Best Testosterone Boosters: Top 5 Supplements to Boost Testosterone Levels


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Testosterone is the hormone that contributes to any man’s sex drive, fertility, muscle development, and fat loss. A lack of it can result in diminishing energy levels, poor libido, and a general disinterest in life’s daily activities.

But, not all hope is lost. The best testosterone booster will get your T levels back on track in no time. Finding one, though, can prove challenging.

To help you find a top-notch testosterone supplement that may boost your quality of health, we have curated a comprehensive list of the five best of 2021. 

So, let us begin.

List of Best Testosterone Boosters [Reviews]

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone that is vital for the reproductive system and sexual health. So, to keep your T levels in check, you need to pick the best testosterone booster.

  • TestoPrime – Most Trusted & Strongest Testosterone Booster
  • Testogen – Best Natural Testosterone Booster 
  • Testo-Max – Most Suitable for Bulky Muscles
  • Prime Male – Best for Men Over 40
  • TestRX – Best For Increasing Sex Drive & Libido

Below, you will find detailed reviews of our selected products to help you narrow your search.

#1. TestoPrime – Most Trusted & Strongest Testosterone Booster

We begin with our top choice for testosterone boosting supplements in 2021 — TestoPrime. This product sits on top of our list due to its top-of-the-line formulation and high-quality ingredients. Chosen by thousands of men across the planet, the brand has been taking care of men’s health for decades now.

This product comes from the world-famous Wolfson Brands (U.K.) Limited, so you know you are in good hands. It is manufactured using safe, eco-friendly methods and has 100% organic ingredients. The brand claims to use ingredients that are beneficial and are sourced from remote locations, which shows its commitment to quality.

Thus, the product claims to eliminate all of your testosterone-killing symptoms and boost T levels from within. All 12 ingredients are herbal and clinically verified, offering you a perfect combination for maximum effectiveness. Moreover, it can be easily used by men of all ages.  

The brand is so confident about their product that they offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if it does not work. Even if the results vary from one customer to another, you may begin feeling more refreshed and energetic within a few weeks of using this. 



This is a traditional Chinese herb packed with antioxidants. It may reduce your fatigue, boost energy levels, and improve sex drive. 


This is a herb predominantly used in Indian ayurvedic medicine and is famous for improving testosterone levels. Also, it may boost your energy levels, improve digestion, muscle gains, and may help in weight loss too.


Fenugreek is a traditional natural libido booster used for over 6,000 years. It may improve your T levels, increase sexual stamina and energy, and also may contribute to your metabolism.

Vitamin B5

This vitamin is used in the form of calcium pantothenate to enhance your T levels. It also may support faster fat conversion into energy, which helps in your weight loss journey.

Green Tea Extract 

The epigallocatechin gallate compounds found in green tea may help prevent the lowering of testosterone levels. The compound may also prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT, which is harmful to your health.  

How Does It Work?

The natural blend of ingredients in the product claim to replenish your vitality. This combination floods your body with fresh levels of testosterone and also reduces the factors that hamper its secretion.

The product’s scientific formula contains ingredients like aspartic acid and Ashwagandha, which may boost your T levels naturally. Moreover, the vitamin B complex may aid your body’s nutrition and fat conversion processes. Therefore, you may receive boosts in your natural energy levels, stamina, sex drive and enjoy better metabolism rates.

You can consume this no-prescription drug daily with a dose of four pills. Within weeks, you may feel a significant change in your energy and stamina. Since it may help burn fat better, you may have more gains at the gym as well. 

Moreover, the product may improve your blood flow and oxygen consumption, and it may help in muscle development and overall physical well-being as well. Together, all of these factors may help in enhancing your sexual function and sex appeal — ultimately enriching your overall quality of life. 


