The Best Face Serums for Men in 2022

To help you out, our men’s skincare experts have compiled this list of the best face serums for men in 2022.

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Some articles on men’s skincare might tell you that you only need a scrub and a moisturizer. It’s true that these two products can give you a great start, but they alone won’t get you over the finish line. To truly optimize your appearance, you’ll need a product that delivers high concentrations of the vitamins and antioxidants your face needs to thrive. We’re talking about a face serum. 

No, a serum is not some exotic potion that will help you survive a world-ending plague. It’s a cosmetic product to ensure your face looks full and firm. Luckily, you don’t need to go wandering around your local department store for a high-quality men’s face serum. To help you out, our men’s skincare experts have compiled this list of the best face serums for men in 2022.

1. Blu Atlas | Vitamin C Serum 

Courtesy of Blu Atlas

Incorporate Blu Atlas’ Vitamin C Serum into your grooming routine to give your face the energy, hydration and anti-aging protection it deserves. It’s well known that our faces take a beating from constant exposure to UV rays and airborne pollutants. Fortunately, this expert-formulated vitamin C serum will shield your face from sun damage while helping to reduce redness and hyperpigmentation. Oh, and this stuff uses only all-natural ingredients, skipping the parabens, sulfates and artificial fragrances.

Vitamin C offers a number of benefits for your face, including an ability to leave your skin hydrated, radiant and free of irritation and sagging. But vitamin C is not the only ingredient doing heavy lifting in this Blu Atlas formula. This potent serum also contains mulberry root extract, which is packed with antioxidants that help to balance out your skin’s tone while providing added protection against toxins. The formula also features hyaluronic acid and aloe extract, which will leave your face feeling smoother to the touch than it has ever felt before.

Rather than using chemicals and synthetics to smooth over problems with our skin, this Blu Atlas Vitamin C Serum uses nature to repair common skin issues from the bottom up. It’s safe to use for all skin types and may be applied every day, preferably prior to using a moisturizer. 

Speaking of which: Blu Atlas’ anti-aging moisturizer is also one of the best on the market. And you can try any Blu Atlas product risk-free, as the company backs all of its products with a 100% money-back guarantee. Now, that’s a game-changer! 

2. Caldera + Lab | The Good Multifunctional Serum

Courtesy of Caldera + Lab

Co-founders Stacy Keibler and Jared Pobre were inspired to create Caldera + Lab after moving to the mountains and realizing just how amazing nature is for our well-being. Combining cosmetics research with nature’s purest ingredients, Caldera + Lab churns out men’s products that even the roughest and toughest guys would not hesitate to apply. 

They use hand-harvested ingredients with high antioxidant counts to create their product range, which includes a facial scrub, moisturizer and serum. They’ve recently teamed up with NFL Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez, who believes in the brand’s products strongly enough to put his reputation on the line. 

Gonzo endorses Caldera + Lab products for good reason. According to the brand, 96% of users in a clinical study reported healthier skin after using this multifunctional serum. Its potent formula includes prickly pear oil to tighten your skin and balance it out. The alfalfa and yarrow will mitigate dark spots and enhance your skin tone from the moment you apply the product.

To top things off, this serum includes coenzyme Q10, which works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This ingredient dives deep into your pores to heal skin cells and add fullness to your complexion. 

As this serum is 100% plant-based and non-GMO, we really think you’ll want to give it a try. If you do wind up purchasing it, be sure to use it before applying your moisturizer for best results.

3. Lab Series | Daily Rescue Repair Serum 

Courtesy of Sephora

Lab Series was founded back in 1987 with the purpose of studying the physiology of men to uncover our unique skin needs. With over three decades’ experience in developing award-winning products, Lab Series has distinguished itself as a top-tier men’s skincare company. 

Because they are scientists, the folks at Lab Series also know how important it is to care for the environment. Lab Series sustainably sources all of its ingredients and uses eco-friendly packaging. With so much experience and dedication packed into one company, it’s no wonder a Lab Series product features so highly on our list. 

As for this Daily Rescue Repair Serum, you’ll love its ability to help your skin defend against environmental aggressors and repair visible signs of aging. The product features Lab Series’ proprietary Enviro-D blend, whose component extracts help shield your skin from pollution, blue light and ozone exposure. Left unaddressed, these external forces can cause uneven skin tone and overall damage to our skin cells. 

The serum’s formula also includes Lab Series’ Exfoliox blend, which helps smooth your skin and refine its texture. Lightweight and packed full of goodness that your skin is craving, this serum can be used daily.

