5 Best Metabolism Booster Pills to Burn Body Fat

With so many metabolism boosters on the market today, you may struggle to identify which products are safe and effective and which brands could be a scam. We've compiled a list of the best metabolism boosters to help you make the most informed decision.

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Losing weight can be a real challenge, especially as we get older and our metabolism begins to slow down. Luckily, there are a variety of metabolism boosting supplements on the market that can help. 

The best metabolism booster pills contain natural ingredients that can help you burn fat and lose weight by speeding up your metabolic rate. Additionally, metabolism boosters can help provide you with more energy and even help keep your appetite and food cravings in check.

With so many different brands of metabolism boosters out there, we know it can be a challenge to find one that’s right for you. To help you decide, we’ve reviewed the metabolic supplements on the market on a variety of factors including ingredients, dosage, reviews, and price.

Here are our top picks for the most effective fat burning supplements for 2022.

5 Best Metabolism Booster Supplements for 2022

  • PhenQ: Best metabolism booster overall
  • PhenGold: Best fat burner and appetite suppressant combo
  • PrimeShred: Best for muscle growth and bodybuilding
  • Leanbean: Best diet pill for women
  • Instant Knockout: Best thermogenic fat burner for men

1. PhenQ: Best for Weight Loss

PhenQ may be relatively new to the booster market, but this powerful supplement has helped countless people burn stubborn belly fat, get in shape, and maintain their health in the short time they’ve been active.

PhenQ takes a multi-pronged approach to boosting metabolic health, using all-natural ingredients to target critical fat-burning components.

People are more successful in their weight loss and fitness goals when they feel better. For this reason, PhenQ goes after five critical areas of fat trimming to boost total performance, not just weight loss. PhenQ’s targets include:

  • Burn unwanted fat and increasing overall metabolism
  • Limit fat production
  • Increase energy levels to boost physical performance
  • Repress hunger to get a hold on snacking urges
  • Boost mood and focus while reducing stress

PhenQ delivers on these promises, offering achievable results with a 5-in-1 supplement that won’t break the bank. Work on getting trim and fit without paying big or spending even more hours at the gym. But how does PhenQ deliver such quality results?

The answer is in PhenQ’s specialty formula. PhenQ is all-natural, using ingredients found in our food and the world around us to provide an optimal mix that rejuvenates our bodies and boosts our fat-burning capabilities. PhenQ’s formula includes powerhouses such as:

  • Nopal cactus
  • Chromium picolinate
  • α-Lacys reset
  • L-Carnitine
  • Capsicum
  • Caffeine

PhenQ is a thermogenic fat burner that also helps increase your metabolism and promote fat loss through the breakdown of fatty acids.

PhenQ is all-natural, made from effective ingredients that have no side effects. Taken daily for as long as you need, PhenQ can help you achieve both short-term and long-term weight loss goals.

Always make sure you’re maintaining responsible weight loss patterns. PhenQ can help you lose up to a healthy two pounds per week as part of a well-rounded diet and exercise regimen.

When you reach your weight loss goals, feel free to stop taking PhenQ entirely or take it once a week as a maintenance supplement.

As part of PhenQ’s dedication to helping their customers better their lives and health, PhenQ offers an excellent 90-day money-back guarantee, as well as free shipping on select orders. Visit the PhenQ website for more details.

PhenQ is our pick for the best overall metabolism boosters on the market. It works great for all adults who seek natural solutions for fat burning and weight loss management.

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2. PhenGold: Best Pills for Suppressing Appetite

PhenGold might be last on our list of best metabolism boosters, but it packs a serious punch. This company has a 98% customer satisfaction rate, with 9 out of 10 customers recommending it as an effective weight loss solution when combined with healthy lifestyle choices.

