Top 5 THC-O Products 2022

We’ve done the homework for you and have found what we believe to be the 5 best THC-O products of 2022.

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The cannabis industry is changing rapidly and as more states legalize recreational cannabinoids, more Delta and THC-O products are hitting the market. If you’re a fan of THC, it’s a great time to be alive. There’s something special about the relaxation and perspective change people often experience when using cannabis products and we’re ecstatic that Delta and THC-O have seen such a boom in popularity.

With so many companies and products emerging, there are a lot of options for customers to choose from. While this is great, it can cause some indecision. How do you choose between so many products and brands? Typically it involves a ton of research and a fair amount of trial and error. Fortunately, we’re here to help. 

We’ve done the homework for you and have found what we believe to be the 5 best THC-O products of 2022.

If you want to get baked in a new and exciting way, you won’t want to miss these products!

  1. Tropic Mango Gummies (Delta 8 + THC-O + HHC)
  2. Rainbow Sherbert Hybrid Vape Pen (Delta 8 + THC-O + Delta 9 + Delta 10)
  3. Lemon Jack Sativa Vape Pen (Delta 8 + THC-O + Delta 9 + Delta 10)
  4. Wedding Cake Indica Vape Pen (Delta 8 + THC-O + Delta 9 + Delta 10)
  5. Watermelon Gummies (THC-O)

The Best THC-O Products

THC-O is fairly new, but there are already a fair amount of brands and products out there. Some are good, some are bad, but we wanted to find the best. Unfortunately, you can’t always trust fancy marketing tactics and because THC-O is so new, people don’t know who to trust. The CBD industry has been around long enough for companies to develop a reputation for quality, but many people are still flying blind when it comes to THC-O. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the biggest names and the best products in this blossoming industry. We’ll take a closer look at the cannabinoid content of these formulations, discuss their flavor profile, and even offer you a serious discount on each of them.

You read correctly, we’re going to help you find the best THC-O and hook you up with hefty savings… Does it get any better? Not really.

Let’s get to it!

Tropic Mango Gummies (D8 + THC-O + HHC)

Our absolute favorite product of 2022 is the Tropic Mango THC-O Gummies from TRĒ House. We tried a bunch of different THC-O gummies. Some included a delta cannabinoid, some didn’t, but none of them came close to the intense buzz we got from TRĒ House THC-O. This brand has truly broken the mold.

There’s a lot to love about the Mango Tropic gummies, but one of the things that really stood out to us was the impressive combination of cannabinoids. 

These powerful THC-O gummies are packed with a combination of cannabinoids that got us going like nothing we’d ever felt before. Each gummy contains a whopping 2mg serving of THC-O. While this may not sound like much, you need to keep in mind that THC-O is believed to be 300 times the potency of THC. That means 2mg of THC-O is probably going to take you to the moon and back! These tasty little devils also contain 20mg of Delta 8, 10mg of HHC, and 3mg of full-spectrum CBD.

If you’re looking for a potent THC-O gummy that tastes great and gets you ripped, it doesn’t get any better than TRE House.

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Rainbow Sherbert Hybrid Vape Pen (D8 + THC-O +  D9 + D10)

Next on our list is the Rainbow Sherbert hybrid vape pen from TRE House. There are some pretty good vape devices on the market and even some good CBD vapes, but if you’re on the hunt for a convenient way to get your fade on, TRE House is the way to go. 

This impressive THC-O Vape pen is packed with a carefully curated collection of cannabinoids that provides a buzz similar to that of THC, but definitely its own thing. Each of the TRE House vape pens was designed to taste like classic cannabis strains. The Rainbow Sherbert vape offers the terpene-rich taste of Marijuana and has a fruity twist to its finish. The flavor is undoubtedly delicious, but one of the things that people love about these disposables is that they get to enjoy the taste of cannabis without any of the harsh smoke.

Out of all the THC-O pens we tried, the TRE House THC-O was definitely the most powerful. We thought we’d been baked before but THC-O is really a whole different ball game. If you want it to taste and feel like you’re chiefing away on some extremely potent, impressively tasty cannabis, you should certainly check out the Rainbow Sherbert hybrid pen from TRE House.

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Lemon Jack Sativa Vape Pen (D8 + THC-O + D9 + D10)

Another fantastic option from TRE House is their Lemon Jack Sativa vape pen. This is seriously one of the best flavors we’ve ever come across. There’s just something special about the taste of sweet cannabis combined with zesty lemons. The only bad thing about this pen is that it tastes so good you might not be able to put it down.

TRE house designed these pens to perfection. Not only do they contain hearty servings of Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, and THC-O, but they also seem to last forever. These are some of the only rechargeable disposables that we’ve ever seen. 

The average disposable has roughly 200 hits in it before it’s dead. TRE House vapes are rechargeable and offer 800+ puffs per pen. Not only is that impressive, but it also saves you some serious cash! No wonder TRE House is on our list so many times!

When you want to enjoy the powerful buzz and rich taste of famous cannabis strains without any smoke, you need to head over to TRE House!

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Wedding Cake Indica Vape Pen (D8 + THC-O + D9 + D10)

Ok, you’re right… We are a little obsessed. But that’s only because this company makes so many amazing products! The last disposable in their THC-O series is the Wedding Cake indica. Like the other formulations in the product line, this pen’s flavor profile is modeled after a famous cannabis strain. This pen is also packed with D8, D9, D10, and THC-O. If you want to get ripped on 4 different cannabinoids at once, these pens are definitely your best choice.

