The Dreamiest Scented Candles for Summer

It's time to light up a superbly summery candle to usher in the season.

The Dreamiest Scented Candles for Summer
A summer candle is the perfect way to usher in the new season. Grace Kamin for Observer

If you ask someone to describe the scent of sumner, you’re sure to get quite a few different replies—some might say salty air or the ocean breeze, while others may associate the season with blooming flowers or fresh cut herbs, or perhaps zesty citrus and lush greenery. Fragrance is personal, but no matter what bouquet you prefer, a luxurious scented candle is a perfect way to bring that summer fragrance into your home.

A chic scented candle instantly transforms the atmosphere; it’s such an easy and seamless option to update your home for summer. You can also opt for different scented candles depending on your mood; you might want a more uplifting, sunny scent during the daytime, and then light up a soft woodsy or amber-focused bougie for a dinner party or cozy evening at home.

There’s an elegant summer candle out there for every scent preference, whether you’re into floral, fruity, woodsy, herbal, citrus or anything in between. Below, see the best candles to light up this summer.

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  • Carrière Frères.

    Carrière Frères Waterlily

    Carrière Frères recently released a special collection with the Paris National Museum of Natural History, including this lovely waterlily candle, which is perfect parts floral and fruity, all in a lovely multicolored vessel.

    $85, Shop Now
  • Glasshouse Fragrances.

    Glasshouse Fragrances Pool Party

    This aptly named votive will immediately transport you to a lazy summer weekend, thanks to notes of orchid, pink grapefruit, rhubarb and jasmine. The brightly colored jar is also so fun for the season.

    $55, Shop Now
  • Hope Fragrances.

    Hope Fragrances Hope Scented Candle

    Not only does this candle exude an aroma of white florals like jasmine and gardenia, but your purchase also supports a good cause, as profits go to depression research.

    $75, Shop Now
  • Voluspa.

    Voluspa Wildflowers Classic Candle

    This aptly named bougie will fill your home with a bouquet of wildflowers, golden poppy and herbs, complemented by a touch of citrus and blue agave.

    $30, Shop Now
  • Oribe.

    Oribé Côte d’Azur

    Oribé has long been a haircare favorite, and now the brand has released their first candles, including this captivating scent inspired by the French Riviera; it’s a mixture of Calabrian bergamot, white butterfly jasmine and la mariposa blanca, with an underlying note of sandalwood.

    $78, Shop Now
  • The White Company.

    The White Company Sea Salt Signature Candle

    If you’re always dreaming of the ocean, you’ll adore this sea salt votive, with additional hints of oakmoss and cedarwood.

    $26, Shop Now
  • Aerin.

    Aerin L'Ansecoy Orange Blossom Candle

    For an elegant orange blossom aroma, try this candle that’s inspired by the Caribbean isle of Mustique.

    $95, Shop Now
  • Naturopathica.

    Naturopathica Chill Chocolate Vine Stress Candle

    Those that simply aren’t into the whole floral candle situation should consider this new votive from skincare brand Naturopathica; while chocolate might seem like an unexpected fragrance for summer, just trust us and try this—you’ll be instantly swayed once you take in the comforting and soothing aroma of dark chocolate, honey and vanilla.

    $48, Shop Now
  • Diptyque.

    Diptyque Paris Citronnelle Lemongrass Candle

    Citronella candles don’t have the best reputation, since their main purpose is usually seen as entirely devoted to keeping bugs at bay. Leave it to Diptyque to make citronella a chic choice; their lemongrass candle emits a soft scent that’s both floral and citrusy. This year, the brand launched a special collab with artist Matthieu Cossé, with a depiction of the Mediterranean coast painted on the vessel.

    $370, Shop Now
  • Nette.

    Nette Pearl Dust Scented Candle

    Nette’s new candle is all about the height of summer; it will perfume the room with a mixture of white musk, amber and orris.

    $82, Shop Now
  • Boy Smells.

    Boy Smells Marble Fruit

    This fruity candle, which features a combination of pear, nectarine, rose, jasmine, pink peppercorn, cedar and sandalwood, has been a longtime favorite of Boy Smells customers, and the brand debuted an exclusive limited edition of the scent for Pride Month, with 15 percent of sales donated to GLSEN.

    $36, Shop Now
  • Trudon.

    Trudon Odalisque

    Trudon’s sophisticated orange blossom votive is also accompanied by notes of juniper and vanilla.

    $125, Shop Now
  • Skandinavisk.

    Skandinavisk Regn Scented Candle

    For a more unexpected scent, try this candle that’s inspired by those quick summer storms—think damp grass and peonies.

    $45, Shop Now
  • L'or de Seraphine.

    L'or de Seraphine Kiku Candle

    Take a break from the usual fruity and floral summer scents and give this matcha-focused candle a go; it also contains hints of lemongrass and bamboo.

    $48, Shop Now
  • Illume Candles.

    Illume Citrus Crush Fleur Tin Candle

    Citrusy scents are so lovely for this season, and we love the combination of mandarin and grapefruit, along with a touch of sandalwood, in this petite bougie.

    $16, Shop Now
  • Otherland.

    Otherland Melonspell Candle

    Those that can’t get enough of fruity fragrances won’t be able to resist this juicy watermelon, cucumber dew and palo santo-focused candle.

    $36, Shop Now
The Dreamiest Scented Candles for Summer