32 Best Bar Soaps for Men in 2022

Get ready to explore the 32 best bar soaps for men in 2022!  

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Guys—it’s a brand new year, and we believe that self-care should be high on your agenda. In 2022, it’s out with the old and in with the new when it comes to maximizing your grooming routine. This year, it’s all about maintaining clean and healthy skin, and you can’t do that without a really good bar of soap. 

We know enough to know that not all soaps are created equally. So we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands and identify the best soaps, with various fragrances and ingredients, that are available this year. Get ready to explore the 32 best bar soaps for men in 2022!  

1. Blu Atlas Body Wash

Want to know what’s considered the most effective and well-balanced soap on the market for men in 2022? Well, look no further! The number one pick on our list is Blu Atlas. This luxurious soap is made with ingredients like green tea, sugar, and aloe vera, which are amazing for achieving moisturized skin. 

Want to know what else Blu Atlas body wash is packing? It’s 100% vegan with no artificial ingredients like parabens and sulfates, which means it’s excellent for men with even the most sensitive skin. So, for those on the market looking for a soap that caters to all skin types, and has a charming and delicately masculine fragrance, Blu Atlas is the perfect choice.  

2. Marius Fabre Savon de Marseille 

We love products that are tried and true, and if you’re like that too, then you’ll love what’s number two on our list. Marius Fabre Savon de Marseille’s invigorating bar soap has been around since 1900. We couldn’t leave out this French masterpiece with more than 100 years of offering extra pure bar soaps. 

Outside of its long history, this bar soap boasts more than 70 percent olive oil, which helps the skin keep a more natural moisture balance. So for us fellas dealing with extra dry skin, we’ll benefit a great deal from this bar soap´s deep, penetrating moisturizing abilities. Also, for those with sensitive skin, this soap has absolutely no coloring, no fragrance, and no chemical additives, making it ideal for everyone. 

3. Baxter of California Exfoliating Body Bar 

The Baxter body bar is rich in olive oil, but it also contains lots of finely ground pumice. This pumice helps exfoliate and can help minimize any skin imperfections. Because the pumice is finely ground, it will not irritate the skin, and there is no gritty feeling to it. 

However, the smell is up for debate. Some men love it, and some don’t, but for those who prefer a strong, mossy, and forest-y scent, this is for you. When wearing this, keep in mind that your date might think you’ve spent the afternoon on a long nature hike.  

4. Shea Moisture African Black Soap

Do you struggle with skin issues like eczema and psoriasis that leave your skin feeling itchy and inflamed? If the answer is yes, then we get it. We know that dealing with large patches of dry and flaky skin can leave you feeling self-conscious, which is what we don’t want. 

Therefore, consider Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap. It includes a wide range of healing ingredients like palm ash and plantain peels that helps soothe irritated skin. The shea butter in this bar soap is especially healing, as is the hefty amount of aloe vera. 

5. Naked Bar Soap Company Oatmeal Honey 

The Naked Bar Soap Company sells a wide range of all-natural bar soaps that are great for men with sensitive skin. The bar soaps are available in a wide variety of ingredient combinations. But oatmeal and honey are a favorite for a lot of shoppers. 

Another plus of buying from Naked Bar Soap Company is that they’ve made a strong commitment to sustainability. This means that the bar will not come with a lot of fancy wrapping and packaging, which is good for the environment. 

6. Native Cucumber and Mint Bar Soap by Joywa 

With its pleasant aroma, this soap offers a unique feature scent-wise that we won’t find in too many other men’s bar soaps.  The Native Cucumber and Mint bar soap gives off a more subtle hint of cucumber, but what really stands out the most in this particular bar of soap is the mint. These bars provide a super soothing wash for men with sensitive skin. 

Plus, as an added bonus, they give an excellent lather. Although more lather does not always mean greater cleanliness, we personally like a soap that provides the lathering sensation given by bars like this. 

7. Aveeno Moisturizing Bar for Dry Skin

This soap shows that it is not always necessary to splurge to get a superb soap for your daily hygiene needs. Packed full of moisturizing ingredients, like colloidal oatmeal, this soap is an excellent choice for any guy dealing with dry skin. But, of course, we also can’t ignore the fact that it’s fragrance- and dye-free and has been highly recommended by dermatologists for over 60 years.  

8. Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Bar 

This bar is very similar to the #7 recommendation that we highlighted above. Plus, it packs a significant punch for a very reasonable price tag. The Dove Men+ Care soap bar is suitable for a wide range of skin types but is especially good for those with sensitive skin. 

Another great benefit of this bar soap is that, unlike some soaps that are formulated only for the face, this soap can be used on the body too, allowing us to save time in the shower (and maybe even press our snooze button one more time in the morning). 

9. Diptyque Philosykos Bar Soap

Unlike some of the bar soaps that were mentioned above that are light on scent, recognizing that some people have very sensitive skin, the Diptyque bar soap is rich in aroma. Diptyque has a long history as a producer of fragrant candles, and this soap certainly evokes this history. Many people describe the bar as reminiscent of fig. 

This Mediterranean-rich smell is not for everyone, but those who like it truly love it. This bar soap is also great for guys who need an extra dash of moisturizing ingredients to address dry skin. However, this also means that it might not be the best choice for those who battle oily skin. 

10. Caswell-Massey Bar Soap 

Guys, especially those with sensitive skin, are eager to find a soap with a long track record of success. This is very true for the Caswell-Massey bars. These bars have been produced for more than 200 years and have always been primarily marketed towards men. The package option that is now available gives new users a chance to try out three bars that all have distinct scent profiles for less than $30. 

By sampling a variety of bars, we can find out which one we like and which aroma sends our loved one’s heart pitter-pattering. Given the company’s history of excellence, we couldn’t resist adding this to the list of the best bar soaps for men. 

11. The Duke Cannon Big Brick 

Initially, this manufacturer started with a unique marketing ploy. Its bars of soap are significantly bigger, up to 3 times larger, than the average bar of soap. This can take some getting used to as you lather up your body or washcloth. But it’s not only the size of these bars that set them apart from their peers. 

They also come in a wide range of aroma profiles that trend toward the heavily masculine. For example, one of the Company’s most popular bars for guys is named leaf and leather. Most men that try out this bar comment that it’s heavier on the leather than on the leaf.

12. Harry´s Bar Soap

Generally, when we think about Harry´s, soap is not the first product that pops into our minds. However, Harry´s has made a name for itself among discerning men with its outstanding shaving products, ranging from razors to shaving creams. 

In many ways, soap is a natural extension for them with a built-in market of guys who care about their grooming routine. Plus, we can’t ignore the fact that their bar soap product is truly outstanding. These soaps, which have straightforward ingredients, are ideal for men with sensitive skin. 

13. Dr. Squatch Bar Soap 

The Dr. Squatch Bar Soap is another good choice. Dr. Squatch offers a sampler package that allows us to decide for ourselves what fragrances appeal to us. These soaps are designed to be soothing for even the most sensitive male skin while also providing a hydrating punch that can be so important (especially during the winter months when we may be out on the slopes). The bars have also been shown to work great as exfoliants. 

14. Yuzu Soap Shea Butter Bar Soap 

As the name suggests, this bar soap tends to have a strong yuzu fragrance. Even though most people like the yuzu aroma, we recognize that it’s an acquired taste. For guys who do not know, yuzu has been described as anything from a tart grapefruit to a bitter orange. 

The good news is that this soap manufacturer produces this product in several other fragrances, broadening their market appeal. This soap is also full of several different hydrating agents, making it a great choice for anyone who may be struggling with dry and flaky skin. 

15. Le Labo Santal 33 Bar Soap 

Le Labo is a market leader in selling fragrances, such as cologne for men. The Company brings this great nose for what scents work for even the most discerning male customers. This particular soap shares the same fragrance profile with the extremely popular Santal 33 cologne by Le Labo. 

However, the smell is not the only great thing about this product. It also contains high levels of antioxidants that help maintain a healthy glow for the skin. Glowing skin boosts self-esteem, making you look and feel more attractive. 