Each of these pens contains the same combination of cannabinoids, but they each also have unique qualities. The flavor is obviously different, but so is the type of hemp they were extracted from. 

Some people love the chill feeling of cannabis Indica, some people prefer the heady feeling of cannabis Sativa, and plenty of people can’t make up their minds so they stick with a hybrid of the two. The Wedding cake vape contains powerful Indica cannabinoids, so if you’re looking to chill, this is the pen you should be reaching for.

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Watermelon Gummies (THC O) by Koi

Fine, we’ll change it up. Koi is one of the biggest names in CBD and has perfected the skill of crafting cannabis products. Well, luckily for every THC enthusiast on the planet, Koi has decided to focus its efforts on recreational Delta and THC-O gummies. That means all of that time they spent in the lab studying cannabinoids is now being used to get you baked! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: what a time to be alive!

These gummies don’t contain Delta 8, Delta 9, or any of the other Delta cannabinoids, but they do contain an impressive 15mg serving of THC-O! The flavor profile was another thing that really blew our minds. Some flavors, like blue raspberry, are super common in the THC world, but it’s quite rare that you come across watermelon gummies. 

These tasty little treats left our mouths watering for more. Since these boast such a high potency, we recommend resisting the temptation to chow down and sticking with just one or two gummies. Otherwise, you might get far more baked than expected.

Some people like to get a little baked, some people like a happy middle-ground, and some people want to get licensed as a space cadet. If you want a super-high potency gummy that will send you into outer space, you’re going to love the Watermelon THC-O gummies from Koi!

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Honorable Mentions:

Mango Gummies by Koi

Koi is one of the most trusted names in CBD, but they’ve recently transitioned into the world of Delta cannabinoids and THC-O gummies. CBD wellness is great, but we want to get lit! And when you want to get lit, Koi has you covered! This brand has a ton of experience crafting premium cannabis products and has quickly become one of the most popular delta brands on the market.

These gummies are impressively tasty. We don’t think that this mango flavor is quite as accurate as that of the Mango gummies from TRE House, but they’re still delicious and they get you plenty baked. Like their Watermelon THC-O gummies, these contain a very potent 15mg serving of THC-O. While this is ultimately a good thing, it means that you are going to need to practice some self-control. If you eat more than two of these bad boys, you’re going to be in the clouds.

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Apple Jack Gummies by A Gift From Nature

The brand “A Gift From Nature” is not nearly as well known as TRE House or Koi, but they do make some awesome THC-O products. We read a blog about this company and were inspired to give them a try. When we did, we were quite impressed. First of all, it’s not every day that you come across an apple-flavored gummy. Honestly, we were a bit hesitant at first, but when we bit in, our minds were instantly changed. These gummies are downright delicious!

As it turns out, applejack gummies are the business. We found ourselves eating multiple gummies because we couldn’t believe how good they were. Then, the THC-O hit us like a ton of bricks. These gummies are impressively potent and can definitely take you on a ride if you aren’t careful. 

We also appreciate that this brand uses the best ingredients possible in its THC pen products. Their gummies are made with naturally occurring pectin and are 100% cruelty-free. They also use real fruit flavorings and have their applejack flavor dialed to perfection.

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Strawberry Gummies by Koi

Koi makes a plethora of high-quality cannabis products and specializes in delicious gummies. They’ve spent a great deal of time perfecting their craft in the CBD industry and have now made the transition to recreational cannabinoids. This brand is probably most famous for the Koi Stick, but their gummies are a very close second. Though the Strawberry gummies aren’t as mind-blowingly delicious as their Watermelon gummies, they’re still head and shoulder above most of the competition.

This is a brand committed to excellence. All of their products are made with the finest ingredients, crafted to be 100% compliant so you don’t have to worry about legal issues, and get you ripped like nobody’s business. Koi doesn’t really use cannabinoid combinations in their gummies, but instead, packs these with 15mg of powerful TCH-O.

If you love THC and the sweet taste of strawberries, these gummies are going to blow your mind.

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What is THC O?

THC-O-Acetate is a powerful semi-synthetic cannabinoid that is rapidly growing in popularity. Some people wrongfully spell this as “THC OH”, but now you know that’s incorrect. Because THC-O is synthetic, you won’t find things like THC-O flower, but rather vapes and gummies.

The legality of THC-O still varies based on location and might be illegal in your home-town. For this reason, it’s important for you to check your local laws and regulations to make sure you aren’t going to get busted.

THC O Gummies

THC-O is fairly new to the market and one of the most common products you’ll find in 2022 are gummies. It’s not hard to understand why gummies are so popular. They’re chewy, delicious, and can provide a refreshing break from a busy day. Well, they also happen to be a fairly easy way to deliver a hearty serving of THC-O. Gummies are also a good way to stay legal. Though THC-O is legal in some places in the U.S and definitely not legal in others, gummies made with THC-O made from hemp with 0.3% THC or less, tend to have a stronger legal standing.

We’re not making any claims about THC-O being legal because it definitely varies from state to state, we’re just saying gummies are a good way to stay compliant. If you aren’t sure whether or not THC-O is legal in your hometown, we highly recommend doing some research to make sure you aren’t going to get busted for possession.

THC O Vapes

Aside from gummies, the most common THC-O products out there are vapes. These products are especially popular with Marijuana fans but have also inspired a whole new generation of space cadets. CBD played a huge part in making the general public more comfortable

If you’re on the hunt for some truly premium TCH-O, Head over to TRĒ House!

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Top 5 THC-O Products 2022