Best Cannabis Seed 2022: Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Everything you need to know about buying cannabis seeds online in the US and the top quality seed banks to find them at.

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Since several states have legalized the growing and use of cannabis, more people have been intrigued to give it a try. So, where can you buy marijuana seeds? The option would be considering to buy them from cannabis seed banks. 

Right now, there are several seed banks online. All you have to do is access their official websites and view the different seeds available. We have gone through different types of seed banks and recommended the top options in the market. If you are interested in growing your own cannabis plants, this is the list of seed banks offering marijuana seeds for sale to consider.

Editor’s Choice


  • Buyers get guaranteed germination of the seeds
  • It has the best and most popular strains 
  • Additional growing supplies are available 

Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds with US Shipping 2022

  1. ILGM – Editor’s Choice
  2. Crop King Seeds – Best for Variety
  3. Herbies Seeds – Best for Free Seeds
  4. Seedsman – Best for Global Delivery
  5. MSNL – Best for High-Quality Genetics for Seeds
  6. WeedSeedsExpress – Best for Fast Shipping
  7. Quebec Cannabis Seeds
  8. Paradise Seeds



  • It has high-quality seeds
  • Multiple strains available 
  • Free shipping in the US


  • Finding the shop section is not easy on the website

Strains Sold: Blue Dream, Supermix, Bruce Banner, GG4, Grandaddy Purple, White Widow, Super Skunk

Click here to get the best deal on ILGM

ILGM review does not take the first spot without having proper reasons. This is a good seed bank to get various types of cannabis seeds generally. It has a lot more seeds than some other cannabis seed banks making it a good choice for variety. We are talking of options such as feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. 

The company also offers a germination guarantee on its seeds. This guarantee is vital for the buyers to know that their seeds will actually grow. In case the seeds do not germinate, the company is willing to offer a refund. With guaranteed delivery, at least you are sure of the seeds actually being delivered in good time. 

ILGM is also home to high THC strains. At times you want to feel the strongest effect of marijuana seeds. That is how you can find more people considering the use of high THC strains. Beginners to growing cannabis also get the easiest seeds to grow. This is not something to worry about when you will get high-quality but beginner-friendly seeds. 

You may need additional components to grow these high-quality marijuana seeds. Well, marijuana fertilizer might be it. We recommend that you also get such additional supplies from the same brand. You can even buy them as kits so that you save more than buying each piece individually. 

2. Crop King Seeds


  • Offers great discreet delivery
  • Multiple popular strains available 
  • Multiple payment options


  • Some seeds are often out of stock

Strains Sold: White Widow, Purple Kush, Blue Cookies, Green Crack, Northern Lights, Crown Royale, Afghani, Haze Xtreme, Blueberry, Original Skunk

Click here to get the best deal on Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a brand known for coming up with new seeds more often. So, you do not need to worry about variety here. Also, the cannabis seeds are properly sorted and listed on the website so that you can easily find what you need. You will come across types such as regular, fast version, feminized, and autoflower seeds. 

The seed bank is also good at discreet delivery. Of course, you would want your package to be discreet when you are buying cannabis seeds. Most people also find that the shipping is fast. Those in the US get their products shipped in time. As a result, you can always get the best seeds in time for planting. 

How about a germination guarantee? Crop King Seeds assures there is an 80% guarantee on germination. That is a great guarantee so that you do not waste time buying seeds that will not germinate. In case you have trouble with the seeds, the team is available to offer a refund. The 24/7  chat support should also be instrumental in helping you learn more about the seeds before buying. 

The seed bank has a blog section where you can learn more about the methods of growing cannabis seeds. As such, beginners should have an easy time growing their male and female seeds. 

You will come across several payment options too. You can use your card and Bitcoin for those in the US. Canadian customers can also use E-transfers. 

