MetaBoost Connection Reviews—Legit Program That Works?

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Have you reached a point in your weight loss journey where you want to give up? Didn’t realize how difficult reaching such goals might be after a certain age? Well, it turns out that weight loss isn’t as simple as eating healthy and working out, as factors including age, health, and hormonal changes, among others, need to be well-thought-out. The question now becomes, where can the average individual attain such knowledge? This is where it is best to fit to introduce the MetaBoost Connection program. The following review will unravel the different layers of MetaBoost and what they might mean to women.

If you’re working your hardest and still struggling to lose the weight you need to lose, there’s nothing to be embarrassed or feel bad about. The tough reality is that creating a caloric deficit is the only surefire way to lose weight, but some people may gain weight while working out frequently and eating all the right foods. The missing link in unexplained weight gain has been contemplated by scientists for decades, and it’s hard to come to a consensus on what causes some people to gain weight while dieting as others lose.

One major cause of unexplained weight loss may be the metabolism. The concept of metabolism has existed for decades. At its core, the solution is intuitive. Different bodies burn through calories at a different rate. Some people can eat all day and play video games while dropping the pounds off, while others simply look at a piece of cake and put on five pounds! The metabolism is especially tricky for women over the age of forty. This is the key demographic being targeted by the MetaBoost Connection, a new weight loss regimen formulated by world-renowned personal trainer Meredith Shirk.

The official product website for this diet plan includes a breakdown of the various challenges that keep some aging women from losing the weight they need to lose in order to feel healthy and look their best. In particular, the site’s writers highlight a slow metabolism, natural inflammation, hormonal issues, an energy deficit, and joint pain as some of the key things that prevent older women from sculpting their bodies and shedding fat.

The MetaBoost Connection is a comprehensive guide meant to help women over the age of forty lose weight naturally and healthily. The process, according to the site, “naturally triggers dormant cells,” causing them to “reignite” and helping to boost the metabolism at its very core. But is this weight loss program really worth the money? We always want readers to carefully vet a program before buying in. Today’s review should help you become as informed as possible about the MetaBoost Connection.

What is MetaBoost?

MetaBoost, or commonly referred to as MetaBoost Connection, is a specifically designed program that targets women over 40 years of age. At our later stages of life, the body naturally undergoes changes that might be difficult to adapt to. To ensure that all women can achieve weight management and health goals, this program is trusted to ignite the body’s cellular engine, giving rise to a metabolic boost and ultimate fat-burning. What’s more, is that MetaBoosting has been founded on the use of superfoods to “flip on the body’s natural ‘MetaSwitch.’” With that in mind, let’s further elaborate on how this system is meant to work.

How does MetaBoost Connection work?

As mentioned above, an essential aspect of MetaBoost is the so-called MetaSwitch. This is nothing more than a switch that allows the body to successfully overcome two common issues: women over 40 years of age struggle with poor metabolism and inflammation. When potent, these two factors alone can give rise to an array of obstacles (also known as MetaBlockers), including imbalanced hormones, reduced energy levels, and all-around pains, ultimately pushing women away from their set goals.

All things considered, MetaBoost has been designed in such a way that supports women who want to change for the better and are willing to put in the work to get what they want. As hinted earlier in this piece, the tips and tricks offered through this program can reverse negative impacts on a cellular level. How is the latter achieved? This is where it is imperative to assess the program in greater detail.

How has the MetaBoosting program been structured?

Based on the descriptions provided, MetaBoost has been structured in a way that educates women on:

  • The secret behind igniting cellular engines for fat-burning results
  • The importance of nutrients and their ability to ignite cellular engines
  • The “5 weird supreme superfoods” spark a cellular chain reaction to burn fat, reduce inflammation, and increase energy levels, all while inducing healthy-looking skin
  • The power of low impact, high-performance hyper-focused exercises that effectively target lower belly, love handles, and loose arms
  • Understanding why it is that women tend to gain weight faster but lose weight at a significantly slower pace

To fulfill every point on this list, Svelte Training’s Meredith Shirk created the following components offered with every purchase of MetaBoost:

MetaBoost Metabolic Flush (Digital Report)

The MetaBoost Metabolic Flush is in place to help prepare the body for “the complete MetaBoost Connection.” This is a 24-hour flush and the first step to igniting the cellular engine. Following the provided instructions, Meredith might boost the metabolism due to flushing out fat, toxins, and impurities. Below is a summary of what we know regarding this step:

  • This program includes juices and solid foods as a mean of cleansing
  • The Metabolic Flush is only meant to be followed for 24 hours
  • Coffee should be avoided during this phase
  • It might cause tiredness and nauseous due to the rapid changes in diet
  • Replacement ingredients have been provided for vegans, vegetarians, etc.