  • Scientifically-backed formulation 
  • Effective ingredient dosages 
  • No prescription required 
  • Four capsules to be consumed every day before breakfast 
  • Safe online payment options 


  • Safe formulation without any side effects 
  • Voted #1 by Men’s Journal, Island Now, Denver Post, Sfgate
  • Free from soy, dairy, gluten, additives, or chemicals 
  • May cause enhanced physical and mental energy 
  • May improve sexual function and stamina 
  • 100% lifetime guarantee 


  • Daily dose might not suit everyone  

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#2. Testogen – Best Natural Testosterone Booster


Do you constantly feel tired and worn out? Are you unable to balance your professional and private life? Then, you can check out this next product on our list — Testogen

Launched in 2014, the product has gathered a customer base of more than 85,000 and has helped them boost their testosterone levels. 

The product contains 100% natural ingredients, which are tried and tested to improve your testosterone levels. The brand claims to have no side effects and may alter your T levels effectively. Its clinical formulation is proven to improve your body’s natural testosterone production and energy levels. 

Testogen is popular for offering relatively quick results. Within two to three weeks, you may notice a significant improvement in your mood, energy levels, stamina, and focus. All you need to do is take four capsules every morning to kickstart your day. 

In addition, the brand also provides a 100% money-back guarantee if it does not work for you within the first 100 days of receiving it. Therefore, you can try it risk-free.


Fenugreek Extract

The furostanolic saponins in this extract may improve testosterone levels naturally. It does this by inhibiting certain enzymes that convert testosterone to estrogen, which is not healthy for you.


This ingredient is included to fight against zinc deficiency, which may hamper your body’s testosterone production. Here, it is in the form of zinc citrate, which is way better absorbed by your body than regular sources of zinc.  

Korean Red Ginseng Extract 

This traditional herb may stimulate your testosterone production and may improve your sex life. Its compounds may also improve your libido and penile blood flow. Moreover, it may improve fat loss and cognitive functions as well.

Nettle Leaf Extract 

This is a unique ingredient that contains compounds called lignans, which may prevent the SHBG protein from binding onto testosterone. When this happens, your body cannot use the produced testosterone. 

So, this ingredient may allow your body to use testosterone more effectively and lowers the amount of SHBG. 


This is derived from black pepper and is included to improve the bioavailability of the product’s ingredients. Therefore, your body is able to absorb and utilize more of the ingredients in this product. As a result, the overall effectiveness of Testogen may be enhanced.

How Does It Work?

Testogen allows your body to produce testosterone naturally and restore your energy levels. The product has been proven suitable for men of all ages. 

It works by enhancing the luteinizing hormone production, which recharges the Leydig cells present in your testes. As a result, your T levels may be boosted within a few weeks. 

The product also consists of antioxidants like vitamin D and K and zinc, which may improve your energy levels. Moreover, these ingredients shield your Leydig cells from oxidative stress. 

Further, the clinically proven ingredients reduce the SHBG levels, which are responsible for reducing the amount of usable testosterone in your body. With more testosterone in your body, you may have more energy, confidence, and happiness. 

Your body converts more testosterone to estrogen as you age, which hampers your T levels. Testogen may help control and slow down this conversion process so you stay youthful and energetic all of the time. You may also be able to have more successful workout sessions. 


  • 100% safe herbal ingredients 
  • Made in GMP-certified facilities in the U.S. and the U.K. 
  • May naturally boost in testosterone levels 
  • One month free on three-month order 
  • Suitable for all men above 18 years 


  • May improve energy and beat fatigue 
  • May contribute to better endurance and muscle development 
  • May help with easier burning of unwanted fat 
  • May restore sex drive and strengthen relationships 
  • May lead to more mental clarity and focus


  • More expensive than other products  

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#3. Testo-Max – Most Suitable for Bulky Muscles


The next product on our list of the best testosterone boosters is Testo-Max. As the name suggests, it is developed to maximize your testosterone levels and improve your overall well-being. The product comes from the famous brand CrazyBulk, so you know you can trust the brand and its promise of always producing quality. 

The brand claims to have a completely natural formula without any side effects for artificial substances. It aims to tackle your dropping testosterone levels, which can happen with age. As you get pressured with life’s burdens, you may lose the energy and vigor you had in your 20s, which is normal. 

However, do not think the product will change you overnight either. Consuming it regularly, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, may get you the results you desire. That is why this product has been backed by fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders across the world. 