16. Dapper by Soapy Faith 

For years, most soaps were manufactured by large international companies. However, increasingly, small businesses have stepped into the soap game, producing high-quality soaps of their own. One such product is Dapper by Soapy Faith. This bar is geared towards guys who desire a musky, masculine scent profile. Not only does this soap have a great fragrance, but it also looks stylish in any modern bathroom. 

17. That Pine Tar  

There are many great bars of soap for men that can be found on Etsy. One of our favorites is That Pine Tar. The primary ingredient for this soap is raw milk from free-range goats. In our opinion, you can’t get much more environmentally friendly than that! 

Adding extra benefit to this soap is a range of healing essential oils and the pine tar that gives it its unique name. Although many people know pine tar for its use on bats in baseball, the substance has also been shown to pack a colossal antibacterial and antifungal punch.  

18. Mistral Bar Soap 

Many bar soaps are specifically geared towards men with either dry or oily skin. However, the French company that makes this soap has given so much thought to its ingredient list that it works effectively for all skin types. This is a definite plus, especially since our skin type can change month-to-month. This means that we don’t have to change up our shower supplies. 

Another plus of this bar soap is its appealing fragrance. It has a delicate and appealing vanilla and bourbon smell that is not overwhelming but surely has staying power. Many men who use Mistral find that they do not even need a cologne after using it. 

19. Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarine Bar 

Jo Malone has a long history of producing outstanding health and hygiene products for discerning male customers in the United Kingdom. This lime basil and mandarin bar offering is another winner, with its shea butter base and rich, foamy lather. The predominant fragrances in this unisex bar are lime, mandarin, and a hint of thyme. There is also a peppery, spicy scent in this soap.

20. Bravo Sierra The Original Solid Cleanser

This bar takes a slightly different approach to cleaning than some of its competitors. First of all, the manufacturers understand that many guys deal with allergies and other skin sensitivities, even if they don’t always like to talk about these challenges. 

Because of this, the company is committed to using all-natural ingredients. The cleansing bar is also highly versatile. While it’s an excellent cleanser for the body, it can also be used as a shampoo, allowing us to save costs (and time) on our grooming regime. 

21. Hawthorne Hydrating Bar Soap 

Different men have different skin types. Some of us have oily skin, and others battle dry skin. Dry skin can be particularly problematic during the colder winter months, especially in northern climates. The manufacturers of Hawthorne recognize this challenge, and they have responded to it by packing their bar soap full of lots of moisture-rich ingredients. 

The mint in the Hawthorne bar also ensures that we will smell great when we step out of the shower. Even though the mint smell is strong, it’s not overpowering, because we all know that we do not want to smell like a tube of toothpaste exploded on us. 

22. DHC Mild Soap 

Every guy should think about what soap they will use rather than just grabbing the cheapest bar from the local grocery store shelf. But this thought process is even more important for men who have sensitive skin. 

Any ingredient could be a potential irritant for those of us with skin sensitivities and allergies, which is what makes DHC mild soap so great. All of its minimal ingredients, like honey and virgin olive oil, have been carefully considered so those of us with sensitivities can confidently use it every day. 

23. Dr. Dennis Gross Botanical Cleansing Bar with Tea Tree and Aloe 

This bar soap clearly reminds us that not all bar soaps are created equally, and they are definitely not priced the same. A single medium-sized bar of Dr. Dennis Gross clocks in at a wallet-challenging $24. 

However, this price is primarily driven by the luxury ingredients, such as plant extracts and the manufacturer’s potent mix of essential oils. These ingredients ensure that the bar will be effective at both cleansing and moisturizing. So splurge once and see if this bar has what you are looking for. 

24. Kiehl´s ¨Ultimate Man¨ Body Scrub 

Soap is not only about leaving our skin smelling great after our morning shower, even though that is a pleasant perk of lathering up. Soap is also about getting our skin squeaky clean after a long day at work. Kiehl´s body scrub does a great job with the cleansing process, and it’s also packed full of exfoliants, including pumice. This means that when we hop out of the shower, our skin will feel soft and alive. As a bonus, this bar soap has more of a light scent, with hints of citrus and oatmeal. 

