How Long Does Cannabis (Marijuana) Stay in Your System?

Do not worry, as we will make sure to talk about how long cannabis stays in the system, what factors impact its length of time in your system, and what you can do to help get yourself cleansed before it is finally time to take that drug test. 

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Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that has long been a solution for insomnia, depression, anxiety, and for people generally looking to feel better. Some people smoke cannabis for spiritual reasons, some do it for health, and some just enjoy feeling chilled out. 

No matter what, some employers, sports clubs, or organizations may frown on the use of cannabis. This means that if you wish to gain entry to such a place or get the job you want, you need to pass a drug test indicating you are free of cannabis. This is a point of concern for many people that use cannabis in their private lives. 

So, you must be ready to pass a drug test. But, how can you do such a thing, especially if you have been using it heavily or often? Several factors affect your drug test results, including level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the marijuana you are using, frequency, and hydration.  

Many of you may have seen some myths online about how to detox and pass your drug test. Maybe some of you have considered using synthetic urine or getting some from a friend. However, you do not want to cheat your way in, because if someone finds out, you could be fired on the spot and barred from employment at that worksite. 

The best thing to do is find a quality detox method that is safe and natural. If you use cannabis but need to pass a drug test, read on to discover what you can do. 

Understanding Cannabis/THC Drug Tests

First, let us go through a quick rundown of how drug tests for cannabis work. How is it that when we urinate into a cup, have a piece of our hair cut, or offer some of our saliva/blood, they can tell we have been using cannabis? 

It all depends on the test given. So, let us talk about a few tests and see how they work. 

Hair follicle testing is a commonly used method of drug testing by employers. A sample of a person’s hair is used to figure out if they have used drugs during a specified time frame. The hair is taken from close to the scalp, and the 1.5 inches that are nearest to the scalp are shipped to a lab for ELISA and GC-MS tests. Once this is complete, the test shows whether the person has used drugs within the past 90 days. 

Urinalysis testing looks for the recent use of drugs, and it can help employers see if you have used a wide range of substances, including cannabis. The approach used is immunoassay or GC-MS. The latter is far more reliable and looks for a larger group of substances. Urine screening is designed to look for drugs in a shorter duration of time. For example, did you know amphetamines remain in the urine for only three days? Meanwhile, in hair, amphetamines can be detected for up to 90 days or longer.

These are the most common forms of drug testing, but you might also be asked to take a sweat, blood, or saliva test. 

Why do employers, organizations, and sports clubs require a drug test? Some of you might wonder, “Am I being targeted?” Chances are, no. Many places need a test so they can be assured you are playing your sport/doing your job/participating in an activity without the help of illegal substances or while your mind is altered. 

But, if you display certain symptoms, you may be asked to take one. For example, Medline Plus discusses symptoms such as nausea, difficulty breathing, changes in the rhythm of the heart or blood pressure, delirium, paranoia, panic, agitation, small, dilated pupils, or slurred, slowed speech as being reasons an employer may ask you to get tested. 

How Long Could Marijuana Stay in My Body?

Do you take cannabis regularly? If so, you are probably concerned about how long it will stay in your system. 

Do not worry, as we will make sure to talk about how long cannabis stays in the system, what factors impact its length of time in your system, and what you can do to help get yourself cleansed before it is finally time to take that drug test. 

First, it is important to understand the effects of cannabis and how long it can last.

Cannabis & Its Effect on Our Bodies

Per, marijuana is the most commonly used drug after alcohol and tobacco, and young people tend to use it most. Among youths under the legal age, it has become widespread thanks to the advent of vaping devices. Young people report vaping THC, which is what gives you the high.  

Many of us already know the feeling that cannabis gives us. Depending on the strain, we feel relaxed, happy, uplifted, or stuck to our couches. We might even end up feeling paranoid. Many of us report feeling hungry and seek out high-fat, high-sugar snacks, or meals to conquer the “munchies.”  Sometimes we feel sleepy, and other times, we feel creative. 

But, cannabis can also have an effect on our brains in both the long and short term. 

