Is This CBD Spray the Future of CBD?

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With the stressful year we’ve had, many have turned to CBD as a way to decompress and relax. And there’s a reason it’s become such a booming industry with thousands of brands and products to try – CBD works. The cannabis plant derivative has provided millions of people with a healing solution to many of life’s daily problems, including stress and pain relief. But how do you know if you’re getting the full benefits of CBD? 

Depending on how you ingest or apply CBD, you might be surprised at how short-changed the effect can be. Most creams and water based sprays actually tend to lose potency quickly; if any additional moisture is introduced through humidity, refrigeration or other methods, the product’s efficiency will be compromised. Additionally, Our GI tract breaks down anything we ingest orally, so with pills, tinctures and other orally ingested CBD products, we tend to lose most potential benefits of the pills, even up to 94% of nutrients. All this is to say – you might not be getting the full bang out of your buck when purchasing most forms of CBD. Which is annoying and unnecessary. Think about how relaxed you could be with the right product! 

What’s the solution? We found a spray that just might be the future of CBD. Eirtree Health spent 20 years researching how skin functions and the result is their HYPO CBD skin spray, a topical CBD product that is not affected by humidity, moisture or temperature, making it easier for the CBD to reach its full potency and up to 17x times as effective as CBD tinctures, pills and gels. 

What else is there to know? Let’s dive in. 

What Exactly is the HYPO CBD Skin Spray? 

Eirtree Health’s HYPO CBD Skin Spray is a high-grade CBD isolate that contains zero cannabis or THC. The hemp-derived product is made to apply topically and be used for both pain and stress relief. 

How Does the HYPO CBD Skin Spray Work?

Like CBD creams or oils, Eirtree’s HYPO CBD skin spray is a topical product that is made to penetrate the skin’s surface. Unlike most CBD topicals, a single application of this spray goes a long way because of the unique CBD formula that has a rapid and powerful absorption rate. The extremely easy-to-use HYPO CBD works with your skin to avoid bioavailability and digestion so that the high- potency, triple-tested formula is providing max effectiveness. Unlike pills that don’t get fully absorbed during first pass metabolism or creams that your skin mostly rejects, HYPO CBD reaches its destination so it can get to work fast! This means you’ll actually be getting your money’s worth. 

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How is it Made? 

When looking for good, effective CBD products, it’s important to know where it’s coming from, how it’s being made, and what it’s being made with. All of Eirtree’s HYPO CBD products are made in Florida, USA in some of the most cutting edge cGMP facilities in the world. This means it’s made with high quality ingredients that are sourced and brought together to make a highly effective and valuable product.

The products are FDA and also all USDA hemp certified and use top quality USDA Organic non-GMO ingredients. The more you can trust the ingredients, the more you can trust the product. Eirtree Health makes sure they’re providing you with transparency, quality and sustainability. 

Does it Actually Work? 

A lot of CBD products “work” – but how well do they work? The easiest way to find out is to hear from the people who have actually used the product. HYPO CBD has a number of positive reviews from verified buyers. Some have praised it has a better alternative to gummies and oils, some have said it’s been a huge help in relieving stress, and some have used it to effectively relieve muscle ache. Reviews are a trustworthy way to find out if a product actually does what it claims, and HYPO CBD definitely has a lot of five-star reviews in its favor. 

HYPO CBD skin spray has been endorsed by health experts, athletes, and sports doctors and is the result of years of studies and testing. The spray is applied easily, it’s lightweight and convenient to travel with. Why juggle pills, oils, serums, creams, gummies, and every other product under the sun when there’s one product that beats all others in terms of effectiveness?

We all have our daily stresses and daily aches and pains that need tending to. It’s up to us to apply a little self-care now and then. HYPO CBD skin spray goes on quickly and makes a big impact. A product that connects value with effectiveness, this could be the difference between a stiff neck or a bad day and a more peaceful, well-rounded life. 

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  Is This CBD Spray the Future of CBD?