How to Get More Views on YouTube and Promote Your Channel

Learn how to create top notch content and grow your YouTube following in the best way possible.

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Statista data of April 2022 shows that 247 million audiences in the United States interact with YouTube content. And since it’s one of the most popular video platforms, it will continue to reach even more audiences globally.

It’s quite natural to want a YouTube channel filled with YouTube subscribers and views. Because, why not? Many successful YouTubers have a ton of them and have become some of the richest people in the digital world. Can making money on YouTube be that easy? It’s not. As you will soon see when you start posting YouTube videos, these expectations will not be met. You will start to wonder why there are no subscribers watching your content. One of the pressing thoughts on your mind will be how to get more views on YouTube.

Go easy on yourself, not every video gets millions of YouTube views overnight. That is not a true failure as you think, but you need to be careful if you keep up with the YouTube channel growing factors. If you don’t, then that will be a failure to face. Because there are so many critical points to concern YouTube success while creating video content.

Roll up your sleeves now, and get ready to take action. You’ll be reading well-tested and proven pieces of advice from YouTubers, and one secret assistant, Views4You that will save you from wondering how to get more views on YouTube and you can grow your YouTube channel in the best way possible.

Revealing the Secret of YouTube Views: Views4You

Getting YouTube views as a start to a new YouTube channel can be tough. Some newbie YouTube creators don’t bother getting any assistance and just wait for the YouTube algorithm to work. However, they get disappointed with the results they’ve seen. If you’re one of those YouTube users, then you need an assistant that will help you outrank your competitors on YouTube before giving up. Here is where Views4You come to your help.

Views4You’s YouTube views service provides real, high-quality, and targeted YouTube views, by finding the exact target audience for their customers. Once you get views from Views4You, your YouTube search results start to rank since those views are provided by suggested video engagement. The best thing about the company is they don’t use any bot or software to generate fake engagement which means all of their services are real and safe as Business Insider and Entrepreneur attest to the claims, and recommend people to buy YouTube views from Views4You.

You don’t need to be a techy guy to use their services, just select the right package for your YouTube channel according to your budget and sit back while their team helps you generete YouTube views by using specific coding. 

If you don’t know how many YouTube views you need to become a rich and popular video creator, you can use Views4You’s YouTube money calculator tool to calculate your potential earnings.

This tool calculates daily, monthly, and yearly views to find out the estimated earnings of the YouTubers. So, you can either copy your YouTube channel URL, or other video creators’ channel URL to note how many views are needed to get paid by YouTube. Of course, keep in mind that you first need to be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program which will allow you to make money on YouTube.

If you are worried about buying views, try free YouTube views of Views4You first. This will help you determine if they provide satisfactory services, and match what you’re looking for in a growth service.

20 Advice to Become the Most Viewed YouTube Video Channel

There are so many factors that influence success on YouTube, but the most important one is engagement. The more engagement you get, the more YouTube views and subscribers you’ll have to grow and promote your YouTube channel.

But, are you really tried these 20 key things to become a popular YouTuber? I thought so, come on now, let’s blow the algorithm.

1- Your Key to Success: Niche YouTube

Before asking “how to get more views on YouTube”, you need to be sure that you find the right niche for yourself to broadcast. It has to be in the line with your passion, strength, vision, and audience needs. However, there is no specific way to find your very own specific niche with one snap. Yet, there are still some tips for finding a successful Youtube niche:

Firstly, start by searching and watching videos. What kinds of videos are already popular on YouTube? This question will give you an idea of what topics are being searched for the most, and what people are already interested in watching. You can find ideas about your niche from the related videos.

If you already have an idea in your mind, try to focus on it. Finding a niche that you are passionate about will give better results than posting irrelevant video content on YouTube. This will make you create videos much more enjoyable for yourself too, and will also help you build a loyal following of viewers who appreciate your content.

Narrow down your focus if you’re thinking too much and broadly. Once you’ve found a general area that you’d like to focus on, start narrowing down your topics to find a more specific niche. This will make your videos more targeted and likely attract viewers interested in what you have to say.

Experiment with different types of videos. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with different video formats and styles. You never know what will resonate with viewers watching and help you find success.

2- Find the YouTube Audience Worth $ to You

The best way to get YouTube views is to find the right audience for your channel and produce content that appeals to them. This can be daunting, but if you put in the time and effort, it will be worth it. Or, Views4You will be your second hand to find them for you.

You need views because it’s the thing YouTube pays you for. If you get 1,000 views per video, it makes you earn around $0,01 & $0.05. Of course, it’s a long process to fulfill but there is a helpful guide on “how to make money on YouTube” by YouTube help. More views you buy, the more ad revenue you will get.

