Counting Down the Top 25 Online Psychic Services (Psychic Readings Performed by Phone, Chat, Email or Video)

06-Best Psychic Websites

Are you looking to get answers to life’s burning questions? You might want to give online psychic readings a shot.

Yet, it can be daunting finding a real psychic out there, considering there are many (unverified) service providers across the web.

Which is why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you: we’ve compiled a list of the best psychics online so you can find a trusted platform for your most pressing questions.

Online Psychic Reading Sites: Our Top Picks

We hope the talented advisors on these platforms help answer your most concerning questions. Our list begins with the (five) most trusted sources, followed by other entries.

1. Kasamba – Best All-Round Platform

  • Rated 9.5 out of 10
  • Three free minutes for every new advisor you try out
  • App available
  • 50% off your first session
  • Thousands of quality advisors
  • A wide range of services

With more than 20 years of experience, Kasamba has given about 3 million readings so far. They have an app so you can get psychic readings on the go.

Each of their psychics boasts a profile page, where you can gauge their expertise based on previous customer reviews.

You get to choose from a myriad of services, including numerology, pet psychics, horoscope readings, and more.

Enjoy a 50% discount off your first session. As if it’s not enough, Kasamba gives you three free minutes for every new advisor (there are thousands of these available) you try out. That’s a plus – you can assess several readers as you seek a good fit for your needs.

2. AskNow – Best for Phone Readings

When it comes to phone readings, AskNow could be the place to get it from. If you want, though, you can opt for a chat with a reading. This 2005 platform prides itself on uncountable positive reviews across the web.

Access a whole load of informed readers, psychic information (videos plus articles), and spot-on predictions at AskNow. Newcomers receive five free minutes, and the free daily horoscope is a bonus.

Conveniently, you can sort out advisors based on certain parameters, such as experience, credentials, etc.

When it comes to collecting your life’s info, a couple of psychics at AskNow employ divination tools, including runes and tarot cards, while the vast majority rely on intuition.

3. Psychic Source – Best for Accurate Readings

  • Accurate readings
  • Free 5 minute trial
  • Matching tool
  • A decent range of communication modes
  • A range of services
  • Satisfaction guarantee

If you’re searching for an accurate network of psychics, readers on this platform are waiting for you. With 30 years of experience under their belt, Psychic Source can only be masters in the game. Their advisors are thoroughly screened before earning a spot on the platform.

This site also pairs you up with the best psychic for your needs, thanks to their matching tool. You only need to answer a couple of questions to get matched.

And, how about enjoying three complimentary minutes, then a rate of $0.66 per minute, during your first session?

That’s not all, but whether you’re looking for an astrologer, love advisor, tarot card reader, and more, Psychic Source has got you covered. You get to choose from a range of contact methods as well, including video, phone, email, and online chat.

This provider’s (100%) satisfaction guarantee is a bonus.

4. Keen – Best for Love Readings

  • Trustworthy love readings
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free readings for newbies
  • You can sort mediums accordingly
  • Different types of communication methods

One of the hot spots for love information, Keen may be your go-to place for love advice. That’s not to say this platform doesn’t offer other services, but you can choose from a range of those, including dream analysis and tarot card readings.

Keen boasts 20 years of experience, and their squad of 1,700+ advisors has provided millions of readings so far. Another plus is the site’s satisfaction guarantee.

Regardless, their screening process isn’t as rigorous, comparatively, considering the platform houses independent psychics. Still, you can pick from a section of their highly-rated advisors – for more quality readings.

It couldn’t be more convenient sorting mediums by different metrics, such as price, availability, ratings, area of expertise, etc.

Then, choose from various contact modes – phone, chat, and video. Newbies enjoy three free minutes of psychic reading.

5. Oranum – Best for Video Readings

  • Live video readings
  • Free chat sessions
  • Experts in tarot readings
  • Receive $9.99 on sign-up
  • Choose from a variety of specialties

Face-to-face video readings? Psychic advice couldn’t be more fun with Oranum. They’ve specialized in this contact mode, making them an expert in it.

If video communication isn’t your thing, switch to a voice call, and you’re good to go. Or, if you’re on a budget, chat with the best online psychic free of charge.

While they specialize in live tarot readings, Oranum features other areas of expertise, such as astrology, dream analysis, numerology, and more.