For instance, when we smoke it, THC moves from our lungs to the bloodstream. The blood then takes the THC to our brain, where it moves to other organs in our body. This happens much slower when we consume edibles, as the body has to digest them. 

We may end up enjoying effects such as altered senses; for example, colors and sounds may be enhanced. Time may slow down, and sitting somewhere for an hour can feel like three. Your mood might change, and if taken in large doses, you may begin to hallucinate. Your body movement may be impaired, as well. 

Cannabis can also affect our bodies in ways we might not think of. For example, heart rate increases for up to three hours after use. For some folks, nausea may also occur.  

The bottom line? Everyone is different, and the effects will vary from person to person. 

How Long Can I Expect These Feelings to Last?

The effects of cannabis will usually begin to die down after about one to three hours of use, depending on the amount you have taken. However, some folks may experience issues sleeping or trouble with memory for a few days afterward. 

The effects of cannabis happen quickly when smoked. In as little as 15 minutes or less, you could be feeling the effects. Meanwhile, consuming an edible can take about two hours because it has to be digested first.

All of this, of course, is dependent on many factors — your gender, age, health, and more. 

Your Use Frequency Matters: How Often Do You Consume Cannabis?

In bodily fluids, says Healthline, cannabis is detectable for up to 30 days after using. This will vary according to the person, but this is a baseline of what you can expect. 

If you are taking a hair follicle drug test, expect it to remain in the hair for several months. 

The detection will depend on how much you have ingested or smoked and how often. Generally speaking, more frequent uses and higher doses are linked to longer periods of detection.

For users taking cannabis on a daily basis, it can be detectable for several months since it was used last. For some people, this extends beyond the 90-day mark.

Drug tests measure cannabis metabolites, which stay in our system even after the effects of the cannabis have worn off. 

For those of you asked to take a urine test, occasional users of cannabis can expect it to stay in your urine for 3 days, moderate users for up to 7 days, chronic users for up to 15 days, and chronic heavy users for more than 30 days. 

It is also worth noting that cannabis metabolites bind to fat molecules of the body, so it could take a while for them to leave your system, depending on your body mass. 

What if you are asked to take a blood test? For one to two days after use, cannabis may be detected in the bloodstream. However, chronic heavy users can expect it to last longer in their blood. 

If you are asked to do a saliva test, occasional users can expect it to remain in their system for up to 3 days, while chronic users can expect it to remain up to 29 days. This is because cannabis may get into our saliva via smoking or exposure to smoking. The metabolites are only part of one’s saliva if it has been ingested or smoked. This method is most commonly used in roadside tests in areas where cannabis is legal.

Hair testing is also a commonly used method of drug screening, and after its use, cannabis reaches hair follicles through small blood vessels where trace amounts can remain. Therefore, drug screeners will take a 1.5-inch segment of hair near the scalp to detect cannabis usage for the past three months.

Potency Makes a Difference: How Potent Is Your Cannabis?

The potency of your cannabis also makes a difference with how long it remains in your body.

More potent cannabis buds/products will have higher levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and last longer than weaker ones. 

Unless we buy our cannabis from a dispensary or have the equipment to test its potency, it is impossible to know how much THC is in it. 

The type of drug test you will be asked to take also makes a difference. 

As we mentioned, cannabis stays in our body and bodily fluids for various amounts of time depending on how much we use, its potency, and how frequently we use it. 

I Need to Take My Drug Test: When Can I Do It Safely?

Although cannabis is slowly beginning to become recognized for its ability to help, some employers still wish to maintain a drug-free workplace. So, you still could be barred from employment, sports, or another organization.

With that being said, passing your drug screening will depend on how quickly you can purge the THC metabolites from your system and the type of drug test you will be asked to take. 

While you now understand how long it will approximately take to rid your system of the cannabis metabolites, the type of test required will also play a role. 

For example, a saliva or blood test would require a three-day detox for intermittent users. 

But, for those of you asked to do a hair follicle test, you would have to detox for a total of three months before you can be certain the cannabis has left the fatty follicles of your hair.

