13 Long Distance Sex Toys for Couples in Far-Apart Relationships

Here we’re going to show you the top long-distance relationship toys that’ll blow your remote sex experience off the charts.

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When you’re looking for long distance sex toys, the cost, vibrations, and discreetness are all major factors you have to consider.

Does it work with an app? Can my partner control my toy through Wi-Fi? Is it quiet enough in public places?

No one wants to get caught using a vibe in Starbucks.

Here we’re going to show you the top long-distance relationship toys that’ll blow your remote sex experience off the charts.

Here are the 13 best long-distance sex toys that are also super sneaky in public spaces!

The Best Sex Toys for Long Distance Relationships

First Look

  1. Best long distance sex toy overall – Lovense Lush 3
  2. A camgirl’s favorite – OhMiBod Esca 2
  3. Rabbit-style LDR sex toy – Lovense Nora
  4. Panty vibrator with app – Vibease
  5. Powerful female & male masturbator – Lovense Domi 2 Wand Vibrator
  6. Orgasm in sync with your partner – Kiiroo Onyx & Fuse Couples Set
  7. Have fun in public – LoveHoney App-Controlled Knicker Vibrator
  8. Discreet panty vibe – WeVibe Moxie
  9. Internal stimulation for men – LoveHoney App-Controlled Prostate Vibrator
  10. Hands-free clitoris fun – We-Vibe Jive


1. Lovense Lush 3 – Best Long Distance Sex Toy Overall

Price: $119.00

  • Stays in place easily
  • Vibrates your G spot
  • 5-hour battery life
  • Very discreet

Often used by camgirls on top cam sites, the Lovense Lush 3 lets you pair with the toy via Bluetooth for short distances or via the internet when miles apart.

Like many app controlled sex toys, the Lush 3 has an impressive battery lifespan that lets you enjoy up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge.

It’s pretty awesome as you can either go for some solo play or invite someone over the app to give you a wild ride!


2. Kiiroo OhMiBod Esca 2 – Most Visually Stunning Interactive Vibrator

Price: $109.99

  • LED lights sync to vibrations
  • Compatible with other Kiiro teledildonics
  • Allows partner control

Powered by Kiiro, the Esca 2 love egg comes with 4 manual vibrations modes (off-app) and endless patterns when using its app.

It also has dual stimulation that massages both your clit and your g-spot at the same time!

To cap it off, it has synced LED display lights that change with each new vibe mode that comes on – this adds a cool visual element to your play.

3. Lovense Nora – Best Dual Stim Bluetooth Sex Toy

Price: $99.00

  • Dedicated remote control
  • App-controlled sex toy (too)
  • Control head & arm independently

This Nora rabbit vibrator from Lovense offers the best dual stimulation thanks to its separately-controlled rotating head and vibrating arms. 

The head massages your g-spot as the external arm delivers 4 powerful vibration settings straight to your clit.

Its app also allows long-distance couples to enjoy intimacy via other platforms such as the Lovense video chat, so you can tease and watch each other squirm in real-time.

4. Vibease Bluetooth Vibrator – Best Panty Vibrator with App

Price: $119.00

  • App control feature
  • Up to 5 vibration patterns
  • 100% hands-free wearable

Famous for syncing to erotica audiobooks, this app-controlled vibe is compact and snuggly nests in your panties to give your tenders the buzz of their lives!

It’s made from body-safe silicone that’s soft to the touch and does a great job of distributing the vibrations all over.

Also, it’s pretty subtle when turned on, which is what many people look for in most mini vibrators

Though it’s famous for its erotica feature, the Vibease panty vibrator can also be used as an LDR sex toy due to the free app.

5. Lovense Domi 2 Wand Vibrator – Most Powerful Wand Vibrator for Men

Price: $99.00

  • Secure & comfortable grip
  • Sound-activated vibes feature
  • Unlimited vibration patterns

The Lovense wand vibrator has a dual motor that delivers strong, rumbling vibrations without you needing a bigger head.

It also has a flexible neck that allows it to adapt to the contours of your body. It’s perfect for massaging the penis, balls, clitoris, nipples, and many other parts of the body.

And as with most Lovense products, it’s app-controlled too.

6. KIIROO® Onyx+™ Fuse™ Couples Set – Best Long Distance Toy Combo for Couples

Price: $289.00

  • 2-way touch-sensitive technology between 2 toys
  • Penis-vagina mutual masturbation
  • Up to 140 penis strokes per minute
  • Dual stimulation for clit & G spot

The Kiiro Onyx+ and the OhMiBod Fuse have bi-directional sensors that allow either of the toys to respond in kind when the other is turned on.

The Fuse has a built-in sensor that lets you control your partner’s Onyx+ by touching on the sensor pad.

…Time to tango!

7. Desire Luxury App Controlled Rechargeable Knicker Vibrator by Lovehoney – Best Long Distance Panty Vibe for Newbies

Price: $124.99

  • 12 vibration speeds & 8 patterns
  • Includes a pair of sexy, laced black briefs
  • 100% waterproof

Other than its luxurious look, this knicker vibrator has 12 speeds and 8 modes that offer a wide field for you to explore as you find what tickles your fancy!

And in addition to the easy-to-use app, it’s also waterproof, making it the ideal companion in the shower or tub after a hectic day at the office.

