These At-Home Medical Testing Kits Will Simplify Your Life

The past year has been one for the books. A year of social distancing, isolation, and waiting hours in line to have a swab jammed so deep up your nostril you’d think they were aiming for your brain. Getting tested for COVID-19 has certainly kept us safer, but it definitely has not been any fun. It can take forever to simply get an appointment, or, worse, require you to wait indefinitely for walk-in testing. And then once you finally get tested, you rarely know exactly when you will get your results, could be an hour, could be a week, leaving you in a stressful state of uncertainty. 

Fortunately, we’ve made it to 2021 and this is the year that you can do better. After some research, looking for any opportunity to skip the testing lines and avoid the hassle of scheduling appointments, we came across a company called MyLAB Box that offers a practical solution to all of these troubles. MyLAB Box provides an efficient and easy-to-use service that delivers testing kits right to your door. Why worry about making it to an appointment on time or leaving your home during a busy work day when you can bring the test to you?

MyLAB Box doesn’t just provide COVID tests, the service also offers testing kits for

So, as vaccinations roll out, restrictions begin to lift and we slowly start to see the end of this pandemic, this is a service that will continue to make your life easier in a post-COVID world.

What is MyLAB Box? 

Conceived in 2013 by a group of California-based entrepreneurs initially as a way to make STI testing more accessible and ease the stress surrounding health and wellness, MyLAB Box became the first and longest running nationwide at-home testing to treatment platform.

Medical experts and e-commerce experts merged their knowledge to create a system that provides wellness and care from the comfort of home with the simple click of a button. Without the doctors, the cold medical offices, and the appointments, at-home testing eliminates all the stress, bias, self-consciousness, and discomfort of a typical in-person testing appointment. With at-home testing there are no co-pays and no surprises. 

How Does At-Home Testing Work?

With MyLAB Box you’re offered a number of different types of tests, depending on what you might need. The popularity of online dating these days unfortunately involves a lot of risk – it’s been proven to be 3 times more likely to contract an STD through partners met online. So, perhaps you find yourself in need of STI testing, to be both sexually safe and healthy. MyLAB Box offers several tests to choose from at different price points: testing for specific diseases, a testing kit designed for older adults, even a kit made for couples. 

Once you select the kit you need, the free shipping will have it delivered within 2 business days. The box will include a single-use collection kit, simple instructions, a specimen bag, and a prepaid return envelope. The tests are simple and non-invasive, they’ll just involve either peeing into a cup, swabbing, or pricking your finger. Once you mail your test back to the labs, you’ll be provided with your results in as quickly as 2-5 days.

What Happens After The Results are Delivered?

MyLAB Box works only with the best high-complexity CLIA and CAP certified laboratories in the US, so it’s ensured that your results are equally as reliable as those done in the lab or clinic. After you receive your results, you then have the advantage of utilizing MyLAB Box’s testing-to-treatment benefits.

If your test results are positive, physician consultation and even treatment is provided for certain more common conditions. And, with the purchase of your at-home testing kit, all retroactive telemedicine consultations are completely free. 

Why Choose At-Home Testing? 

It’s been found that as many as 90% of people would opt for a self-test at home if given the option. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. For something like STI testing, many prefer the privacy of at-home testing. It eliminates the stress of any potential nosiness from outsiders on a subject that can feel very personal.

The same goes for areas like fertility and family-planning testing.  For something like a COVID test – having an at-home test done is by far the safest option, allowing you to stay in isolation without endangering anyone else while you await your results.

For more general health tests, like nutritional and wellness tests, at-home testing might be your preferred choice simply out of convenience – you don’t have to leave home and you don’t have to worry about finding an appointment that fits into your busy schedule. 

With at-home testing through MyLAB Box, you’re able to get the same level of accuracy and high-quality results as at any in-person lab or clinic, with the added bonus of privacy and convenience.

The pricing is transparent, the shipping is free, there are no co-pays, and you can continue to use your personal physician or their free telemedicine consultation. This is a game-changer in the often over-complicated world of healthcare. This is the future of simple, easy, and efficient wellness. 


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