Top Delta-8 Edible Products You Can Buy Online

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 If you haven’t been able to find any of the new “Delta-8 THC” products you’ve been hearing people rave about, you are not alone. Despite being 100% legal under the US Federal Farm Bill, the latest craze in hemp-derived recreational products is hard to find in local stores in most states. Many brick-and-mortar stores, even ones that carry CBD, are hesitant to stock this popular new cannabinoid before it becomes more accepted in the mainstream market. Retail shops that do get ahold of limited Delta-8 products tend to sell out of stock quickly.

There is a solution for those seeking the mood-enhancing “buzz” from Delta-8 though. Many of the top products can be ordered online still, direct from the manufacturers. While some individual states have local restrictions on purchases, the majority of American adults can still order Delta-8 products online for delivery to their home. The recent USPS ban on all shipping of vape products may have greatly limited Delta 8 e-commerce sales for that usage option, but you still have an even better option to use Delta-8;  edible products.

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Edible products have been around in the hemp and cannabis industry for a long time. Unlike smoking or vaping, which involves inhaling potentially dangerous chemical and carcinogens, taking edible Delta 8 products in the form of tinctures, candies, or gummies is much safer and easier on the lungs. The downside is the effects can be delayed. That’s because while inhaling delivers cannabinoids directly to the bloodstream via the lungs, any active hemp compound that is swallowed has to pass through the stomach, liver, and digestive system. This causes a longer delay until the effects (euphoria, relaxation, calmness, and creativity in the case of Delta-8) are felt. Many users of federally-regulated Delta-9THC know this problem all too well, the effects of that THC can be so delayed that users take “too much”. Hours later, these people find themselves over-stimulated and unable to function, with the stressful intoxication effects of Delta-9 THC slow to wear off.

Not so with Delta-8 products however. Because Delta-8’s effects are gentler and less-intense (many say it feels like a pleasant “middle ground” between CBD and recreational THC) most people have no risk of negative side effects from the edible approach. As a legal, convenient way to experience the “ride” of Delta-8 firsthand, the following products represent what our reviewers determined to be the “best of brand” options in the new Delta-8 market. All of the Delta 8 companies listed sell direct to consumers, and use only cannabinoids extracted from hemp (<0.3% D-9 THC) to remain legal for adults to purchase and use.

2. Vybba Delta-8 Strips

Vybba took top-honors due largely to their innovative delivery system and its powerful results. Rather than mixing their Delta 8 with sugar, gelatin and preservatives to make a gummy or candy, Vybba comes in a thin strip that dissolves in your mouth. The delta-8 is activated by holding it under your tongue, and the positive “vibe” effects come quickly. Unlike most edible products that take an hour or more to produce any effects, Vybba kicks in for most users within minutes. The result is a smooth, relaxed experience that can be enjoyed for hours. The addition of full-spectrum CBD to enhance the benefits makes Vybba the clear favorite with new and established users alike. Vybba comes with 20 individual mint strips in each pouch, and they provide independent lab results and offer a 90-day guarantee.

2. Everest Delta 8 Gummies 

Everest is a newcomer to the industry that has grown rapidly. They offer 3 different fruit flavors of vegan gummies (peach, blue raspberry, and watermelon) as well as a high-potency tincture oil.  . Users report a not-too-sweet taste, with their multi flavor gummy bundle being the favorite. Everest advertises that their hemp is sustainably sourced within the United States. They provide limited 3rd party lab tests of potency only, and offer free shipping on every order.

3. 3 Chi

A long-time provider of other specialty cannabinoid products, 3 Chi has developed a tasty, consistent product available in multiple gummy flavors. Each 3 Chi gummy cube contains a full 25 milligrams of delta-8, so users may want to proceed with caution when using this potent product.  They also offer a “Numb” gummy that blends Delta 8 with the additional cannabinoid CBN for better sleep. The makers of 3 Chi provide lab results for every batch and they ship to most states from their Indiana facility.

4. Moonwlkr

Despite an unusual name and spelling (it’s a play on “moonwalker”) this space-themed Delta-8 brand has proven a hit with users. It comes in two main flavors, Europa (strawberry) and Atlas (blue raspberry), with each one a very approachable 12.5 milligram dosage per gummy. This allows for more controlled experience, without having to cut the gummies in half. Moonwlkr was also one of the first Delta-8 sellers to offer a “trial size” 4-pack to new users. Online reviews are largely positive, and the brand has recently expanded to new flavors and blends.

5. Pure Kana

Pure Kana has been a popular producer in the CBD space for several years. With the launch of their Delta-8 line, the makers have expanded their line to include not only Delta-8 gummies but a Delta-8 & CBG (cannabigerol) blend tincture as well. The PureKana line of gummies comes in Strawberry, Lime, Watermelon, and new Birthday Cake flavors. Users report a very sweet taste profile, with very little hemp after-taste. Purekana offers a “points” loyalty program that can give substantial discounts to repeat customers. 

6. Exhale Wellness

Rounding out our list of the top Delta-8 edible products is Exhale Wellness. This newcomer to the hemp space is aimed at more experienced users, with each of their gummies packing a whopping 50 milligrams of Delta-8 per serving. This provides good value to customers, who can cut each gummy in half, (or even fourths), to get a more manageable dose. Exhale gummies come in a variety pack of flavors, and are some of the best-tasting of the bunch. They have a flavor profile that is not excessively sweet or sugary. Exhale has expanded to offer everything from Delta-8 sprayed flower to pre-rolls.

