The Best Toiletry Bags for All Your Travel Essentials

These cosmetics bags make packing a breeze.

A good toiletry bag is essential to a seamless packing routine. Julia Cherruault for Observer

As any frequent traveler knows, a good toiletry bag is essential to a seamless packing process. While I pride myself on my ability to pack for pretty much any getaway in a single carry-on suitcase (pro tip: packing cubes are a game changer), I’ve had some issues finding the perfect toiletry bag for all my travel beauty needs over the years. Some fell apart at the seams within mere days of use, others were too tiny to fit even the most pared down selection of must-have products, and then there are those that have zero organizational capabilities, which means you have to take out every single item in your toiletry bag to find your toothpaste each day.

And of course, let’s not forget about those toiletry bags that are so flimsy that all of your beauty essentials spill out into the contents of your suitcase, resulting in not only cracked makeup palettes, but also a very inconvenient spilling situation, with a stained travel wardrobe and also the deeply upsetting loss of your moisturizer.

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Don’t be disheartened, though, as I promise there are plenty of reliable (and cute!) toiletry bags out there that will make packing your beauty essentials a breeze. Everyone has different requirements when it comes to finding the right cosmetics bag for travel, so the first step is figuring out what kind of toiletry case works for your personal needs, whether you’re a chronic overpacker or you’ve already perfected the slimmed-down minimalist must-haves.

Also, if you’re a frequent jetsetter, I’m a big believer in keeping a toiletry bag pre-packed with all your go-to travel essentials, so you don’t have to search the depths of your bathroom cabinet for that one mini face wash every single time you’re prepping for a trip. I often use toiletry bags that I really love as permanent make-up cases, since not all of us have the bathroom space required to display all our skincare and beauty products.

Below, see our favorite toiletry bags for every type of traveler, for the best packing experience.








Caraa Vanity Kit

While I usually prefer black, I’m into the whimsical shade of sage green for this highly durable vanity bag, which is made of *waterproof* nylon. The ultimate beauty junkie will definitely appreciate this toiletry case, because it has so many different compartments for all your skincare and makeup must-haves, plus separate spaces for brushes, jewelry, shampoo and more. It also has a built-in hanger, so you easily display it when you arrive at your destination and actually see everything you packed, plus a removable shoulder strap, if you’re carrying it around solo. $125, Caraa.


Rimowa Toiletry Pouch

Rimowa might be best known for their iconic aluminum luggage, but the brand has also branched into travel essentials and accessories. This recycled nylon toiletry pouch is just as durable, practical and classic as you’d expect from the famed brand. It’s also water-repellent, which is always a plus, with a roomy main pocket as well as zippered sections. $140, Rimowa.


Kusshi Vacationer Make-up Bag

If you want a big, roomy toiletry bag that can store all y our favorite travel beauty essentials and so much more, but you’re not partial to the hanging cosmetics case, then you must consider Kusshi’s Vacationer bag. It has tons of space in the main interior, as well as separate pockets specifically designed to hold your makeup palettes, eyeshadows, lipstick and tools. It also fully unzips on three sides, so you can actually see all your beauty and travel essentials. Plus, it’s machine washable, which is key. $89, Kusshi.


Away Large Toiletry Bag

I’m a longtime loyal fan of Away’s suitcases, bags and travel accessories, so I had high expectations when I tried out the brand’s nylon toiletry bag. Unsurprisingly, it did not disappoint, and has quickly become my go-to cosmetics case, which I use even when I’m not packing for a trip. It’s big enough to fit all my favorite beauty and skincare must-haves, but isn’t bulky, and it also has multiple interior compartments and an exterior pocket, for optimal organization. $75, Away.



Calpak Clear Cosmetics Case

Calpak’s cosmetics case will definitely appeal to those who prefer clear toiletry bags, as you get a full visual of all your products that you’ve brought along on your trip. It has two big, zippered compartments for those of us who to prefer to separate our toiletries, and the bag isn’t aggressively structured, so it’ll flatten into your suitcase. $85, Calpak.


Paravel Cabana See-All Vanity Case

This vanity case is both practical and ridiculously chic; it’s reminiscent of the retro cosmetics bags that Hollywood stars would carry onto planes back when traveling by air was actually an enjoyable treat. Yeah, we’re not sure how that must have felt, either. Anyway, while Paravel’s toiletry bag might be vintage-inspired, it’s designed for the modern traveler, with a canvas top and bottom trim, but a clear body. It’s also one of those travel accessories that’s a very stylish home decor addition to your bathroom. $95, Paravel.


Italic Miles Leather Dopp Kit

This slim leather dopp kit is perfect for the traveler who gets around with an edited-down set of toiletries. The luxe cosmetics bag has one big compartment as well as two smaller pockets inside, with an extra pocket on the exterior. $80, Italic.


Tumi Madina Cosmetic Bag

Tumi is one of the most trusted travel brands, and for good reason. This nylon cosmetics bag opens up to reveal three separate interior compartments, so you can get a good look at all your products, plus it even has a detachable nylon pouch, for smaller items like jewelry. You can hang it or just lie it flat. $195, Tumi.


Longchamp Le Pliage Pouch

Those that aren’t bringing along an entire beauty closet’s worth of products will appreciate Longchamp’s simple, light and eco-friendly canvas pouch. $80, Longchamp.


Cuyana Toiletry Case

This sustainably-made, minimalist leather toiletry case opens up to reveal one large interior storage space, plus one interior pocket. It’s also monogrammable, for a little customized detail. There’s room for the essentials and a few extras, but this is one is definitely best suited for those that are lighter packers when it comes to toiletries and cosmetics. $95, Cuyana.


Muji Hanging Case

This toiletry hanging case has two separate zippered mesh compartments for smaller products, plus an open space for larger essentials. If you want to try out a new hanging toiletry bag but aren’t sure if you’re sold on the idea just yet, this is a good one to test out, since it’s super well-priced. $19.90, Muji. The Best Toiletry Bags for All Your Travel Essentials