Delta 8 – Which Delta 8 THC Products are Right For You To Buy 2022

If you're on the hunt for a premium Delta-8 THC experience, you won't want to miss this article!

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As a THC enthusiast, you’re always keeping an eye out for new and exciting products that’ll get you as baked as Johnny Cash in the bushes eating cake. Well, thanks to the delta revolution, you too could be ripped enough to eat cake in a bush! Delta products are well on their way to dominating the cannabis industry. With such impressive popularity comes a wealth of new companies and products for you to enjoy and while this is ultimately a good thing, this degree of choice can sometimes lead to indecision. Fortunately, we have you covered!

In this article, we’re going to help you sort through the seemingly endless sea of delta products and introduce you to the finest options available. These products have been selected because they’re immensely popular, made with high-quality ingredients, and astoundingly impressive. 

If you’re on the hunt for a premium Delta-8 THC experience, you won’t want to miss this!

Top 10 Best Delta 8 Products of 2022

  1. Wedding Cake Delta Disposable – TRĒ House
  2. Tropic Mango Delta Gummies – TRĒ House
  3. Rainbow Sherbert Delta Disposable – TRĒ House
  4. Lemon Jack Delta Disposable – TRĒ House
  5. Europa Delta Gummy – Moon WLKR
  6. Tropical Delta Pop Crystals – Koi
  7. Heavy Duty Delta Gummy – Work
  8. Watermelon Delta Gummy – Royal CBD
  9. Grape Delta Gummy – Terp 8
  10. Blue Raspberry Delta Gummy – 3 CHI

1. Wedding Cake Delta 8 disposable from TRĒ House

TRĒ House is the hottest new delta company on the market and though they haven’t been around long, they’re making huge waves in the THC industry. With products like the Wedding Cake disposable, they’ve taken the Delta 8 Vape game to the next level.

The Wedding cake disposable from TRĒ House has more than a couple of impressive traits. Not only does it taste exactly like the famous cannabis strain it’s named after, but it also boasts a carefully curated selection of cannabinoids. This disposable comes pre-loaded with 10mg of HHC, 2mg of THC-O, and a whopping 20mg of Delta-8 THC. It is also rechargeable, which allows you to enjoy 800+ puffs from a single pen. When it comes to disposable delta disposables, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

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2. Tropic Mango Delta 8 Gummies from TRĒ House

If you’re a fan of edibles, you’re going to love the Tropic Mango Delta 8 Vape“>Delta 8 Gummies from TRĒ House. There are a bunch of different THC products on the market, but none of them are on the same level as these delicious little treats. These products are made from high-quality FDA compliant hemp, have an amazing flavor profile, and are made with organic ingredients like Pectin. 

We think the delicious flavor of tropical Mango is the perfect complement to a relaxing THC session. That being said, an impressive flavor profile isn’t all these products have going for them. These babies are packed with an impressive combination of cannabinoids that provide a truly unique experience. If you want to treat yourself to a potent serving of delta cannabinoids and a hearty helping of full-spectrum CBD, these are a wonderful option.

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3. Rainbow Sherbert Disposable from TRĒ House

This company makes a bunch of tasty delta products but the Rainbow Sherbert disposable is one of the most popular of all. TRĒ House really took its time with this one and created a flavor profile that embraces the sweet taste of cannabis combined with fresh fruit. These are the kind of flavors that you just can’t get from smoking pot and makes us glad that we live in the age of vaping.

On top of the incredible flavor profile, this disposable boasts a unique combination of cannabinoids that provides a powerful buzz. It contains 500mg of Delta 10, 5mg of Delta 9, 60mg of THC-O, and an impressive 1,250mg serving of Delta 9. If you love chiefing on premium THC with delicious flavor, then you’re going to love the Rainbow Sherbert delta disposable.

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4. Lemon Jack D8 Disposable from TRĒ House

Lemon Jack is a classic strain of Marijuana that embraces the rich, earthy flavor of cannabis, with an invigorating lemon finish. This is a flavor that can be enjoyed by beginners and appreciated by the snootiest THC connoisseurs. As soon as you put this vape down, you’re going to want to pick it up and take another puff. Be careful! This disposable is seriously strong.

The Lemon Jack disposable from TRĒ House contains a bounty of beautiful cannabinoids. This pen is packed with 20mg of premium Delta-8, a powerful 10 mg serving of HHC. If that wasn’t enough, it also contains 2mg of highly-potent THC-O. When you want to enjoy the taste of cannabis and lemons while you get baked, this is the disposable pen for you. Goodbye, boring THC vape pen carts! It’s time for premium disposables!

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5. Europa D8 Gummy from Moon WLKR

Moon WLKR is one of the biggest names in Delta THC. This company not only makes out of this world products, but they also run with the whole space cadet vibe. With a plethora of powerful products available, we knew that we needed Moon WLKR on our list somewhere. We just had a hard time narrowing down which product we should include!

After a great deal of deliberation, we decided that the Europa delta gummies were definitely our pick for out-of-this-world products. These tasty little treats are packed with premium delta, taste like fresh blueberries, and take our testers to impressive heights. If you go bananas for berries and THC, check out the Europa Delta THC gummies from Moon WLKR.