Receive $9.99 in free credits upon signing up with them. Then, choose from their list of top psychics – or sort the readers by category.

Other Sites That Didn’t Make the Top 5

Here are some Psychic Sites that didn’t quite make the top 5, ranked from best to worst. 

6. Psychic Oz

Get the best psychic readings by phone, chat, or email from this provider that screens online psychic readers for authenticity.

7. California Psychics

This platform has been around since 1995, and they assess psychics rigorously before earning their trust.

8. Mystic Sense

This corner of the web doesn’t just feature daily horoscopes, but Mystic Sense also gives you five complimentary minutes of psychic reading for your first session.

9. LifeReader

From horoscope to tarot and dream readings, enjoy a free four-minute chat session, initially, with LifeReader. 

10. Psychic Contact

On this platform, you have access to a tested team of psychics, who offer a range of readings, including numerology, astrology, rune, and more.

11. PathForwardPsychics

Previously known as Hollywood Psychics, PathForwardPsychics have been in business for almost 15 years, and they back readings with a satisfaction guarantee.

12. The Circle

While The Circle offers chat readings, their network of online psychics, who are available 24 hours a day, tend to give phone readings. 

13. Psychic Light

This spot boasts an expert team of mediums, clairvoyants, and more, whose contact mode includes phone, email, and text.

14. Purple Ocean

Whether you’re looking for answers to money, love, or other issues, enjoy psychic readings at Purple Ocean via video.

15. Bitwine

At Bitwine, you have access to hundreds of astrologers, tarot readers, medium psychics, etc., who are ethical and accurate enough.

16. Psychic Center

Enjoy satisfaction-guaranteed readings with a service that boasts authentic advisors – and returns 10% of your monthly spending.

17. Moon Predictions

One of the oldest platforms (35 years) in the industry, Moon Predictions, has a squad of handpicked psychics who offer spiritual guidance via phone and email. 

18. Meet Your Psychic

Choose from a range of communication methods, such as phone, chat, and text, and enjoy three complimentary minutes during your first session.

19. Psychic Encounters

Get a reading from this network’s leading advisors at $1.99 a minute, and $0.99 per minute from other readers, 24 hours a day.

20. Psychic World

Find answers to life’s burning questions from mediums, tarot readers, etc., and pay with PayPal or any of the leading cards.

21. Psychic Vop

Try out every reader with free credits here; the platform also currently boasts just over a million readings. 

22. Psychic Power

This service provider boasts authentic advisors, and they credit your account should you be unsatisfied with a reading.

23. PsychicStars

Enjoy a risk-free love reading from gifted psychics at PsychicStars, at only $1 per minute for your initial session.

24. PsychicTXT

With free horoscopes, authenticated advisors, and a complimentary question for newcomers, PsychicTXT could be what you’ve been waiting for.

25. Psychic Prime

This platform might be your best bet if you’re looking for accurate tarot readings.

Psychic Readings: FAQs

Maybe you’re new to the paranormal world and need a few things clarified – or questions answered. The rest of this guide is for you.

Are Psychic Readings Fake?

Well, it depends. Most psychic readings are real – they offer accurate predictions. Some are mediocre, though, and some more are, yes, fake.

So, you need to know where to look!

What’s the reputation of your potential platform? Not every “tom, dick, and harry” out there is legit. We recommend that you get your online readings from our list’s top five platforms.

These boast screened advisors, so you get value for the money.

How to Find the Best Psychic Readers Online?

You should start by seeking the best online psychic destinations where real advisors sit – our top five entries might do the trick.

The next step is locating a good match for your needs, considering advisors are experts in various fields – astrology, numerology, spiritism, etc.

Our recommended sites will let you sort out readers based on different parameters, including experience, previous reviews, etc.

Read past reviews of potential spirit guides, find out their experience level, and see if they’ve been featured on the top five sites above.

Most sites have their best readers featured on the home page, which is a plus. Just ensure your potential advisor is multilingual (or speaks English) – these sit in different corners of the globe.

What to Find Out in a Psychic Reading

It all boils down to what a psychic reading is. A psychic reading is an answer to your most pressing life’s questions. See, advisors can perceive your life’s reality – and interpret it for clarity purposes while offering useful information on what steps to take afterward.

