The Cashmere Scarf: A Classic and Timeless Gift for a Chic Holiday

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It seems that every year there’s that “must-have” gift that’s on everyone’s wish list. It’ll be trendy, of the moment, extremely cool…. and out of style in about a year. Following fads, especially when it comes to fashion, can be fun and thrilling. But it’s not for everybody. The wiser and chicer among us have long known that adhering to classic, tried and true styles can withstand the test of time, keeping your closet consistently fashionable and always on trend.

So, when it comes to giving gifts this holiday, consider sticking with something classic and timeless. Something you know will be treasured and that will endure the rapidly shifting definition of what’s “in” at any given moment. What do we recommend? There is no brand as classically stylish as Burberry, and there is no Burberry product (perhaps aside from their trench coats) that is quite as classically stylish as a Burberry cashmere scarf

At any age and any gender, a Burberry cashmere scarf is a timeless accessory for the colder months. An accessory that can elevate any ensemble to new heights. This is a classic gift that absolutely anyone would be elated at receiving. 


Burberry, the British luxury fashion house, was founded in 1856 and has ever since been celebrated for the care, quality, and attention to detail applied to the production of all of their products. Their cashmere scarves are no exception. Each scarf is made at a 200 year old mill in Scotland, woven on traditional looms, washed in local spring water and carefully brushed for a super-soft finish. The result is a type of quality that is rare to find, making it all that much more precious as a gift given to a loved one. 


Each variation of a Burberry cashmere scarf has some form of the iconic Burberry plaid. The Classic Check Cashmere Scarf comes in a number of different color patterns, including the most famous tan, black, white, and red Burberry check. But all of them are distinctly Burberry in their style and quality. For a more dynamic look, the Reverse Check and Monogram Scarf has more drastic color combinations and two prints, the classic check and Burberry’s monogram pattern of interlaced Bs. The options don’t end there – there’s truly something for everyone, from a reversible check and monogram cashmere scarf, to a reversible check and faux fur scarf. But no matter which scarf gets wrapped up, tied in a bow, and put under the tree, it will be undoubtedly, unmistakably, and iconically Burberry. 

A Personal Touch

For the extra-special person in your life, perhaps this is a gift you’d like to make extra-special itself. Each Classic Check Cashmere Scarf comes with the option of personalization for no extra cost. You can add up to three characters and choose from three different text characters to add your loved one’s initials. There’s nothing quite as special as owning something that is uniquely made for just you, and no one else. 

This holiday season, as the weather cools, the snow falls, and our warmest coats are taken out of the closets, treat your dearest friend, family member, or partner to one of the most classic of gifts that will complete any stylish and cozy outerwear ensemble. With a Burberry cashmere scarf, their necks will be made warm and their hearts even warmer. 

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  The Cashmere Scarf: A Classic and Timeless Gift for a Chic Holiday