There are a few things you can do to find your target audience on your own:

– Use Google Ads Keyword Planner: This tool allows you to see how many people are searching for keywords related to your content. You can then use this information to create content that appeals to the target audience. Or, you can use third-party keyword tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush.

– Use social media: You can use social media to share your content and engage with your audience as well as to find out what your audience is interested in. And then you can create content that appeals to them.

– Use YouTube Analytics: Data from YouTube Analytics gives you insight into different metrics on your channel such as audience demographic and watch time. These datas will be your checklist, so take your eye on the ball. This can help you identify the type of audience that’s active on your channel so you can create content that they’ll love.

– Use Google Trends: To understand and predict what your next video will be targeted, you need to follow Google trends. It will help you get views on YouTube, attract the right audience, and rank on search results.

– Use demographic targeting: Demographic targeting allows you to drift your content to specific demographics, such as age, gender, and location. This is a great way to ensure that your content is seen by your target audience.

Pro tip about demographic targeting: According to YouTube, there are demographic groups; detailed demographics; interests; your data segments; custom match; similar segments when it comes to audience targeting methods. It’s quite an instructive piece to check before starting to search for a target.

3- Be the YouTube Thumbnail Master

Source: Views4You

As we all know, video thumbnails are the first things that appear on YouTube when someone searches for YouTube videos. Its size is 1280 pixels by 720 pixels and under 2MB within the format of JPG, GIF, or PNG. It’s like the cover of a book; it needs to be eye-catching and appealing enough to make people want to click on it and watch the video. There are a few things you can do to make your custom thumbnails more effective, and stop your audience from moving from your channel to other channels:

1- Use bright colors: Bright colors are more sightly than dull colors, so they will help your videos thumbnails stand out from the rest.

2- Use attractive images: Use attractive images that will appeal to your target group. To create custom thumbnail images, you can use third-party tools as well.

3- Use keyword-rich titles: Use keywords in your images as you did in titles, so that you can double the recognition of the video with the right video tags. See the examples thumbnail images below. As it’s indicated in the custom thumbnails, words were given right on the images to create an effective target.

4- Smackdown the YouTube Algorithm with Your Video Title

The video title of your YouTube videos is one of the most important factors in ranking your video views. Create an atmosphere as if there is something hidden in the video.

  • Use targeted keywords, find them from the analytics
  • Promise something that they are in search
  • Call to them personally by using pronouns “I, You, We”
  • Ask a question “How, Where, Why, When, What, Who” to appeal to them, this way you appear as the answer to the query
  • Give numbers to create a Dodson effect
  • Test various headline lengths – pro tip: the most effective one is 70 characters
  • Put at least 1 power word, these words trigger action
  • Put at least 1 uncommon word, these words occur less frequently than common words so that they add interest to the headline
  • Put at least 1 emotional word to strike the audience both in mind and hearth

Score your headline by using headline generators such as CoSchedule.

You must ensure that your video titles have target and relevant keywords that accurately describe your video content. See the title descriptions of the given video thumbnails in the same order.

You also need to be sure that your videos stand out in the search results among other YouTube videos. Because video titles with strong keywords rank in YouTube search engine results first.

5- Take the Stress Out of with the Video Description

Just like your video title, the video descriptions are also an important factor in ranking your videos that encourage viewers to watch your content. The best way to write a good video description is to ensure that it’s keyword-rich and accurately describes your video content.

How to find those rich keywords?

  • Use YouTube SEO, and find both short-tail and long-tail keywords based on their search volume, trends, actual clicks, and location results.
  • Do tagging research

You’re both writing this description for your potential audience and for the YouTube algorithm to understand your insights. It’s very important for YouTube because it ranks you based on the information given in the description at some point.

  • Write at least 200 words, to give more information filled with keywords.
  • Mind the first two sentences, try to add there the main keywords. For example, if you’re talking about “workout” on the video, give “workout” to both title and your video description to make people focus, and to be ranked when “workout” is searched, or use synonyms of it such as “abs”.

Also, include a link and YouTube video tags to your website in the description so that viewers can visit your website for more information, and you can be seen in the suggested videos.

You can also use the YouTube video descriptions to promote your other videos or content, such as blog posts, e-books, etc in the search results. As is seen in the example image of the workout video below, the creator uses the video description effectively.

