Sotheby’s Is Auctioning Twitter NFTs to Raise Money for Healthcare Workers

The Twitter NFTs were originally given away after Jack Dorsey sold the platform's first tweet as an NFT.

One of seven unique NFTs originally minted by Twitter. Sotheby's

Where were you when you finally accepted the fact that NFTs have eaten the world? On Monday, Sotheby’s announced that an upcoming charity auction called “Gifted: The 140 Collection” will be revolving around 7 unique NFTs that the giant social media platform Twitter had minted earlier this year. From a design perspective, the NFTs visually dramatize crucial stages in Twitter’s development, from the execution of the logo to the implementation of a 140 character limit. The NFTs will be sold in order to benefit Sostento, an organization that operates in support of public health workers who function on the frontlines.

One of the NFTs shows a furry version of the Twitter logo, while another shows blue Twitter capsules pouring into a pill bottle. NFTs have become a lucrative boon for Sotheby’s and other auction houses in the aftermath of the landmark Beeple NFT sale at Christie’s. Sotheby’s even put together a virtual Decentraland gallery to showcase NFTs explicitly, and also started accepting Bitcoin and ETH as payment for all kinds of art in order to appeal to more tech-savvy collectors. In the case of the “Gifted: The 140 Collection” auction, the NFTs that will be included in the sale were originally given away by Twitter in the aftermath of CEO Jack Dorsey’s sale of the platform’s first tweet as an NFT.

“Over the past 18 months, since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly urgent that the demand for support from frontline healthcare workers was far outpacing the traditional means of providing it,” Joe Agoada, the CEO of Sostento, said in a statement. “The genesis of this sale is from our exploration of NFTs as a way to bridge that gap, and it is incredibly exciting to work side-by-side with Sotheby’s in bringing together the NFT community in the spirit of giving for our healthcare heroes, and it’s all happening on the biggest stage possible.” Sotheby’s Is Auctioning Twitter NFTs to Raise Money for Healthcare Workers