25. Humanrace´s Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar 

This unique soap has quickly become a favorite of celebrities. But they are not the only ones who enjoy all of the benefits packed into one bar of soap. Singer Pharell Williams, who founded the company, understood that men wanted to ensure that any of the products they were using on their bodies were safe and ethical. This means that the Whiteclay Body Bar is entirely vegan and fragrance-free.

It also meets the highest European Union standards about what can and cannot be included in the product. Interestingly, this product also consists of some rarely seen ingredients, such as snow mushroom extract, for an added energy punch for our skin.  

26. Marlowe No. 102 Body Scrub Soap Bar 

This is one of the best bars of soap on the market for guys looking for a product that can do a wide range of things. As a scrub, this bar contains numerous exfoliating agents, such as pumice and apricot seeds. But it does more than just clean our skin. It’s also full of great moisturizing ingredients so that it can be a significant boost for people battling chronically dry skin. One of these moisturizers is the rarely used camellia oleifera leaf extract. 

27. Ursa Major Mojo Morning Soap 

The name of this soap is a bit of a tongue twister, but what is not twisted is its outstanding results for men. Want a soap that makes you feel a boost of energy when you step out of the shower? The Ursa Major Mojo Morning Soap gives us just that due primarily to its refreshing blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint. 

The bar soap also includes a healthy dose of honey that is a great moisturizer for most skin types, especially for those with skin sensitivities to artificial ingredients. Another great benefit of choosing this soap is that we can select a subscription service so that it arrives at our doorstep each month. This is a no-fuss-no-muss way of getting great hygienic products.

28. Typology Rebalancing Cleansing Bar with Nettle 

Many of us are battling significant amounts of stress at the office and at home. Perhaps not surprisingly, stress can have a negative impact on our skin, leaving it pale and dried out. So, if you notice that your skin has been looking duller than usual lately, this product may be worth a whirl. 

Like with many soaps, this bar includes eucalyptus oil. But it also consists of a less common ingredient: nettles. Nettles are a great ingredient for men, especially if we find ourselves fighting our natural inclination toward oily skin.  

29. Goldune Sustainable Bar Soap, Yuzu Petitgrain 

We believe in doing right by the environment and wouldn’t want our hygienic choices to lead to any damage. Fortunately, Yuzu Petitgrain feels the same way. So, while environmentalism is one of the Goldune Sustainable Bar Soap’s selling points, we can’t neglect the fact that it’s an excellent moisturizer too. With a combination of ingredients like yuzu, grapefruit, and black pepper, any guy using this bar soap will walk away with a refreshing and well-balanced scent that ladies will love. 

30. Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar 

Often, we tend to think that acne and other skin blemishes end when we exit our teenage years. Unfortunately, however, these assumptions are not always correct. Some men still struggle with skin blemishes long after graduating from college. 

This miraculous bar is great at addressing oily skin, as well as a range of skin blemishes in a gentle and non-irritating way. The two key ingredients that make this possible are charcoal and shea butter. 

31. Blue Lagoon Lava Soap Bar

This soap is as exotic as the name suggests. The soap includes bioactive lava that comes straight from the stunning Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Not surprisingly, the roughness of this lava makes it a natural exfoliant. 

However, lava is not the only ingredient sourced straight from the Icelandic countryside. Biologically active algae also play an essential role in this soap, serving as a key antioxidant. This bar soap also comes in four attractive colors. 

32. Cerave Hydrating Cleanser Bar 

This popular bar of soap helps us clean our skin while simultaneously hydrating it. CeraVe’s fragrance-free soap minimizes the likelihood that our skin will have any adverse reaction to the soap. It also boasts an impressive array of different moisturizing agents like ceramides that help to restore the skin barrier. 

Another plus of this bar is that it’s readily available at affordable prices at local grocery stores and pharmacies. This means that it’s easy for us to sample and check out if it works for us. 

Now You Know the Best Bar Soaps for Men in 2022 

And there you have it! Now that you know what the best bar soaps for men in 2022 are, which one will you check out first? We had to make sure we equipped you guys with soaps that’ll not only help you become your cleanest self but also your healthiest self. Gone are the days when we just go to the local store and grab whatever is there. Nowadays, we’re going to be more intentional about the bar soaps we choose to use on our bodies. 32 Best Bar Soaps for Men in 2022