Today’s Earth Day Google Doodle Emphasizes the Importance of Planting Trees

In a world in which climate change is a very real threat, this year's Earth Day is more urgent than ever.

Today’s Google Doodle emphasizes the importance of planting trees.

As Earth Day 2021 rolls around once again, it’s inarguable that the planet is facing challenges related to the climate that are unprecedented and terrifying. The Arctic has warmed by more than 4 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1960s, the ice caps in the North and South poles are melting rapidly, oil pipelines are wreaking environmental havoc and clean water is still, due to environmental racism, not accessible to all. In other words, if any one word sums up what Earth Day is this year, it’s urgent. Appropriately, today’s Google (GOOGL) Doodle points viewers towards the importance of planting trees; deforestation in the Amazon is still a massive problem.

This year, Google’s objective with Earth Day is to “encourage everyone to find one small act they can do to restore our Earth.” However, the past few decades have shown that community initiatives like recycling have done little to actually repurpose many plastic items, a lot of which are actually buried. It’s huge corporate companies that will have to change their ways in order to save the planet; in other words, the onus should not be placed on individuals. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that activities like gardening and planting trees are in vain; quite the opposite. These acts of defiance against globalized efforts to expunge the Earth of its resources are essentially all that matters.

“Earth Day is special every year, but this year in particular I’ve grown to appreciate the grounding influence of trees,” Sophie Diao, the artist who made this year’s Earth Day Google Doodle, said in a statement. “On the flip side, every year we experience catastrophic climate events that remind us what happens when we neglect to care for the planet. Earth Day is a chance for all of us to take a step back from our day-to-day lives and look at the bigger picture, to take a deep breath and remember that we’re a part of nature.”

Today’s Earth Day Google Doodle Emphasizes the Importance of Planting Trees