Most of you job seekers will probably be asked to take a urine test. This is the most common method of drug testing prospective employees, and you will need to detox for up to ten days before it is time to take the drug test. 

Make sure you abstain from ALL drugs, including nicotine and alcohol, for this period. Then, when it is time to implement a detox method, you have a higher chance of passing your drug screening. 

Do not try to think of ways to cheat the test. First, this is not morally correct. Second, if you are caught, your chances of employment or participation will likely be zero. Finally, there are better ways to go about it.

How Can I Bring Down My Cannabis Levels/THC Levels?

There are a few ways to help your body detox faster from cannabis if you have an upcoming drug test. These should be used in conjunction with your detox strategy, whether you use one of the five options listed below or let your body detox naturally. 

First and foremost, cut out all drugs. Although nicotine and alcohol are legal, we advise cutting them out if possible. Also, avoid social situations where cannabis may be present, as you would not want to breathe in the smoke. 

Second, get a water bottle, fill it up, and drink. Drinking water will help you flush out and dilute toxins, and 64oz a day is recommended. You can find a water vessel you like or use an old milk jug to mark your 64oz for more convenience. 

Third, make sure your diet is healthy and balanced. Avoid junk food, fast food, and processed foods. Instead, you should stock up on fresh fruit and veggies, lean proteins, fiber, and complex carbs. A healthy diet will help you digest easier, and, via urination and defecation, you can more easily get those THC metabolites out of your body. 

Next, get adequate sleep. Turn off the TV, video games, and other electronic devices and get ready to turn in early each night. It is important to get enough sleep because this improves the body’s metabolism, which increases the likelihood you will pass the drug test. 

Lastly, choose a detox method that will work for you. We have five listed down below, and the first two are your best chances at passing your drug screening (although we have listed some others that may also help). The first two products are made especially for people that have to pass a drug screening and fast. 

How to Detox: 5 Best Cannabis Detox Strategies 

In this section, we have outlined five methods that could help you detox from cannabis. So, read over each one carefully for valuable info that may help you pass the drug screening.

1. Detox Drinks: Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse

Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse
  • Delicious fruit flavors
  • Toxins flushed in 3-4 hours
  • Ideal for people with high toxin levels
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The reviews on this product speak for themselves, and all of these consumers are people just like us that want to work but have to pass a drug screening. 

This is truly one of the most effective ways to pass that drug test. 

The drink may help rid your body of the toxins that show on drug tests as THC metabolites. Not only will you flush out those toxins, but you will also make sure your body is replenished with vitamins and minerals. 

There are two flavors to pick from; grape and tropical, and both taste great. You may actually enjoy drinking it, as it is not overly sweet, and it takes just a day of using this drink to detox your digestive, urinary, and circulatory systems. 

Also, consider utilizing the pre-cleanse supplement, available for purchase separately, at least 12 hours before starting the detox drink regimen, as this will ensure the best results. 

Who is going to benefit from this drink? 

  • Since it is highly concentrated, this is ideal for people with high body mass and high levels of toxins (heavy users of cannabis)
  • It lasts for five hours, with the max effect lasting three hours
  • People who hate the taste of supplements 
  • Bottle is just one liter — very easy to drink
  • Great for people who have to take a supervised drug test

Now, let us discuss what you get in your shipment. You will get the one-liter detox drink bottle and simple instructions to follow. You can also opt to purchase the Detoxify Pre-cleanse Tablets, which can make the drink more effective.

Moreover, you should contact the Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse Detox Hotline for a personalized plan about detoxing. The phone number is listed on the box, and they will give you helpful advice about what to do. 

As for use instructions, you will need to drink 20oz of water every two hours until it is time to drink the Mega Clean Detox Drink, and then you will continue drinking it for two hours after. 

You should also avoid drugs and social situations involving drugs for at least 48 hours before it is time to take your test. If you fail the drug screening while using this drink, it is likely you were using drugs while taking the drink, which prevents it from working properly.

You must also avoid high-fat, highly processed, and greasy foods during this time. Eat healthy foods, and keep your diet clean. You should also avoid OTC medicines, alcohol, and any medications you do not need. 