For people interested in losing weight and promoting fat loss, curbing the appetite is a critical first step. Maintaining healthy eating habits and consuming lean, protein-rich foods help you achieve a healthy body weight, maintain muscle mass, and feel great. For this reason, PhenGold works to:

  • Reduce food cravings
  • Burn fat
  • Boost metabolism, mood, and energy
  • Enhance the body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms

Every ingredient in PhenGold has been carefully selected to provide the healthy, natural boosts you and your body need to succeed. On the straightforward ingredient label, you’ll find vitamins and minerals, including:

  • Vitamins B6 and B12
  • Catechins
  • L-tyrosine
  • Rhodiola
  • Caffeine
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Green coffee
  • Black pepper

To boost your metabolism all day or during a workout, take PhenGold in the morning. Simply take three PhenGold capsules before breakfast with a full glass of water.

PhenGold uses all-natural ingredients, so this product is excellent for long-term use. Whether your goal is boosting your resting metabolic rate long-term or achieving a short-term weight loss goal, PhenQ has you covered. If you’re finished losing weight, stop taking PhenGold or use it as a maintenance supplement to increase metabolism, burn extra calories, and maintain body weight.

PhenGold has no side effects and is 100% safe and natural with essential ingredients our bodies crave. This vegan formula is soy-, gluten-, and dairy-free and is sourced from non-GMO ingredients.

As always, PhenGold offers a 100-day money-back guarantee. Take PhenGold for 100 days as part of a good diet and exercise regimen, and if you don’t experience the weight loss and fat metabolism you need to lose weight, get a full refund. See the PhenGold website for details.

PhenGold is an excellent tool for people who want to support weight loss and healthy eating by reducing appetite and boosting energy. With natural and vegan ingredients, PhenGold works well for any person looking for a reliable weight loss supplement that boosts metabolism, burns body fat, and contributes to successful weight management.

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3. PrimeShred: Natural Metabolism Boosting Pills for Bodybuilding

PrimeShred is simply one of the best metabolism boosters available on the market for men. Manufactured in the USA and GMP certified, PrimeShred contains no proprietary blends. This means there are no tricks or gimmicks—only the best ingredients to support fat metabolism, improve energy, and promote weight management.

PrimeShred uses a blend of effective ingredients to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. This targeted formula helps by:

  • Telling fat cells to break down and burn stored fat
  • Increasing the rate at which the body burns stubborn fat
  • Boosting energy levels and maintaining mental focus to promote healthy diet and lifestyle habits

PrimeShred also contains an exclusive mood-boosting complex that reduces stress and improves mood. Users feel amazing while boosting metabolism, losing weight, and staying dedicated to a diet and exercise program.

PrimeShred is one of the best metabolism boosters on the market, thanks to its extensive list of ingredients that target stubborn fat, prevent weight gain, increase metabolism, burn calories, and more. A brief look at PrimeShred ingredients shows us:

  • L-Tyrosine boosts mood, relieves stress, and triggers fat-burning hormones
  • Caffeine, L-theanine, and green coffee reduce triglycerides, a type of stubborn body fat
  • Rhodiola and capsaicin increase resting metabolic rate and burn more calories
  • Green tea and B vitamins burn extra calories, improve focus, and promote rapid fat burning

PrimeShred is taken once per day. Take three capsules about 20 minutes before breakfast every day to increase your basal metabolic rate, promote fat loss, burn more calories, and boost muscle mass.

PrimeShred can be taken as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle factors or as a short-term aid to help you lose weight.

PrimeShred is 100% vegan and dairy-free. Its all-natural ingredients are found in most protein-rich plant-based foods. PrimeShred is also soy-, GMO-, and gluten-free with no artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, or proprietary blends.

For those interested in trying PrimeShred, the company offers an industry-leading 100-day money-back guarantee.

PrimeShred is great for everyone, from the couch potato to the seasoned athlete. With all-natural ingredients and targeted blends, PrimeShred is a good metabolism-boosting supplement for anyone with gluten, soy, or dairy allergies who wants to lose weight, boost metabolism, burn body fat, and feel great.

