Best Online Tarot Readings: Free Tarot Card Readings and Accurate Readers 2021


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We all reach a time in our lives where we could use a little extra guidance, especially in times of uncertainty.  That’s why thousands of people everyday turn to online tarot readings for insight, guidance, and clarity. Tarot card readers can offer a fresh perspective on your life and help you make important decisions with confidence.

But when it comes to getting the best online tarot reading, where should you turn? With so many tarot reading sites to choose from, picking the best psychic services can be a difficult task.

We have compiled a list of the best online tarot reading sites to help you through your search process. Each of the sites on our list offers reliable psychic readings, free minutes, and discounted rates.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best online tarot card reading sites of 2021.

The Best Online Tarot Reading Sites of 2021

  • Psychic Source: Best for love tarot readings (3 free minutes + low rates)
  • Keen Psychics: Best for cheap tarot readings (10 minutes for just $1.99!)
  • Kasamba: Best for fortune telling (3 free minutes + 70% off)
  • Asknow: Best for astrology and angel card readings

#1 Psychic Source: Best for Love Tarot Readings

Psychic Source is one of the most reputable online tarot reading websites. Psychic Source has been in business for over 30 years—since 1989. The company offers accurate tarot readings by phone, online chat session, and video call.

Psychic Source works with hundreds of reputable, professional psychics who each specialize in several types of readings. You can schedule a love tarot reading, angel card reading, past life reading, or numerous other reading types. The company tests and screens all of its psychic advisors for authenticity, allowing you to feel confident that your reading will be legitimate.

We appreciate that Psychic Source also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee of every reading. If you are not happy with your last paid reading for any reason, you can receive a credit toward your next session for free. This guarantee ensures that you match with a tarot reader who provides spiritual advice in tune with your needs.

Better yet, Psychic Source charges affordable prices for its online tarot reading sessions. New customers can receive a reading for as low as $0.66 per minute and get an additional three free minutes on their first reading. If you’re looking to stay within a specific price range, you can filter the available advisors by price.

Overall, if you are looking for answers about your love life or any other life event, Psychic Source can provide an accurate tarot reading to give you the insight you’re searching for.

Here is what we like most about Psychic Source:

  • Every psychic and tarot reader is thoroughly screened for authenticity
  • 24 hour psychic readings via phone, online chat, or video call
  • The best psychic reading site since 1989
  • Rates as low as $0.66 per minute + 3 free minutes
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – LOVE your reading or it’s free!

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#2 Keen Psychics: Cheap and Accurate Tarot Readings

Keen is our top choice for offering cheap tarot card readings. Many people stray away from tarot readings because they think they will be too expensive. In reality, you can receive high-quality, accurate readings for just a few dollars on some of the best tarot reading sites. 

Keen has been giving trustworthy tarot readings since 1999 and has worked with over 35 million customers during its 20+ years in business. This company offers phone readings and instant chat sessions, allowing you to book a session in the most convenient format for your schedule and needs. A few of its specialties include:

  • Psychic readings
  • Love tarot readings
  • Past life readings
  • Astrology readings

This company works with over 1,700 Keen psychics, allowing you to find one who suits your needs to a T. You can read community reviews and ratings of each psychic to get a better idea of their style and specialties before scheduling.

If you’re not sure which advisor is right for you, you can utilize Keen’s “Get Matched” tool to find your perfect match. This tool asks you a few questions, such as “How are you feeling today?” and “What do you want to speak with an advisor about?” to narrow down your search dramatically.

Keen also offers a psychic app that makes it easy to receive an online tarot reading on the go. You can download this mobile app on any Android or Apple device and match with a tarot reader wherever you are.

If you’re looking to receive a tarot reading on a budget, Keen has you covered there, too. The company offers ten-minute sessions for as low as $1.99—the best value of any psychic site we could find. New customers can also receive their first three minutes for free.

Keen psychics provide tarot readings that are 100% private and confidential, allowing you to feel confident telling your advisor anything about your life. Overall, Keen is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality, accurate reading on a budget.

Here is what we like most about Keen Psychics:

  • All online psychics have their own profile page where you can see reviews and ratings left by previous customers.
  • Variety of filtering options to narrow down your search of the best tarot reader
  • Large variety of psychic readings to select from
  • You can connect for a psychic reading by phone, online chat session, or psychic app
  • All psychic readings are completely private and confidential
  • Get a 10 minute tarot reading session for just $1.99!

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#3 Kasamba: Free Tarot Card Reading for First 3 Minutes

Kasamba is a tarot reading website that has been in business since 1999. Since its beginnings, the company has gained over three million customers, making it one of the most popular tarot card reading sites on the web.

