The Cool and Casual Bucket Hats for Sunny Days Ahead

Add a cool girl touch to your summer wardrobe with these stylish bucket hats.

The Cool and Casual Bucket Hats for Sunny Days Ahead
Bucket hats are an essential summer staple. Annie Sheehan for Observer

The bucket hat trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, as the once decidedly uncool topper (long beloved by fishermen, dads and people who make the outdoors their entire personality) has cemented its place in cool girl fashion. Now that sunnier days are finally here and summer is just around the corner, hats are more necessary than ever. In fact, they might be the most crucial accessory for any warm weather ensemble, thanks to their ability to protect your face from harmful UV rays, though don’t forget to also slather on the sunscreen every single day of the year.

While there are plenty of chic chapeaus out there, don’t write off the bucket hat until you’ve tried it out. They’re incredibly easy to wear, and the brim is typically just wide enough to block the harsh rays, without taking up a ridiculous amount of space. Plus, bucket hats are actually comfortable, which isn’t always the case with stylish bonnets. They’re casual, relaxed and give off an effortless, low-key attitude, which makes them even more ideal for summer dressing, especially when you’re headed off on a beach day and need to throw a hat in your bag. Their durability and flexibility also makes the bucket hat an optimal choice when packing for a big trip, since they won’t get ruined in your suitcase.

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Bucket hats aren’t just for casual dressing anymore, though, as they’ve been spotted everywhere from glossy magazine editorials to every model’s current street style to fashion week runways. Prada’s iconic nylon bucket hats are arguably the most well-known designer take on the topper, but there are also plenty of other high-end options, as well as cool and casual cotton styles and timeless raffia silhouettes. Below, see the most stylish bucket hats to shop right now.

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  • Levi's.

    Levi's Natural Dye Bucket Hat

    A casual cotton bucket hat in a fun shade, like this purple hue, is an easy and effortless summer option.

    $39.50, Shop Now
  • Brixton.

    Brixton Maddie Bucket Hat

    If you want a wider brim bucket hat, try this colorblock cotton silhouette, for a more dramatic look.

    $59, Shop Now
  • Gigi Pip.

    Gigi Pip Sal Crochet Bucket Hat in Black

    Crochet is such a cute fabric for summer, and the black shade adds an air of sophistication.

    $56, Shop Now
  • Loewe.

    Loewe + Paula's Ibiza Leather-Trimmed Cotton-Canvas Bucket Hat

    This chic bucket hat is made of a cotton canvas in Italy, with Loewe’s signature leather logo to match.

    $490, Shop Now
  • Ba&sh.

    Ba&sh Hoche Hat

    For another wider brim style, try this pastel floral version, which you can tie around your neck.

    $125, Shop Now
  • Lack of Color.

    Lack of Color Wave Bucket in Tan Vegan Leather

    A structured vegan leather bucket hat instantly elevates your warm weather aesthetic, though the shade and fabric is so versatile that it’s also perfect for transitional seasons.

    $99, Shop Now
  • Herschel.

    Herschel Henderson Cap

    Keep it casual in this versatile cotton cap, which comes in plenty of whimsical colors and patterns, including this preppy periwinkle seersucker.

    $34.99, Shop Now
  • Wallaroo Hat Company.

    Wallaroo Hat Company Darby

    Okay, so this elegant hat is more on the cloche side, but it’s technically still in the bucket hat realm! It’s a packable silhouette that’s giving us seriously chic retro flair vibes.

    $51, Shop Now
  • Hat Attack.

    Hat Attack Chic Bucket Hat

    You can’t go wrong with this classic crochet look, which combines the best of a fashionable wide-brimmed topper with the ease of a bucket hat.

    $138, Shop Now
  • Stella McCartney.

    Stella McCartney Fantasia Mickey Print Logo Bucket Hat

    Embrace your inner child in Stella McCartney’s whimsical Mickey Mouse-print bucket hat.

    $350, Shop Now
  • Prada.

    Prada Logo-Embellished Shell Bucket Hat

    Let’s not forget about the classic Prada nylon bucket hat.

    $550, Shop Now
  • Artesano.

    Artesano Malibu Hat

    This checkered two-tone crochet hat comes in a playful and unexpected pattern, and we love that this one is also packable, too.

    $240, Shop Now
  • Triangl.

    Triangl Boey Bucket Hat in Raven Terry

    Spice up your beach wardrobe with this adorable terrycloth bucket hat.

    $59, Shop Now
  • Jacquemus.

    Jacquemus Le Bob Gadjo Cotton-Canvas Bucket Hat

    Hailey Bieber is a big fan of Jacquemus’ cool girl bucket hats, and this seafoam-colored cotton-canvas version is so dreamy.

    $125, Shop Now
  • Will + Bear.

    Will + Bear Fischer Bone Hat

    This classic canvas bucket hat goes with absolutely everything.

    $69, Shop Now
The Cool and Casual Bucket Hats for Sunny Days Ahead