The Men’s and Women’s Sneakers You Need to Add to Your Wishlist ASAP

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Finding the perfect sneaker can be a difficult task, and is not for the faint of heart. It can mean hours of googling or driving miles between department stores, all to try on shoe after shoe that might not quite live up to your appropriately high standards. But now you can sit back, crack open an eggnog, maybe read a book, relax – because we’ve done all the work for you.  With a strict list of criteria guiding us, we’ve determined the absolute best sneaker for you to add to your holiday wishlist: Burberry’s Arthur Sneaker, for both men and women. What was the criteria that led us to this decision? Let’s start with the obvious. 

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Burberry, obviously, needs no introduction. The iconic British luxury brand is recognizable worldwide for its quality, elegance, and their famous Burberry check fabric. Aesthetically, their Arthur sneakers are a perfect summation of these qualities. The shoes are capped with a matte overshoe inspired by rain boots and have a cross-detailed tread referencing the iconic Burberry check. They’re the perfect combination of chic, sporty, and functional – the ideal shoe for guaranteeing a stylish 2022. For both men and women, the shoes also come in a number of different colors and patterns, like a chic brown leather, the TB monogram print, and, of course, a few variations of the classic Burberry check. Any color or pattern you choose, with a brand as classic as Burberry, these sneakers are certain to outlast any short lived fads or trends and will quickly become your favorite pair of sneakers in the closet.


Burberry sneakers being stylish is no surprise. Made with care in Italy, the Arthur sneakers go above and beyond being just the aesthetic choice. Unlike many luxury sneakers on the market these days, the Arthur sneakers are shoes that will actually LAST. With the guaranteed quality of the Burberry brand, you know these shoes will be able to last you a lifetime – in many ways making them an anti-fast fashion sneaker. With their rain boot-like quality, they’re made to withstand rain, snow, hail or whatever else nature decides to throw at you. And because of their traction and tread, they’re less slippery than the common sneaker. Paired with a classic Burberry trench coat and chic umbrella, you’re all set with an ideal rainy day outfit worthy of any proper Londoner.

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With any other sneaker, we might stop you from wearing them to, say, a star-studded gala. But these are BURBERRY. So we’ll allow it. From the highly stylized design, to the Burberry-unique color combinations, to the embossed Burberry lettering on the heel – there is no doubt that this is a luxury shoe. So whether you’re pairing them with a tracksuit and crossbody bag for an Instagram worthy streetstyle pic, a pleated tennis skirt for a sporty but feminine look, or with a formal suit or blazer – these sneakers are stylistically versatile for both men and women. It’s almost 2022 and being able to dress sneakers up and down is an absolute must for the modern sartorialist. 

The Burberry Arthur Sneaker is no average sneaker. It’s not going to be the sneaker you wear jogging or to the gym. It’s not the type of sneaker you’ll throw on when you’re giving your apartment a fresh coat of paint. This is a luxury shoe above all else. It’s the type of sneaker that will last you for years to come, staying stylish and versatile throughout. It’s the type of sneaker that you’ll want seen in photographs, that, everytime you wear them, you know you’ll get compliments on. This is a pair you’re going to treasure. So whether you buy them for yourself as a treat, or add them to a wishlist for someone else to treat you – this is THE sneaker to get your hands on this holiday season.

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  The Men’s and Women’s Sneakers You Need to Add to Your Wishlist ASAP