Nature of Things x Brock Collection Just Launched a Dreamy Collection of Bedtime Wellness Essentials

The Sleep Essentials Ritual is inspired by your nighttime skincare routine.

Nature of Things and Brock Collection partnered up on the most luxurious set of wellness essentials.

There are plenty of ways to practice self-care, but no matter how you choose to pamper yourself, remember that taking just a few minutes each day to focus on your physical and emotional health is so beneficial for your wellbeing. After all, everyone deserves some TLC…especially after this past year.

Self-care rituals are different for everyone, but maintaining a bedtime routine can do wonders for your mental health; whether it’s taking a moment to meditate, spending some time on your nighttime skincare or indulging in a bubble bath before getting into bed. Wellness brand Nature of Things is all about taking your self-care up a notch, whether it’s with their detoxifying magnesium bath soak or soothing body balm. The brand is now launching a new Rejuvenating Overnight Facial Mask, and in honor of their latest product, they’ve partnered up with Brock Collection on an indulgent nighttime ritual collection.

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“When we were thinking of ways to create a ritualistic moment of skincare and wellness that aided the transition from the bathroom to the bedroom, we realized that some beautifully crafted accessories would really elevate that moment,” Nature of Things co-founders Jamie Leilani Pelayo and JP Collett told Observer. “Reaching out to [Brock Collection co-founder] Laura Vassar about working together made perfect sense, as we knew her eye and selection of fabrics would make for a truly special set of Sleep Essentials.”

Why not treat yourself to the most indulgent bedtime accessories?

The limited-edition Sleep Essentials Ritual is composed of a headband, eye mask and a dream pillow that’s filled with a relaxing blend of rose and lavender. The collection, which is priced at $345 for all three pieces, has all the romantic, feminine details you’d expect from Brock Collection; the foliage-patterned fabric was sourced from the archives of Maison Bucol, a French fabric mill that the whimsical fashion brand has worked with on previous fashion collections. The entire collection comes in a very pretty shade of cream, with blue grosgrain trim and and burnt orange accents.

“The Sleep Essentials Ritual is really centered around the evening skincare routine, heightening the moment from a mundane task to a purposeful pause of intentional self care,” Pelayo and Collett explained. “The Nature of Things x Brock Collection headband pulls back the hair to clear the face for cleansing and applying the Rejuvenating Overnight Facial Mask. Pausing for a few moments before transitioning to the bed, where the lavender and rose petal-scented dream pillow and silk-lined sleep mask are the final touches to set the tone for an incredible night of rest, before awakening with refreshed skin and mind.”

Convinced that you need to invest in a chic new bedtime wellness accessories moment? The dreamy Nature of Things x Brock Collection Sleep Essentials Ritual is available to shop now.

Nature of Things x Brock Collection Just Launched a Dreamy Collection of Bedtime Wellness Essentials