Cuyana’s New Stretch Collection Is All About Versatility

Cuyana's new Stretch Collection has arrived—here's what to shop.

Cuyana’s New Stretch Collection Is All About Versatility
Cuyana’s latest collection has arrived. Cuyana.

Ever since Cuyana first launched in 2011, the brand emphasized a “fewer, better” ethos when it comes to shopping, focusing on minimalist, well-made and timeless pieces that are instant staples in any wardrobe. It didn’t take long for the sustainably-minded brand to build a dedicated following; the classic pieces have been spotted on everyone from Meghan Markle and Angelina Jolie to Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon.

Now, Cuyana is branching out into a new category, and releasing a new “Stretch” collection. The six-piece drop is all about getting women through their entire day, without having to stop for a full outfit change. The Stretch collection is designed to be functional and seamless, so that you can wear it starting for your morning yoga class, then to work, and finally off to dinner or a night out, or wherever the day may take you.

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The Stretch collection is all about versatility.

“At Cuyana, we are endlessly inspired by women’s multifaceted, versatile lifestyles,” Cuyana co-founder Karla Gallardo told Observer. “While no 24 hours look the same, women are consistently stretching themselves to meet their goals and overcome any challenges that come their way. We wanted to create a collection for these women that are consistently stretching themselves, with beautiful pieces that fit effortlessly into their dynamic schedules, so that she can spend less time worrying about her wardrobe and more time on the facets that matter most. This meant designing a collection that was equal parts comfortable, elevated and functional, all of which would work perfectly together or separately.”

The Stretch collection is composed of a long-sleeved top, high-waist leggings, a bodysuit, short-sleeved scoop-neck tee, a sports bra-like crop top and a sleevelet shrug, all of which are made using a 96 percent recycled polyamide fabric, as part of Cuyana’s goal to use 100 percent sustainably-made materials by the end of 2022. Most of the items, which range in price from $58 to $98, are available in several shades, including black, grey, light brown and dusty rose.

It’s composed of six pieces in a variety of neutral shades.

When dreaming up the collection, Gallardo was inspired by the changes in our lives over the past few years, and the importance of time. “The pandemic has shifted the world in many ways, and one thing that it has really proven to us is the value of time,” Gallardo said. “We intentionally designed our Stretch collection as a versatile, smart, fashion-forward system that moves with the modern woman. In wearing Cuyana Stretch, she can flow seamlessly throughout the day without having to worry about her outfits, and instead dedicate that time towards her multifaceted lifestyle.”

The new Stretch collection is now available to shop at Cuyana. Below, shop our favorite pieces from the drop.

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Cuyana’s New Stretch Collection Is All About Versatility