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6. Tropical Pop Crystals from Koi

Ok, so we’re taking a break from gummies on this one. Yes, they are clearly one of our favorite Delta products, but they aren’t the only show in town. Koi makes some seriously impressive pop crystals that are reminiscent of the popping candy we all ate as kids. The difference? These pop crystals get you baked AF!

Strawberry Lemonade is one of the most enjoyable flavors out there and we are happy to die on that hill. There’s something about this combination that makes it taste like perfection in candy form. These Delta edibles might make it a bit more difficult to measure precise serving sizes, but they are so incredibly fun that our testers couldn’t have cared less. If you’re looking for something a little different from your average THC product, you need to pick up some Strawberry Lemonade Pop Crystals from Koi.

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7. Heavy Duty Gummy from Work

If you’re on the hunt for a seriously powerful THC product, Work has you covered. These products definitely aren’t for the faint of heart and come preloaded with 50mg of high-powered D8. We don’t typically recommend products of this potency for beginners, but if you are really good about taking small nibbles of a single gummy, these can actually save you some money. If you can get ripped off of 1/4 a gummy, and have the self-control to stop there, these are a fantastic option.

We weren’t 100% certain what the flavor profile was with these products, so it was left up to our taste buds to be the judge and jury. Well, the verdict is in and these are amazing. We still can’t pinpoint exactly what flavor they were intended to be, but we can say that they tasted like a medley of fresh fruit and definitely left us with a smile on.

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8. Watermelon Gummies by Royal CBD

Royal CBD has been one of the biggest names in CBD for years. They’ve constantly been on the cutting edge of product development and have a fantastic reputation for using the best possible ingredients. Fortunately for all THC-lovers, this big-name brand has recently made the transition to the world of recreational THC.

It’s not every day that you come across watermelon-flavored D8 products like this. Flavors like blue raspberry are far more common, but it didn’t take us long to fall in love with watermelon. This flavor is as refreshing as it is sweet. These products were potent, effective, and overall, we had a great time with them.

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9. Terp 8 Grape Delta Gummies

Terp 8 is a fairly new company that has emerged from the Delta 8 revolution. What this company lacks in time, they make up for in quality products and is actually one of our favorite companies to have reviewed. These grape beauties are made with fantastic ingredients, contain high-quality Delta 8 made from industrial-grade hemp, and have a flavor profile that is actually something to write home about. One of our testers sent their mother a handwritten letter informing her that he had tried the best cannabis product of all time. They’re just that good.

If you like grapes and getting baked, these chewy little devils are going to be your new best friend. You couldn’t experience a more accurate grape flavor if you put an actual grape in your mouth and ate it. Fruity flavors are the best, but this delta flavor profile also embraces the rich taste of cannabis and is truly next level. If you haven’t tried Terp 8 delta products yet, you’re missing out on some of the best products on the market.

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10. Blue Raspberry D8 Gummy by 3Chi 

3 Chi has been making big waves in the world of delta products, and their products are some of the finest on the market. These taste amazing, get you ripped, and are made with fantastic ingredients. When it comes to THC, you can’t really ask for more. 3 Chi is constantly coming up with new and interesting flavors, but their version of Blue Raspberry is one of our all-time favorites.

These definitely have a lot going for them. These products are delicious, portable, and pack a serious punch. Each one of these tasty treats comes pre-loaded with delta THC and it only takes 1-2 to send most people blasting off into space. Like any of the delta products on our list, you should take it slow at first and work your way up. We recommend starting with just one gummy, then waiting 45 minutes or so until you start to feel the THC. If you want to keep getting lifted, just keep chowing down!

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Understanding Delta

Ok, we’ve all heard about delta at this point but surprising people have no idea what it is. Is it THC? Is it CBD? Are these products made from cannabis? What is Delta 8!?

If you’re one of the many confused THC enthusiasts out there, we are more than happy to help. In this next section, we’re going to take a closer look at delta products and help you understand what they are and why delta is taking over. If you’re excited to try one of these delta products but want to know more about it before diving in, you won’t want to miss this!

What is Delta 8?

For starters, Delta products are on the opposite end of the spectrum from CBD. Yes, they both come from cannabis, but people tend to use CBD for wellness and delta products for recreation. No one is stopping you from using CBD recreationally, but it is not psychoactive like the delta cannabinoids and CBD will not get you ripped.

Delta 8 is a psychoactive isolate of the famous cannabinoid “THC”. The scientific name for THC is “Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol”.  Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 are all forms of THC that exist on the same molecular strand. Each of these THC isomers provides a different buzz. Delta 9 is what most Marijuana users will recognize as the “classic” THC feel. 

Delta 8 and Delta 10 offer a buzz that is similar to Delta 9, but distinctly different. If you’re a fan of cannabis and want to try something new, you’re going to be a big fan of delta cannabinoids.

Delta vs Marijuana

One of the most commonly asked questions about Delta cannabinoids is how they differ from Marijuana. Each of the delta cannabinoids is produced in Marijuana, but they each have their own qualities. Some Deltas are more potent than others, but each Delta THC isolate occurs on the same molecular strand. 

If you’re interested in using delta products for recreational purposes, you should give each one of them a try to see how they’re different from Marijuana. The unique buzz you get from each delta might have you switching over from Marijuana for good.

When it’s time to treat yourself to a premium Delta 8 experience, you need to head to 

TRĒ House!

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Delta 8 – Which Delta 8 THC Products are Right For You To Buy 2022