5 Best Solar Companies: Top Solar Energy Installers In 2022

With so many best solar companies competing on the scene, finding the right solar panels might be very challenging. For that reason, we conducted thorough research and compiled a list of the best solar companies to help you make the right decision.

The market for solar panels is fast-growing, as thousands of homes in the U.S. are seeking to install residential solar panels for their power needs. Also, the need for solar installations will continue to grow as many people see them as a more environmentally-friendly and affordable solution.

However, with so many best solar companies competing on the scene, finding the right solar panels might be very challenging. For that reason, we conducted thorough research and compiled a list of the best solar companies to help you make the right decision.

Top 5 Best Solar Energy Companies in 2022 – Reviews

  1. SunPower: Overall Best Solar Energy & Solar Panel Company
  2. Vivint Solar: Top Solar Installers For Solar Installation
  3. Sunpro Solar: Affordable Solar Company For Home Solar Panels
  4. Tesla: Trusted Solar Contractors
  5. Sunrun: Popular Solar Power Company

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. SunPower: Overall Best Solar Energy & Solar Panel Company


Brand Overview

SunPower is an industry leader regarding high-quality solar panels for both residential and commercial properties. The company designs and engineers its panels with the utmost care and wants to make the best solar system possible for all of its customers. With more than 36 years on the market, special offers, and 25 years of warranty, there is no doubt that SunPower is one of the best solar companies out there.


Solar Panels and Equipment

You can find four solar panel types from SunPower.

  • A Series: These are their premier solar panels that have 22.7% efficiency. The Maxeon Gen 5 solar cells are 400W, and they are larger than others. So, they can convert more sunlight into energy.
  • X Series: These solar panels are built with Maxeon solar cells and anti-reflective glass. Their capacity goes up to 370W, and they have 22.7% efficiency. These types of solar panels are suitable for space-constrained places.
  • E Series: The E Series type of panels have 20% efficiency, and they are available in 320, 327, and 435W panels and are more efficient than other conventional panels.
  • P Series: These solar panels are made with the company’s unique shingled photovoltaic cells, and they have 19% efficiency. They are available in 380W and 400W and are suitable for larger commercial projects.

Mounting Systems

The company also designs its own mounting systems that are compatible with most roofs and slopes. The InvisiMount mounting system is an all-black design, and its part is 70% less visible than others. Additionally, OneRoof is a roof-integrated mounting solution for newer homes. Moreover, you can use SunPower’s ‘design studio’ to virtually design your own solar power system and have a better idea of how it will look once it is on your roof. The company also hires local contractors to install the panels, as they are more familiar with the weather conditions and the environment in the specific city.

Installation Process

What is great about SunPower is the offers they have for their customers. Before you purchase a solar system, you can get a free online estimate after you provide information such as the city you live in, how much solar energy you spend, etc. Then, they can tell you the estimated solar installation cost and how to save.

The users can also get a free virtual consultation with a SunPower representative and ask everything they want to know regarding the solar system. What is more, the company deals with all of the paperwork and approvals. Once the system is installed, you need to wait until it is inspected by the utility company before you can turn it on.

SunPower Cost and Warranty 

SunPower’s solar panels cost range from $3.20 to $4.50 per Watt with the pricing depending on the location, energy needs, and other factors. The company also offers several purchasing options for its customers. You can get a solar system in cash, purchase it with a loan, or lease solar panels.

What is more, the company offers a 25-year warranty, meaning it will cover any repairs and replacements that your solar system needs. Also, SunPower offers its own storage systems that can be paired with solar panels.


  • Long warranty
  • Multiple purchasing options are available
  • Four different types of solar panels for residential and commercial objects
  • Panels and batteries for customers in the U.S.


  • Initially, the price can be high for many customers

Customer Experience

There are plenty of satisfied customers who expressed that they managed to save more money for this one-time investment. The buyers like the sleek design of the panels and their efficiency. As a reliable company, SunPower provides many offers from purchasing options and fast installations to mounting systems, storage, and many others.

#2. Vivint Solar: Top Solar Installers For Solar Installation


Brand Overview

Vivint Solar is a company that is committed to providing an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional energy. Founded in 2011, this Utah-based company is one of the most well-known solar panel providers on the market. The company sells and installs solar systems that are customized to your home and which are designed to withstand any type of weather. Vivint Solar also installs batteries for solar energy storage and chargers, and you can even use their Home Energy app to keep track of your daily energy consumption.


Solar Panels and Equipment

Vivint Solar is known for providing monocrystalline PV solar panels that are considered one of the most efficient ones for any type of residential installation. The silicon used to create these panels is in a darker color to attract more sunlight.

The thermal panels work in a way that they direct sunlight to a specific location where the light generates heat. On the other hand, the photovoltaic PV panels work in a special way, as they separate electrons from sunlight to create electricity.

