Boss Beauties Lisa Mayer on NFTs and Empowering Women

Lisa Mayer is selling NFTs through Neiman Marcus and partnering with Barbie.

Lisa Mayer, CEO of Boss Beauties
Lisa Mayer, CEO of Boss Beauties.
Boss Beauties

From Paris Hilton to Eminem, celebrities are buying and selling non-fungible tokens,  driving more enthusiasm around the world of NFTs. Lisa Mayer, the founder and CEO of Boss Beauties said she is using her business selling NFTs as a vehicle to empower young women. 

“If you really look at what drives us, it’s really our passion for helping women be everything they want to be,” Mayer said. “They can break the glass ceilings, they can make history and do anything in their life, in their career.”

Boss Beauties offers different mentorship programs and scholarships for young women and most recently launched an NFT collection that features different digital portraits of prominent women like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Maya Angelou. The company’s first NFT collection also consisted of portraits of different women and was displayed at the New York Stock Exchange. 

The Boss Beauty NFT Collection 

NFTs are notoriously confusing—Saturday Night Live even had a skit poking fun at them—but Mayer said they’re a solution to the question “How can we own something that we can’t actually physically hold in our hands?”

Boss Beauties’ first NFT collection, Mayer said, is centered around the idea that “a woman can be everything she wants.”

“As women, sometimes we feel like we have to be one thing or we’re defined by just one thing, right? I’m an entrepreneur, but I’m so much more than that too.I’m a mom, I had my newborn when I founded Boss Beauties, he was only three months old.”

 Twitter is a key part of Boss Beauties’ strategy in promoting its NFT collections. “We also use Instagram and other platforms, but Twitter in the web3 and NFT space is one of the main platforms that creators are using,” Mayer said.

Revenue Streams

While Mayer said Boss Beauties isn’t currently monetizing social media, it makes money by selling merchandise and apparel as well as through its NFT collections. 

“We’re really looking to build a global brand,” Mayer said. “ Right now we have NFTs apparel and merchandise, but we’ll be getting into other product categories, and building out different parts of our brand that would later help grow and fuel our brand and our company.”

Mayer declined to say if Boss Beauties is pursuing venture capital funding. 

Brand partnerships

Boss Beauties has worked with multiple brands including Neiman Marcus (which is showing the current NFT collection in store windows), Hugo Boss, and Mattel, which owns Barbie.

Like many creators, Mayer emphasized the importance of carefully selecting companies to work with. She said she’s particularly excited about Boss Beauties’ partnership with Barbie as a part of the Role Models NFT collection. 

“As an example with Barbie, we’re looking at the work that Barbie has done with the The Dream Gap Project , which is really inspiring. And, you know, they’re really looking to help the next generation of girls and their work is amazing,” Mayer said.

Advice for Women

Mayer’s advice for young women who want to become entrepreneurs or launch their own business ventures is “focus on the things that you have.”

“There are challenging moments, but there are ways to figure out, ‘Okay, maybe I don’t have access to all this funding, but maybe, this company will donate office space to me, or maybe, there’s someone that I know that could be a mentor that could help me build a partnership with their company,’” she said. 

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Boss Beauties Lisa Mayer on NFTs and Empowering Women