3. Herbies Seeds


  • Offers fast shipping 
  • Features multiple seed variety 
  • Cash on delivery is available 


  • No free returns 

Strains Sold: Apple Betty, Dessert Mix, Za-Za OG, Indica Mix, Strawberry Amnesia, Fem Mix Pack, Grandmommy Purple, Burce Banner, Godzilla Cookies, DDoS #33

Click here to get the best deal on Herbies Seeds

You are likely to consider such cannabis seed banks for the offers they give you. Like for this one, you will get discounts on almost all seeds and also get free seeds on top. The free seeds should be encouraging for those who are buying cannabis seeds. Do not worry as you still get quality cannabis seeds with even these many offers. 

Herbies Seeds is also home to many cannabis seeds strains. You will come across strong strains, big yielding strains, high CBD strains, and the best auto-flowering seeds. As you can see, there is quite a wide range of CBD strains to buy. It is worth mentioning that all the seeds come with stealth delivery. You always have to keep the prying eyes from looking at your packages. 

Other than keeping the delivery discreet, the brand also uses the best packaging to ensure a low risk of seed damage. There is also a guarantee of delivery. In case the package is lost along the way, you can always get another one. 

Payment is generally easy. You can pay via card, bank transfer, and Bitcoin. This is quite impressive as it accommodates different people. Some countries can even pay cash on package delivery. 

4. Seedsman


  • It offers global delivery
  • Works with top breeders
  • Multiple promotions available 


  • Customer support could be better

Strains Sold: Alaskan Diesel, Fuel D. OG, Purple Ghost Candy, CBDV 1:1, Diet Durban, Blue Dream, Strawberry Cheesecake

Click here to get the best deal on Seedsman

Seedsman has been among the reputable seed banks for the last 20 years. This was the first seed bank to commercialize auto-flowering seeds. Being pioneers just shows how the company is good at delivering on the best cannabis seeds. You will still come across feminized seeds too from the same company when buying cannabis seeds online. 

Seedsman works with a wide range of breeders in the market. Some of the prominent breeders are 710 genetics, Alpine seeds, Archine, Atlas Seed, Auto Seeds, Bodhi Seeds, and more. The chances are you have across these seed breeders before. The company takes time to vet the breeders to ensure only the best seed banks are sold through it. 

Discreet shipping should make it a good pick for those in the market for keeping a low profile. Also, the overall shipping time is fast. Expect the delivery in two to three days. The best part is that the company offers global delivery. So long as marijuana is legal in your country, go ahead and place your order to get the seeds. 



  • Uses the finest quality genetics
  • The seeds offer outstanding value
  • It has years of experience in cannabis seeds 


  • Some feel it could use more variety for its reputations

Strains Sold: Durban poison, GMO Cookies, Tropicana Cookies, Wedding Cake, Do Si Dos, Gelato, Purple Hulk, Auto GDP

Click here to get the best deal on MSNL

MSNL has been in the business of selling marijuana seeds for over 20 years now. Such experience makes anyone see why it is necessary to buy from the seed bank. Unlike some other marijuana seed banks, here you get premium seeds from world-class breeders. The result is that you always end up with an outstanding value for money. 

You will find some of the best seeds including Purple Hulk, Gelato, and Auto GDP. All the strains are properly organized making it easier to choose your preferred seeds. Even those new to growing marijuana should easily find feminized seeds or any other type with ease. The seeds also come with free seeds as a nice bonus. 

MSNL often releases new seeds from time to time. This makes it the top pick too as you can get new and improved seeds always. The brand gives you more information on the farming methods you can use to grow marijuana and hemp seeds. We are talking of lighting, medium, hydroponics, and harvesting too. 

6. WeedSeedsExpress


  • Fast shipping of products
  • Has over 100 strains to consider
  • Offers delivery guarantee 


  • Email support is slow 

Strains Sold: Acapulco Gold, ACDC, AK 47, Alpine Star CBD, Amnesia Haze, Banana Kush, Big Jack Widow, Black Domina, Blue Dream, Blueberry CBD

Click here to get the best deal on WeedSeedsExpress

Unlike most online cannabis seed banks, this one promises to ship on the same day you place an order. Because of such, you expect to end up receiving your product within a couple of days. The company still offers guarantees on delivery and germination. In case any or both do not happen, the support team should get you a refund or new seeds respectively. 

