One and Done Workout Reviews: A Legit Way to Lose Weight?

This fitness routine based on Sprint Interval Training helps accelerate the fat burning process.

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One and Done Workout is a simple and concise workout routine developed by the fitness enthusiast and guru, Meredith Shirk. This 7-minute routine employs the Sprint Interval Training (S.I.T.) strategy that activates the body’s metabolism to yield positive results in fitness and weight loss. This workout routine takes a small portion of your day, and it gives impressive results in as little as two weeks. However, many people still wonder whether the One and Done Workouts are worth it and if they have negative consequences or not. Read this review to find out more about this program for yourself. 

It’s no secret that the health industry has set unrealistic standards for individuals who wish to have a healthy body. A plethora of sketchy products and ineffective workout routines have made consumers lose faith in their ability to shed extra pounds and get the body of their dreams. Most of these dietary supplements and fitness regimens claim to offer dramatic results within no time. The reality is that the human body cannot lose or gain weight overnight. It takes consistent effort and a foolproof routine to achieve your body goals. This being said, every person has a different lifestyle and cannot devote multiple hours in the gym every day.

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The One and Done Workout is a way to achieve your body goals by investing as little as seven minutes per day. The program was created by Meredith Shirk, a fitness guru well known on Facebook and YouTube for her exceedingly popular workout routines. Her regimens have helped millions of women with weight loss over the past decade. Shirk has also worked with older women and new mothers in their weight loss efforts. 

This One and Done Workout review highlights all features of this routine including its potential side effects, the benefits, and pricing. 

One and Done Workout Review – What Do You Need To Know?

Working out every day is a commitment that takes a majority of your time and energy. Spending hours in the gym can make you miss out on family time or get behind your work. However, you do not need to give up your lifestyle with the One and Done Workouts. As the name suggests, this program takes a little time and effort every day compared to conventional routines available on the internet. With the commitment of seven minutes every day, this workout routine helps you achieve a stronger body without lifting weights. 

The simple steps in this routine include:

Step 1: Warm up your body before the workout

Step 2: Put maximum effort into the workout for only 20 seconds

Step 3: During the recovery period, let the muscles and heart calm down

Step 4: Put maximum effort again for 20 seconds

Step 5: Repeat the steps again for the seven-minute routine 

This fitness routine based on Sprint Interval Training helps accelerate the fat burning process. With a daily routine, the program helps you burn extra calories with an active metabolism. This program completes in two weeks, after which you may see results depending on your body type and weight. However, those who wish to make changes to their diet for extraordinary results can benefit from the diet plan available with this routine. 

How Does the One and Done Workout Aid in Weight Loss 

Meredith devised this fitness program with the strategic exercise called the Sprint Interval Training. This regimen cuts down the workout time with efficient exercises packed in a short routine. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the workout without affecting your daily schedule and keeping it easy on the body. Moreover, the routine keeps the fat burning process activated for up to two days after performing the exercise. The secret lies in the S.I.T routine that activates targeted areas of the body to activate metabolism, which helps in continuing the fat loss. 

Sprint Interval Training does not need any specialized equipment and can be performed by using the bodyweight of the user. This weight is adequate for the resistance required to burn fat in the body. Besides, this routine does not require a lot of space, and you can easily perform it in a room in your house. Sometimes, it can become challenging to perform a workout routine after the strenuous exercise of the previous day. But the exercises in this routine are easy to perform despite the soreness in the knees or the back. 

Thousands of people are talking about this program.

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Who Can Benefit from the One and Done Workout?

The One and Done Workout is a versatile routine suitable for experienced individuals as well as beginners. People who wish to lose weight and those who want to improve their workout routine can benefit from this program equally. The individuals who may enjoy this fitness regimen include:

  • Experienced exercisers or those who just started working out. 
  • Any person who wishes to lose weight and shed the extra pounds.
  • People who didn’t see the desired results from their previous workout routines. 
  • Those who do not have hours to spend performing exercises every day. 
  • People who want a quick and effective workout routine with maximum results. 

Shirk curated this routine that helps people from every walk of life and age. Most people can perform these exercises with ease every day and lose weight without starving themselves. It is much more practical than all weight loss options and diets that are currently popular. Without spending much money or making any abrupt changes in your diet and lifestyle, you can start a weight loss program right away. 

Benefits of One and Done Workout

Shirk suggests that following this S.I.T routine can assist in weight loss, burn the accumulated fat in the body, enhance metabolism, increase endurance and help every user love their body. This routine is the answer to everyone who wants to burn fat and gain a lean body mass. 

Some of the benefits of One and Done Workout include:

  • Increased Endurance

This workout routine helps the body become stronger and endure everyday tasks easily. With a consistent routine, you may become able to walk, run and perform your exercises more efficiently without losing breath. 