Kasamba offers tarot readings through instant online chat and by email. If you only have a few minutes to spare, you can send an email to one of the advisors and receive a response within 24 hours. A few of Kasamba’s specialties include tarot readings, astrology, fortune-telling, and numerology readings.

This company works with hundreds of trustworthy advisors, and at any given time, you can find at least 50 advisors online and ready to chat. In addition, Kasamba makes it easy to find the right advisor for your needs—you can use the website’s search bar to enter keywords and narrow down your search.

Each of Kasamba’s psychics has their own profile page with information about their experience and specialties, allowing you to choose the reader who best suits your needs. Additionally, you can read customer reviews and ratings on every advisor’s profile page.

Kasamba offers several discounts to reduce your overall reading cost. New members can receive 70% off their first reading, and every customer gets the first three minutes of their session for free. You can use these free minutes to determine if you click with your advisor or if you would rather look for another reader.

Overall, Kasamba is a reputable tarot reading site that offers some of the most reliable, accurate fortune-telling readings on the web.

Here is what we like most about Kasamba:

  • New customers get 70% off their first session
  • Free reading for the first 3 minutes of every session
  • Experienced psychics with decades of experience
  • Get accurate insights on your love life, career, money, and relationships

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#4 Asknow: Live Tarot Readings by Phone or Online Chat

If you’re searching for answers on your love life, career, or a variety of other areas, AskNow features gifted psychics and who can help.

Tarot card readings are only one of the many ways to find insight on the site. AskNow specializes in guidance on relationships, love, finances, career matters, and destiny.

Asknow has been providing psychic advice since 2005, and they have glowing reviews from customers all around the world.  For your convenience, you can connect to one of their gifted psychics for a phone reading or chat session 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All of the advisors are thoroughly screened for accuracy and ability. You can review their profiles to find one who meets your needs, learning more about their specialties, past ratings, previous experience, and individual personalities.

Here is what we like most about Asknow:

  • Get a 15 minute psychic reading for just $10 and 5 free minutes with one of their master psychics
  • Customers can connect by phone call or online chat reading
  • Mobile app for psychic readings from any device
  • Experts in a variety of categories including angel cards, love, money, spiritual readings, and career

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What Is a Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card reading is the practice of using a deck of tarot cards to gain a better understanding of a person’s past, present, or future. Professional tarot readers formulate a question, shuffle the tarot deck, then draw cards from the deck. They then interpret these cards by analyzing their traditional meanings and the messages they receive from the spirit.

Tarot reading sites often provide two different types of tarot reading: open readings and question readings.

If you are looking for answers to a specific question, such as “How can I become closer with my love interest?” or “What can I do to achieve financial success?” you will want to sign up for a question reading. However, if you are looking for insight into the larger aspects of your life, an open reading will offer more general clarity.

Tarot readers may also offer “yes/no” readings. These readings are often fast-paced, as the advisor will ask a yes or no question and receive the answer quickly through their cards.

Overall, tarot card readings are a way for you to understand different aspects of your life. If you’re feeling confused or weighed down, scheduling an online tarot card reading could do wonders for your spiritual and mental health.

Understanding the Tarot Card Deck

Tarot readers gain insight and understanding through interpreting the cards in a tarot card deck. Tarot cards have been around since the mid-15th century, and though they originated as playing cards, their current primary use is to assist psychics in completing readings for their clients.

Tarot card decks consist of two main types of cards: the Major Arcana card and the Minor Arcana card.

Major Arcana cards represent the monumental, life-changing events in our lives. These tarot cards often appear during significant transitions—changing careers, getting married, moving to a new state—and provide insight into the greater, overarching journey through life.

The chronological order of Major Arcana cards represents the passing of time. Every Major Arcana card in a deck represents a different archetype in life—such as tradition, love, hope, or energy—and advisors view the order of these cards to interpret your journey through life. Each 78-card tarot deck consists of 22 Major Arcana cards.

On the other hand, Minor Arcana cards represent the smaller day-to-day events in life. These tarot cards come in four suits, with each containing ten numbered cards and four “court” cards. A tarot reader will interpret the card’s number as the stage of an everyday life event, while the court cards represent the event on a personal level.

Psychic readers undergo extensive training to learn how to interpret every tarot card, the order of the cards in the deck, and how the tarot cards relate to their clients’ lives.

What to Look for in a Good Tarot Reading Site

Tarot card reading sites come in all shapes and sizes. Some websites offer informative, accurate readings from advisors you can trust. Unfortunately, other psychic reading sites employ advisors with no real intuition or expertise, making them a waste of money.

