What’s New on Streaming: May 28

This week: Plan B, Cruella and more new streaming options.

Lupe (Victoria Moroles) and Sunny (Kuhoo Verma) in Hulu’s Plan B. Brett Roedel/Hulu

Disney+’s larger than life Cruella is out today, featuring extravagant punk couture costumes and performances by Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. Other high-stakes plot lines include a life-or-death game for a cash prize in Amazon (AMZN) Prime’s Panic and an unresolved murder in the Kate Winslet-led series Mare of Easttown. Lucifer fans can also anticipate an epic stand-off between God and Lucifer in the second part of the fifth season out on Netflix (NFLX) today. Catch the weekend’s best new releases with Observer Entertainment’s streaming guide. 


Emma Stone stars in Disney’s Cruella, a glimpse into the sordid origin story of iconic Disney villain Cruella de Vil. As Cruella rips the high fashion world at its seams, the film paints a visually aesthetic portrait of 1970s London couture, punk, and scrappy street grit. Stone is joined by Emma Thompson as Baroness von Hellman, a fashion legend who unlocks the darker side of the villain. Director Craig Gillespie and screenwriters Tony McNamara and Dana Fox present the stylized live action film. Watch Cruella on Disney+ Premier Access.

Nail Bomber: Manhunt

From director Daniel Vernon, Netflix’s Nail Bomber: Manhunt revisits the 1999 Nail Bombings, an act of terrorism aimed at Black, Bangladeshi and gay communities in London’s Brixton Market. The documentary depicts the resilience of those who rallied to lock terrorist David Copeland behind bars in the aftermath of the bombing. Watch Nail Bomber: Manhunt on Netflix.

Plan B

Hulu’s latest comedy Plan B, from director Natalie Morales, escalates the road trip comedy to a new level with the help of writers Prathi Srinivasan and Joshua Levy. Characters Sunny and Lupe are determined to find love or sex on an all-night roadtrip despite their overwhelming confusion regarding the logistics of sex. The film stars Kuhoo Verma and Victoria Moroles. Watch Plan B on Hulu.


In Amazon Prime’s Panic, a high-stakes game presents a group of graduating seniors a rare chance to escape the clutches of small town life. As the teens reckon with previous deaths within the game and their own gravest fears, group tenacity is repeatedly challenged. Starring Olivia Welch, Jessica Sula, Mike Faist, and Ray Nicholson, the series is an adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s best-selling novel. Watch Panic on Amazon Prime.


Season five part one of Netflix’s Lucifer gave us our first glimpse of God – a benevolent figure attempting to resolve tensions with Lucifer ahead of his retirement from omniscient world domination. The second part of season five is set to give God more air time and pick up on the status of Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship following Lucifer’s inability to say “I love you.” The series stars Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt and D.B. Woodside. Watch Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 on Netflix. 

Mare of Easttown 

Starring Kate Winslet as Detective Mare Sheehan, Mare of Easttown depicts the gritty reality of life in Delaware County, Pennsylvania as citizens confront issues that run the gamut from mental illness and substance abuse to teen pregnancy and poverty. The series finale is set to expose the culprit of Erin McMenamin’s murder and resolve episode six’s gaping cliffhanger. The series also features Evan Peters, Guy Pearce and Julianne Nicholson. Watch the Mare of Easttown limited series finale on HBO Max.

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What’s New on Streaming: May 28