Best Appetite Suppressant In 2022 : OTC Hunger Control Pills To Lose Weight

These dietary products can be difficult to figure out, but don't worry; we have you covered.

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Do you ever feel the need to trick your brain into feeling less hungry but often fail at accomplishing this? Well, truth be told, this is a universal problem for people yearning to lose weight. But say no more! 

Appetite suppressants can help you lower your calorie food intake and lose weight in no time. Remember though, to only do so if the feeling comes from within – don’t let anyone sell you on unrealistic body standards. 

These dietary products can be difficult to figure out, but don’t worry; we have you covered. In this article, each appetite suppressant that is listed will be reviewed in detail. Further informing you what the product does, the ingredients in the products, where to get them, and how to use them effectively. 

That said, with our list of the best appetite suppressants, you will find yourself filled with self-love in no time. Dive in to feel happier, fuller, and fitter!

Our List Of Best Appetite Suppressant To Control Hunger: 

  1. PhenQ – Overall Best Appetite Suppressant Pills To Suppress Appetite Naturally 
  2. Leanbean – Best Appetite Suppressants For Women; Most Trusted Diet Pills
  3. Trimtone – Effective Hunger Suppressant That Burns Fat 
  4. Phen24 – Hunger Control Pills To Boost Metabolism; OTC Diet Supplement
  5.  PrimeShred – Natural Appetite Suppressant Foods For Weight Loss Effects

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks: 


#1. PhenQ – Overall Best Appetite Suppressant Pills To Suppress Appetite Naturally 

On top of our list is PhenQ. This premium product is manufactured and distributed by Wolfson Brands Ltd, a company based in the U.K. Being around for a long time, Wolfson Brands Ltd has always concentrated on providing its customers with the best quality products. 

Making their products consumer-friendly, PhenQ is meant for anyone looking to burn body fat and suppress food cravings while improving their overall health and boosting their energy levels.

It is produced by using a high-quality formula that gives excellent results in giving you the perfect body size. Additionally, it can reduce fat production in the body so that you stop gaining weight. 

All ingredients used by PhenQ are safe to consume and all-natural, making them vegan. All these are backed up by research to make sure they are effective and safe to use.

How It Works

PhenQ is advertised as a thermogenic product. Thermogenic refers to the process of generating heat in your body. As the body heats up, it burns more fat, which helps you lose weight much faster.

Cactus fiber is the main ingredient in PhenQ that suppresses your appetite. Other than just making you feel full for longer, the cactus fiber is capable of stopping your body from digesting too much fat. This happens as the cactus fiber gets stuck to fat molecules, and both substances are then passed through the digestive system.

Furthermore, the caffeine present in PhenQ also helps in suppressing appetite. Another ingredient, chromium picolinate, helps stop users from having cravings for sugars and carbs.

Here are some Dosage Tips to use when taking PhenQ:

Users need to take one pill in the morning with their breakfast and another one with their lunch. PhenQ is made using caffeine anhydrous, which is a highly concentrated version of normal caffeine. This ingredient can interfere with your sleeping routine; hence it is highly recommended that you not take PhenQ after 3 pm.

It is important to stick to the recommended dosage so that users do not develop a caffeine dependency after taking high doses of PhenQ.

Lastly,before taking PhenQ, check with your doctor to see whether or not the appetite suppressant interacts with any other medicine you might be taking.


    • Helps in suppressing appetite: The different ingredients present in PhenQ like chromium, cactus fiber, and caffeine help suppress appetite. They keep the user’s body full while preventing them from craving small snacks between proper meals.
    • Helps in fat loss: PhenQ has ingredients that help people burn more fat than they have while also it helps prevent the body from producing more fat to begin with.
    • Raises energy levels: Usually, a common thing people feel while dieting is lazy and lethargic. But as PhenQ contains caffeine and other energy-boosting ingredients, it makes you feel alert during the entire day.
    • Vegan /Vegetarian friendly: As PhenQ is produced using all-natural ingredients, it is completely vegan.
    • Mood Heightener: As people feel a drop in their energy levels from dieting, they consequently experience a shift in mood. PhenQ contains ingredients that are known to have light mood-enhancing effects, and this ensures that your diet is not ruining your mood.