  • Improved Sleep Cycle 

With age, sleep patterns become distorted, which takes a toll on the physical and mental health of a person. Meanwhile, those who stay physically active enjoy better and peaceful sleep at night. Physical activity also helps you wake up active and rejuvenated after a sound sleep. 

  • Tight Muscles and Strong Core 

Sprint Interval training targets the core, butt, and thigh to make it tight and stronger. The lower body becomes toned and attractive after performing these efficient exercises. 

  • Active Metabolism 

 An inactive metabolism can lead to fat accumulation in the body even if you eat in moderation. S.I.T accelerates the rate at which the body burns fat and increases the metabolism of the body. This intense workout forces the metabolism to overdrive and helps you lose weight even after being done with the workout. 

  • Fast and Easy Weight Loss 

The fat burning process extends to one or two days after the workout. According to Meredith, the “metabolic multipliers” activate in the body after the sprint interval training. These metabolic multipliers help burn more fat as compared to other workout routines. 

  • Improved Motion and Flexibility 

In this workout routine, Meredith teaches how to improve flexibility and achieve a greater range of motion. She also helps you avoid injuries during the workout with better movements. This workout routine helps your muscles replenish with oxygen to improve flexibility as well. 

  • Better Health, Fitness, and Confidence 

The One and Done Workout is perfect for those who failed to obtain significant results from other workouts and lost faith in their body. This simple yet effective two-week program improves the overall look of the body and boosts your confidence. 

  • No Additional Equipment Required

This workout routine does not need you to lift heavy weights to tone the body mass. You can perform these exercises in the bedroom or the living room without buying any extra equipment. Following these exercises is super easy, even if you are traveling. There is no need to take any equipment or manual with you, and there is absolutely no excuse to skip workout any day.

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What Are the Contents of the One and Done Workout Package?

The One and Done Workout comes with every essential guide that can assist you in gaining maximum results. You can get the following gifts and bonuses with the One and Done Workout: 

  • 2 Weeks of S.I.T Workout Combinations 
  • Demonstration Videos to Guide Through Each Exercise 
  • An Exercise Combination Manual 
  • Free Access to the Members-Only Area
  • Gift No. 1: 10 Day Keto Diet Plan 
  • Gift No. 2: Detoxifying Smoothies Recipes 

These guides and recipes can pave the path to the fit and healthy body you always desired. The complete plan helps burn fat and make the muscles and core stronger every day. 

Where to Buy One and Done Workout? Pricing and Refund Policy 

The One and Done Workout program is only available at the official website. You may not find it anywhere else. 

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 You can purchase this program exclusively from the website for $37. Right after the payment, you will gain access to the workout program with gifts and bonuses. To keep the environment sustainable, all the bonuses and guides come in an e-book form and video files. Moreover, this digital program is easy to access from your mobile or laptop.  

This price is much more affordable than buying a gym membership or hiring a personalized fitness trainer. With less than $50, you will explore a complete workout plan that provides guaranteed benefits. 

The One and Done Workout program ensures the customers’ satisfaction and offers a 60-day no-question asked money-back guarantee. This 100% refund policy makes this program risk-free, and you can get a refund if the program fails to satisfy you. 

To get a refund, contact the customer support team within 60 days of your purchase. Call the company at +(317) 662-2322 and share your concern. 

A representative will guide you about how to proceed with the refund. The company asks no questions and only needs confirmation of your order from their records. After that, the refund process takes only a few days to confirm.

One and Done Workout Side Effects  

Even though the workout activates the metabolism for rapid fat burn, a healthy diet, and regular exercise can improve results over time. This program aids in weight loss and improved body strength with a consistent routine and moderate eating. Without adequate nutrition, your body can not gain strength and build muscles for a lean appearance.  

The target demographic for this program is aging mothers and women who do not have time and money to invest in gyms. But people of all ages and professions can benefit from this routine. Meanwhile, those with underlying health conditions should consult a doctor regarding weight loss and follow the diet and routine prescribed by a licensed physician or a physiotherapist.  


The Sprint Interval Training strategy has been around for decades, and many people follow this routine for body and strength and weight loss. But the proper and detailed information on how to perform every exercise for maximum benefits is not available on the internet. To fill this gap, Meredith Shirk developed an effective and quick S.I.T routine suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experts. 

The official website features several testimonials and One and Done Workout before and after results for those who are hesitant to purchase this program. You can view numerous One and Done Workout reviews from customers who tried and benefitted from this routine. The routine is only 7 minutes long, and you do not need any additional equipment to perform the exercises. Also, you can gain impressive results by combining a healthy and moderate diet with this routine. 

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