Installation Process

A great thing about Vivint Solar is its straightforward installation process. The first step for getting solar panels installed is having your system designed by the company’s technicians according to your home. Then, the company also submits all of the necessary paperwork for permitting, making the process very convenient.

On the day of the installation, Vivint Solar’s workers come and install your solar system with all of the necessary equipment, and they facilitate the process of having your system approved for operation.

Vivid Solar Cost and Warranty

The cost of the solar panel depends on the size of the system and its placement. Their solar panels are on the costlier side regarding price due to their quality and the technology used to make them. What is more, the company offers a couple of warranties that are very significant for all customers.

Vivint Solar offers a 10-year warranty of all workmanship, a 25-year warranty for all panels, a 10-year warranty for the inverter, and a 20-year warranty for energy cost to ensure you are paying the company a lower price than your electricity bills. In any case, their equipment is pricey, but the company also offers several financing options.

Vivint Solar Payment Options

If you decide to purchase the solar system by Vivint Solar, then you can get it with a cash purchase. This way, you are paying in one transaction without interest or fees. However, if the equipment is not affordable for your budget, you can also get the solar energy system through a loan.

Some customers have a power purchase agreement, which means they are not paying for the panels but for the solar energy they create. Lastly, you can also get a solar lease, for which you pay for the solar panel equipment.


  • Multiple warranties guarantee a long-lasting system
  • Provides batteries for solar energy storage
  • Offers flexible moving options
  • Several payment options


  • Prices are not available online

Customer Experience

We found plenty of positive comments about Vivint Solar’s customer care representatives, who are ready to answer any question and inquiry. Many people stated their employers are very professional and take care of everything regarding solar system installation. People are also delighted that their electricity bill has decreased, and they are very satisfied with the panel’s design and quality.

#3. Sunpro Solar: Affordable Solar Company For Home Solar Panels

Brand Overview

Sunpro Solar is another excellent solar system provider that is available in more than 22 states across the U.S. This Louisiana-based company offers high-quality solar system and battery storage solutions for optimal solar energy independence for their customers.

Moreover, Sunpro Solar offers 100% repair and maintenance for the system, which is vital for all buyers. The company has installed thousands of solar systems in a variety of homes, and it is continuing to expand into other states as well.


Sunpro Solar Equipment

Sunpro Solar supplies solar systems by only the best brands in the industry. They also want to make their equipment affordable and accessible for everyone. As a result, they offer the following:

  • Enphase Solar Inverters: These inverters carry a high warranty, and they are tested for their lifespan. Such inverters are also known to provide more renewable energy than many other technologies.
  • LG Solar Panels: These are known for their quality and high efficiency. They also come with a high warranty and are compatible with almost any solar configuration.
  • Tesla Powerwall: This is a solar power industry leader when it comes to solar battery technology. Sunpro Solar provides the Tesla Powerwall 2, which can detect any grid outages and bring back power much faster than the solar generators.

Sunpro Solar Installation

What we like about Sunpro is that the company seeks to make the installation process as simple as possible. To start the process, a company’s consultant will come to your house to evaluate whether your home fits the requirements for a solar photovoltaic system. Then, the company takes care of all of the paperwork and details and sends a quote and rendering of the proposed system for your house. Once everything is approved, Sunpro Solar then installs your system in just three to five business days. Then, the city inspector or local utility needs to permit the system for operation, and during this process, the company also schedules inspections.

Sunpro Solar Cost and Warranty

The average cost of solar is difficult to estimate, as it depends on the location, size, solar energy usage, and many other factors. However, the cost for solar panel installation ranges from $1,000 to $25,000. With that being said, their pricing is very competitive, and they offer multiple warranties.

There is a 25-year warranty for labor, production warranty, solar panel manufacturer warranty, and emphasized microinverter warranty. When it comes to financing options, you can pay with full purchase, meaning you will own the entire system equipment once you pay in cash. The other option is to get a monthly loan, for which you will have monthly payments from 5-12 years, along with interest rates and loan terms.


  • Free consultation
  • Company handles permitting
  • 25-year warranty for labor, solar panels, and inverters
  • Daily solar monitoring
  • Solar equipment variety
  • Fast installation process


  • Not available in all states

Customer Experience

According to reviews from many customers, Sunpro’s team is very professional yet friendly. We found plenty of comments from customers expressing the team was on time, and the installations look very good. Others mentioned that they had not had any issues with the solar since installation, and they also like the competitive prices they offer.

#4. Tesla: Trusted Solar Contractors


Brand Overview

If you have been considering installing solar panels for a long time, you have probably thought about Tesla. The company’s main mission is to inspire people to transition into using sustainable solar energy. Tesla has quickly become a leader in the solar industry for its innovative products such as solar panels, inverters, power walls, and others. Moreover, Tesla is known for quality equipment, which is made using the latest technology.


