The Every Woman Biennial Is Launching an Exhibition at Superchief Gallery NFT

Artwork by 272 women and non-binary artists will be presented on 23 digital canvases.


As part of the fourth New York City edition of the Every Woman Biennial, which is a platform that unfolds at many different spaces dedicated to lifting up and raising awareness for women and non-binary artists, Superchief Gallery NFT is launching an exhibition on June 24 that will showcase a rotating array of artworks for sale by 272 artists who’re participating in the biennial. These artworks, many of which were made by creatives experimenting with NFT manufacturing for the first time, will be presented on 23 digital canvases at Superchief Gallery. The Every Woman Biennial, which was first launched in 2014 under the name “The Whitney Houston Biennial,” was founded by artist C.Finley and is overseen by Managing Director Molly Caldwell.

“Every Woman Biennial is about community, experimentation, and providing opportunities for women and non-binary artists to show and sell their work,” C.Finley said in a statement. “NFTs being the new platform for artists, especially during a lockdown year, seemed the perfect opportunity to continue the Biennial for 2021. Navigating the digital world can be very intimidating, and working with the experts at Superchief Gallery NFT and their team made it possible to educate the artists and make it a positive and painless experience for those that wanted to give minting their work a whirl.”

The Superchief Gallery’s Every Woman Biennial collaboration exhibition includes NFT contributions from artists like Erica Podwoiski, Elena Romanovskaya and Liz Johnson; much of the work is sexually charged or erotic in nature. The Superchief Gallery show is also being commemorated on June 24 with a dance party in Washington Square Park that’s kicking off at 6pm. It’s no secret that the world of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens can seem inaccessible to anyone who isn’t already deeply familiar with the vernacular, which is why the Every Woman Biennial provided tutorials on crypto wallets and NFT manufacturing to the artists involved. The future may be now, but onboarding is still necessary.

The Every Woman Biennial Is Launching an Exhibition at Superchief Gallery NFT