They do it by using divination and/or other determinants like your aura and birthday. Some can view a distant place or event remotely, while a decent portion relies on their intuition.

So, whether you’re looking to have your love questions addressed, need a dream analyzed, or desire information from a (deceased) loved one, you can count on a psychic reading.

To get the most out of your reading, though, we recommend you have all your questions ready, so you don’t forget (to ask an advisor) a thing.

Why are Our Top Five Psychic Sites Considered the Best?

The platforms screen their advisors thoroughly for authenticity. Which is key, considering the psychic field isn’t regulated. Most of our leading recommendations offer a satisfaction guarantee, too, and you can request a refund if you’re not satisfied with any readings.

Access a wide range of specialties, and choose from various communication modes, including chat, email, text, video, and phone. These sites let you filter advisors based on handy metrics, and they give new users free psychic readings.

It’s good to note that our top five psychic networks have been in the field for no less than 15 years, with the oldest boasting an enormous 30 years of experience.

Best Psychics Online

While the advisors from our top sources are screened for accuracy, a few of them stand out from the pack. These online psychics have not only given uncountable predictions but also have received numerous positive reviews. 

Love Specialist Isabelle [Source: Kasamba]

Focusing mainly on romantic queries, Love Specialist Isabelle can answer general questions and guidance regarding love, divorce, and marriage. 

With over 14,000 reviews totaling five stars on average, Isabelle has more than 15 years of experience helping guide couples and individuals through difficult situations. 

Other popular psychics on Kasamba:

  • Powerful Visions
  • True Love Connection
  • Divine Master
  • Miss Robyn

Psychic Clarissa [Source: AskNow]

Psychic Master Clarissa also focuses her intuition and psychic abilities on answering questions about love and relationships. Not only does she boast a five-star rating and 15,000+ reviews, but she also offers tarot readings as well. 

Other popular psychics on AskNow:

  • Intuitive Amy
  • John Alexander
  • Michael Ryan
  • Psychic Virgo99

Psychic Leota [Source: Psychic Source]

Stepping away from love and relationships, Psychic Leota chooses to focus on life in general and offers to help answer questions about one’s destiny or path. While she may not have thousands of reviews, her clients strongly recommend seeking out Leota for financial and career advice. 

Other popular psychics on Psychic Source:

  • Mackenzie x9602
  • Rachelle x9814
  • John x8318
  • Kallie x3478

Medium Laura Moore [Source: Keen]

Medium Laura delivers answers straight from the spirit. Not only is she a medium, but she’s also clairvoyant and offers insight on issues surrounding love, relationships as well as grief and mourning. 

Other popular psychics that you can search for on Keen:

  • Eye of Cheryl
  • Love Expert Sara
  • RexFrederick
  • TripleMoonGoddess

Questions to Ask a Psychic

It’s only prudent that you ask an advisor the right questions if you’re expecting to receive the right answers. While you might want to focus on how-to questions, asking open-ended questions ensures deep answers as your reader can feel the energies around you.

One of the best approaches to asking a psychic a question is by using the 5Ws:

  • What
  • When
  • Why
  • Who
  • Where

Good examples of open-ended questions – from career to love and success – include the following:

  • Why do I attract the wrong relations?
  • What can make me happy in my relationship?
  • What do my spirit guides say about my career?
  • What is holding back my success?
  • Where is my future headed?
  • When am I likely to experience success in life?
  • Who should I see to get career-related advice?

And the Winner Is…

Well, you probably have an idea, as we mentioned it in our introduction. So, yes, Kasamba takes the accolade—for good reason.

Firstly, the platform’s psychic app makes it stand out in the pack. Then, they boast thousands of screened advisors just for you. This online psychic network gives you a whopping 50% discount off your first session, and the free minutes you’re greeted with is a bonus.

As if it’s not enough, whenever you aren’t satisfied with a reading, Kasamba will give you a refund unconditionally.

Our first and second runners-up are AskNow and Psychic Source, respectively. They don’t have a psychic app yet, but these platforms boast screened advisors, offer a satisfaction guarantee, and give free minutes for first sessions. 

Despite our preferences, stick to a platform that best works for you!

The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer.  Counting Down the Top 25 Online Psychic Services (Psychic Readings Performed by Phone, Chat, Email or Video)