As you search for a free tarot card reading website, we recommend looking for tarot sites that include the following qualities.

Free Minutes

Several psychic websites offer a few free minutes at the beginning of each session. These free minutes are invaluable in helping you determine if the advisor you matched with is right for your needs.

Some websites also offer a 100% guarantee for every online tarot reading session. If you are not satisfied with a reading for any reason, you can let the company know, and it will send you a voucher for a complimentary session.

Companies that offer free tarot readings and guarantees tend to be more reliable than ones that do not. You can assume that these companies are confident in their services, their advisors, and their customers’ satisfaction. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t risk losing money with these deals.

A Variety of Specialties From Which to Choose

The best online tarot card sites offer a wide range of specialties, allowing you to choose a reader who has experience and training in a specific area of your choice.

A few popular specialties that these websites offer include:

  • Angel card reading
  • Dream analysis
  • Relationship readings
  • Aura reading

If a psychic service offers at least five different specialties, you can assume that it works with experienced readers who provide accurate readings to their clients.

Positive Reviews

Customer reviews offer valuable information about a website’s quality and trustworthiness. You can read reviews of each psychic reader on most psychic sites, but you should also look for reviews of the website as a whole.

Searching for the company on the Better Business Bureau website is an excellent way to find customer reviews and complaints. Additionally, you can Google the company with the keyword “reviews” in your search to read other online reviews of the company.

Discounts for New Customers

Many psychic sites offer discounts for new customers. These discounts allow customers to try out a website’s online services for the first time without breaking the bank. Typically, if a website offers this deal, you can assume that it is high quality and reliable.

Screened and Vetted Psychic Readers

One of the most important aspects to consider in a psychic reading site is how the company chooses its psychic readers. The best companies utilize a thorough screening and vetting process to ensure that each of its readers is legitimate and trustworthy.

If a site does not advertise that it screens its advisors before hiring them, you will have no way of knowing whether you can trust the predictions and insight your psychic reader gives you. Therefore, we recommend only using websites that are transparent about their reader-screening process.

The Advantages of Getting a Tarot Reading Online Instead of in Person

You may be wondering what the benefits are of receiving tarot readings online rather than an in-person tarot reading. In many ways, online tarot card readings are superior to in-person sessions. A few of the most significant advantages of these readings include the following.


Convenience is one of the biggest advantages of online readings. Instead of having to leave your house, drive to your nearest psychic, spend a half-hour or an hour in a session, then drive home, you can complete the entire session from the comfort of your house. Tarot reading websites make receiving a reading more convenient than ever.


Along with being more convenient than in-person readings, online sessions are also more accessible to customers. You do not have to live near a psychic or have a means of transportation to access these sessions. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or smartphone.


Online tarot card readings are often faster than in-person sessions. You can complete a session on a website like Kasamba or Keen that lasts a total of five minutes or fewer. These readings are perfect for people with busy schedules who may not have an hour or two to dedicate to a tarot card reading.


Tarot card readings online are also more affordable than sessions that take place in person. The websites on our list each offer sessions for around $1 per minute, but you can receive discounts that decrease your overall price further.

Alternatively, if you wanted to visit a psychic in person, you could expect to pay as much as $150 per hour.


Tarot reading websites offer more variety than in-person psychics or tarot readers. When you schedule an online tarot card reading, you can receive a specialized reading related to your specific struggles, goals, or needs and choose a reader with experience in your desired specialty.

How To Tell if Your Tarot Reader is Authentic

Unfortunately, scams are common in the tarot card reading industry. People can easily claim that they are psychics without having any intuition or experience in the realm of cartomancy, making their readings inaccurate and illegitimate.

One way to identify if a tarot reader is genuine is to examine whether they spend more time focusing on the cards or on you. For example, if a reader asks you a lot of questions about your life, you can assume that they do not have the ability to gain insight from their cards. Instead, they are fishing for information that they will use to produce real-sounding spiritual guidance.

Another way to determine a reader’s legitimacy is to review the types of information they provide for their clients. If an advisor insists that they can give a specific, accurate future prediction or that their predictions are always 100% correct, you can assume they are not reliable or trustworthy.

Finally, we recommend using your best judgment when searching for online tarot card readers. Experienced psychics will never make claims that are too good to be true.

Are Free Tarot Reading Sites Legitimate?

As you search for a tarot reading site, you may come across websites that offer their services for free. Scheduling free tarot readings may sound tempting, but unfortunately, these websites are almost always a scam.

Free tarot card sites often utilize automated software to produce templated, impersonal readings. These readings are typically inaccurate and a waste of your time.

