10 Best CBD Pills & CBD Capsules of 2022

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CBD has become an incredibly popular health supplement over the past several years, with products ranging from CBD gummies, CBD oil tinctures, and CBD vape oil products to CBD cream, CBD for dogs and cats, THC oil products, and even CBD mushroom extract products. One of the most popular forms of CBD is CBD capsules or CBD pills

Taking CBD in a capsule form allows you to manage your CBD dosage with precision, as each pill or capsule contains an exact amount of cannabidiol. And capsules are conveniently portable for any purse, bag, or pocket, making them easily accessible for any on-the-go lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll discuss the effects and benefits of CBD, in particular CBD capsules, and we’ll give you some helpful tips on how to shop for the best CBD capsule and pill products. But first, let’s have a look at our picks for the best CBD pills, CBD capsules, and CBD tablets of 2022!

Top CBD Pills & Capsules of the Year

1. CBDfx CBD + CBG Morning Capsules

Topping our list of best CBD oil capsules are the popular CBD + CBG Morning Capsules from CBDfx. You’ll see a lot of CBDfx products on this list, and for good reason. CBDfx is one of the most trusted names in the CBD industry and has been making premium CBD products since 2014. They use only organically grown hemp, and the CBD oil is extracted from the hemp by means of clean CO2, which is much cleaner and safer than less expensive solvent oil extraction methods. They also verify the purity and potency of every product with an independent, third-party lab report. As you’ll see below, these are the big three criteria when it comes to shopping for quality CBD.

Their CBD + CBG Morning Capsules are formulated for energy and focus. Each two-capsule serving contains 30 mg of broad spectrum CBD and 5 mg of CBG, commonly known as the “Mother of All Cannabinoids.” Each delivers a wealth of wellness benefits and work in combination to create the famous Entourage Effect, wherein multiple cannabis compounds boost each other’s effects. These potent capsules also contain L-tyrosine and Rhodiola rosea for focus and antioxidant properties, time-release caffeine for jitter-free energy, healthful curcumin, and focus terpenes. CBDfx Morning Capsules are a great addition to any morning regimen, particularly for those who need laser-focused energy to get through their busy day.

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2. CBDfx Soft CBD Gel Capsules

CBDfx’s Soft CBD Gel Capsules take a different approach. Instead of being packed full of complementary ingredients, these oil liquid capsules offer a more pure CBD experience. Each of these potent CBD softgels contains 25 mg of full spectrum CBD (with a serving size of either one or two capsules, depending on user preference). Full spectrum CBD contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids of the hemp plant, giving you a deeply calming CBD experience. If you’re shopping CBD by spectrum — full, broad or isolate — this is the heavy hitter. The only other ingredients in these CBD softgels are gelatin (to make the capsules) and natural, coconut-derived medium chain triglyceride oil to increase CBD absorption. As pure CBD experiences go, you really can’t do much better than these powerful softgels.

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3. Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Liquid Softgels

Lazarus Naturals is another CBD industry heavy-hitter, known for the purity and potency of their CBD products. Their CBD oil liquid gels give you a whopping 50 mg of full spectrum CBD per serving, plus added terpenes to maximize your wellness and relaxation benefits. These CBD softgels are another great option for those wanting to experience the gentle calming effects of cannabidiol.

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4. CBDfx Delta-9 THC Capsules + CBD: Daily Chill Blend

CBDfx is back on our top CBD capsules list with their first delta-9 THC oil capsule. With their delta-9 THC line of products (featuring THC gummies, oils, vapes and capsules), CBDfx takes full spectrum oil and then adds back into it extra THC, bringing the delta-9 THC content much closer to the legal limit of 0.3% for dry weight hemp. That’s 25 mg CBD and 5 mg THC in every “chill” serving. What does that mean for you? It means a wonderful (legal) option for total body relaxation at the end of a long day. 

While the THC in these pills is below the legal limit, we still advise you to avoid operating heavy machinery after taking this or any relaxation product.

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5. Medterra Good Morning Liposomal CBD+ Capsules

Medterra enters our top CBD capsules list with a potent natural energy capsule. Each Medterra Good Morning Capsule contains 25 mg of CBD, plus 40 mg of caffeine and an impressive mix of adaptogens and botanicals, formulated to get you up and moving in the morning. Bursting with maca root, turmeric, B6 and B12 in every dose, it’s a great capsule to start your day.

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6. CBDfx CBD + CBN Night Capsules

The top CBD capsules for sleep on our list are CBDfx’s CBD + CBN Night Capsules. These potent CBD pills contain 30 mg of broad spectrum CBD per serving, plus 2.5 mg of CBN, known as the “ultimate relaxation cannabinoid” for its restful effects. But that’s not all. These CBD pills for sleep also include calming valerian root, GABA, and magnesium, as well as a restful blend of terpenes. If you like the kitchen sink approach to sleep supplements, but also want a product that’s safe and natural, you’ll want to try CBDfx CBD + CBN Night Capsules.

