2021 Google for Doodle Winner Milo Golding Found Strength After His Father’s Death

11th grader Milo Golding started a charity, Sanguine Path, to help kids who've lost loved ones.

The Doodle was submitted by winning applicant Milo Golding. Google

The winning submission for this year’s Doodle for Google National Contest was made by Milo Golding, an 11th grader from Lexington, Kentucky. Despite the fact that the most common way to dismiss a work of art is perhaps the phrase “my kid could do that,” it remains the case that some of the most interesting creations spring fully formed from the minds of children and teenagers. Indeed, Golding made the Doodle, which features two children playing in front of a grey wall bearing the Google logo, in the wake of his father’s death.

“I am strong because I have hope,” Milo wrote. “I once asked my father how he overcame obstacles and became who he wanted to be. He replied ‘Hope, hope keeps me strong.’ After I unexpectedly lost him at 13 due to a heart attack, it helped me overcome grief and support other children who lost loved ones.” Since his father’s passing, Golding has taken the time to create Sanguine Path, a charity that serves children under the age of 18 who’ve lost family members or gone through traumatic experiences.

The charity provides these children with things like birthday gifts, back-to-school materials and care packages so that they have a chance at having an easier time of it. “I often use art to advocate for things I find important and this competition showed me that I can keep using art to spread the message of hope and love,” Golding continued. “I’m so happy my message of hope came through in my art, that’s what’s most important to me. I’m also very grateful for this opportunity. It really allowed me to not only reflect upon my life but also reaffirm what I want to do – which is help people. And I truly appreciate that.” 2021 Google for Doodle Winner Milo Golding Found Strength After His Father’s Death