    • Suppress appetite, so users reduce calories by eating less
    • Boosts the body’s metabolic rate, hence making weight loss much faster
    • Improves the user’s energy levels and mood while being on a diet
    • PhenQ uses all-natural ingredients
    • It has a 60-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work


    • Some users may have problems sleeping if dose not taken at the right times

 => Click here to visit the official website “PhenQ”

#2. Leanbean – Best Appetite Suppressants For Women; Most Trusted Diet Pills


Who wouldn’t like to lose weight by putting in the least amount of effort? Almost everyone. Usually, when we discuss dieting or losing weight by using the help of pills, people automatically assume that it must be artificial stimulants or steroids that ruin a user’s body. But, Leanbean is not one of your quintessential appetite suppressant pills.

One of the best suppressants in the market for women, Leanbean is developed by a popular supplement manufacturer in the UK – Ultimate Life Ltd. This supplement is made to be tailored to female bodies. Leanbean is 100% stimulant-free and has a natural formula that is made by using all organic ingredients. Women who use it enjoy a smaller appetite, an accelerated metabolism, and increased energy levels throughout the day. 

Many different appetite suppressants are meant for males; hence they contain substantial amounts of different caffeine compounds, which can cause many adverse negative effects on women. On the other hand, Leanbean uses organic and stimulant-free ingredients that help with the weight loss process like thermogenic turmeric, choline, and many more. Thus, making it one of the best organic appetite suppressants. 

How It Works:

One of the best suppressants in the market for women, Leanbean is developed by a popular supplement manufacturer in the UK – Ultimate Life Ltd. This supplement is made to be tailored to female bodies. Leanbean is low in stimulants and has a natural formula Women who use it enjoy a smaller appetite, an accelerated metabolism, and increased energy levels throughout the day. 

Many different appetite suppressants are meant for males; hence they contain substantial amounts of different caffeine compounds, which can cause many adverse negative effects on women. On the other hand, Leanbean uses stimulant-free or low-stimulant ingredients that help with the weight loss process like thermogenic turmeric, choline, and many more. Thus, making it one of the best appetite suppressants. 

How It Works:

Leanbean works on the simple concept of boosting the user’s metabolism and controlling their hunger. How it does this is in the different ingredients that the product contains.

Some of the ingredients in Leanbean are Garcinia Cambogia and glucomannan, which help lower hunger. At the same time, other ingredients like turmeric are included to help boost metabolism, which in turn makes fat-burning much faster. 

Here are some Dosage Tips to use when taking Leanbean:

The dosage of Leanbean is completely different from that of PhenQ. It is advised that users take six tablets in a day. Before each meal, users need to take two tablets with water. Meaning you need to take two before breakfast, two before lunch, and two before dinner.

There is no specific timespan for which the users need to take the pill. You can stop when you feel like your body goal is achieved. it has no side effects, but it is important to consult a doctor if you are already on medication.


  • Suited for women: As it does not contain high doses of stimulants like other appetite suppressants, Leanbean is a supplement meant to fulfill women’s needs.
  • Fewer cravings: Leanbean has ingredients that absorb the water in the user’s stomach and then swells up in size to make the user feel full. This stops people from craving snacks between meals.
  • Contains less stimulants: Leanbean doesn’t contain high levels of caffeine to support the user’s metabolism but has alternatives such as turmeric and choline that accomplish the same job. 
  • Higher energy levels: Leanbean’s formula contains a Vitamin B complex that helps reduce fatigue and optimizes movement. This helps a lot in workouts as having extra energy during exercise leads to quicker weight loss. 
  • No pseudoscience: Unlike some other appetite suppressors, Leanbean uses high amounts of glucomannan; in fact, European food regulators have legally approved this dietary fiber for weight loss.


