The 17 Best Remote Control Vibrators for Women, Men and Couples

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Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, a camgirl, or just a fan of public play, it can be hard to come up with new ways to keep things hot at a distance.

However, using remote control sex toys can make the distance spicy. In this post, I’ll share the 17 best remote control vibrators you can use to take your encounters to the next level.

The Top 17 Remote Control Vibrators

Top 5 Picks

  1. Best remote control vibe overall – Lovense Lush 3
  2. Great for couples – Lelo IDA
  3. Syncs with audio erotica – Vibease
  4. Cute vibrating love egg – Lelo Lyla 2
  5. Most comfortable – Lovense Ferri

1. Lovense Lush 3 – Best Remote Control Vibrator Overall

  • Love egg style toy
  • App-controlled
  • 3 intensity levels, 10 vibration patterns

With 5-hour battery life, the Lush boasts 4x more power than most remote sex toys. It works via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, making it a good choice for both close and long-range play.

You can sync the Lush with music, Chaturbate, and Cam4, giving you unlimited patterns in addition to the pre-set choices. Meanwhile, the fixed tail keeps it in place, and the maximum 43dB sound level ensures that your pleasure stays discreet.

2. Lelo IDA – Best Couples Vibrator Overall

  • Egg-style sex toy
  • Separate wireless remote control
  • 8 vibration settings

With the ability to both vibrate and rotate, the Lelo IDA is ideal if you’re a heterosexual couple. The Ida is both smooth and flexible, able to reach your G-spot while sending vibrations up the shaft.

With USB charging, the sex toy itself doesn’t need batteries. However, keep in mind that the separate remote does require batteries. The $179 price includes a 1-year warranty, so that’s always a plus.

3. Vibease – Best Remote Control Panty Vibrator

  • Syncs with audio erotica
  • App-controlled
  • 5 vibe patterns

Designed for hands-free use in women’s underwear, the Vibease panty vibrator holds its USB charge for up to three hours. You can control it both through WiFi and Bluetooth, for short- and long-range play.

The sex toy syncs with audiobooks, making it a great choice if you like playing on your own. In addition, the wearable vibrator is waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or shower for additional experimentation.

4. Lelo Lyla 2 – Best Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg

  • Love Egg Style
  • Separate dedicated remote
  • 8 vibration settings

The standout feature of the Lyla 2 is that it responds to your movement, expanding its pre-set 8 settings to an infinite number of choices. 

This adaptability is unusual in any sex toy but is especially useful in a love egg, which works as both a G-spot vibrator and a panty vibrator depending on your preference.

With 3x the range of other wireless toys, the Lyla is remote-controlled, though it charges by USB.  The $159 device comes with a warranty, while the company also offers payment plans.

5. Lovense Ferri – Best Remote Toy on Amazon

  • Panty vibrator
  • App-controlled toy
  • 7 vibration modes

Useful if you want Amazon’s discreet packaging, the Ferri is also discreet when used: its maximum sound level is just 43 dB. Connectable by both WiFi and Bluetooth, you can sync the device to music or create custom vibration patterns.

The magnetic cap ensures the Ferri stays secure during use. At $119, the toy is also on the lower end of the price range for remote sex toys. You can use it with a variety of cam platforms, including Chaturbate, Live Jasmin, MyFreeCams, BongaCams.

6. Melt by We-Vibe – Best Hands-Free Vibrator for Women

  • Clit vibrator
  • App-controlled
  • 12 intensity levels

With a unique suction feature for the clit, Melt’s female customers rave about the sensations it offers. Going for 2 hours on a single charge, the Melt can also go into sleep mode, staying on standby for up to 4 hours.

While the manufacturers boast about the low sound levels, several customer reviews disagree, finding the Melt loud. This can be fun, too, but this comes down to your personal preference.

7. We-Vibe Jive – Best Discreet Vibrator for Remote Use

  • Egg Vibrator
  • App-controlled
  • 10 vibration modes

With an external arm to keep it in place, this internal vibrator can tease your G-spot for up to 2 hours on its USB charge. 

The Jive’s ability to stay fixed in place makes it an excellent discreet choice for a G-spot vibrator, as you won’t need to awkwardly adjust it while it’s in use.

