Nectar Mattress Review 2021: Should You Buy?

Searching for a comfortable, memory foam mattress? Check out our article on why we tested and approved Nectar Memory Foam Mattress.

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No one enjoys sleeping on a mattress that’s either too hard, too soft, or doesn’t offer enough support. At the end of a long and tiring day, the last thing you’d want is to lie down on an uncomfortable mattress and not be able to sleep. 

The most comfortable mattresses currently available are those that are made with foam. To be more specific, it’s memory foam that’s used in these mattresses that’s soft but offers enough support for your back. If you’ve heard of memory foam mattresses lately, you’ll likely have heard of Nectar too. 

Nectar mattresses are currently among the best foam mattresses available. The brand has been promoting these mattresses tirelessly and has made a host of impressive claims regarding their comfort. In this Nectar mattress review, we’ll discover how many of these claims are true and how many are not. 

Nectar Mattress Review: An Overview 

Nectar Classic Mattress
  • Premium Memory Foam
  • Medium Firmness - Suitable for All Sleepers
  • 365-Day At-Home Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
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This brand only focuses on providing people with the best possible sleep they can get. It uses a combination of techniques and processes to manufacture these memory foam mattresses, and these seem to be very effective. 

If you’re looking for a mattress that’s able to accommodate your body shape and size perfectly, you needn’t look any further than this one – which is what the brand essentially claims. 

You’ll find this mattress to be not too firm and not too soft either – thanks to the layering used here to lay foam upon the foam. Users have compared lying down on this mattress to lie down on a bed of soft sand, and we have to say we agree.

We’ll discuss the various features of this mattress in this article and compare it to a few other popular mattresses as well. Read on for more. 

Who Is Nectar Suited To 

The Nectar mattress is ideal for:

  • People who wish to purchase a memory foam mattress that’s both soft and firm
  • Those users wishing to have enough support for their back, hips, and shoulders 
  • Those looking for a great affordable memory foam mattress 

Who Is Nectar Not Suited To 

The Nectar mattress is not ideal for:

  • People who weigh on the heavier side 
  • Those who prefer a bouncy or soft mattress 
  • Those who do not wish for a mattress to help them stay warm at night

Nectar Mattress Firmness And Comfort

One of the first things most people look for in a great mattress is how firm it is. While firmness is not the only factor to consider here, it’s one of the most important. 

Your preferred sleeping positions, weight, size, existing physical conditions, and more will determine whether or not the Nectar mattress is ideal for you. 

We’ll discuss each of the aforementioned factors in detail below but let’s start with firmness:

Nectar Mattress Firmness

Nectar is honestly one of the least firm mattresses you’ll find out there that offers excellent support. It’s not nearly as firm as it should be for the support it provides, but somehow, it is. That’s the magic of a memory foam mattress, we suppose. The key here to creating an excellent foam mattress is support. 

The first layer of foam is soft and very comfortable to lie on. The layers beneath this get firmer and firmer as you inch towards the bottom of the mattress. Therefore, you could say this mattress is equal parts soft and firm in the best possible way. In other words, you won’t find this mattress to be either too firm or too soft, whatever your preference. 

Is Sleeping Position Important?

The sleeping position you prefer can play a big role in determining how comfortable your experience with the Nectar mattress will be. Let’s how different sleeping positions affect how you feel when lying on a Nectar mattress. 

  • Sleeping on your back – As discussed in the previous section, the Nectar mattress is layered in a way that offers support at the bottom and comfort at the top. Therefore, you’ll find that when lying on your back, the mattress accommodates the curves of your body enough room to sink in while offering adequate support to your back. Sleeping on your back is one of the best sleeping positions for a Nectar mattress.
  • Sleeping on your side – When you sleep on your side, your hips and shoulders don’t get to relax. These are the parts of your body that experience the most pressure when you lie down sideways. However, the Nectar mattress offers you enough support to take the pressure off your shoulders and hips to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Sleeping on your stomach – We do not recommend using this mattress to sleep on your stomach as it’s a tad too soft for that. You’re sure to feel the central portions of your body sinking into the mattress once you lie on it face down. Therefore, sleeping on your stomach on a Nectar mattress does not make for the most comfortable experience. 

How Does A Nectar Mattress Feel?

A Nectar mattress feels much the same as any excellent quality foam mattress does – soft and supportive. Since this is a memory foam mattress, it does a splendid job of accommodating your body weight and structure to ensure you experience no discomfort while you sleep. 

A memory foam mattress takes the shape of your body perfectly – almost like it’s a mold. Therefore, you can be sure that lying down on it will provide you with a good nights’ sleep in almost any sleeping position you prefer. 