  • It is 100% natural and contains no harmful chemicals or steroids
  • Vegan-friendly – Anyone can use the products
  • It has potent ingredients like green coffee, turmeric, and many more
  • No side effects
  • Helps boost metabolism


  • Only meant for women

=> Click here to visit the official website “Leanbean”

#3. Trimtone – Effective Hunger Suppressant That Burns Fat 

If you want to stop eating a lot and need help with burning fat without a lot of effort, Trimtone is the appetite suppressant for you. This pill comes from Health Nutrition Limited, which made the product to help women who are busy, resist cravings and burn fat. This product is thermogenic and works great in allowing the body to cut down on fat and overall weight. Trimtone helps users burn stubborn fat and reduce appetite with a combination of strong ingredients. 

These unique thermogenic pills include an ingredient known as the grains of paradise. This is because they activate brown adipose tissue that lowers the users’ blood-sugar levels and burns calories to speed up their metabolism, which results in users losing weight naturally by just following their everyday routine.

How It Works:

Trimtone’s formula is proven to work fast to control cravings and suppress appetite. It is also formulated for women, not men.

Each ingredient plays a specific role in Trimtone. For example, caffeine helps in boosting energy and burning more calories. People usually feel sluggish and lazy while dieting; hence the caffeine acts as a boost throughout the day.

Additionally, Trimtone has an ingredient called glucomannan that helps keep a person’s stomach full. This stops you from munching on McDonald’s on your way back from work and from other unhealthy, fattening snacks. While reducing your appetite, this best appetite suppressant also helps improve your metabolism and gets rid of different fat-storing triggers.

Here are some Dosage Tips to use when taking Trimtone:

This appetite suppressant pill is the easiest to take; users go through no trouble sticking to the schedule as they only need to pop one pill before breakfast.

Women should not be taking the pill if they are breastfeeding or pregnant. It is also not suitable for vegans or vegetarians as some ingredients contain animal by-products.

Always consult a doctor if you are on other medication.


  • Reduces calorie intake: As Trimtone has glucomannan in it, it gives people the feeling of being full. This stops them from eating extra calories like snacks or extra meals. 
  • Gives more energy: Due to the caffeine content in Trimtone, it gives users a good boost of energy that helps them stay focused on what needs to be done. This energy boost also helps during workouts, which in turn burns more calories.
  • Works on its own: Trimtone is much more effective in helping people lose weight if people use a diet and exercise plan while taking it. Reduces fat production: Trimtone contains green coffee that has chlorogenic acid in it. This ingredient slows down the rate of the fat absorbed in the body. This boosts the body’s health as it reduces cholesterol. 


  • It is affordable without reducing quality
  • Reduces calorie intake, making you reach your body goals quicker
  • 100-day money-back guarantees if it doesn’t work
  • Easy to use, only one pill needs to be taken in the morning


  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians

=> Click here to visit the official website “Trimtone”

#4. Phen24 – Hunger Control Pills To Boost Metabolism; OTC Diet Supplement

Phen24 appetite suppressants have become a star attraction in the dieting and weight loss community. Manufactured and supplied by Wolfson Brands (UK), a reliable name that has been on top of the supplements industry for more than a decade, this appetite suppressor is a ray of hope for people who have found getting into shape almost impossible.

It is tested, 100% natural and is made with organic ingredients. These help users lose unwanted fat in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet.

How It Works:

Phen24 is designed to enhance the metabolic rates of the body throughout the day and night. 

This is because Phen24 contains ingredients that utilize nutrients in your body to generate energy. Therefore, you only need calories in the proportion of the energy you are going to use. 

 Phen24 just improves the already present fundamental function in the body like breathing, circulation, and digestion. 

While the daytime capsule helps boost the metabolism of the body, the nighttime capsules aim to diminish or lower cortisol levels in the body. This, in turn, produces a calm and soothing effect for the user, making them sleep better.

Here are some Dosage Tips to use when taking Phen24:

Phen24 comes with two bottles of pills. One is labeled nighttime capsules, and the other daytime capsules. While there are 30-day time capsules, the nighttime capsules are double i.e. 60 capsules.

