in an even better deal.

Last but definitely not the least, the Effuel device comes with incredible 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product. This means that you can be stress free while spending your case on this device knowing you have the option to return it and get refunded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can this device damage the engine?

A. No it does not. It only affects the mapping of the ECU for the duration that it is connected. Once you remove it from the OBD2 port, the ECU switches back to its factory mapping as if nothing happened. This is why it will not void your car’s warranty.

Q. Why not go to a mechanic to get a tune?

A. There is no one stopping you from doing so and there is no harm in it as a mechanic can do a similar job manually. However, keep in mind that the remapping performed by a mechanic is permanent and it can prove to be expensive as they charge a lot for this. With this device, the change is temporary (for as long as you like) and it is affordable for everyone.

Q. Are there other ways to achieve efficiency?

A. Yes and they are quite common. You can keep your wheels aligned, tires kept at the right pressure, oil, filters, and spark plugs replaced on time. However, all of that is necessary and despite that, a tune up is necessary. Since that is inevitable, the best and cheapest option to go for is via the Effuel device. It is dead simple to use and will not cause worries.

Q. Will it be compatible with my car?

A. Every new car sold in the US after 1996 and in Europe after 2001 has an OBD2 port. If your car falls into that category, then this device will definitely work on your car. If your car is older and you really do seek better fuel efficiency, then we would advise going for a newer more efficient car.

Q. How to get in touch with customer support?

A. You can easily do that by either emailing at support@effuelshop.com or by calling Effuel’s Toll Free number (only in the US) at 8552270908.

Pricing and Verdict

The Effuel EcoOBD2 comes at a reasonable price especially if you consider the benefits that you get from it and how much you can save by not going to your mechanic to get a manual old fashioned tune up. There are 3 packages available from Effuel and they are:

  • 1 Effuel EcoODB2  $39.98
  • 2 Effuel EcoOBD2  $59.97 (29.99/device)
  • 3 Effuel EcoOBD2  $79.96 (26.65/device)

You will have to pay extra for shipping with the first package only whereas it is free with the other two. As it is normally the case, the more devices you get at a time, the better deal you get. So, if you are aiming for the best bag for the buck, go with the third package. However, the most popular package is the second one probably because more people, on average, have 2 cars and that is their requirement. Regardless, all 3 packages are fairly priced and you can choose either one or you will not be disappointed. In case things do not work out, just return it.

Keeping everything into perspective, the Effuel EcoOBD2 device is a revolutionary product designed to do something incredible and complicated while itself being so simple and easy to use. It is not even expensive, and can easily fit into the budget of anyone who owns a car. Its benefits also outweigh its price by a huge margin which makes this device easy to recommend to anyone determined to save up on gas and save the environment.

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Effuel Reviews (2021): Things to Know Before Buying