8. Lelo Hula Beads – Best Remote Vibrator Beads

  • Vibrating Beads
  • Separate dedicated remote
  • 8 intensity settings

The Hula beads have multiple uses, stimulating both the G-spot and the clit. You can use this waterproof model in the bathroom, as well as in the bedroom and in public places. 


The beads themselves are unusual in that they both rotate and vibrate. However, keep in mind that the remote itself is not app-controlled, so your partner will need to be in range to use the device.

9. Lovense Ambi – Best Cheap Remote Toy

  • Bullet vibrator
  • App-controlled toy
  • 3 intensity levels, 10 vibration patterns

With a price tag of $69 (currently on sale for $59), the Ambi remote control bullet vibrator has features commonly found in higher-end toys. It keeps its charge for up to 4 hours, has 30 levels/pattern combinations, and is water-resistant.

What more do you need?

You can control the Ambi with a programmable app, and this remote control bullet can also connect to a PC. It can use sound-activated vibrations, letting you easily sync it to music or use it while camming.

10. We-Vibe Moxie – Best Vibrator for Panties

  • Panty vibrator
  • App-controlled
  • 10 vibration modes

With a relatively low price tag of $129, the Moxie panty vibrator connects to your panties using a magnet, so it stays in place all day long.

This wearable vibrator has 10 modes of clitoral stimulation for vibrating panties; one user writes that she finds it “unbelievably exciting and nerve-wrecking to wear the Moxie in public.” 

Though the Moxie holds its USB charge for 2 hours, it can go into sleep mode between sessions and last for up to 4 hours total.

11. Lovense Nora – Best Remote Controlled Rabbit

  • Rabbit vibrator
  • Separate remote
  • 7 arm settings, 3 tip settings

The Nora gives you the ability to independently control both the arm and the head, which rotates to better hit your G-spot. 

Controllable via either an app or a computer (PC/Mac), its features are well-suited for camming or just long-distance fun!

This unique rabbit vibe holds its charge for up to four hours. Though its price tag is on the higher end of the spectrum at $199, it comes with a one-year warranty included for free.

12. Wand By We-Vibe – Best Couples Vibrator

  • Massager-style wand
  • App-controlled
  • 10 vibration modes

With a universal head, the Wand comes with two attachments you can switch out easily. This, combined with its 10 vibrating modes, makes the body massager adaptable for numerous purposes on all kinds of bodies.

Usable via WiFi and Bluetooth, the Wand is suitable for short- and long-range play, so you can get your kicks no matter your circumstances.

13. Lelo Tiani 3 – Best Remote Control Couples Egg Vibrator

  • Egg-style toy
  • Separate remote control
  • 8 vibration settings

With 8 settings to try, you can actually pair the Tiani 3  with other Lelo toys to give you and your partner the same vibrating experience on different devices. 

Its flexibility and the fact that it’s waterproof make it adaptable for couples in all kinds of situations.

14. Lovense Hush – Best Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

  • Vibrating butt plug
  • App-controlled
  • Unlimited vibration patterns 

With 827 ratings averaging 4.5 stars, the Hush is a crowd favorite. It comes in 2 sizes, at 1.5 and 1.75 inches. Both sizes offer neck spirals, helping to keep lube trapped inside your sphincter for many hours at a time.

This way, you can wear the Hush all day pretty comfortably.

Able to sync to music and connect by either Bluetooth or WiFi, the Hush is a strong choice if you’re into camming. It has a relatively low price at $119 and comes with a one-year warranty too!

15. We-Vibe Nova 2 – Best Remote Controlled Dildo

  • Rabbit dildo
  • App-controlled
  • 10+ vibe modes

This flexible and ergonomically designed rabbit dildo syncs with other We-Vibe products, making it a strong choice if you’re in a couple.

The Nova’s dual-motor function means that the arm and the head are separately controlled, allowing for many combinations of its different modes to hit your G-spot and clit at the same time. 

Controlled by an app, the Nova 2 holds its charge for up to 2 hours. It also comes with a travel lock to prevent embarrassing suitcase situations… no one wants to deal with that awkwardness!

16. Lovense Domi 2 – Best for Men

  • Mini wand vibrator toy
  • App-controlled
  • 3 levels, unlimited patterns

This “mini” wand is customized for penis and prostate stimulation. With both male and female attachments, the wireless and rechargeable Domi works at both close and long ranges.