Nectar Mattress Construction Review 

In this section, we’ll examine the specifics of the construction processes used in this mattress and take you through its basic features. 

In understanding the construction of the Nectar mattress, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision regarding whether or not it’s suited to your needs. 

Mattress Cover 

The cover of this mattress is created using mainly polyethylene. Polyethylene is one of the best materials that could be used to make mattresses. This is mainly because this material is quite airy since it allows enough space for the passage of air. 

Therefore, the uppermost layer of the mattress will always feel cool and comfortable, even during peak summer. 

However, if you’re someone who tends to feel hot in their sleep and constantly breaks out sweating, this probably isn’t the best material to go with.

Middle Layer 

The middle layer of the Nectar mattress is also referred to as the comfort layer. The topmost layer of the mattress – regardless of what material it’s made of – usually the layer that tends to trap heat as you lie on it. Therefore, several manufacturers use a comfort layer beneath the topmost layer to deal with this overheating issue.

The comfort later is generally filled with a gel of sorts that helps the mattress stay cooler and prevents it from trapping too much heat. The layer that contains gel is not as susceptible to molding into your body shape as the upper layer is. 

This layer is firmer, and its only purpose is to provide your mattress with adequate cooling without compromising on the support. 

It’s due to the presence of this gel that most foam mattresses can stay cool. However, we’d like to add here that even this comfort layer is often inadequate when it comes to cooling your mattress during peak summer, especially if you’re someone who feels hot easily. 

The middle layer fits perfectly into your mattress to ensure you don’t sink too much past the topmost layer to the firmer bottom layer. 

Supporting Or Base Layer 

The lowest layer of the Nectar mattress is the support or base layer. This layer is made of high-density materials. This ensures that you receive enough support and structure from your mattress as a whole. 

Having a strong support layer is imperative for a great quality mattress, and the Nectar mattress certainly delivers well on this front. 


The height of a mattress is an important but often overlooked consideration when it comes to picking one for home use. If you’re unsure, you’d be better off choosing a mattress that’s about average height. The Nectar mattress is about the ideal height for a home-use mattress at 12 inches.

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Why Weight Matters?

Average Sleepers (between 130 and 230 lbs)

We’d say this mattress is one of the best mattresses currently available for those weighing between 130 and 230lbs. Average weight users will find that this mattress can accommodate their weight effortlessly and shape itself in a way that offers maximum comfort. 

Users falling in this weight category who experience pain or pressure in their shoulders or hips while sleeping will find this mattress especially comfortable. The soft first layer of the mattress takes the edge off the harder lower layers, making for a comfortable surface to lie on for hours together. 

Due to these aforementioned factors, Nectar mattresses are often ideal for younger users, typically adolescents. 

Heavy Sleepers (over 230 lbs)

If you weigh around 230 lbs, you’ll find this mattress to be exceedingly comfortable in every respect. It’s almost as if this mattress was designed for users who weigh around between 230 and 300 lbs. Anyone weighing above 300 lbs is likely to find this mattress a tad uncomfortable.

It’s not that this mattress isn’t comfortable enough as a whole, just that someone who weighs above 300 lbs would need to look to offer a mattress that provides stronger support to ensure their back doesn’t take too much pressure while sleeping. 

As for sleeping on your side, if you weigh above 300 lbs, you won’t find lying down this way too comfortable either, as you’ll likely sink firmly into the mattress. 

This, in turn, will have you feel the pressure on your hips and upper body (especially your shoulders). Those on the heavier side of things would need a mattress that’s as soft as the Nectar mattress is but offers stronger support in the bottom layers. 

This is especially true for heavy sleepers who prefer sleeping on their stomach. Sleeping on your stomach shouldn’t be a problem here with this mattress if you weigh between 230 and 270 lbs. However, anything above this is sure to cause discomfort in your hips. It could even leave you with chronic pain in your lower back if you use it regularly. 

Therefore, the Nectar mattress is ideal for those who weigh between 230 and 300 lbs if they prefer sleeping on their back or side. 

Light Sleepers (below 130 lbs)

Finding the perfect mattress for those who weigh 130 lbs or less is more difficult than most people think. Even light (weight) sleepers require adequate support for their back, shoulders, and hips when sleeping in different positions. 

When it comes to the Nectar mattress, the best sleeping positions for users who don’t weigh much are either on their back or their sides. If you fall into this category of sleepers, you’ll find yourself getting the best sleep on these mattresses in the aforementioned positions. 