The brand also offers you attractive discounts if you buy in bulk. They offer free international shipping and extremely safe payment options. Moreover, you will get free eBooks and workout guides with each purchase to help you improve your fitness levels.



This ingredient may significantly boost your testosterone levels. Usually, T levels decrease due to a lack of magnesium. With this product, you can fight magnesium deficiency and improve testosterone production.

D-Aspartic Acid 

This is a very important amino acid that may stimulate your testosterone levels and improve your energy levels. It may also aid the muscle development process.

Vitamin K1 

Another vital ingredient, Vitamin K1, is present in the TestoMax formula to enable your body to absorb vitamin D properly. With better vitamin D absorption, your T levels may naturally increase.

Red Ginseng 

This is an ancient herb that has been in use for centuries for improving vitality. Known for being a natural aphrodisiac, this ingredient may boost libido and enhance your sexual performance. 

Vitamin B6

A deficiency of vitamin B6 can lead to poor testosterone production. So, this ingredient was added to address the deficiency and enhance the T levels. Further, vitamin B6 also may allow you to combat fatigue and improve energy levels.


This is one of the most important ingredients included to improve the bioavailability of the combination. So, your body may be able to absorb and experience the benefits of these ingredients better, which may increase your testosterone levels.

How Does It Work?

Testo-Max offers a powerful combination that may alter your bodily functions so testosterone levels increase naturally. If your age, hectic lifestyle, or high stress levels have reduced your T levels, this product may bring it back up.

Packed with essential vitamins like vitamin K1 and D, the product starts working by filling the nutritional gaps in your diet. When you are no longer vitamin deficient, you may notice a healthy boost in your testosterone levels.

The product’s powerful nettle leaf extracts bind with the SHBG produced inside your body. As a result, your testosterone levels are unchanged. This also may increase the amount of free testosterone in your body, which may be utilized by your system to improve your health. 

After your T levels are in check and testosterone harming factors are tackled, you will be more motivated and focused. The effective blend of ingredients may increase your stamina, which will prove beneficial during gym sessions.


  • Natural testosterone enhancement 
  • Herbal formula with no artificial additives 
  • Effective dosages for all ingredients 
  • Used by bodybuilders and fitness freaks 
  • Exciting discounts on bulk purchases   


  • May improve strength and performance 
  • May contribute to better endurance at the gym and bedroom 
  • May improve self-esteem, mood, and energy levels 
  • Excellent muscle development and motivation
  • Free shipping  


  • Available online only 

⇒Visit the Official Website of Testo-Max for the Best Discounts 

#4. Prime Male – Best for Men Over 40

If you want to change your life and radically improve your testosterone levels, you need to check out Prime Male. Sometimes, your testosterone levels may plummet when you reach your 40s. If you do not keep it in check now, your energy levels may be exhausted by the time you are 60. 

That is why Prime Male aims to tackle the issue early on. This is an excellent product packed with 12 essential ingredients to improve your T levels. It enables you to regain the energy you had in your 20s. 

Along with naturally enhancing your testosterone and energy levels, the product also handles other health issues. 

These include lowering your blood pressure, improving heart health, and supporting your weight loss journey. As the brand does not include any harmful chemicals or fillers, your body is able to enjoy the natural benefits of the ingredients. 

Over the years, the brand has helped professionals, actors, and bodybuilders attain their T enhancement goals. 


D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC) 

This is a powerful testosterone-boosting amino acid that may signal your hypothalamus to produce luteinizing hormone, which may increase the production of testosterone. 


This is also extremely important for boosting testosterone levels. It may enable your pituitary gland to release more luteinizing hormone and enhance T levels. Zinc also may improve protein production, strengthen the immune system, and improve physical well-being.

Nettle Root 

Lignans present in nettle root bind with SHBG, a hormone that gets attached to testosterone, making it inert. So, the lignans bind with the SHBG instead of testosterone. This may increase the availability of free testosterone, which your body can use. 


This ingredient is capable of adjusting and enhancing the production of testosterone in your body. It also prevents SHBG from hampering your T levels, which may increase the availability of free testosterone. Boron also may reduce estrogen levels and increase testosterone.  