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4. LeanBean: Top Metabolism Booster for Women

LeanBean is a weight loss supplement that celebrates the uniqueness of women’s bodies. This company knows that women experience different hormonal influences and body chemistry needs than men and targets those needs with a specialized formula.

LeanBean offers women targeted, reputable results through a combination of all-natural metabolism-boosting supplements and healthy diet and exercise.

With its potent blend of all-natural ingredients targeted at fat burning, LeanBean helps women get in shape by:

  • Reducing appetite and hunger
  • Promoting lower calorie intake
  • Boosting energy and focus

By boosting the body’s energy, LeanBean helps you feel ready for longer and better exercise. Reduced appetite helps prevent harmful side-snacking, while improved focus helps you make intelligent choices for your body.

LeanBean truly goes to bat for the body, offering many beneficial ingredients in one dose. LeanBean’s natural ingredient list includes:

  • Chloride
  • Choline
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Acai
  • Konjac
  • Green coffee extract
  • Turmeric
  • B vitamins
  • Zinc

These ingredients work together to suppress appetite, increase metabolism, and help boost thermogenic fat-burning. Blast fat cells in the arms, thighs, hips, and waist.

Think about LeanBean when you think about your meals for the day. LeanBean provides your body with the boost it needs to burn more calories, block fat production, and trim down for a weight goal with just two capsules three times a day.

LeanBean’s natural formula makes it safe for long-term daily consumption. Take LeanBean for as long as you need, whether you’re looking to achieve significant weight loss goals or just shed a few extra pounds. Give your slow metabolism the kick it needs to work harder for you.

When you’ve achieved your goals, stop taking LeanBean if you like or use it as a maintenance supplement to burn fat and maintain your goal weight. Either way, LeanBean is there when you need it.

LeanBean offers customers who purchase the complete bundle a 90-day money-back guarantee. As a bonus, buy the LeanBean complete bundle to receive free global shipping to select regions. See the LeanBean website for details.

LeanBean works best for women in need of natural, well-rounded metabolism booster supplements. Whether intended for long-term weight loss goals or short-term weight gain prevention, LeanBean boosts your metabolism, promotes weight loss, and promotes focus.

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5. Instant Knockout: Best Metabolic Supplement for Men

Instant Knockout has been around for a few years. Backed by science and packed with a formula designed to enhance performance across the board, Instant Knockout is made with high-quality, targeted natural ingredients. Developed for professionals, this formula helps even amateur trainers burn fat like a seasoned athlete.

Instant Knockout is advertised as an excellent supplement for trainers in all areas who want to train and compete like pros. This formula truly delivers, enhancing training and regular performance by:

  • Increasing body temperature to boost metabolism
  • Boosting energy
  • Improving focus
  • Improving lean muscle mass
  • Suppressing appetite

Not all fat-burning supplements are created equal. Part of what makes Instant Knockout so effective is its exclusive formula of natural ingredients. Find tried-and-true heavy-hitters such as:

  • Green tea extract
  • Green coffee
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • L-Theanine
  • Chromium
  • Zinc

These ingredients work alongside natural appetite suppressant minerals and proven metabolism boosters, such as cayenne pepper seed, piperine, and caffeine.

As part of a routine consisting of a balanced diet and proper exercise, Instant Knockout plays a vital but background role in your overall health.

Taking your daily regimen of Instant Knockout should be second nature. By taking four equal doses throughout the day, you’re able to burn more calories, maintain good blood sugar levels, increase your metabolism, and turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.

Instant Knockout is formulated for everyday use, meaning it’s safe to take for as long as you need. Use Instant Knockout as part of long-term training and weight loss plan, or use it for weight maintenance during off-season.

Instant Knockout makes it easier than ever to commit to total body health. Get free shipping on select orders, with delivery options available in several countries.