So, what kind of marijuana seeds will you get from the seed bank? You will get options such as feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, high CBD weeds, and seeds for beginners. With the feminized seeds, growing cannabis plants just got easier. Such seeds are also good for those with limited experience in growing marijuana. You can get yourself the regular seeds too if you do not want those others mentioned above. 

With a catalog of over 100 strains, it would be easier to choose the best seeds based on your needs. If you are having trouble choosing the seeds, consult the support team or the blog section. The support team is often easily reachable for all the help you want. Also, there are many blogs that can help you get into cannabis farming. 

7. Quebec Cannabis Seeds


  • Easy website layout
  • Offers the best guarantee on seeds germination
  • Often has many offers available 


  • Limited choices for CBD seeds

Strains Sold: CBD SSkush, Gold Sativa, Incognito Cannabis Seeds, Lemon Kush, M 39, Northern Lights X Skunk, OG Kush, Quebec Gold 2.0, Gorilla Glue, QC Black Gold.

Click here to get the best deal on Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Even though it is based in Canada, the seed bank can sell its marijuana seeds to US clients. This is an ideal online market to find all types of cannabis strains to grow in your area. You will find different varieties too such as auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and CBD marijuana seeds. These CBD seeds will be high in CBD content once they mature as buds. 

If your order is over $200, you get to enjoy free shipping. As much as it is conditional free shipping, this would generally make more people consider it. The shipping is done in 24 hours after confirming your order. The best part should be how it also ships worldwide. This makes it easy for people around the world to get high-quality cannabis seeds. 

Orders above $150 get free seeds. Combine the free seeds with a germination guarantee and you have a great seed bank. So, do not worry about buying from seed banks online since most will guarantee germination. The return policy is also clear so that even when the seeds do not germinate, you should get replacements. 

8. Paradise Seeds


  • Many seed types are available 
  • It has affordable prices for seeds
  • Easy to use website design 


  •  Lacks live chat support 

Strains Sold: Mendocino Skunk, Nebula, Dutch Dragon, Sensi Star, Auto Wappa, Tangerine Sorbet, Chocolate Wafflez, Glowstarz, White Noise

Click here to get the best deal on Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds is quite a trusted brand when it comes to marijuana seeds. You can expect it to have more types of seeds than other seed banks. This is mostly because it has paired with the best breeders too and its overall experience in the sector. This makes it a top destination for different seed types you may want to start growing. 

The seed bank is great for all levels of experience in farming marijuana. Even when you are a beginner, it will have seeds for you to give a try. Resellers also find it a great place to find high-quality seeds to sell to their own consumers. Of course, we cannot forget the professional growers who will love the wide range of seeds available. The premium genetics used in the seeds always leads to high yields for professional growers. 

The support team is available on different platforms. It can either be by phone or email. Those who want fast responses should consider using phone support. Email replies may take up to 24 hours. There is also the blog and FAQs section where you can learn more about the seeds and how best to grow them. 

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Safely

You can easily buy weed seeds from different seedbanks, however, what makes a seed bank be a source of high-quality seeds? And how would you choose and buy the marijuana seeds safely? Let us find out more below. 

Marijuana Laws

You may find the best weed seeds but, does the country or state allow growing cannabis? This is key for anyone willing to give it a try. Take your time to go through the marijuana laws of your state to understand if growing cannabis is allowed or not. 

If it is allowed, look at the quantity too per household. At times it can be only a few plants per household. So, do not go overboard planting so many seeds to a point you need a license now to grow cannabis. 


Before you can buy marijuana seeds online, make sure you understand the germination guarantee offered. Most would have a germination guarantee of 80%. This is good enough to give you assurance of having the best outcome when planting the seeds. 

Look at the different online cannabis seed banks to understand their options for germination guarantee. Only pick the one with the best guarantee. 

Reputation Company

You cannot just buy cannabis seeds online without looking at the reputation of a company. It should be a reputable company so that the pot seeds are really good as the company claims. 

Look at the breeders supplying the company. This is because they would determine just how good the quality of the seeds is. Also, do you get additional quality checks done by the company? Quality assurance is key to leaving you with the best pot seeds and a reputable brand too. 