Most importantly, you should be drinking a lot of water — 64 oz a day is ideal. This is one way of naturally detoxing. 

2. Detox Pills: Toxin Rid 3-Day Detox

Toxin Rid
  • Easy to consume
  • Takes just three days to work
  • Great for frequent users
  • Kit contains tablets, liquid and dietary fiber
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Do you need a simple, three-step process to get clean before a drug test? Try out these detox pills by Toxin Rid

This product is just as effective as the drink in helping you detox for your upcoming screening, and it is meant for frequent users of cannabis.

It also works for other toxins, not just THC. However, the detox can take longer if you consume highly concentrated cannabis, such as those found in vape pens and edibles. But, this program can help. 

Whether you are up against urine, blood, or saliva screening, this can help.  

Within the shipment, you will get dietary fiber, pre-rid tablets, and a liquid detox solution.

Here are the steps:

  1. Take three tablets with at least an 8oz glass of water every hour for five hours a day for three consecutive days. Do not take more than 15 tabs a day, and take them at the same time every day for the best results. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat clean foods, including fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and complex carbs for all three meals. 
  2. Now, it is time for the detox drink. On the third day, two hours after you have taken your last pre-rid pill, drink half of the detox liquid with 16oz of distilled or filtered water. For the next two hours, do not eat or drink anything. Next, you will drink the rest of the liquid, and then you will refrain from eating and drinking again for another two hours. You could also mix the detox liquid with orange juice if you like. 
  3. Dietary Fiber: This step is optional, and only use this if your drug test is scheduled between one to four days after completion of your detox. If you have a flush drink on your test date, you do not need to worry about this step. If you decide to do it, here is what to do: one hour before the test, mix the fiber into distilled water, and drink it in 2 minutes. Then, wait 15 minutes and consume 16oz of water. After this, do not drink any more orange juice or water. Lastly, try to urinate two to three times in the next hour, then take (and hopefully pass) the drug screening.

3. Cranberry Juice

  • Easy to acquire
  • Relatively cheap
  • Only a quick fix

Cranberry capsules, pills, and juice do not flush cannabis from the body. It only temporarily flushes the metabolites out of the bladder and could help you pass the urine drug screening. However, it is not as effective as the Detox Drink or Detox Pills. 

If you want to use cranberry as your detox, we can offer some advice about it. Let us start by understanding the effect cranberry juice has on body fat breakdown. 

We have already established that THC stays in our fat cells. Since cranberry juice is high in sugar and carbs, our digestive system processes them into sugar, which then enters our blood. 

This creates a spike in insulin, which causes our body to stop using our fat as fuel and instead store it. 

This high-carb, high sugar approach to detox only makes fat loss more difficult and does not rid our bodies of toxins. 

Cranberry juice also fails to significantly impact the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of THC metabolites. But, again, this is because cranberry does not absorb the THC metabolites. 

So, why do people use it? Well, it does help you pee clean for a few hours after ingesting it. Also, if you have a urine drug screening, you might be able to eliminate the THC metabolite concentration in your urine so you can pass the screening. 

To do this, you would drink 1,000 ml of cranberry juice and electrolyte solution for three hours before your screening. 

You also must take vitamin B12 and a creatine supplement. 

AZO pills are also talked about among those trying to pass a urine test. The capsules are packed with cranberry powder, and this flushes the urinary tract, eliminating UTIs. They are the same as cranberry supplements or juice. 

As shown here, cranberry juice is rather complicated to use and requires a lot of supplies to make it happen. Not all stores have electrolyte solutions on hand, especially if it is during cold and flu season. 

So, you are better off using the detox drink or pills.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar  

  • Readily available
  • You have to dilute with water
  • Urine can end up looking suspicious, thanks to high pH 

Online, we have seen many claims that apple cider vinegar (ACV) or regular white vinegar can help you cleanse your system of cannabis. But, these are not confirmed, which is why we highly recommend using the Detox Drink or Detox Pills instead. 