If you are looking for accurate answers from psychic experts, you will need to pay at least $1 per minute to speak with a legitimate psychic advisor rather than a free online tarot program. Free tarot card readings will not give you the insight and clarity you are seeking.

Psychic Readings Vs. Tarot Readings – What’s the Difference?

We have used the terms “tarot reading” and “psychic reading” interchangeably throughout this article, and you may be wondering if there is any difference between these two terms. In reality, a tarot card reading is a type of psychic reading. Psychics are the advisors who typically perform tarot card readings.

The websites we listed above offer tarot readings along with several other psychic-reading specialties.

What Type of Questions Can You Ask a Live Tarot Reader?

If you seek insight and clarity about specific events in your life, you will get the most helpful answers by coming prepared with a list of questions to ask your reader. However, you may be unsure what types of questions you should ask or how you should phrase your questions.

Here are a few examples of questions you should and should not ask online psychics.

  • Do not ask: Why did my spouse break up with me?
  • Do ask: What can I do to restore my relationship?
  • Do not ask: Will I get the job?
  • Do ask: How can I prepare for my interview?
  • Do not ask: Did I make a bad choice?
  • Do ask: How can I rectify this decision in the future?

As you can probably tell from these examples, you should try to ask more general, broad questions instead of specific ones. Additionally, it would be best to focus your questions on the present and future rather than the past.

Contrary to popular belief, tarot card readers cannot see your entire past, present, and future laid out in front of them. Even the best tarot readers will not have answers to every detailed question you ask them, and you shouldn’t expect them to.

Focusing your session around broad struggles or decisions you face will lead to the most beneficial, insightful tarot card reading session.

How Accurate Are Online Tarot Card Readings?

Online tarot readers are convenient, but some people think they lack a personal touch. Can a tarot reading online really help you find the insight and clarity you’re looking for?

Just like an in-person tarot reading, the accuracy of card readings depends on the expertise of the tarot reader and the connection the two of you have.

By checking out our guide and viewing the profiles on the sites, you can search for a psychic with significant experience with tarot cards and the particular subject of your concern.

With online tarot, you have more flexibility to search for a quality reader who can give you the most detail and accuracy. You’re not limited to tarot readers within driving distance. You have an entire world of gifted professionals at your fingertips.

Things to Avoid When Getting An Online Tarot Reading

If you have never received an online reading before, you may not know what to expect. Likewise, you may be surprised to learn that the ways you interact with your advisor can shape your session’s outcome.

Here are a few things to avoid that will help your session go as smoothly as possible.

Avoid searching for specific answers: If you go into a tarot card reading looking for specific answers from your reader, you will probably be disappointed. Keeping an open mind during your session is one of the best ways to receive an insightful, fulfilling reading.

Avoid rushing your advisor: If you are completing an online reading, you may be tempted to rush your advisor to save yourself a few dollars. However, your tarot card reader needs to follow specific processes to produce the most accurate readings. You should view your session as a relaxed time during which you can treat yourself and focus on your spiritual needs.

Avoid asking about health: Some experienced tarot readers prefer not to discuss health issues with their clients, and we recommend avoiding this topic if possible. If you would like to talk about illness or health with your advisor, be sure to ask them ahead of time if they mind discussing this topic.

Avoid focusing too heavily on the past: Even though psychic readers give insight into the past, present, and future, focusing too many of your questions on the past could prevent you from moving forward. You can’t change the past, but you can alter your present situation and prepare yourself for the future.

Avoid coming unprepared: The best way to get the most out of your tarot session is to come with a list of questions to ask your advisor. If you come to your session unprepared and are unsure which topics you would like to discuss, your advisor will not be able to offer you very tailored insight.

Overall, your online tarot card reading should help you become more in tune with your spiritual side and the events that are currently shaping your life. Following these tips can help you receive a relaxed, informative reading.

Final Thoughts

Tarot card readings have been around for hundreds of years, and today, many people utilize these sessions to gain insight into the small and large struggles they face every day. Whether you believe in cartomancy or not, tarot card readings can help you stay grounded and gain an unbiased perspective into your life, giving you clarity and peace of mind.

Scheduling a tarot card reading online is a convenient, affordable, accessible way to receive an insightful session. Better yet, many of the websites on our list offer video call readings that feel almost as if you are in an in-person session.

You can find dozens of websites that offer online psychic services, but you can’t go wrong choosing Psychic Source, Keen, or Kasamba for all of your tarot-card-reading needs. Schedule a reading with one of these companies today to clarify your relationships, career, future, or anything in between. Best Online Tarot Readings: Free Tarot Card Readings and Accurate Readers 2021