Go in for the long haul with Instant Knockout’s bulk buy perks. Buy a three-month supply of Instant Knockout metabolism booster and get an extra month free. Lose weight, burn fat, and improve your resting metabolic rate without having to place recurring orders.

Instant Knockout works as an excellent metabolism-boosting supplement for all men but is specially formulated for athletes and trainers. Men who need natural ways to boost metabolic performance and fat oxidation during workouts and training sessions achieve noticeable results with a daily regimen of Instant Knockout.

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How We Ranked the Best Metabolism Pills

We know there are many choices for metabolism booster supplements on the market. We also know that not all metabolism booster supplements are created equal. When creating this list, we looked for a few key factors to find metabolism boosters that improve fat oxidation, improve basal metabolic rate, and help you lose weight.

Advertised Benefits

One of the most critical elements that factored into our ranking list was the advertised benefits of the metabolism pills we considered. When evaluating metabolism booster claims, it’s essential that those claims are accurate and backed by research and customer reviews.

We took a look at those advertised benefits and double-checked them. Every metabolism booster on our list delivers on its claims, ensuring that you have the best chance to boost your metabolism, increase weight loss, and burn calories.


How we treat our bodies is important. In our ranking of the top five metabolism-increasing supplements, we considered the formula of each one. The best weight loss pills contain natural, safe ingredients sourced from vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO sources. These products boost metabolism, increase body temperature, and promote healthy weight loss naturally and safely.


If a company claims its metabolism boosters help you lose weight, increase your basal metabolic rate, or burn more calories, those claims must be accurate. One of the best ways to tell the success of a product, especially one intended to promote a higher metabolic rate or promote weight loss, is to read the customer reviews and testimonials.

Customers give honest feedback, reporting on weight loss results, metabolic rates, and how their bodies feel. We took the time to go through these reviews so you don’t have to. The metabolism boosters on our list get rave reviews and provide real results.

Price and Guarantee

Every body works differently. Some people may see better results with one metabolism booster than others, even if the ingredient list is similar. Sometimes blends differ, and our bodies let us know what’s working and what isn’t.

When we examined each metabolism booster on our list, we looked at each for price and guarantee. The weight loss supplements you find on this page all offer reasonable pricing options or a money-back guarantee that allows you to boost your metabolism risk-free.

Individual guarantee details may vary or change. Visit each company’s website for up-to-date information.

What is Your Metabolism’s Role in Losing Weight?

Metabolism, otherwise known as metabolic rate, plays a critical role in weight loss. Metabolic rate refers to the series of chemical processes through which your body creates and breaks down the energy necessary for bodily function. Simply put, your metabolic rate is the rate at which you burn calories.

Our bodies burn calories to keep the body functioning while at rest. This process is known as the basal metabolic rate, and its effectiveness varies from person to person based on genetics. In general, the body burns fewer calories at rest, so everyday activity and exercise are recommended to promote healthy blood sugar levels and help people lose weight.

While a boosted metabolism is an essential component of weight management and a healthy lifestyle, it isn’t the whole picture. A healthful diet, moderate exercise, and adequate rest help your body, including your metabolism, do what it needs to do.

Always eat plenty of protein, vegetables, and healthy fats to maintain your body’s fuel efficiency. Exercise several days a week to improve circulation and promote natural calorie burning.

Fat burns fewer calories than muscle. What does that mean? It means that losing weight can actually help jumpstart your metabolism and help you lose more weight faster. If you’re struggling to lose weight even with diet, exercise, and a stress-free lifestyle, reach out to a health care professional for further advice.

Top Metabolism-Boosting Ingredients

If you’re looking to gain a faster metabolism, how you treat your body is essential. As part of a healthy lifestyle, diet plays a critical role in helping your body’s chemical processes function optimally. When you’re choosing a supplement to boost your metabolism, check the ingredient list to make sure you’re getting the finest help nature can offer.