You can use the Domi with your iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC, making it a great choice for cammers. In addition, it holds its charge for up to 6 hours and can sync to music for unlimited vibration patterns.  It goes great with other male sex toys.

17. Ditto by We-Vibe – Best for Beginning Anal Play

  • Vibrating butt plug
  • App and remote controlled vibrator
  • 10+ vibe modes

The Ditto can be controlled by both an app and a fob, making it a flexible choice for different kinds of anal play. Women, in particular, noted that it worked for vaginal sex when you turned the base to the back.

Waterproof, the Ditto allows you to control both strength and pulse patterns.

What Is a Remote Control Vibrator?

Unlike other popular vibrators, which you use on yourself, a remote control sex toy is one whose settings can be changed by someone else.

To do this, the devices use either Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or both.

Bluetooth devices need the vibrator to be within a certain range to work, while WiFi devices can work anywhere in the world.

Remote-controlled vibrators can be controlled in one of two ways: 

  1. Fob/Remote
  2. Smartphone App

A physical remote is like a TV remote, where you can change settings by pressing buttons. A smartphone app allows you to adjust levels and patterns on your phone screen.

Some toys may also use a combination of both methods, allowing a partner to control your toy long-distance through Wi-Fi, which then sends a signal to your smartphone, which then sends a Bluetooth signal to the toy telling it to vibrate.

How Can a Remote Control Sex Toy Be Used?

Though remote controlled sex toys have tons of potential purposes, they are commonly used in 4 main situations.

Discreet Public Play

These devices allow you to “touch” your partner in public—without actually laying a hand on them. Your partner wears the device, while you control the sensations they feel. 

For many couples, this combination of control and public space is a strong aphrodisiac!  

Solo Play

Unlike traditional devices, which use cords or batteries, remote control vibrators let you orgasm on your own in a hands-free way. 

Many people find this easier than trying to maneuver a sex toy manually throughout a session.

In addition, some of the above options sync to your movements, music, or even audiobooks, giving you a multi-sensual experience.

These wireless remote control sex toys also make it easier to change settings while a toy is deep inside you or your hands are covered with lube and you don’t feel like swiping around on your phone screen with them.

Long Distance Relationships

One of the hardest parts of long-distance relationships is not being able to touch your partner. 

Remote controlled vibrators allow you to give them pleasure, even when you’re in different parts of the world. 

Even better? Some remote controlled vibrators can be paired, so you experience the same sensations at the same time.

Cam Sites

When you’re working on a cam site, using a remote controlled vibrator that is specially paired, like the Lovense Lush, can give your clients more control and more pleasure. 

The Lush pairs with Chaturbate and Cam4, among others, letting users determine what they want you to feel.

It’s a great way to earn extra money as a camgirl (or camboy!)

What Is an OhMiBod or Lush?

OhMiBod and Lush are two brands of remote controlled vibrators, often used on camming sites. 

These devices sync with both music and the site interfaces, letting clients change vibrating speeds, patterns, and intensities depending on what will maximize their pleasure.

Remote Control Vibrators Reddit Users Love

Although people’s preferences for remote control sex toys are as different as the sensations that they prefer, there are a few perennial favorites on Reddit.

Lovense in particular comes up a lot. Calpyrnica writes that they “Can’t recommend the Lovense products highly enough,” while Kinko adds that her boyfriend just got her one for her birthday, and “we love it so far!” 

Meanwhile, HelloSexyNerds2 notes that “Lovense Lush has the best connection. I’ve used it in public and love it.” On the other hand, Daddys_littledoe points out that We-Vibe offers “High quality, high powered!” products. Source Laweekly

Remote Control Sex Toys – Which is the Best?

When you’re choosing from the best remote control vibrators, first consider what purpose(s) you want it for to choose the connection type: Bluetooth or WiFi, remote or app.

Think about the shape that would give you the most pleasure: love egg, bullet, wand, beads, anal plug. Finally, look at user reviews and price points to find your best match.

Overall, the Lovense Lush is a strong choice for most people, with various connection and control options, high power, and pairing options. But other options like the Lelo Lyla 2, which responds to movement, may also grab your attention.

Have you used a remote control vibrator before? What brand did you use? The 17 Best Remote Control Vibrators for Women, Men and Couples