When we take cannabis, our body breaks it down into an inactive metabolite. The metabolite bonds with glucuronic acid, and we expel this in our urine. 

Some users think that by drinking vinegar, which is highly acidic, they can release more THC in a shorter time. But, there is no evidence to suggest this. Others think ACV will help you reduce your urine pH, creating a false negative on a drug test. 

So, why does it not work? Well, there are no studies to prove it. Even if it works, your urine is going to look suspicious to the person administering the test. 

ACV does not impact the enzymes that metabolize cannabis, as there are no effects on how THC is excreted. ACV only helps by increasing fat breakdown and, therefore, expelling cannabis metabolites into the bloodstream, so they are more easily excreted. 

Many commercially available ACV cleanses help you avoid a positive urine screening by having you drink a gallon of water hours before the test is administered. Unfortunately, you end up with highly diluted urine, which, in some cases, is an automatic fail. You may have to go back and take a supervised drug screening, which can be rather embarrassing. 

Understand that the people giving the drug test are experts, and they have seen every trick in the book. Adding ACV to the sample is an old trick, and samples are tested for correct urine pH. This pH usually is about 4.5 to 8.0, while ACV has a pH of 2.0 to 3.0.

Urine is also tested for gravity, adulterants, creatine, and temperature. 

So, why even try it? You are better off going with one of the first two choices to give you the best chance of passing the drug screening.

5. Lemon and Water 

  • Cheap and easy to make
  • Helps keep hydration up
  • Readily available

Lemon is a popular addition to drinks and is used in many recipes, but can it help us pass a drug test? No, not as well as the detox drink or detox pills can. 

It could help, but we think the best methods of detox out there are the detox drink or pills previously mentioned. The customer reviews do not lie. But, if you still think a lemon and water mixture is right for you, keep reading to learn more. 

Lemon juice may detox THC from your system. Lemon naturally burns fat and helps us remove THC from our bodies’ fat cells. With that being said, lemon juice slows THC’s metabolism in the liver. But, thankfully, there is a workaround. 

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, and we need to keep this vitamin in our body because it helps us burn fat faster. In addition, people with raised vitamin C levels oxidize fat in greater amounts during their workouts compared to those lacking in it.

A study from 2008 showed that mice who consumed lemon peels and ate a high-fat diet for a total of 12 weeks did not pack on as much weight as mice who refrained from lemon consumption.

Lemon water may improve weight loss, which means less fat and, therefore, less THC remaining in the body. But, it also inhibits the critical enzyme CYP3A3.

Why does this matter? Well, this enzyme is the primary one that our liver uses to metabolize THC. So, the THC in your blood would be absorbed by your body’s fat tissues once more. 

To make up for the inhibition of the enzyme CYP3A3, you would need to make use of enzyme inducers such as Panax ginseng or St. John’s Wort. Both of these are easy to find in most grocery stores and drugstores, but why take the risk? 

If we inhibit it from doing its job, we essentially prevent our bodies from detoxing as best they can before a drug screening. 

So, the takeaway? It is best to go with our top two recommended detox methods to give yourself a better chance of passing the drug screening. It may be very tempting to go this easy and cheap route, but if it comes down to getting the job you want, it is best to invest in yourself and go with a high-quality detox program.

Wrap Up

Cannabis is everywhere, and it continues to grow in popularity. You should be able to enjoy yourself in your free time and still work, so you have to know how to detox the smart way. Do not let a drug test hold you back from enjoying your private life and interests when you are not on the clock. 

Some of you may need to use it for medicinal purposes or for relief from anxiety or stress. But, it can be hard to explain to an employer your plight, especially if you do not have a medical cannabis card. 

As a result, we have to remain vigilant and careful in our use and educate ourselves on how to detox. 

The legality surrounding cannabis is changing fast. In some states, it is becoming legal, while others still restrict it. 

Your best bet is to follow all local laws and regulations and stay up on your employer’s policy on cannabis use so you can achieve a balance of being a good employee but still enjoy your leisure time. How Long Does Cannabis (Marijuana) Stay in Your System?