Caffeine is famous for boosting energy levels and improving focus. This may be in part because caffeine is also known to increase thermogenesis within the body. Caffeine boosts metabolism by raising body temperature and causing your body to burn more calories while at rest.

As a bonus, caffeine helps give you energy from other chemical reactions in your body. With improved focus and bursts of energy, exercise is more manageable, more frequent, and more effective.


Capsaicin is a chemical you’ve probably encountered if you eat spicy foods. This helpful chemical is often found in dietary supplements because it promotes joint health, boosts metabolic rate, and helps target stored fat. Don’t worry—the supplement won’t taste spicy!

Capsaicin does these things by increasing thermogenesis in the body, much like caffeine. When you have a low core body temperature, your calorie burning decreases. When you eat spicy foods or ingest capsaicin, you’re boosting metabolism, promoting weight loss, and helping your joint systems at the same time.


You’ve probably seen L-carnitine in energy drinks and on dietary supplement labels everywhere. Almost always an ingredient in popular diet pills, l-carnitine plays an essential role in burning fat.

Produced naturally in your liver and kidneys, l-carnitine also exists in meat, dairy products, nuts, and legumes. L-carnitine boosts protein metabolism and helps your body utilize Omega-3 and amino fatty acids. It promotes weight loss by storing fat and converting it into energy.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is often included in weight loss supplements because studies have shown it plays a role in several of the body’s essential processes. Chromium picolinate has been suggested to help control blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and help users lose weight through improved metabolic rate.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Conjugated linoleic acid is a fatty acid found in meat and dairy that has been shown to promote weight loss in individuals who do not change their diet or exercise regimens. In some cases, conjugated linoleic acid helps you burn fat and changes the fat’s formation, helping you lose weight.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has been widely used throughout history for many different potential health benefits. Green tea extract is found in many things, from dietary supplements to focus aids. Studies suggest that catechins and mild caffeine content found in many green tea blends help boost metabolism and promote fat loss.

Natural metabolism boosters like green tea can also work as an appetite suppressant. Green tea before a meal, for example, can reduce calorie intake and boost your resting metabolic rate during the meal. How many calories you consume during each meal or from day to day plays an important role in weight management.

Natural Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

Supplements, healthy food, and exercise are only part of the equation if you want to lose weight, build muscle mass, and increase your metabolism. There are many simple, everyday actions you can take to promote a faster metabolism and achieve your weight goals.

Eat at Regular Times

One of the best ways to lose weight is to put your body on a schedule. This includes mealtimes. When your body is trained to expect predictable mealtimes, it knows when to release hunger hormones that amp up your stomach acids and get to work breaking down fat.

Contrary to popular belief, skipping breakfast isn’t healthy. This vital meal helps set your body’s tone for the day and can be the key to giving your metabolism an extra jump start. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same times every day.

It also might help to avoid eating one to two hours before bedtime. Feeding your body at these times might throw hunger hormones out of balance and lead to unwanted hunger pains.

Eat the Right Amount of Calories

Another popular myth regarding weight loss is that eating less is a healthy way to lose weight. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, if you’re trying to lose weight, boost your metabolism, and improve overall bodily health, you should eat more.

Eating the right amount of calories for your body includes figuring out the number of calories your body needs to function. You also need to eat enough calories to support your daily exercise and other activities. If you’re eating at a calorie deficit, your body isn’t getting what it needs, and your metabolism might actually slow down.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is an ancient health secret. Used throughout history to reduce stress, improve focus, and promote healthy bodily function, this type of tea is excellent for metabolism. Drinking the tea once a day or before a meal may increase the rate at which your body burns calories.

If you’re on the go and don’t have time to brew tea, take a metabolism booster supplement with green tea extract as an ingredient. Green tea extract is effective at boosting focus and digestion without increasing water or caffeine intake.

Drink Plenty of Water

Speaking of water, did you know that water plays a critical role in your metabolism? Your body uses water in many critical processes. When you get dehydrated, your metabolism may slow down to reduce the risk of dangerous health conditions.