4. Ursa Major | Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum 

Courtesy of Ursa Major

Ursa Major, which means “great bear” in Latin, is a constellation in the northern sky. This skincare brand’s name should tip you off as to the otherworldly experience you’ll have using their products. Using forest-infused formulas inspired by their adventures, Ursa Major’s founders Oliver Sweatman and Emily Doyle want to give you that healthy mountain glow. 

They refuse to let marketers and market analysts drive their creations. Instead, Ursa Major launches their products only after ensuring that they are fully ready and optimized for use. As a natural company, it’s their goal to never use any suspect chemicals. This means you won’t find any petrochemicals, parabens or synthetic fragrances in an Ursa Major product. 

Trust us: This serum is one of the best out there. It’s ultra-light and will dive deep into your skin’s hard-to-reach areas to provide intense moisture and nutrients. To do such effective work, this serum utilizes vitamin C to improve your skin’s firmness and tone. 

The formula also includes edelweiss, a complex that does an incredible job of beating back signs of aging. Lastly, rosehip and aloe work together to reduce redness before soothing and hydrating your skin cells. Use the serum every evening before bed for best results.

5. Kiehl’s | Age Defender Power Serum 

Courtesy of Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s has been around since before the American Civil War. And for almost its history, it has been family-owned. Because of their brand recognition and market success, Kiehl’s has attracted the best and brightest minds in skincare. This means they produce a large volume of well-researched, highly effective products. For this reason, just about every list on the internet that rates facial products includes a Kiehl’s item. 

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive but highly potent serum, check out this Age Defender Power Serum from Kiehl’s. It’s one of the best face serums for men on the market. Suitable for all skin types, its formula features adenosine, an ingredient derived from yeast fermentation. This powerful ingredient excels at reducing signs of aging, including those hard-to-erase fine lines. 

What’s more, this serum has cypress extract, which helps strengthen your skin to prevent damage from taking hold in the first place. For maximum results, try applying this serum twice a day. Don’t feel bad about using so much at once; the results are more than worth it.

6. Brickell | Reviving Day Serum for Men

Courtesy of Brickell

With over 1 million customers in over 100 countries, it’s safe to say that Brickell is no longer a skincare startup. No, they’re an established player in a crowded industry because they make incredible, reliable products from high-quality ingredients. 

They started after their founders did some research on cosmetics and were overwhelmed by the number of synthetic chemicals used in most products. With today’s cutting-edge science and technology, they reasoned that there must be a way to produce highly effective yet natural products. Thankfully, they were 100% correct, and now their products are making men worldwide look and feel better. Oh, and as a bonus, all of their stuff is made right here in the USA. 

You’re not going to want to miss out on this Reviving Day Serum for Men. Brickell uses a proprietary blend of protein peptides to boost collagen production. This is important, because collagen is the stuff that makes our skin strong. The peptide blend will leave you with fuller, more elastic skin. 

Additionally, this serum employs hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain moisture. It also includes a concentrated aloe compound to deliver an extra boost of hydration and vitamins to your skin tissue. Use this Brickell serum in the morning, and your skin will be healthier, firmer and more elastic in no time.

7. Guy Stuff | Men’s Moisturizing Serum  

Courtesy of Guy Stuff

Guy Stuff started because their founders simply wanted to look younger in a responsible and sustainable way, which is why the company is vegan-friendly and uses 100% recycled packaging. Luckily for the rest of us, they decided to bring their secret formulas to the public, and Guy Stuff was born. 

To the team at Guy Stuff, less is more. They use as few ingredients as possible and only the ones that don’t harm the environment. As part of this eco-friendly approach, the brand makes all of their products in the USA to minimize the need for protracted, pollution-heavy supply chains. 

If this sounds like your kind of company, be sure to check out their incredible serum. One of the heavy hitters here is hyaluronic acid. This stuff holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water, so when it reaches your skin, you’ll feel a wave of hydration and refreshment. But the real MVP here is the vitamin C concentrate. Vitamin C is known to brighten and improve skin tone, and when it hits your face in concentrated form, your skin cells scoop up every bit of it. Additionally, the formula contains retinol to boost collagen production and eliminate fine lines. 

This serum is made for men with all skin types, so don’t be afraid to use it if your skin is sensitive or oily. Use this serum both in the morning and at night for best results.

8. Jack Black | Protein Booster Skin Serum 

Courtesy of Jack Black

Jack Black (we’re talking about the company, not the entertainer) has been pushing the boundaries of men’s skincare for over 20 years now. It got started when their founders looked around the market and saw that luxurious, effective skincare products only seemed to be made for women. 