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7. cbdMD Premium CBD Oil Softgel Capsules

Premium CBD Oil Softgel Capsules from cbdMD are another great option for those who desire quality CBD and no other active ingredients to cloud their CBD experience. With a variety of CBD potency options, ranging from 15 mg CBD per capsule to 50 mg CBD per capsule, cbdMD offers a potent CBD capsule for every level of user. And with only broad spectrum CBD, gelatin, and absorption-boosting MCT oil in the mix, the ingredient profile makes sure the spotlight shines firmly on the CBD with every dose.

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8. Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp Extract Liquid Capsules

Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp Extract Liquid Capsules contain just two ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil to serve as a carrier oil and Charlotte’s Web proprietary hemp genetics full-spectrum whole-plant extract. With 25 mg of top-shelf, CO2-extracted CBD per capsule, they’re a great full spectrum option for those seeking a deep, pure CBD experience.

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9. Sandland CBN Fall Asleep Under-Tongue Tabs

Sandland offers a different variation on the CBD capsules for sleep theme. In fact, their fast-acting hemp blend is steered much more towards CBN than it is CBD. They begin with a micro-serving of melatonin to begin the sleep process, and then have a time-released peppermint release for aromatherapeutic benefits. Finally, 15 mg of relaxing CBN kicks in to bring your body fully to rest. Sandland also carries a Stay Asleep capsule, as well, giving you two great options for natural hemp sleep support.

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10. Alpine Hemp Energize CBD Capsules

Alpine Hemp has a broad line of CBD capsules for different needs. Their Energize pills offer energy and focus in an impressive ingredient profile. In addition to 20 mg of cannabinoids per serving, these peppy CBD capsules also contain a host of vitamins (including energy-boosting niacin) and a massive list of natural ingredients, including ginkgo biloba, ginseng, L-carnitine, green tea extract, and more. If you need a little natural pep in your step, these are the pills for you.

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What Is CBD?

So, what is this CBD (or cannabidiol) compound we keep talking about and why is it so darned popular? Well, let’s start with a little biology lesson. All vertebrate animals have a cell-signaling system called the endocannabinoid system. That’s right: endocannabinoid. Cannabinoids that are manufactured by your own body. These endocannabinoids act as neurotransmitters, delivering signals to receptors in various organs and systems in your body, including the brain and nervous system. These signals help the body to maintain homeostasis, or balance. And in turn, this helps your body to regulate such crucial functions as sleep, mood, memory, stress, immune, appetite, pain, motor control, and many more.

Cannabis plants produce their own cannabinoids, including CBD (CBD products, by the way, are produced from a non-intoxicating form of cannabis called hemp). And these cannabinoids, when introduced into the body, mimic the body’s own endocannabinoids and support homeostasis and, thus, regulation of the many important functions listed above. As an all-around health supplement, it’s actually quite a powerful compound. And it’s easy to see why CBD has become so popular, for both its gentle calming effects and for overall wellness.

The Benefits of Taking CBD in a Capsule

Taking CBD in a capsule removes a lot of the guesswork in terms of how big a dose to take and so forth. All servings are pre-measured and, unlike vape or tincture products, there’s no wondering about how much CBD you’ve actually taken in.

And unlike other CBD edibles, such as CBD gummies or CBD cookies, there’s no potential mess to worry about. Just grab and go for full CBD benefits.

How to Shop for the Best CBD Capsule Products

When you’re shopping for CBD, you want to find a company you can trust and a product that’s safe and effective. Here are some things to keep an eye out for.

Organic Hemp

Cannabis, including the hemp plants used to make CBD products, is known as a bioaccumulator, meaning that it absorbs everything that’s in the soil surrounding it. That’s great for nutrients, but terrible if that soil contains pesticides, heavy metals and other potentially harmful chemicals. When the hemp plant soaks in those chemicals, they go straight into the CBD oil you consume. So, make sure to only buy safe, pure, organic CBD.

CO2 Extraction

Less scrupulous companies will sometimes try to save a buck by using cheaper extraction methods to remove the CBD oil from the hemp. Solvent oil extraction makes use of chemicals, such as butane, which unfortunately can leave behind chemical residues in your CBD. Carbon dioxide is clean and efficient, and leaves behind no chemical residue in your CBD. Look for a company that exclusively uses CO2 oil extraction for all CBD products.

Third-Party Lab Reports

So, how can you confirm whether or not your CBD is derived from organic hemp by means of clean CO2 extraction? The best CBD companies will supply you with a lab report, generated by an independent, third-party laboratory. This report will not only tell you how much cannabidiol and other cannabinoids are in your product, but they’ll also tell you if there are any harmful chemicals present, as well. Never purchase CBD unless you can confirm its purity and potency with a third-party lab report.

The Final Word on CBD Capsules & Pills

CBD is a great supplement for overall wellness and calming or focusing the mind. CBD capsules are particularly effective for parsing out the exact dose you’re going for, and as a convenient grab-and-go option. When you’re shopping for CBD capsules and pills, remember to look for the big three criteria: organic hemp, CO2 extraction, and a third-party lab report. And enjoy your cannabidiol experience! We wish you the best on your wellness journey.

				10 Best CBD Pills & CBD Capsules of 2022