Stay hydrated to give your body the edge it needs to be an efficient calorie-burning machine. Consider drinking at least eight cups of water a day, or at least one cup with every meal. If you work in hot conditions or sweat frequently, you may need a higher water intake to avoid dehydration.

If you’re unsure how much water you should be drinking, reach out to your doctor with your questions.

Avoid Stress

Stress changes the chemical reactions in our bodies. When we become stressed, our bodies release hormones like cortisol, designed to gear the body up for fight or flight reactions. If our bodies flood with cortisol, we can’t get the rest we need or utilize our nutrients in practical ways. Staying stress-free and rested is an excellent way to promote healthy metabolism and weight.

To reduce stress, always get a solid eight hours of sleep, eat healthy meals, and practice healthy social interaction.

How Much Do Metabolism Supplements Cost?

In general, metabolism booster supplements cost around the same as any high-quality dietary supplement. The best metabolism boosters are made of all-natural, tested ingredients that have been proven effective at supporting digestion, metabolism, and energy. When you pay for a metabolism booster, you’re paying for naturally sourced ingredients that your body needs to do its absolute best.

To help offset costs, many metabolism supplement companies offer free shipping on all or select orders worldwide. This means that no matter where you are in the world, you can find trustworthy, natural metabolism support at the touch of a button.

As a bonus, many companies offer money-back guarantees on their metabolism-boosting products. Order, pay, and try them out risk-free for a given period, typically 90 to 100 days. If, at that time, you aren’t convinced of their fat-fighting powers, send the rest back for a refund.

Always check refund and return policies before buying.

How Fast Can You Lose Weight with a Metabolism Booster?

Metabolism boosters work just like any dietary supplement but are targeted to your digestive and fat-burning processes. These supplements are just one part of a multi-part approach to health that includes diet, exercise, and plenty of rest. Metabolism boosters can help you lose weight at a reasonable, responsible pace in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

Most often, recommended weight loss times do not exceed two pounds per week. Make sure you set reasonable and maintainable weight loss goals. Speak to your doctor before taking any supplement or committing to any diet plan. If your weight loss begins to exceed two pounds per week, stop taking your supplements and speak with a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Metabolism Booster

How you take your metabolism booster has a significant impact on how effective the supplement will be for you. If you want to lose weight, maintain a healthy body and increase your metabolism in the long term, make sure to take metabolism boosters as a part of a well-planned diet and exercise schedule.

Eat healthy, regular meals with good proteins and vegetables. Exercise daily, and get a solid eight hours of sleep every night. These tools give you a strong starting point so that metabolism boosters can work most efficiently.

Most companies recommend taking their product in the morning before breakfast, ideally before a workout. For supplements with multiple daily doses, the same still applies. Try to take metabolism boosters before meals and before exercise workouts.

Taking boosters at these times helps your body kick into a higher gear, giving you the best calorie-burning efficiency while you’re digesting or burning fat for workout fuel. For this reason, we recommend avoiding taking metabolism boosters before bed. As your body burns more energy, you may find it challenging to get restful sleep if you take a metabolism booster too close to bedtime.

Final Thoughts

In the end, PhenQ is our top pick of the market’s best metabolism-boosting supplements. This all-natural product comes packed with a stellar guarantee and is bolstered by great shipping and customer service. If you’re looking for an affordable, risk-free way to round out your healthy lifestyle and boost metabolism, look no further than PhenQ.

Beyond PhenQ, all of the metabolism supplements on our list have quality natural ingredients such as l-carnitine and green tea extract. Many of them come backed by exclusive money-back guarantees, free shipping, and excellent customer service policies. If you’ve tried PhenQ and are still in search of the supplement that’s right for you, give one of the other supplements on our list a try.

5 Best Metabolism Booster Pills to Burn Body Fat