Tesla Solar Equipment

Tesla’s solar panels have a minimalist design and a modern aesthetic without any visible grid. The solar panels are made to withstand extreme weather conditions from -40°F to +185°F. Their frame is made from black anodized aluminum, and they are 425W. Aside from the highest-quality solar panels, Tesla also offers battery backup equipment.

Their Powerwall solar battery is designed to store the excess solar energy that your solar panel generates, which you can later use during outages and at nighttime. Additionally, this well-known company offers solar roofs in which solar tiles work as mini solar panels that absorb sunlight to produce electricity.

Tesla Solar Installation Process

As a reliable company, Tesla handles the installation process from the very beginning to the end. To start, the company analyzes your roof using advanced aerial technology to measure the area and designs the system according to your home structure and your solar energy needs.

In addition, Tesla also deals with all of the paperwork, permits, and inspections that are needed to approve the operation of your solar system. The company offers fast service, meaning it takes Tesla only one day to complete a residential installation.

Tesla Cost and Warranty

The cost of Tesla’s power system depends on the size of your home and the amount of power production you need. Typically, the price for a solar system can vary between $6,000 and $24,272. To estimate the cost of installation, Tesla also provides a cost calculator based on your location and electric bill.

The company offers the ability to get your solar system in a one-time purchase, or you can buy it with a loan. Tesla’s solar loans work just like any other loans, for which you will need to make monthly payments estimated by the system’s size.

Another amazing thing about Tesla is that all of the solar panels they provide come with a 25-year performance warranty. Additionally, the company offers a 12-year workmanship guarantee and a 10-year manufacturer guarantee.


  • Tesla app to monitor solar energy production and consumption
  • Sleek solar panel design
  • Excellent quality
  • Access to backup power when in need
  • Well-reputed company known worldwide


  • Powerwalls cannot be purchased separately

Customer Experience

When it comes to Tesla, there is no doubt regarding their product’s quality and efficiency. We found an overwhelming amount of positive comments about the modern design of the solar panels with concealed edges which are also low-profile and durable. Many customers are praising the company for its innovative products and the technology they use to create their solar equipment. Powered by their inverter, the system is both safe and very effective.

#5. Sunrun: Popular Solar Power Company


Brand Overview

Sunrun is another popular name in the solar industry. As one of the best solar companies on the market, Sunrun focuses on installing custom-design solar and backup battery systems. The company was founded in 2007, and its main goal is to make a world that is run by solar energy. Moreover, the solar energy company offers free consultations and quotes as well as affordable prices for all of its customers.


Sunrun Solar Equipment

The company designs, installs, monitors as well as maintains its solar systems. As a customer, you can get a customized system based on your usage history, your preferences, and the space you have. Moreover, Sunrun offers Brightbox battery service that can provide up to 12 hours of backup electricity during outages. The variety of solar panels and inverters the company offers comes from brands such as SolarEdge, Costco, LONGi, and others.

Sunrun Service and Installation

When it comes to the installation process, you can get a free quote by providing an address, solar energy cost per month, and type of credit score. Then, a representative from the company will give you a detailed proposal about the system. If it works for you, you will then need to take care of the paperwork, and the company will handle the permits and approvals.

Once everything is settled, Sunrun then proceeds to install your solar system. Since they provide fast service, this process will go smoothly and will only take one to five business days. Then, the company deals with the logistics of the inspection so you can turn the system on. This means the company cares about their customer’s experience, so they handle the process from the very beginning.

Sunrun Cost and Warranty

Determining the cost of the solar system is challenging, as the price depends on the state, your roof and your solar energy needs. However, Sunrun offers lower-cost installation as opposed to other solar companies.

In addition, the company offers several financing options, including a monthly lease, for which you will be charged monthly payments and a full lease. For a full lease, you will need to pay an upfront fee to rent the system for around 25 years.

You can also get a monthly loan to purchase the equipment, or you can get the entire system by a one-time purchase. Regarding warranties, Sunrun offers a worry-free guarantee, meaning they will take care of repairs and replacements. There is also a 10-year roof guarantee and free maintenance insurance on their products from customers who are leasing the panels.


  • Several, flexible payment options
  • 10-year roof warranty
  • Free maintenance to solar system lessees
  • Includes backup battery services
  • High-quality equipment at competitive prices


  • Customer service could be improved

Customer Experience

We found many comments from customers stating that their solar systems work as advertised. Plenty of buyers expressed that the company is very professional and the installation process is fast. People also like that the company guides the customers through the process and offers more flexible payment terms. Overall, we found positive feedback about the informative website and the warranties that Sunrun offers.

Factors to Consider While Looking for the Best Solar Companies on the Market

Reputation and Customer Reviews

How a company is reputed on the market can tell a lot about its products and services. For that reason, before you decide to invest in a solar system, you need to look for well-established and recognized solar companies that are known for providing quality solar systems and equipment. It is also essential to look for installers and electricians that have licenses and certificates to provide such services.