The manufacturers recommend that daytime capsules be taken before having breakfast every single day. The two nighttime capsules need to be taken daily, 15 minutes before having dinner, with water.

To get the best results, people are recommended to use appetite suppressants for two months or 60 days without taking any break. 


  • Improves Metabolic Activity: This mixture of different herbal ingredients helps people burn fat and increase their metabolic rate. 
  • Increase energy levels: With ingredients like caffeine and other natural energy boosters, Phen24 helps increase energy levels while dieting or working out.
  • Improves quality of health: Even if you are not looking to lose weight, this supplement is great to keep the body healthy. Cayenne powder is one of the main ingredients in the daytime formula and helps the human body regulate high blood pressure, depression, asthma, fatigue, anxiety, obesity, and diabetes.
  • Promotes healthy sleep: If you are someone who suffers from sleep problems, snoring problems, or insomnia, Phen24has all-natural ingredients to improve the users’ quality of sleep and life.


  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals; it is a natural product
  • Helps improve overall body health, Phen24 can boost the body’s immune system and make you calm
  • Free shipping


  • Expensive as compared to other appetite suppressants
  • Tedious as two different pills need to be taken

=> Click here to visit the official website “Phen24”

#5. PrimeShred – Natural Appetite Suppressant Foods For Weight Loss Effects

PrimeShred was designed for men, and this highly potent fat burner is scientifically made to ensure fast weight loss and fat burning. It is mostly intended for shredding fat and building up muscle. PrimeShred is targeted at weightlifters, bodybuilders, and other athletes who want something that can make their performance a little bit better.

PrimeShred’s ingredients give you additional health benefits rather than just suppressing your appetite. 

Together, these kickstart the body’s metabolism, which helps convert stubborn fat into energy.

Primeshred is produced after years of scientific research to ensure the capsules are safe and healthy to consume. By using lab-tested ingredients and specific dosages, users can experience the best results.

Unlike some appetite suppressants that hide ingredient dosages, PrimeShred is transparent about every ingredient they use, with exact dosages. 

How Does It Work?

What PrimeShred does is, it optimizes the body’s fat-burning process, enabling users to get rid of fat easily and quickly. In addition, the capsule elevates the user’s metabolic rate by boosting certain enzymes and hormones that control fat loss. 

To get rid of fat, the body needs first to break down fat cells so they can be used as energy in the bloodstream. This method of burning fat is called lipolysis. PrimeShred has ingredients that trigger the lipolysis process and make the rate of burning fat a lot faster.

Ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea Root, Caffeine Anhydrous, green tea extract and cayenne pepper help boost the production and release of norepinephrine and epinephrine. These hormones are known to burn fat and trigger several beneficial processes in the body.

Here are some Dosage Tips to use when taking PrimeShred:

A container of Prime Shred has 90 capsules in them and is meant to last the user a month. Users taking the supplement need to take three capsules around 20 minutes before breakfast. The supplement should be consumed daily, whether or not you’re training.

It is important to consult a doctor before taking PrimeShred supplements though if you have any prior medical conditions. However, as it is made of all-natural ingredients, people rarely have any problems with it.


  • High metabolic rate: PrimeShred accelerates the body’s fat-burning process using thermogenic ingredients in the capsules. This boosts metabolic rates, resulting in faster fat burning and weight loss.
  • Activates body hormones: PrimeShred uses ingredients that help trigger hormones in the body, breaking down and getting rid of stubborn fat. It results in a full-body transformation and a leaner physique.
  • Improves energy and focus: Normal diets and workout routines can leave any person mentally and physically exhausted. PrimeShred helps fight this fatigue by increasing energy levels. In addition, the capsules work on removing brain fog, keeping the user feeling focused and sharp.
  • Long-lasting transformation: By using all-natural and approved ingredients, PrimeShred helps the body lose weight naturally and improves the chances of maintaining weight loss.