MetaBoost Belly Blaster (Digital Report)

The Belly Blaster includes information that will help to reduce inflammation and melt away stubborn pounds. Rather than forcing diets on women, this system encourages healthy eating and cleansing. Within this system, two mini-programs are included: MetaClean (first 3 days) and MetaSlim (the remainder of the week). Below is a summary of Belly Blaster:

  • The mini-programs are designed to remove toxins, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and lose fat.
  • It should be followed to the smallest of details.
  • Replacement ingredients are included for those who follow a particular lifestyle or have dietary restrictions.
  • Once completed, the MetaBoost can be repeated, starting again with the Metabolic Flush.

MetaBoost Exercise Videos

MetaBoost Exercise Videos mainly consist of bodyweight exercises that have been tailored to support women of all works of life. Neither a membership to a gym nor equipment is required to get started. The exercises can be executed anytime and anyplace.

Aside from the above, individuals will be provided with bonuses as well, including the “MetaBoost Shopping List & Recipes” and “MetaBalance Natural Hormone Balancing Superfoods,” both of which are quite self-explanatory.

How much does MetaBoost cost?

Individuals can expect to have an incredibly invaluable one-time cost of $29 to get started with Meredith Shirk’s MetaBoost Connection. Should this program fail to yield desirable results, one can also consider the 100% 60-day money-back guarantee in place. Evidently, not all solutions are one-size-fits-all, and it is okay. This is why Meredith and her team have decided to include a refund policy. For more information, consider reaching out in the following ways:

  • Mailing Address: 319 Clematis St. #1004, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
  • Email:


  • United States support: (317) 662-2322
  • Canada support: (438) 476-4500
  • United Kingdom support: 44 203 8687 281
  • South Africa support: 27 87 195 0974
  • Website:

Meet Meredith Shirk

MetaBoost Connection was put together by Magna Cum Laude Biology degree holder, certified personal trainer, mind, body, nutrition specialist, and Svelte Media Corporated Meredith Shirk founder. With well over ten years of experience working with women of all ages, she set out on a mission to support everyone’s weight management goals. Here are a couple of words from the founder herself:

“I started Svelte over 10 years ago to help clients build their bodies and lives they love. Now, Svelte has grown from just me to a team of 20. Every day, I get to work with an incredible team and continue to help clients achieve their goals.”

Final Verdict

Meredith Shirk is the main name behind the MetaBoost Connection, and she certainly adds a sense of legitimacy to the whole project. Shirk has a sizable following of around 154,000 people on Facebook, and her YouTube channel is filled with helpful guides and walkthroughs for exercises and diets for older women. While the name behind a project isn’t everything, Shirk’s involvement gives us an additional sense of confidence that the claims being made by MetaBoost Connection are legit.

The MetaBoost Connection might help women over 40 to improve their self-image and become healthier over time. The weight loss program never claims to be an easy fix for obesity, which is great. We never trust a company that argues that it can help people lose weight without working. If you workout regularly and eat right while following the tips given in the MetaBoost Connection, it is incredibly likely that you’ll see results over time.

In summary, MetaBoost is an ideal program for women over the age of 40 who are struggling to take off a couple of pounds. Many people do not realize that there are so many varying factors that impact weight management at later life stages. Failing to recognize and to act on them is what prevents one from achieving set goals. As shared by Svelte Media’s founder, Meredith Shirk, the entirety of MetaBoost entails flushing out toxins, making healthy lifestyle choices, and including some form of exercise for utmost health.

In going over the components of this program, we were quite satisfied, as in no way does her team promote fast-track weight loss results. There’s neither a magic pill to take nor are women lied to about the “simplicity” of this program. Ultimately, the reward only appears to come with the efforts made. Moreover, Meredith’s credibility and experience are highly likely to boost one’s confidence. For these reasons, paying $29 seems relatively inexpensive, not to forget that the program was once priced at $99.

The one issue we see here is the lack of clarity regarding whether any changes are made to the program. At some point, the body will have adapted to changes that were once new to it. We are under the impression that women can upgrade to another program once this program has been completed, which might have a different price attached to it, or the same program can be repeated. The best course of action might be to contact customer service regarding this doubt before proceeding. To learn more about MetaBoost, visit here>>>


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MetaBoost Connection Reviews—Legit Program That Works?