Vitamin D3 

As a deficiency of vitamin D causes a reduction of testosterone, the product is enriched with this ingredient. It may help improve your testosterone production and regulation, which eventually leads to better energy.  

How Does It Work?

The brand calls its clinical formulation an anti-aging mechanism. The D-AA-CC impacts the release of the luteinizing hormone, which may increase your testosterone production. Zinc present in the product also helps in this regard. 

Then, the product handles the SHBG by letting magnesium and nettle root do their magic. By binding with SHBG, these ingredients may prevent any hindrances to your T levels. 

Moreover, boron and magnesium are included to stop SHBG and reduce its concentration in the bloodstream. As a result, your body’s free testosterone is enhanced effectively, and you begin feeling rejuvenated.

Black pepper is included to increase the bioavailability and absorption rates of your body. It may enable you to absorb the nutrients of the product better and let your system embrace its benefits. Boron also helps your body absorb the ingredients better. 

Ashwagandha and red ginseng do their duty of improving your sexual function and performance, and the combination of all the B vitamins may enhance your overall physical well-being.  


  • May reduce fatigue and increase energy 
  • May improve your mood and confidence levels
  • Herbal ingredients at optimal doses
  • Recommended dose – four capsules per day
  • No side effects  


  • May help build lean muscle faster 
  • May improve libido and sexual performance 
  • May tackle blood pressure issues and improve heart health 
  • May enhance cognitive function 
  • May burn more fat quickly


  • Doctor’s consultation required if you have pre-existing ailments

⇒Visit the Official Website of Prime Male for the Best Discounts 

#5. TestRX – Best For Increasing Sex Drive & Libido

TestRx testosterone supplement

The final entry on our list is TestRX, which is considered one of the best testosterone boosters in the market. This product is specifically aimed at people who want to improve their testosterone levels and develop muscle. 

As T levels may decrease with age, it might get difficult to gain muscle even after spending long hours at the gym. 

The best strategy here is getting enough sleep, exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that improves your overall health. You might be doing all of these things right but still feel a lack of energy and motivation. TestRX aims to tackle issues loading your testosterone at the root level. 

The product is formulated with a powerful ZMA combination (zinc, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6). Together, these ingredients help in protein synthesis, which may improve your muscle development and testosterone levels. 

The formula has been backed by nutritionists and has helped men get their manhood back effectively. Moreover, the brand offers a 67-day money-back offer if you are dissatisfied, so you can say they are confident about their offering.



This powerful blend of ingredients is extremely effective for muscle development. ZMA also may help to strengthen your immune system, boost energy levels, and improve testosterone production. That is why so many athletes prefer this product for their physical well-being.


This is an excellent herb packed with a compound called 4-hydroxy isoleucine. The compound may help in shedding unwanted body fat and boosting testosterone. Moreover, it may enhance the bioavailability of the product. It also may have a positive impact on your libido.

Vitamin K2

This is included in the formulation for stabilizing the T levels and strengthening your bones. Apart from reducing bone loss, the vitamin is also beneficial for cardiovascular health. With better strength, you may have more stamina to perform daily tasks. 

D Aspartic Acid (D-AA) 

This is an essential ingredient that may help in boosting testosterone naturally. It is responsible for stimulating the growth hormone and luteinizing hormone, which may enable the testes to produce more testosterone. As a result, your energy levels and confidence may increase. 

Vitamin D3 

This ingredient may improve the production of free testosterone and also enhance the bioavailability of ingredients. It is connected to important functions such as calcium absorption, testosterone boosting, and building lean muscle. 

How Does It Work?         

The excellent combination of ingredients in TestRX may strengthen your immune system and prepare your body to develop more testosterone. Its ingredients tackle the causes and hormones which inhibit your testosterone production. 

As ingredients are included in the most appropriate quantities, the product also may help in handling any nutritional deficiencies you may suffer from. 

Moreover, it may help you shed unnecessary fat and develop a leaner physique. The ingredients may improve your body’s protein synthesis process as well. As a result, you may be able to develop bigger muscles quickly and also improve your aerobic performance. 