Customer Service

Good customer service also means quality marijuana seeds in most cases. Look at how well you get help from the support team. If you can always find the answers you need, then such a seed bank is for you. 

Customer service can also help identify a reputable seed bank. Let us say you want a refund, the support team should help you get the refund processed in good time. 

Price & Discount

Getting the best cannabis seed also means getting it at a good price and discount. Most seed banks would have discounts on their weed seeds. This is a way the seed banks use to have more people buying their products. 

Depending on your research, you may come across an ILGM coupon code or MSNL promo code. These are all vital for ease of shopping and having a bit of saving in the end. It is often recommended to buy in bundles so as to save more. 

Covert Shipping

It is expected that the packaging of the product can give away what is inside. However, that is not what you need when buying cannabis seeds. That is why discreet or covert shipping is available. Get the seeds from a company that allows for this type of shipping. In most cases, it is only the name of the customer and address that would be on the package. This can disguise the product as something of less value thus less attention to your marijuana seeds. 

Payment Options

The payment options are also vital for those seeking weed seeds. Online seed banks will have different options to consider. They mostly include Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, e-wallet, and more. Some are now introducing cryptocurrencies too. As such, you would only use the payment option that suits you the best. 

What Cannabis Seeds Should I Buy?

You will come across many types of weed seeds in the market to consider. However, it can be tough sometimes to decide. Here are the cannabis seeds you will come across and which one you should consider. 

  • Regular seeds are those produced through crossing female and male plants. They can either be male or female. You would use the female seeds for larger buds and male seeds for the continued line of genes of that specific strain. 
  • Feminized seeds will grow into female plants which produce the best flowers or buds. They are achieved whenever a female plant produces male flowers. No pollination is needed. Expect that all of the offspring from such seeds would be female. 
  • The auto-flower seeds are still new but more people have embraced them. These plants would flower easily once they reach around 10 weeks from planting. It depends on the daily light schedules. They were developed to ensure flowering even if the light conditions were not the best.

How Many Seeds Should I Buy?

When you want to buy seeds from a cannabis seed bank, the most you will get per package would be around 12 seeds. Depending on the seed bank, you can also get several free seeds like five. However, how many do you need for planting?

It comes down to the space available. You only need one seed per pot. So, count the number of pots available or calculate your planting space and estimate how many seeds you need. 

Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

At this point you are already thinking about where to buy marijuana sees, however, you may be forgetting if it is legal or not. All we can say is that it depends. Going through the marijuana laws in your state helps to see if it is legal or not to receive marijuana seeds after buying. 

As for those who want to buy marijuana seeds, consider checking out the different seed banks online. Those we have mentioned above should give you a nice head start and also save you some time too. 

The other option would be buying from physical seed banks in your area if you have some existing already. 

How Much Do Cannabis Seeds Cost?

A cannabis seed bank may not have the same price as the others. One of the biggest differences in pricing will be the type of strain you are buying. On average, it may cost $40 to get around 12 cannabis seeds. However, the cost can go as high as $400 for those high-end marijuana strains. A bit of shopping around can help in getting the best deal on your favorite strain.

Final Thoughts on Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

A good online seed bank should get you high-quality weed seeds for sale. Those who have tried the mentioned seed banks above end up with the best cannabis plants with high yields also. The seed banks feature a variety of seeds too so even if you are a beginner, there is so much you can do with the options. Ensure you always do your own research to find the best weed seeds for your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will customs confiscate my cannabis seeds?

It will depend on your location. If cannabis is outlawed in your country or state, do not buy the seeds as they may be confiscated.

2. How long do cannabis seeds last?

The marijuana seeds can last a long time if refrigerated. They can last up to a decade. However, without refrigeration, they can only last a few months.

3. Is it legal to order cannabis seeds?

Confirm this with your local laws on marijuana. Just make sure you are buying marijuana seeds in a state that allows buying and growing cannabis seeds.

4. Are male or female weed seeds better?

It depends on the use. The female weed seeds are for producing the most potent flowers or buds. The male seeds on the other hand are for breeding purposes and saving the seeds. 

Best Cannabis Seed 2022: Marijuana Seeds for Sale