8. We-Vibe Moxie – Most Discreet Panty Massager

Price: $129.00

  • 10 rumbly vibration settings
  • Dedicated remote control
  • Very stealthy in use & storage

We-Vibe’s Moxie is very compact and has a magnetic clip that helps secure it in place during play. It’s pretty silent too and that’s what pits it against the best remote control vibrators in the market.

Using the We-Connect app, you or your partner can control it from wherever or you can use the separate remote control when you’re together IRL.

…Whatever waters your garden!

9. Desire Luxury App Controlled Prostate Massager by Lovehoney – Best App-Controlled Long Distance P-Massager

Price: $119.99

  • Silicone body
  • 12 vibration intensity levels
  • 8 pulse & wave patterns

This prostate massager has a flexible shaft that makes insertion easy without too much fuss once it’s inside.

The included app has a simple interface with both Bluetooth and internet connectivity that allows you to go in hands-free for solo or long-distance play.

The package also includes a free zip casing where you can keep the toy when not in use for discreet storage.

Now get that prostate tingling!

10. We-Vibe Jive – Best Hands-Free Vibrator with App

Price: $119

  • Low power notification alert
  • Massage your G spot
  • Snug design

The We-Vibe Jive gives a very pleasant feeling when in contact with your skin thanks to its body-safe silicone feel.

Its snug design has an internal egg that goes inside to massage your g-spot deeply, leading to powerful orgasms whether you’re nearby or 1000 miles from your partner.

11. Lovense Edge 2 Prostate Massager – Most Interactive Prostate Massager

Price: $99.00

  • Adjustable tip – find the perfect spot
  • Whisper-quiet vibrations
  • Smartphone app control

The Edge 2 has won a lot of hearts with its adjustable shaft and smoothly tapered tip that allows you to find your P-spot PERFECTLY.

It has dual motors that stimulate both your prostate and taint simultaneously – all in unbelievable silence!

The best part is that it has improved circuits and an upgraded Bluetooth system that means you can play with yourself or allow a partner to control you for hours of fun.

12. Lovense Diamo Cock Ring – Most Interactive Cock Ring

Price: $99.00

  • Intense vibrations
  • Soft, comfortable silicone ring
  • Adjustable controls via Lovense remote app

Lovense’s Diamo Cock Ring gives you harder, prolonged erections using its soft silicone ring and powerful vibrations.

You can adjust and share your vibration settings or let your away lover have long-distance control from the other side of the globe using the Lovense app control feature.

You’ll be rock hard on those video chats.

13. Womanizer X We-Vibe Golden Moments Limited Edition Pleasure Collection – Best Set of Creative Sex Toys

Price: $299.99

  • Unique Pleasure Air technology
  • 3 speeds & 7 vibration modes (We-Vibe Chorus)
  • 12 intensity levels (Womanizer Premium)

This is a dream combo with the Womanizer clit stimulator coming with a Smart Silence feature that makes the toy only turn on when it detects contact with skin.

Such a reassurance!

The We-Vibe Chorus, through the We-Connect app, comes in hands-free during partner play also thanks to the 2 adjustment points that make it an amazing fit for most anatomies.

Together, these have great value for your money for long-distance couples.

Long-Distance Sex Toys FAQs

How do long-distance sex toys work?

Long-distance sex toys work primarily through the help of interactive apps built to remotely control the toys.

Now, this is made possible by Bluetooth (for short range) and Wi-Fi (for long range) connections that allows you to pair your toy with your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Once connected, you can easily adjust the vibrations or pulsations through haptic feedback on the device of your choice and send them to a partner’s toy to stimulate real-life sexual experience.

Basically, you both need a phone/tablet and a Wi-Fi connection.

Are sex toys a good way to spice up long-distance relationships?

Definitely, yes! Sex toys bring back the fire in your relationship when distance sets you apart.

They help to keep you both connected by sharing sexual intimacy, albeit through virtual mediums.

Given that option or the indefinite dry spell that hits most long-distance arrangements, you’ll see that these devices can help you maintain a healthy sex life.

Maybe it’s time to introduce cock rings, bullet vibrators, or butt plug toys into your LDR!

Why else might I want a long-distance sex toy?

Aside from bridging the gap between you and a long distance partner, app-controlled toys are awesome when:

  1. You want to indulge yourself in discreet, public pleasuring (controlling the toy from your phone, for instance)
  2. Your partner is up for some public teasing play
  3. You want to create your own vibe patterns as seen with the apps for We-Vibe, Lovense etc.
  4. You prefer to control your sex toy remotely rather than from the manual navigation buttons that come with most.
  5. Some people even like to digitally “hook up” with people from top hookup sites and give them access to their sex toys via apps for a unique sexual thrill.

So while LDR sex toys are mainly aimed at far-apart couples, they have plenty of additional (and fun!) uses to explore too.

Conclusion – Which Sex Toy Is Best For LDRs?

Long-distance adult toys have revolutionized sex, love, and dating in tremendous ways! 

We hope our roundup has given you and your partner some ideas of where you can start your search for the top interactive sex toys.

If you want an app-controlled G-spot vibrator with strong connectivity and whisper-quiet vibrations, then the Lovense Lush 3 is your perfect match.

On the other hand, try the Lovense Edge 2 if you’re looking to gift your man with the most interactive prostate massager that’s also fully adjustable to hit just the right spot.  

We wish you luck exploring these sex toys for couples in 2022! 13 Long Distance Sex Toys for Couples in Far-Apart Relationships