Gifts for Your Mother, Brother, Lover, and Friends From New York’s Museum Stores

These gifts curated from our favorite museum gift shops will make your holiday shopping easy, whoever you have in mind!

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for the art lovers in your life, especially when their interests include reading gossip about Pablo Picasso’s years in Paris or deep diving into the Christie’s catalogue. Not just any gift will do for those who seem to always know what’s hot. It can be intimidating, but luckily we got you covered. 

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Outside of guaranteeing to appease your most cultured loved ones, buying these gifts allows you to support the various cultural institutions and bedrocks of New York. We love our city, we love its museums (Storm King Arts Center being an honorary one), and one of the best ways to show it is with cold hard cash. 

For Cultured Parents 

“Ask Not What Your Mother Can Do For You” Tile from Tenement Museum for $29.99

We love the Tenement Museum because it grounds us in our long history, which also includes a history of mothers. The moms in your life would love this cute decorative tile, along with being reminded that they’re still number one!

The Modern Art Cookbook from Storm King Art Center for $27.30

Irrelevant of who rules the kitchen in your home, they’ll appreciate recipes from their favorite artists of all time.

For Broke Zoomer Artists

Baroque Ass Artist Keyring from New Museum for $12.00

For the broke and aspiring artists in your life!

For the Mini Picasso in Your Life

Brooklyn Bridge Mini Blocks from the Museum of the City of New York for $9.95

Legos are out, building a miniature Brooklyn Bridge is in!

Andy Warhol Coloring Book from the Brooklyn Museum for $9.99

Coloring books never go out of style, and neither does Andy Warhol.

For Silver Haired Sweeties With a Christie’s Tab Permanently Open

Hirota Handblown Beckoning Cat Jar from Poster House for $136.00

From pioneers in Japanese glassware, this handblown jar shaped like an adorable cat would make any respected and cherished grandparent extremely happy this holiday.

For Your Bodega Guy

T-Shirt: New York Apple (Keith Haring) from the Museum of the City of New York for $29.95

Don’t forget your bodega guy this holiday season, he keeps you grounded all year round.

For Friends Who Are at Miami Art Week Right Now

Dusen Dusen Striped Bathrobe from the Museum of Modern Art for $132.00

Encourage your friends to relax, take long baths, and prioritize themselves this holiday!

For Your Boss Who Wants to Own a KAWS

1959 Modern, Guggenheim Glass Set of 2 from the Guggenheim for $26.00

Without breaking the bank, get your boss a gift that convinces them that they are Don Draper but better.

For those who confront extreme global events and their impact on our senses of time, space, and presence:

Hineni Cap from Whitney Museum of American Art for $36.00

These hats that go hand in hand with The Whitney’s Julie Mehretu exhibition are a perfect gift for your culture buffs.

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Gifts for Your Mother, Brother, Lover, and Friends From New York’s Museum Stores