Top 10 HHC Gummies for Sale 2022

HHC has become one of the most popular cannabinoids out there. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best HHC products of 2022. Get ready to get baked!

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Best Hexahydrocannabinol Gummies

  1. Strawberry Burst High Potency HHC by TRĒ House
  2. Atlas HHC by MoonWLKR
  3. Tropic Mango D8 + HHC by TRĒ House
  4. Blue Raspberry D10 + HHC by TRĒ House
  5. Europa HHC by Moon WLKR
  6. Just Delta – HHC – Peach Rings
  7. Birthday Cake – High Potency HHC Cookie by TRĒ House
  8. Hydro Sour HHC by Delta Extrax
  9. Just Delta – HHC – Sour Bears
  10. Just Delta – HHC – Rainbow Belts

The Best HHC Gummies on The Planet

HHC is an amazing alternative to THC that works great in gummies and edibles. Not everyone is a fan of vapes or flower, and HHC edibles make for a great alternative that offers the same great euphoric, long-lasting buzz. Because HHC oil is new to the online world there is a lot of confusion on what are the best brands and products to try. 

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Should you go for a vape or a gummy? Which brand is the best? In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best brands, talk about the effects of HHC, and get you on your way to experience the power of hemp! Here is our top 10 list based on customer experience and expert opinions. If you want to buy some premium HHC, you definitely don’t want to miss this!

Strawberry Burst High Potency by TRĒ House

The TRĒ House Strawberry Burst HHC Gummies are some of the most potent edibles out there, offering up a whopping 25mg of HHC per gummy. Strawberry burst is a fantastic name for these next-level powerful edibles that are certain to create an HHC experience to remember! These gummies have a great strawberry flavor that gently gives into a soft terpene note that is reminiscent of the weedy gummies of the past. 

At 25mg these are a fantastic bang for the buck and the 20 piece container is sure to please anyone’s HHC cravings. It’s one thing to read about it, but a completely different to experience the effects for yourself. Sure, HHC flower is great, but these are next level! You cannot find a stronger HHC product, and when paired with excellent flavor and a subtle tip of the hat TRĒ House makes to the terpene-rich cannabis flavors we firmly place these as our number 1 HHC edible.

The Strawberry Burst High Potency gummies are one of a litany of TRĒ House products that have recently hit the shelves. TRĒ House as made a name for itself in producing high potency Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, Delta 10 THC, HHC, and THC-O products that are often mixed and paired in unique combinations that make for some of the most nuanced and balanced fades available. 

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Atlas Hemp Gummies by MoonWLKR 

MoonWLKR has produced a perfect balance of ripe watermelon flavor and HHC gummies that erupt in a gushing, delightful burst of flavor. HHC is known for its sativa-like effects, resulting in a euphoric, energized buzz and these Atlas HHC edibles make for a long-lasting euphoric trip. With 12.5mg of HHC each these gummies do not disappoint and offer the perfect amount of HHC for a great time. Remember, these products are for recreation, not just wellness, so prepare to party!

As watermelon flavor is a real crowd pleaser we really enjoy these enough to give them our number 2 spot on our best products list.

MoonWLKR has dominated the industry recently with their CBD gummies and it has been a recent innovation from them to produce HHC products. Their experience in making gummies really shines through with the products as they are a flavor sensation and always offer a perfectly balanced medium intensity stoney-time.

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Tropic Mango D8 by TRĒ House

TRĒ House is known for its adventures in crafting unique combinations of Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, Delta 10 THC, HHC, and THC-O. Each of these Tropical Mango flavored gummies contains a whopping 20mg Delta-8 THC, 10mg HHC, 3mg of full-spectrum CBD, and 2 mg of THC-O to balance it all out. 

This unique combination makes for a well-balanced and complex high that can’t be matched by any one of the competing brands. With 35mg total in each gummy this combination may sound a strong lift and it certainly is, with many reviewers calling it ‘A buzz from the future.” These gummies are sure to please anyone who likes a bombastic stoney feeling that can even have visual enhancements, which sounds truly futuristic if you ask us. The mango flavor of these gummies can easily be overshadowed by their new and fantastic mix of cannabinoids. We recommend them on both marks, they are delicious and offer a remarkable HHC buzz that sets them apart from the competition. 

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Blue Raspberry D10 by TRĒ House 

The TRĒ House Blue Raspberry gummies are a combination made in heaven with Delta 10, HHC, and Delta 9. You will be able to smell these gummies as soon as you open the jar with an explosive cotton candy raspberry explosion just waiting to hit your tongue. These gummies create a unique spin on the traditional THC feeling we are all familiar with. 

This unique combination gives an energetic buzz with little to none of the lows commonly found with most weed strains. Be prepared to feel energetic and euphoric, perfect for any social experiences you have been looking forward to. With 5mg HHC, 5mg Delta 9 THC, a splash of CBD, and a generous helping of Delta 10 THC, these HHC edibles are super potent and will not disappoint anyone looking to get totally lit for the night. The piercing Blue Raspberry flavor is a perfect companion to the energetic time they produce, with both feeling bright, bubbly and sugary.

TRĒHouse stands firmly as number 1 when it comes to creating unique combinations of cannabinoids. It’s hard to beat this combination of THC and HHC! Each of their HHC combos are designed to make for a fun and unique experience. Expect the Blue Raspberry gummies to create one of the most energetic highs you have ever experienced and to be unmatched in intensity and quality as compared to other THC brands.