We don’t recommend sleepers who weigh less to use this mattress to sleep on their stomach. This mattress is comfortable in several ways, but it simply does not offer enough support for light users wishing to sleep on their stomachs. 

If you’re one of them, we advise you to look out for a mattress that offers you more firm support for your back when sleeping face down. 

Size And Pricing Options 

Nectar Classic Mattress
  • Premium Memory Foam
  • Medium Firmness - Suitable for All Sleepers
  • 365-Day At-Home Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
Check Latest Price Learn More

Let us now take a quick look at the different sizes of the Nectar mattresses available today and how each of them is priced. 

  • Twin size – 38” X 75” 12” currently priced at $499
  • Twin XL size – 38” X 80” X 12” currently priced at $569
  • Full size – 54” X 75” X 12” currently priced at $699
  • Queen size – 60” X 80” X 12” currently priced at $799
  • King size – 76” X 80” X 12” currently priced at $1,099
  • California king size – 72” X 84” X 12” currently priced at $1,099

How Does Nectar Mattress Perform?

The answer to this question is quite comprehensive, and the answer would require us to elaborate in sections. 

We’ve tested this mattress in several ways, and the features we’ve outlined below are all based on our experiences with it. Therefore, you can rest assured that we’ve included only relevant information here. 

Temperature While Sleeping 

There’s a reason the Nectar mattress is considered ideal for use in cold winter months – it traps your body heat. Once you lie down on this mattress, you’ll know what we mean as you’ll find it slowly warming up with the heat you provide it. 

However, as we discussed above, the mattress has a gel foam layer in the middle that helps cool it down when the topmost layer gets hot. 

Having said this, we’d like to reiterate here that this mattress is only cool enough for those who generally feel cold at night or, at the very least, don’t feel too hot as they sleep. 

Those users who face overheating issues and sweat excessively in their sleep are sure to find this mattress quite uncomfortable. This is especially true for summer months in places where temperatures soar. 

Motion Absorption 

Motion absorption or motion transfer is one of the most important features to look for in any mattress if you move around too much in your sleep. This is also true for couples who consist of either one or both easily disturbed sleepers. 

In other words, if your partner moves around too much at night and this disturbs your sleep constantly, you’ll need a mattress that absorbs motion well. 

The foam used in the Nectar mattress is designed in a way that allows it to absorb motion well enough so that the other person on the bed barely notices when one moves around in their sleep.

Support At the Edges 

Another important consideration when choosing a mattress for personal use is how much support it offers you at the edges. You don’t want a mattress that you can sleep on comfortably but can barely sit on without sinking right in. After all, you’d want to lounge around on your mattress now and again, not just sleep on it. 

Foam mattresses don’t generally offer great support on the edges. We can honestly say that the Nectar mattress seems to be an exception. You’d only have to sit or lie at the edge of this mattress to notice that you’ll neither sink in nor feel like you’re about to fall off it. 


Not all-foam mattresses are very durable, considering they don’t contain very long-lasting materials. Other mattresses contain latex and other durable materials – foam mattresses don’t. However, the Nectar mattress contains some high-density materials in the bottommost layer. 

Therefore, you could expect this mattress to last in fairly good condition for about a decade before it begins to show signs of wear and tear. 

Mattress Off-Gassing 

If you haven’t come across this term before, don’t be alarmed, it’s fairly simple. When you unbox a mattress, you’d generally sense a sharp chemical smell permeating the room – this is known as off-gassing. 

You’ll find a subtle chemical scent when you unbox the Nectar mattress as well; however, you can expect this to dissipate within a couple of days. 

Pressure Minimisation 

The mark of a great mattress is how well it reduces the amount of pressure you experience in your body while sleeping on it, particularly in your joints. 

As discussed in an earlier section, using the Nectar mattress helps reduce pressure for average, heavy, and light sleepers when they sleep in different positions. 

We found this mattress to be especially great at reducing pressure experienced by average and heavy sleepers when they lay down on their backs or sides. 

However, we do not recommend this mattress for heavy sleepers or light sleepers who prefer sleeping on their stomach when it comes to pressure relief. Ignoring this recommendation could lead to chronic lower back pain among such users. 

Noise Reduction 

Memory foam mattresses are among the best, if not the best, mattresses when it comes to noise reduction. 

When we tried the Nectar mattress, we were pleased to note that we could detect no noise from it at all when we moved on it or switched up sleeping positions. 

Intimate Activities 

If you’re a couple looking for a mattress that’s ideal for switching positions during sex, we’d say the Nectar mattress is not necessarily your best bet. 

