Observer’s Slambook: Artist Qualeasha Wood on Ethically Colonizing Mars

Qualeasha Wood answered Observer’s Slambook questionnaire, our most recent series, and talks Tinder, Mars colonization, and Chicago pizza.

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Observer’s Slambook is a series that is ongoing over at our Arts Newsletter, that I write weekly, where I ask various artists, writers, and culture heads a series of randomized questions. These questions are silly, and akin to something you’d do at summer camp, but what I’ve found over the course of this series is it’s an excellent way to see different sides to creatives we already love. This text comes directly from the newsletter and is not changed in any way. 

Qualeasha Wood Answers Observer’s Slambook

Qualeasha Wood is truly one of the art world’s hottest up and comers! Represented by Gallery Kendra Jayne Patrick, her work has been exhibited at Hauser & Wirth, CANADA Gallery, New Image Art, and more. We want to wish her a sincere congratulations on her work The [Black] Madonna/Whore Complex (2021) being acquired by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Qualeasha is the first to answer our Slambook series, where culture figures answer a randomly generated set of questions they typically wouldn’t be asked in an interview. 

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you met online?

I met my partner on Tinder, and we talked for weeks online before we met up irl (in real life). I think though this is kind of what it means to be queer in the 2000s. It’s so unlikely that you’ll go to a bar and actually meet someone you connect with anyways. So I feel like I accepted a long time ago that that’s how I’d meet the love of my life.

Are you a gamer?

I love video games!! I’ve been playing The Sims my whole life! I find myself lately creating loads of drama, instead of building a utopia. But I’m also a huge Call of Duty player, and a lover of Assassin’s Creed.

Are you for the colonization of Mars?

I think this is sooooo hard.  I think there’s the question of what does colonization mean on Mars? If there’s no people/life forms that we are disturbing then I wouldn’t mind moving to Mars one day because earth is ghetto. But if colonizing Mars means harming existing life forms then I am not for Mars colonization!

Favorite piece of culture you initially thought you’d hate?

I absolutely refused to watch Steven Universe for years because I can’t stand the fan base. Most of the diehard fans are usually annoying personality types imo so I just assumed I wouldn’t enjoy it. I ended up watching it on a date once, and secretly thought it was cute.

Your favorite thing about where you grew up?

The favorite thing about where I grew up is definitely the pizza. New Jersey has the BEST pizza. NY and Chicago pizza is mid.

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Observer’s Slambook: Artist Qualeasha Wood on Ethically Colonizing Mars