This Year’s Crypto and Digital Art Fair is Highlighting the Work of Women Curators

Tribe NFT Characters: Epic 007, SMACK. Courtesy of Onkaos Collection

Every year since 2017, Digital Art Month has served as a citywide access point for innovative artworks, showcases of emerging technologies and unique contemporary creations. This year, Digital Art Month is coinciding with the second edition of CADAF (Crypto and Digital Art Fair) Online, a fair that’s this year been curated by Elena Zavelev, Andrea Steuer and Jess Conatser of Studio As We Are and which includes the creations of Kate Vass Galerie, HeK Basel, MOCDA, Gazelli House and many others. As the name implies, the fair serves to highlight innovations in everything from crypto art to AI and VR creations. While browsing virtual booths via a 3D floor plan, visitors have the option to engage with collectors and gallerists via smart networking tools.

Additionally, Infinite Objects, a project wherein a display is designed to loop one video permanently, is presenting a collection of video prints that was curated by six female curators including Zavelev and Miriam Arbus. “This year has been really interesting for all digital arts practitioners, because there was such a surge of online life around the world in general because of Covid,” Arbus told Observer on Monday. “Then, of course, NFTs blew up, and I think most of the arts workers that have been participating in CADAF have been involved in digital arts for a lot longer. It’s such an energetic, amazing artist community.”

As NFTs in particular become more widely accepted in popular spaces, immersive CADAF projects (like their installation at the startup VivaTech, wherein a 110 square meter booth will display digital art and NFTs) could see imitations popping up at one or several Art Basels. “This year there are more virtual exhibitions, more websites that can accommodate digital presentations and I think the idea of the NFT becoming more accepted can now be better understood by the general public,” Arbus added. This Year’s Crypto and Digital Art Fair is Highlighting the Work of Women Curators