  • Healthier metabolism that promotes fat oxidation.
  • Suppressed appetite
  • Great for athletes and bodybuilders
  • No reported side effects
  • All-natural ingredients so anyone can use 


  • Meant to be used by males
  • High levels of caffeine can cause sleeping problems

=> Click here to visit the official website “PrimeShred”

How We Made The List Of Best Over The Counter Appetite Suppressant Pills :

In order to create an exhaustive list, we began by compiling names of the best appetite suppressant manufacturers in the market. Unfortunately though, due to a large number of choices – given the high demand for the product – our list became extremely lengthy.

To fix that, we categorized each brand on several traits like how each company sources materials, the reviews customers left on products, how the products were made, and much more.

Based on our research, we narrowed down the list by these high standards and were left with only a few products that met our merit. With quite a few products remaining, we carved our list down with the five top appetite suppressants.

The market is saturated with a number of appetite suppressants that all claim to work. However, it is difficult to choose from such a variety as it is important to know what you are taking. 

What We Looked For :

As the list of appetite suppressants was too long, to cut it down, we reviewed each brand and product for the following:

  • Types of ingredients used to determine whether or not those were safe and healthy to consume
  • Sources of ingredients 
  • How effective these appetite suppressants have been for other people
  • Brand reputation for satisfaction surrounding quality standards
  • If the product has been lab-tested by a reliable source or a third-party vendor
  • If the brand giver proper usage and dosage instructions to their customers
  • The brands’ customer reviews

After extensive research on ingredients, safety, customer reviews, and price, we have made this list of the best appetite suppressants present on the market. 

What To Look For When Buying Diet Pills For Appetite Loss: 

Natural ingredients:

When talking about appetite suppressant pills, it is important to find products that use 100% natural ingredients or at least ingredients that have been safely tested. Some common ingredients in the best weight loss pills include plant extracts, vitamins, caffeine, and other natural appetite suppressant ingredients.

All ingredients in the capsules should be researched and backed up by scientific studies to prove their effectiveness.

Transparency over ingredients:

Many manufacturers of appetite suppressants use ‘proprietary formulas’ which hide any specific dosage of ingredients in the formula. These products need to be avoided, and you should opt for brands that are 100% transparent about their ingredients.

Customer reviews:

It is important to check customer reviews before deciding on which appetite suppressant to take. Previous customers can provide important insight into the pros and cons of the supplement, and they can warn others about any potential side effects. 

Even if reviews will not significantly impact your purchase decision, they can validate your opinion on a specific appetite suppressant.


Usually, when talking about appetite suppressants, weight loss pills, or dietary supplements, it is important to note that FDA does not highly regulate how and what the manufacturers advertise about the products. 

It is essential to understand the different ingredients inside any appetite suppressant pill before you take it. For example, a common stimulant in these pills is caffeine. Manufacturers include caffeine in their supplements quite often as it helps start thermogenesis. Hence if you are allergic or sensitive to stimulants like caffeine, you may like to choose a suppressant with no stimulants.

Price and value:

Lastly, maybe the most important factor when considering buying dietary supplements is the price. Often, the quality of the ingredients is based on the price of the supplement. Hence, good weight loss supplements are usually not cheap.

The price of these supplements depends on many factors, like the number of servings per bottle, the quality and dosage of different ingredients, and how reliable the brand is.

To make it cheaper for customers, many manufacturers offer savings of free bottles when buying in bulk. 

FAQs Regarding To Appetite Suppressants To Curb Appetite 

  • What are appetite suppressants?

Appetite suppressants can be a weight loss pill or a dietary supplement. They affect the body and the brain to stop it from eating extra. Appetite suppressants can control food cravings and even make your body feel full fast. Hence, you consume fewer calories in general, which ultimately helps you lose weight. 

  • What are the different types of appetite suppressants available on the market?

Thermogenic Fat Burners:  These appetite suppressants can consist of natural ingredients and are made to boost the body’s metabolism and increase its fat-burning process.

Carb Blockers: Carb blockers work a little differently than other appetite suppressants on the market. As their name suggests, they block carbohydrates from being digested and absorbed in the body. In addition, they work on blocking some enzymes in the body that digest carbs.

Appetite Suppressants: These dietary supplements make users feel full even when they are not. It can help people who have a problem overeating or snacking all the time. 

