Larva Labs’ NFT CryptoPunks Have Been Signed by United Talent Agency

They're certainly among the first crypto-native IP entities to find representation amongst more conventional media.

People look at CryptoPunks digital characters at a crypto art exhibition on March 26, 2021. NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP via Getty Images

In a striking indication of ongoing NFT crossover into the mainstream, new reports state that the Larva Labs NFT CryptoPunks, Meebits and Autoglyphs have signed with United Talent Agency, which more traditionally represents professionals in film, television, music and digital media. United Talent Agency is now in charge of representing these crypto-art entities across arenas of film, TV and video games; they’re also, of course, now responsible for the publishing and licensing of this crypto-art. The CryptoPunks, like several other NFT entities, have already scored big in traditional art spaces: in May, Christie’s sold 9 NFT CryptoPunks for $16.9 million.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the CryptoPunks are certainly among the first crypto-native IP entities to transition into appearing in more conventional media formats. One imagines that the possibilities are endless: maybe the CryptoPunks will eventually appear in an Amazon original series about renegade, humanoid NFTs surfing the blockchain, or maybe they’ll become pop star digital avatars in the vein of Gorillaz.

“I would say that it is one of the first opportunities for an IP that fully originated in crypto-world to enter a broader entertainment space, and they earned it,” Lesley Silverman, the head of UTA Digital Assets, told The Hollywood Reporter. “They really have hit the zeitgeist in a tremendous way.”

“We are excited to work with UTA for the benefit of the entire community connected to our projects,” Matt Hall, the co-founder of Larva Labs, added to The Hollywood Reporter. “Not only for the exciting opportunities to bring them wider exposure, but to help protect their growth and value for the long term.”

In 2017, Hall and fellow co-founder John Watkinson created 10,000 unique 24 by 24 pixel icons of heads belonging to stylistically punk-ish human beings. The CryptoPunks were subsequently placed on the Ethereum blockchain, and the rest is history.

Larva Labs’ NFT CryptoPunks Have Been Signed by United Talent Agency