The magnesium present in TestRX may raise your T levels and enhance your physical ability. An increase in the growth hormone production is also seen, which may give you an explosive energy boost and stronger muscles. 

All of this helps in improving your physical and mental energy. So, when you feel amazing, you may get your sex drive back and perform better in bed.


  • Formulated with a ZMA combination 
  • May offer more energy and faster muscle growth 
  • Manufactured in the U.S. — GMP-certified brand 
  • Optimum dosage for each ingredient 
  • May see visible results within the first month    


  • May boost testosterone and stamina 
  • May promote better endurance and sex drive
  • 24/7 dedicated customer service team 
  • 67-day money-back guarantee 
  • Provides free shipping on selected packages 
  • 100% safe, no synthetic chemicals, additives, fillers, or steroids


  • Some customers have faced mild headaches after consuming it

⇒Visit the Official Website of TestRX for the Best Discounts 

How We Made This List of Testosterone-Boosting Supplements 

Your testosterone levels may decrease as you reach your 40s. But, the best way to account for that is by altering your overall lifestyle. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, a quality testosterone booster will increase testosterone levels in the body, which may result in a wealth of benefits. 

When we started our search for the right product, we naturally lost ourselves amid the sea of manufacturer claims, not all of which are true. 

Unfortunately, more digging revealed that most with believable claims, on the other hand, were not worth a shot either, as they did not necessarily include good-quality ingredients. 

Therefore, while preparing this list, we made it a point to check the ingredients of the top-rated products of the market. Of these products, we sorted out the ones that contained only organic, natural, pure, and healthy ingredients.

Our team avoided products that contained any artificial fillers, chemicals, or “magic ingredients”. Anything that did not seem authentic was excluded by default. Moreover, we also checked volumes of each ingredient and verified its potency — after all, the excess of a good thing is also bad. This analysis was only conducted with the consultation of our expert panel.

We then moved on to understanding the benefits of these testosterone supplements. Furthermore, we also checked their potential side effects. These facts assured us they were indeed the best products available in the market.

As our aim was to offer you the best guidance for your purchase, we researched customer reviews and ratings about these T boosters too. We also posted questions about the products on online forums and conducted customer surveys to know more about the reputation of each brand. In addition, we checked out product websites to view the customer testimonials posted there too, and tallied them against our own research to make sure none of these were paid.

Lastly, we asked some of our team members to try these products themselves. This was the best way to know whether the products were effective. Then, we compiled all of our analysis reports and submitted them to our experts to make the final call for the list to be rolled out.

Others Factors We Considered  

We also considered the following factors to ensure the usefulness of the products:

  • Safe and environment-friendly manufacturing processes
  • Daily dosage of each product
  • Affordability and discounts (if any)
  • Customer service quality
  • Shipping, return, and refund policies

Buyer’s Guide for Selecting the Top Testosterone Booster  

Are you ready to buy your testosterone booster supplement? You might think you know everything after reading our comprehensive reviews. But, there are still some bases you need to cover, such as pricing, dose, and product guarantee. 

Proper clarity on these factors will help you choose the best testosterone booster. That is why we have provided a buyer’s guide to help you get the most out of your product. 

Quality of Ingredients 

Unarguably, this is the most important factor before choosing any health supplement. No matter how attractive the packaging is, you need to know everything about what you are going to consume. 

Different products have different ingredients, and everything might not click for you. You need to make sure you are buying the one with the perfect formulation of ingredients that suit you. 

As a recommendation, only pick products that have herbal ingredients. This is because you will find plenty of products that look convincing but contain harmful ingredients. So, try to avoid products having dairy, gluten, steroids, soy, or fillers. 

Stay away from products that hide their ingredients or have little information on them.

Check a product’s official website to know more about its ingredients. You should also check if the formula formulation is scientifically backed and claims to help boost testosterone. 

Product Guarantee 

High-quality brands never shy away from offering guarantees and money-back offers. That is why you will notice all of the products on our list come with a complete money-back guarantee. So, if a product does not work, you can return it to get a full refund after the specified time. 