To address the needs of the modern man, Jack Black took matters into their own hands and began pumping out products designed exclusively for us guys. As they create no-nonsense products that get results, it’s no surprise that Jack Black has maintained a dominant position in the men’s skincare game. 

One product helping Jack Black cement its legacy is this Protein Booster Skin Serum. One ingredient we love in this serum is Matrixyl 3000. This powerful protein peptide blend is unique to Jack Black and has been shown to reduce wrinkles by an incredible 45%. 

Another Jack Black creation is Renovage, which increases miniaturization in your skin by 58% while simultaneously brightening pigmented spots to even out your skin tone. And for a twist, this serum includes a green tea extract that is loaded to the brim with antioxidants. The antioxidants work with your skin to form a natural barrier that keeps pollutants and environmental stressors at bay. 

Use after cleansing, and apply two pumps to your face and neck to look and feel younger.

9. Mr. Alpha | Anti-Aging Serum 

Courtesy of Mr. Alpha

Mr. Alpha is made for the modern man who knows what he wants without the fluff. Mr. Alpha products are easy on the environment because they do not use any parabens or sulfates. They are also cruelty-free. From skincare to hemp-infused pain-management substances, Mr. Alpha can solve many body-related issues. 

This serum leverages vitamin E, which is incredibly effective at reducing UV damage to the skin, making it one of the best face serums for men this year. Because our faces take so much beating from UV rays, this vitamin is key to making sure our skin doesn’t age too quickly. 

Additionally, this stuff is pumped full of retinol, which boosts collagen production. As a result, your skin is going to look firmer and fuller. This product also features black currant seed extract to fight against fine lines and wrinkles. All told, this formula is jam-packed with antioxidants to help protect your skin from the harmful outside world. 

Treat your skin and purchase this Mr. Alpha Anti-Aging Serum today. Use it once or twice daily, and your skin is going to look younger and healthier, almost like magic.

10. Challenger | Primo Anti-Aging Face Serum 

Courtesy of Challenger Men’s Care

Challenger was born after its creator was repeatedly disappointed by men’s products on the market. The tipping point was when someone asked him if he was wearing perfume in his hair. After that incident, he released a cream pomade, and Challenger Men’s Care was born. Challenger knows that us men take pride in how we look and feel and that this affects how others perceive us. Join this brand in finding products that not only work for your body but your confidence as well. 

Suitable for all skin types, this Challenger Anti-Aging Face Serum is packed with premium ingredients. The product leverages a plant-based collagen ingredient to reduce signs of aging. You’ll love the results, as your face will be visibly healthier and more radiant. 

For an additional boost to collagen and elastin production, this serum also uses copper tripeptide. While this sounds like something made in Dexter’s Laboratory, it’s actually a naturally occurring molecule in your body. When applied to your skin, the compound helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Lastly, this serum leverages hyaluronic acid to keep your skin super hydrated and happy. 

Stick with this serum, and you’ll retain your youthful looks for longer.

11. Beast | Anti-Aging Face Serum

Courtesy of Beast

While their products are made for the beast you are, Beast is not barbaric in how it treats your skin or the environment. Paraben- and sulfate-free, as well as being 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, Beast products are designed to nourish and energize your savage mug. 

You’re going to love the way you look and feel when you take a dance with the beast. And this brand is not only about putting out an excellent product: See their website to learn more about their commitment to 1% for the planet. 

Let nature take over and enjoy the ride with this Anti-Aging Face Serum, which is free of toxins, fillers, gluten, GMOs and artificial fragrances. The all-powerful vitamins A, C and E do the heavy lifting to crush wrinkles and eradicate fine lines. Vitamin A is packed with retinol, which helps fill out your face and allows it to retain moisture over the long term. 

Meanwhile, vitamins C and E work to even out your skin tone and protect it from environmental stressors. This product includes omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help to regulate oil production and balance out hydration. Using the dropper, apply this serum to your face and neck in the daytime or at night, and prepare for some beastly results. 

12. Drunk Elephant | C-Firma Fresh Day Serum

Courtesy of Drunk Elephant

The Drunk Elephant team was completely sober—or at least highly functional-–when they went into the lab and began making their products. Their formulas include only ingredients that directly benefit our skin’s health. As part of this brand’s “smoothie” approach to skincare, all Drunk Elephant serums, oils and creams are designed to work in tandem. So instead of layering product on product, you can simply combine all of their products and apply. 

Drunk Elephant also believes that what they leave out of their products is as important as what they put in. You can rest assured that a Drunk Elephant product won’t contain any parabens, sulfates or alcohol. 

