Telfar Launches TV Station to Promote New Duffel, Change Fundamental Nature of Media

Telfar has launched Telfar.TV, a contentless TV station with a mission to sell bags and avoid corporate control.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 12: Designer Telfar Clemens speaks during a presentation for Telfar during NYFW: The Shows on September 12, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Telfar, the gender neutral fashion brand known for its “Bushwick Birkin,” is launching its own TV networkwithout any content.” 

Founder Telfar Clemens announced Telfar.TV, a collaboration with the artists collective The Umma Chroma, on September 12 at a New York Fashion Week event. Telfar posted Monday that the user-dominated Telfar TV app was live on its Instagram. Viewers can watch the 24 hour public access station live on their “actual TV” through Apple (AAPL) TV, Roku or Google Play, submit their own videos to be featured, and obtain QR codes for “drips” — targeted drops featuring items that are available exclusively through the network — like the brand’s new duffle bag

Telfar.TV, the company says, signals a way to preserve the authenticity of Telfar and reward people who submit unique videos. Telfar also says this move also allows the company to detach itself from “corporate oversight” that may hinder the brand’s mission. While some have expressed frustration with the inconvenience of waiting for a QR code on social media, others have applauded the brand’s effort.  

Telfar TV is going to change the industry,” one user tweeted. “It’s annoying asf, because he really could just get a decent stock on the bags and sell them to us. But Telfar TV IS going to change the industry.”

The company also highlighted how the limited nature of “drips” helps foster a more intimate connection with customers.

Because our DRIP structure incentivizes a small but tight audience — we can give people real creative freedom,” the website reads. “It’s not for you– it’s for everyone. It’s not for everyone, it’s for everyone. The world isn’t everything.”

Telfar did not initially respond to Observer’s request for comment. Following the release of this article, the company responded. At publication, Telfar.TV’s site featured a spinning logo and call for submissions.

Telfar Launches TV Station to Promote New Duffel, Change Fundamental Nature of Media