These guarantees also show how confident a brand is about its product and its quality standards. You just need to contact their customer support department, and you will be catered to. This way, you will also know how efficient their customer service is.

So, avoid products that do not have a money-back guarantee or a method to try it first. Also, while buying any product, check the money-back period, as it differs.  

Ingredient Dosage 

The only way you can achieve the desired results is when the ingredients are present in the proper quantities. So, you need to check each ingredient’s dosage before buying a product. 

You have to remember that only the right amount of a proper ingredient will make an impact on your testosterone level. For instance, D-aspartic acid will only work when you consume 2000mg of it. On the contrary, inappropriate quantities can do you more harm than good. 

To make sure you are getting the right combination of ingredients, avoid products having a “magic formulation” or “proprietary blends”. In these cases, the companies may not mention the exact quantities of the ingredients. 

They might be trying to hide that they have not included all of the necessary ingredients. So, stay away from such shady brands.

Customer Testimonials 

This is a no-brainer, as you probably read customer reviews before buying any product. These reviews are very important when it comes to buying health supplements such as a testosterone booster. You will be able to know whether the product you like has actually helped someone with their testosterone production. 

Visit the official website of the product you want and check out the reviews posted there. Also, read the testimonials provided. In case they do not seem genuine or convincing enough, search for more reviews online. 

Never buy products having reviews that seem fake, as many companies pay people to write these testimonials. Instead, post questions on online forums and social media platforms to get more authentic information. 

You can also ask friends or relatives for recommendations while buying testosterone boosters. 

FAQs About Testosterone Boosters

Q1. Can men above the age of 60 years take testosterone boosters? 

Yes, they can. Testosterone boosters are suitable for all men above 18 years of age. After 30 years of age, your T levels start decreasing. Factors like improper diet, lack of exercise, and poor lifestyle choices contribute to lowering your testosterone levels. 

So, by the time you reach 60, you would have already lost a lot of testosterone. Healthy life choices and a balanced diet may improve it, but only a natural testosterone booster can enhance testosterone production. 

Testosterone supplements can also help men over 60 years to build muscle, improve energy, and have a better sex drive.      

Q2. How long until users see results? 

Always remember testosterone boosters cannot improve your T levels overnight. These will take at least a few weeks or a month until you notice visible results. 

Everyone’s physiology is different; so, the ingredients will work differently for everybody. Patience is key.

However, you need to consume the pills consistently and according to the recommended dose mentioned on the package. You also need to have a balanced diet and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. This may help you experience results faster.

Q3. How safe are testosterone boosters? 

If you choose a high-quality product having the right ingredients, there should be no worries about safety. However, as the market is filled with several products, always go with those having herbal ingredients. 

Even though herbal ingredients do not have many side effects, you need to check their quantities. Taking too much of something might be harmful, even if it is organic. So, read the product labels and ingredient information thoroughly before buying anything. 

If you have any medical conditions or are on medication, consult a doctor before taking these pills. On the other hand, if you are allergic to certain ingredients, ask an expert for an opinion. 

Q4. Can these supplements help improve mood? 

Yes, they may help improve your mood by improving your T levels. 

Low testosterone levels may make you feel demotivated, depressed, low on energy, and irritable. You might lose interest in daily life and not want to wake up in the morning. 

These testosterone boosters have powerful ingredients that may improve your energy levels, elevate your spirits, and help you de-stress. As you start feeling better slowly, your mood may enhance, and you may feel happy again. 

High testosterone levels may also improve your focus and offer you mental clarity. 

Conclusion: Which Testosterone Booster Supplement Should You Buy?

Choosing the best testosterone booster can help you get your life back together. These products may not only improve your T levels but may also make you feel motivated again. You may gain more focus when undertaking your tasks and rejuvenate your sex life.

To get the best results, you need to take your time before choosing a product. Avoid buying products from shady websites, even if they offer mind-blowing discounts. Genuine products may seem expensive, but they are worth every penny. When in doubt, consult your physician about the possible effects of a testosterone booster you like. 

So, pick your testosterone booster and start living a more energetic life again.  

The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer. Best Testosterone Boosters: Top 5 Supplements to Boost Testosterone Levels