Runner-Up Delta-8 Products Reviewed

NuLeaf Delta 8 THC Capsules – Convenient capsules derived from US-grown full-spectrum hemp. Each 2-capsule serving contains 15 mg of Delta-8.

Area 52 Delta 8 THC Tincture – This one-ounce “shot” provides a concentrated tincture with an impressive 1200 mg of Delta-8 per bottle. Flavor choices include vanilla and cherry. 

Koi Delta 8 Tincture – Flavored tinctures that you can take by a dropper, or add to a drink. Koi has a long history in the hemp industry, and while more expensive than some, are rated well by users who prefer the ease and dosage control of a concentrated tincture.

Binoid – Specializing in customized blends with other ingredients, Binoid offers a wide variety of flavors and delivery methods at a higher price point.

Factors our Reviewers Considered

Almost any review of ingestible hemp products is going to have a certain amount of subjectivity, and Delta-8 is no exception. Our reviewers focused on the issues they felt were most important to the average consumer seeking to either try Delta-8 products for the first time after hearing positive feedback from past users, or existing customers looking to explore new Delta-8 products from other sellers. 

The following factors were considered by our review team, and each product received a weighted score:

1: Results – Most important were the effects on mood and stress. Products were rated on how positive the effects were, and points were lost if they caused any grogginess or anxiety.

2: Potency – Because every user reacts to cannabinoids differently, and new users tend to have a lower tolerance, we discounted products that had too high of a Delta-8 content per serving. This could make a product either over-powering, or inconvenient if users had to cut into smaller pieces to use.

3: Public Lab Results – Any cheap lab could use toxic solvents or chemicals to synthetically convert CBD isolate into Delta-8, so we favored products that provided 3rd party test results. We considered not only potency tests, but also screening for pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals.

4: Guarantee – Very few Delta-8 products back their products with a full-refund guarantee of satisfaction, and we consider this a hallmark of a trustworthy Delta-8 supplier.

Why Choose To Try Delta-8?

The hemp and cannabis space is still relatively young and unexplored in the United States. Years of criminalization of anything related to cannabis has only recently begin to loosen. Most of the focus on legal hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD and Delta-8 is still brand new, and nobody knows what the regulatory future of these products will look like. For now, these types of products represent a welcome alternative to illicit cannabis products, especially in states where recreational cannabis is not yet legal. While some consider Delta-8 to be “THC-lite”, its legality and less potent effects make it an attractive option to new users.

Delta-8 is not just for new experimenters or those looking to use only legal hemp-derived products. Many experienced cannabis users report that they actually prefer Delta-8 over Delta-9. Because it has no anxiety-inducing effects, it can be a more effective stress-reliever. Its use allows for a more clear-headed and focused feeling, which can make Delta-8 a more attractive proposition than recreational cannabis. Most users report better sleep, better mood, and simply having a “better day” when using Delta-8 products responsibly.

 New users of Delta-8 are still advised to start small with dosage to determine what level makes for the best experience. While there is no known toxicity level of Delta-8, taking too much at once can lead to a less positive experience. Some gummy products are 25 milligrams per serving, which can be a very high amount for new users or those that need to remain clear-headed and focused on daily tasks. Different people respond more sensitively to any cannabinoid, so always start small. We recommend no more than 10 milligrams of Delta-8 in one sitting until you know your tolerance and how it affects you. As with any similar substance, you should not operate a vehicle or engage in risky tasks while using Delta-8.

Is Delta-8 Safe to Order Online?

It is common for consumers to prefer to buy health and wellness products from a “local” shop, especially with anything they are going to ingest. The web is a “buyer-beware” environment, with many questionable products and even outright scams that take advantage of the anonymity of the e-commerce world. Delta-8 is no exception, so it pays to be cautious in selecting a provider to order from over the internet.

For Delta-8 products, the lack of availability in local retail stores pushes most users to the online marketplace. Very few stores carry a selection of Delta-8, even in states where all cannabis is legal. In fact, there are typically more opportunities to purchase Delta-8 products in areas where recreational THC is NOT present, since these Delta-8 products provide an attractive alternative that is legal for adults to purchase and use.

Even in the few states where Delta-8 products are readily available in local stores, many users prefer the anonymity, convenience, and “low-pressure” advantages of Moonwlkr. If you are one of these, be sure to examine the website of any potential Delta-8 seller carefully. Some factors to consider before making your delta 8 purchasing decision are:

Does the website have clear contact information?

Can the website accept credit cards?

Does the product site provide lab tests verifying the ingredients in the product?

Is their Delta-8 backed by any guarantee?

 All of these are important factors in choosing a trustworthy Delta-8 provider. Since currently prohibits the sale of any Delta-8 products on their platform, you will have to order direct from the seller in most cases. Be sure to use a seller that has been vetted and can answer the above questions to your satisfaction.

We hope this guide has been useful in your research of Delta-8 products. Delta-8, while still relatively new, represents an exciting option for the future of legal adult cannabinoid usage. Always be sure to use Delta-8, and any other adult-use cannabinoid, responsibly. Top Delta-8 Edible Products You Can Buy Online