This mattress is slightly on the softer side for certain positions, so you’d likely have to look elsewhere for a mattress that offers more response than this one. 

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Nectar Brand Policies

If you’re planning on investing in a Nectar mattress, you may be wondering what their brand policies are like. In familiarizing yourself with the brand policies, you’ll be able to ensure that you know exactly what to expect when purchasing one of these mattresses. 


Let’s examine the delivery policy Nectar has to offer you:

  • Nectar ships to a wide range of locations using White Glove Service.
  • White-Glove items take nearly 3 more days to ship to your location when added to your original estimate.

Warranty Period 

One of the best features of this brand’s policy is that it provides you with a limited lifetime warranty upon purchase. However, certain conditions have to be met for a user to qualify for warranty coverage. 

  • The warranty is only extended to the user who originally purchased the mattress. A user that the mattress has been transferred to cannot claim a warranty on it. 
  • You’ll need to retain all original documents related to your purchase from an authentic Nectar store or retailer. 
  • A mattress that’s been repaired or replaced falls under the same warranty period as your original purchase. In other words, you won’t have new warranty terms with a repaired or replaced mattress.
  • The mattress will need to have a visible mark that’s larger than 1.5 inches. Anything smaller than this is considered regular wear and tear. The damage should not be associated with a bed frame that’s not suited to the mattress. 
  • If the foam of the mattress shows signs of damage, such as rips despite being used as instructed, you can claim a warranty. 
  • If the mattress cover displays any defects, you can claim a warranty on that as well. 
  • If you’ve used the mattress improperly or haven’t used the right bed frame for it, you’re not eligible for a warranty claim. 
  • If you claim a warranty within the first 10 years of usage, you’re eligible to receive a new mattress. If you claim a warranty within the next 10 years of usage, you’re eligible to obtain repairs or a replacement if you pay transportation costs. 

Trial Period 

A reputed mattress brand generally offers users a trial period in which they can decide whether or not they’re satisfied with their purchase. Nectar provides you an entire year (365 nights) to decide whether the mattress suits your needs. 

Most sleepers (especially those who weigh below 300 lbs and those who feel cold at night) will tell you that the Nectar mattress is the most comfortable mattress they could find about pressure reduction. 


If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can choose to return the mattress by contacting them via their official website, and you’ll receive a full refund (less shipping fees, handling fees, etc.). 

FAQs About Nectar Mattress

We’ve taken you through all the features, ratings, pros, cons, and policies related to the Nectar mattress. Now, let’s address a few frequently asked questions regarding it. 

Is The Nectar Mattress Of Good Quality?

All things considered, the Nectar mattress is of excellent quality and delivers well on most fronts. You’ll find that this mattress is better-suited to some sleepers than it is to others. 

For instance, users who weigh between 130 lbs and 230 lbs are likely to find this mattress very comfortable for side and back sleeping. However, the same cannot be said for heavier sleepers who prefer sleeping on their stomach.

How Durable Is The Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar mattress is one of the most durable mattresses currently being sold, and we’d say it lasts in excellent condition for about 7 years if used well. 

A limited lifetime warranty covers several defects, etc., of this mattress as well, and you can choose to have it replaced within 10 years if you’re not happy with the quality of the mattress you’ve received. 

For more details on the same, refer to our warranty section above. 

Can I Flip A Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar mattress is designed to work in layers, and you’ll upset the balance if you flip it. The topmost layer is designed to be soft, and the bottommost one is firm and offers support. 

Therefore, by flipping the mattress, you not only risk sleeping on an uncomfortable firm surface but damaging your top layer with the bed frame as well. 

Do I Require A Box Spring For This Mattress?

We checked with the brand and found that you do not need a box spring for the mattress. However, if you need to use the mattress on a bed that uses a spring, you can rest assured that the mattress will function well here too.

The Final Word: Should You Buy Nectar Mattress?

Nectar Classic Mattress
  • Premium Memory Foam
  • Medium Firmness - Suitable for All Sleepers
  • 365-Day At-Home Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
Check Latest Price Learn More

Having gone through the earlier sections, you must now have a fairly clear idea of what to expect from a Nectar mattress. 

We’ve outlined the main features of this mattress (softness, firmness, warranty, etc.) and all you need to do is decide which of them you’ll be using as a basis for your purchase. 

Make sure you take your weight, sleeping position, budget, and more into account when purchasing a mattress. 

However, we’d say that with the Nectar mattress, there’s something to satisfy everyone, so you likely won’t go wrong when buying one of these. 

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Nectar Mattress Review 2021: Should You Buy?