  • How to achieve the most results while taking appetite suppressants?

Before you start buying any type of dietary supplement, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. Appetite suppressants are not magic fat burner supplements that will make you lose weight without putting in any effort. The best results can only be achieved if the supplements are combined with an exercise regime and a healthy diet.

For appetite suppressants with stimulants like caffeine, users should take them earlier in the day to avoid having any problems with their sleeping schedule. In addition, some people take these pills before working out to have an additional boost in energy.

It is important to know that appetite suppressants and dietary supplements are not quick solutions. They will only work if the pills are given enough time to make noticeable changes to the body. 

  • How fast can you lose weight with appetite suppressant supplements?

How fast appetite suppressants take to work will be different for each person. It depends on several different factors like calorie intake, current weight, and exercise. Some people report seeing weight loss results in 2-4 weeks.

Weight loss pills usually have a money-back policy that allows you to return pills within a certain time period.

  • What ingredients should be included in good appetite suppressants?

A good deal of appetite suppressants with different formulas are available on the market. However, some ingredients are common among these brands as they are effective when used. Here is a list of some of the ingredients you should expect to see in any good appetite suppressants:

  1. Anything containing dietary fiber
  2. Caffeine (or ingredients containing caffeine)
  3. B-complex vitamins
  4. Chromium
  5. Capsaicin
  6. Full-spectrum CBD oil (in the case of CBD oils)
  • Who should be using appetite suppressants?

As the main goal for using appetite suppressants is to lose weight, anyone who has problems with their weight or is overweight could potentially benefit from taking these supplements. However, some supplements help in more than just fat burning; they give additional energy and other benefits to users as well.

 Both men and women can benefit from these appetite suppressant pills, although it some supplements are designed to be  specific to a gender. For example, while some supplements work better for a man’s body by increasing male hormones, others work on increasing female hormones, making them suitable for women.  

  • Who should not be using appetite suppressants?

Appetite suppressants can sometimes interact with other medications in the body, like anti-anxiety pills or different antidepressants. They can also cause some health conditions to worsen. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before taking any supplements 

Furthermore, these medications are not safe to use for breastfeeding or pregnant women. People who have heart disease, glaucoma, liver disease, and hypothyroidism are also recommended not to take appetite suppressants.

  • What are the benefits of using Appetite Suppressants?

There are many benefits when using appetite suppressants on a daily basis.

First, as the name suggests, these fat burning pills help reduce your appetite. Meaning you eat less food and take in fewer calories which in turn helps you lose weight faster. It reduces hunger craving, making it much easier to stick to a diet plan and follow a workout routine.

Additionally, appetite suppressants usually have caffeine or other natural ingredients in them that are energy boosters. These ingredients give the energy boost you need to push through that workout or have a productive day in general.

Lastly, these capsules help increase your body’s metabolism. By doing so, these pills use natural thermogenic to help the body burn fat much faster, even if it is resting.

  • Are there any risks when using appetite suppressants?

Even though side effects rarely occur if you are using high-quality appetite suppressants, some common ones include: 

    • Cough
    • constipation
    • Dizziness
    • Headache
    • Change in sense of taste or dry mouth
    • Insomnia or sleeping problems
    • Vomiting and Nausea
    • Increased Heart rate and blood pressure
  • How much do appetite suppressants cost?

The cost of each appetite suppressant depends on many different factors, including the quality of ingredients used, the number of capsules provided, and public opinions about the brand at hand.

A one-month supply of the five products reviewed above cost at least  $50 a month.

Concluding: Hunger Suppressant Pills To Control Appetite In 2022: 

If you are tired of working out and dieting without seeing any significant results, top appetite suppressants could be right for you. Our list provides the best appetite suppressants that will help you snack less frequently and consume smaller portions. Which will result in more rapid weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. 

With such a range of different supplements on the market, it is hard to choose one that’s going to be right for you. Hopefully, by going through this article, it will be much easier to make that decision!

  Best Appetite Suppressant In 2022 : OTC Hunger Control Pills To Lose Weight