As you probably guessed, vitamin C is crucial to the success of C-Firma Fresh Day Serum; in fact, this serum packs a potent 15% vitamin C concentrate to kickstart your day. 

Your skin is going to be bursting with nutrients and enzymes that will improve signs of aging. There is vitamin E in here as well, which will further protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Lastly, Drunk Elephant uses a pumpkin ferment extract to dissolve dead skin. Who knew pumpkins could be so powerful?

As a pro tip, give your Drunk Elephant product a good shake before use. And be sure to check out their website for detailed instructions.

13. Tom Ford | Research Serum Concentrate 

Courtesy of Tom Ford

Though Tom Ford may not be within budget for many readers, we thought we would give you one high-end option to consider. 

Tom Ford is a household name in fashion and cosmetics. He began at Gucci and rose up to become its creative director. Eventually, he launched his own namesake fashion brand, but not before creating a movie company which produced a film that received an Oscar nomination. Ever since his personal brand launched, Tom Ford has been an iconic name in the world of high-end fashion and skincare.  

Naturally, Tom Ford’s Research Serum Concentrate is on the pricier side. But it’s not just pricey because of the brand’s immaculate reputation; it’s pricey because it works. It utilizes white porcelain cacao, caffeine and gyokuro to leave your skin radiant and healthy-looking. The formula also contains glycolic and lactic acids, which will make your skin feel as smooth as Lake Tahoe in summer. 

And the inclusion of a peptide compound is going to dramatically boost your collagen levels to give you full and plump skin. If you treat yourself to nothing but the best, consider this luxurious, highly potent serum concentrate by Tom Ford. It won’t disappoint.

14. Cremo | Brightening Serum 

Courtesy of Cremo

Cremo’s entire purpose as a brand is to give you barber-grade treatment and products from the convenience of your home. Cremo knows that when you take a trip to your favorite barber, you’re entrusting them with your entire look. That kind of pressure means that the barber is obliged to give you nothing but the highest-quality care. Every product that wears the Cremo crown is made with the same passion and intensity that your barber applies to your mane. 

Their potent Brightening Serum employs vitamin C, which helps fight against even the most powerful toxins. This powerful ingredient heals blemishes, fights hyperpigmentation and leaves you looking healthy and bright. Cremo’s formula also includes peptides to boost collagen production and leave you with a fuller and clearer face. You won’t even feel this serum when it’s on your skin as it’s fast-absorbing and odorless. Use once or twice a day, and you’ll understand what the barbershop treatment is all about. 

15. Bulldog | Age Defense Serum

Courtesy of Bulldog

The early 2000s was not an ideal time to be a guy looking for a face serum—or any skincare, for that matter. The market was small, and products were prohibitively expensive. Simon Duffy, Bulldog’s founder, decided to take matters into his own hands. He created Bulldog to give guys effective yet affordable grooming products. 

There are no bells and whistles here and no eye-popping price tags. What started out as a small U.K.-based company has burgeoned into an international skincare empire. No matter your skin type, age or ethnicity, Bulldog has a product you’ll appreciate.

This Age Defiance Serum has a whole bunch of vitamin E infused in it. That means your skin will remain protected from UV rays and other environmental toxins. The serum also includes sunflower seed oil to reduce signs of aging by melting away those wrinkles. 

This serum also features rosemary, which is known to soothe the skin and relieve itching and irritation. Because so many wonderful natural ingredients are packed into this serum, you won’t be disappointed if you buy this product from Bulldog.

16. PCA Skin | C&E Advanced

Courtesy of PCA Skin

Founded in 1990, PCA Skin was originally just a clinic that administered chemical peels to its patients. But these weren’t just any chemical peels. PCA Skin was known for having some of the best formulas in the world, and people would travel thousands of miles for a treatment. 

Eventually, PCA began educating other dermatologists and skin care clinics, and finally they rolled out their own consumer line. Globally recognized for their scientifically backed skincare regimens, PCA products are as close as you can get to a skincare treatment at a clinic. 

And while you don’t need a prescription for this C&E Advanced Serum, it’s going to work so well that you’ll think you’re getting professional work done daily. One of its key ingredients is vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that will reduce signs of aging and eliminate free radicals. The formula also contains a milk thistle extract, which will calm and soothe your skin. 

As the vitamin C removes harmful toxins from your skin, the milk thistle ensures it stays calm and non-irritated. For one of the best treatments you can get outside of a skincare clinic, buy the PCA C&E Advanced Serum. The Best Face Serums for Men in 2022