To get an even better idea, we suggest reading reviews from customers. This is because the opinions of others and their experience with a company can make your selection process much easier. If a company is highly rated by plenty of customers who are satisfied with the functionality of the solar energy systems, then you can be assured of their excellent service.

Whether They Offer a Home Visit

To get a realistic evaluation of your property, the company’s contractor should visit your home for an inspection. By doing so, you will be familiar with all of the installation details, along with the cost of the solar system. You will also learn the ins and outs of the installation process, including the estimated period of time. This way, the contractor will be able to examine all factors such as roof structure and space, among others.

Moreover, the company should give you freedom and not pressure you to sign a contract. Instead, they should give you an option to decide what works for your budget the best and select the installment company of your choice.

Quality and Installation Techniques

As is the case with every product we purchase, it is essential to look for a company that supplies the highest efficiency solar panels. Additionally, the panels should not take up a lot of space, and they need to be durable and long-lasting.

When it comes to your roof structure and your preferences, a good company always offers a variety of options for their customers. Some solar companies, such as the ones on our list, even provide customizable plans for your solar systems. The design should also be sleek, and there should not be any visible wires.

Financing Options and Warranties

This one-time investment can be costly for many people, but at the same time, it can be more affordable in the long run as well as more environmentally friendly. With this in mind, you need to check whether you will be able to afford the solar energy system before you decide to buy it. We suggest buying from a company that offers several payment options besides paying once in cash.

The companies on our list offer solar leases with flexible terms as well as the ability to pay with a loan. Although you can go for a long time without having any issues with a quality solar system, having a warranty is a bonus. Therefore, it is necessary to look for solar companies that offer at least a 25-year performance warranty, equipment warranty, and even maintenance guarantees.

FAQs About Solar Companies & Solar Installation

Q1. Should I Install a Solar System?

Since the cost of electricity is constantly rising, investing in a solar system seems like a reasonable option, especially if you live in a sunny area. Such a solar energy system is also a source of renewable solar energy, so by installing it, you are protecting the environment.

There are a lot of solar companies that offer high-quality solar systems for competitive prices with multiple financing options. Hence, they make their products accessible and affordable for everyone. If you want to save more and reduce the cost of your electricity bill, then buying a solar system might be the ideal option.

Q2. How to Know if Your House Is Suitable for a Solar Energy System?

This is a common question asked by people who are considering getting a solar energy system. What you can do is contact the solar company and provide the necessary information to get a quote or talk with a representative that can examine your space and provide you with details and a custom plan.

Luckily, the solar companies on our list are using technology to estimate the conditions and come up with a suitable solution. You can also look for online tools designed to determine the amount of sunlight you get per year and how much space you have for a solar energy system. The ideal conditions for a solar system are a large roof with no obstructions, a 30-degree pitch, and one that is in good condition.

Q3. Why Buy Solar Panels?

As mentioned, there are many benefits to buying a solar panel from a reliable and trustworthy company. Aside from solar panels, many solar companies also provide battery storages that save electricity for hours, which can be very useful when there is a power failure or any other issue.

Aside from this, by using the sunlight to get electricity, you can save more money, as your electricity bill will be of a lower cost. In addition, with the development of technology, the world is looking for more sustainable methods for generating electrical power to protect the environment.

Also, solar panels can add value to your home. Studies have shown that homes that have solar systems can sell for a lot more than the ones that do not. By using solar, the greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, meaning there is less pollution, too.

Q4. Will the Solar Panel Produce Even in Rainy Weather, and Are There Any Risks of Going Solar?

Solar systems can generate solar energy by converting sunlight even during rainy days. However, the amount will be less than when the weather outside is sunny. As long as the solar energy system is properly installed, the solar panels should not pose any risk to your home and property.

However, in certain situations, issues such as roof leaks, hot spots, and even fire can occur. For this reason, we recommend choosing the best solar companies on the scene that provide high-quality solar systems and installments to avoid getting into any risky situations.

Conclusion – Best Solar Energy Companies

All things considered, investing in solar systems by some of the most well-known and reliable solar companies can save you money for the long run and be a more environmentally-friendly solution. The best solar energy companies on our list are recognized for their great-quality solar systems, and they all have something to offer everyone, including affordable prices and a variety of solar panels to choose from. We, however, suggest buying solar panels from SunPower, as they not only have the best solar energy efficiency but also provide an excellent customer support system.

We hope this article has informed you about everything you need to know about the solar energy system and the solar companies that sell them so you will be able to find the best solution for you. Make sure to check all of the options on our list and determine which solar energy systems and offers will be the most suitable for your home and your needs.

5 Best Solar Companies: Top Solar Energy Installers In 2022