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Europa by Moon WLKR – Gummies 

Europa is a fantastic option if you want a medium-strength balanced experience. These have a dreamy blueberry flavor and give a soft euphoric high. At 12.5mg of HHC each these blueberry delights give some of the best medium intensity highs around, coming in mildly and just powerful enough for the high to stick around for a couple of hours.

MoonWLKR has long been around in the edibles game and their HHC products really display their experience in crafting a perfect buzz. The blueberry flavor of the new Europa MoonWalker gummies really displays this sophistication and expertise as the flavor and high are both well crafted and refined.

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Justdelta – Gummies – Peach Rings 

Peach rings are a classic childhood favorite and the Just Delta HHC Peach Rings are a perfect way to take that nostalgia to a new level. This brand made its name in the CBD industry, but is making big waves in the world of recreational hemp products. With 250mg of HHC per container, these peach rings offer a candy-sweet high that lasts. We found it hard to eat just one of these peach rings and will go as far as to recommend you get a pack of regular peach rings to enjoy with them so you don’t run out too soon!

Just Delta produces tons of premium edibles and all of their gummies are tested at ISO certified labs to ensure the exact HHC amounts listed are present. When you want a tasty HHC product that you can trust to get the job done, you can trust these HHC belts to do the trick!

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Birthday Cake – High Potency Cookie by TRĒ House 

The TRĒ House Birthday Cake cookie may not be what you were expecting in a list of products, but this cookie delivers a fantastic chewy experience. We recommend it wholeheartedly because sometimes you’re looking to chomp down on a cookie and you just don’t know it yet!

We love that each TRĒ House cookie comes with a colossal 50mg of HHC, which is enough to send anyone to the moon. If you’re looking for a more modest experience, each cookie has a recommended serving of exactly half, which will make for a perfect intensity high, and one extra serving you can share the fun with. The TRĒ House cookies are made with quality ingredients and really live up to all the hype that has been going around about the company, which reviewers can’t recommend enough! 

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Hydro Sour by Delta Extrax 

The Hydro Sour gummy by Delta Extrax offers a unique take on the new edibles market, dishing out a low dose formulated to help you stay relaxed, focused, and energetic. These Hydro Sour gummies do just that, they produce a mild high that doesn’t get in the way of everyday life, acting more like a pick-me-up that keeps you going than an explosive high to end the day on.

The tart flavor will get you started by waking you up and with a pucker that fades into a delightful sweet fruit flavor. After 30 min you can expect a mild high to come on that carries with it all of the best aspects of HHC, making you feel energetic and euphoric for a couple of hours. 

At just 10mg each it is easy to enjoy these low potency products whenever you need to feel more relaxed, but don’t want to lose focus on the task at hand. We really feel these fill in a missing gap in the market, where few products are formulated to keep you focused, and HHC feels like the perfect cannabinoid to offer this effect for users. Good thing Delta Extrax is here to fill this void perfectly. Since these products are so useful and can be used throughout the day, the jar rarely seems to last long! 

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HHC edibles” data-lasso-id=”1683167″>JustDelta – Gummies – Sour Bears 

Gummy bears have been a long-standing staple in the edibles category and Just Delta has perfected the formula for the perfect gummy bear to get high on. These bears are sour with a fantastic lip-puckering coating that reveals various fruit flavors when chewed. 

Soon comes a gentle HHC high that is well balanced between being energetic and euphoric that has good lasting strength. The Sour Bears are much smaller than the Peach Rings and Rainbow Belts that Just Delta offers and the Sour Bears accordingly have a milder effect to them. If you’re not careful with these products you can easily eat 3 or 4 in a single sitting! 

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JustDelta – Gummies – Rainbow Belts 

When it comes to unmatched candy delight the Rainbow Belts are definitely a hit. Each one is a joy to eat, it’s a sugar-crusted roll that you can unravel into your mouth to be delighted with a sweet and sour explosion followed by a tutti-fruity delight. So much fun and you are rewarded later with a moderate HHC high that comes on strong and lasts for several hours. These belts deserve a place on the list solely for how fun they are to eat but don’t be fooled, they offer a well-balanced high that is what has come to be expected from Just Delta. 

Just Delta has been making a name for itself for a while with CBD edibles. Originally called Just CBD their products have since expanded to include other cannabinoids and they have renamed themselves to Just Delta. Their line of HHC products reflects both their expertise in making edibles and their willingness to innovate into HHC. 

All of this expertise can be seen with their fantastic selection of different candies and the mastery in their flavors, earning them several places on this list.

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What is Hexahydrocannabinol?

HHC, short for Hexahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive cannabinoid first synthesized by Roger Adams in 1947. HHC is synthesized from THC through the process of hydrogenation. Hydrogenation is when hydrogen atoms are added to a molecule, in the case of HHC two additional hydrogen atoms are added to a THC molecule to generate it. This same process is used to make things such as vegetable oils, makeup, antacids, and pharmaceuticals. HHC has seen an explosion in popularity because of the limited regulations on its sale and trade as compared to THC. 

Does HHC Get You High?

Yes! HHC gets you high in a similar way to how THC gets you high.

HHC is a psychoactive compound that activates the cannabinoid receptor, which is the same receptor that THC activates. Because this compound is intoxicating, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery when using HHC. If you’re interested in HHC or any other THC product, make sure to check laws and regulations in your home state!

Looking to treat yourself to a premium HHC experience?

Then you need to head over to TRĒ House!

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Top 10 HHC Gummies for Sale 2022