6- Don’t Fail by Posting at a Wrong Time

Watch times are the times that viewers spend while watching your videos. It’s a critical metric that affects the suggestibility of your videos on the YouTube search results. If you increase your watch time that would tell YouTube that your videos are worth watching. So, your video and channel popularity will be increased automatically. One of the ways to prove to YouTube that your videos deserve the recommendations is to share at a right time to find the real audience in real-time engagement.

If you want to get more YouTube views, you need to be certain that you’re posting your videos at the right time. That means posting your videos when people are most active on YouTube.

The best times to post your videos are on Friday evenings from 3-9 p.m. or on weekends from 12-1 p.m, especially Saturdays. Because that’s when people have more free time to watch videos. But it may change according to your niche audience. To be sure when you need to post, you can also use YouTube Analytics to find out when your audience is most active and post your videos then.

7- Don’t Play Dead, Post Regularly

Post new videos on a regular basis, so that people have something to watch on your channel right in time.

You can use a content calendar to plan and schedule your video content ahead of time even more than one video scheduling will be great to be organized. So that you can be sure to post new videos for your YouTube viewers.

To create a well thought out social media calendar for YouTube videos, follow the instructions below:

  • choose the date and the time of the day that it’ll go live
  • choose the account, that would be YouTube in our case
  • create well-optimized content
  • chose the format of the post, that would be .MP4 on YouTube but you can see all the supported YouTube file formats, too
  • write descriptions, and titles, and add links and hashtags to it
  • target demographics
  • additional promotion, will it be a promoted post?
  • publish its teaser on multiple social media platforms
  • the simple quatro formulas for the business intended YouTube content:
    • promote your business and drive traffic to your YouTube channel
    • curated contents need to be given to reach viewers of other niches and topics, and take responsibility for researching outsider sources and giving them a service.
    • manage ultimate authenticity with user-generated content that influences audience attention.
    • build personal interaction with the viewers and answer what they might hear.
  • necessary percentages:
    • %20 of the posts to build up business emphasis
    • %80 of the posts to entertain, educate, and inform
  • pay attention to color codes, and visual looks, the post should appeal to the eyes with harmonious designs.

8- Rule Your YouTube Watch Time Over

When you’re looking to increase your YouTube views, and watch time you need to focus on quality over quantity. That means creating videos that people want to watch and that are interesting and informative. What should you do to avoid audience loss?

  • The best thing to do this is to create long-form content that will make you gain watch time is at least 10 minutes long. That way, you can include more information and people will be more likely to watch the whole YouTube video.
  • Let’s say you get 1,000 video views for your 5 mins long video as it’s exemplified in the “video B”, and the video’s audience retention is 50%, you’ll get 5,000 min watch time soon. But if you could upload 10 mins long video as it’s in “video A” that would have been 10,000 min watch time. Therefore, it would have likely ranked in YouTube search x2, logically.

Source: Views4You

  • Of course, the very first 15 seconds need to grab the attention. Start by teasing what the rest of the video is about. Outline the video script to create a “finished effect” that will convince viewers that your video is up to something.
  • Don’t focus directly on the branding, give it as a tool to entertain, also use a unique presentation in each video.
  • Be open to changes in every sense. If it’s a branded video, make sure you use different voices and voice tones, as well as the music, camera angles, and style.

9- Better to Create Video Series

YouTube viewers go for video series. So, if you can create a video series around a certain topic, you’re more likely to get more views.

To do this, you need to find videos of topics that you want to cover in your video library. Then, create a video for each topic and include the number of the video on the title (e.g., “How to Start a Business: Part 1”). You’ll definitely be amazed after seeing how many people are watching videos.

For example, see how Good Mythical Morning creators Rhett and Link prove the claim, they have 17.8M subscribers and their total views are 8,152,951,901 according to the Views4You YouTube Money Calculator tool! They’re killing views by creating video series.

Source: Views4You

10- You won’t go Bankrupt, Just Giveaway

Everyone is fond of free stuff! So, if you can give away something for free in your videos, you’re more likely to get more views on YouTube. It’s also the most common way to get more subscribers to a YouTube channel.

This could be anything from a free e-book or report, to a discount on the products or services you used much. Just mind that it’s something that people would actually want and that it’s relevant to your video content. You’ll not be disappointed after seeing the subscriber and view flow to your channel, every penny you giveaway will be worth it. Are we still talking about pennies? MrBeast gave people $1,000,000 and get 111M views! What are you waiting for?

Source: MrBeast

11- Rising Sun of the House: YouTube Live Stream

YouTube Live is a great way to get more views on your YouTube channel. You can use it to broadcast live events, such as conferences, product launches, or Q&As.

To get started with YouTube Live, you need to create a live stream event and promote it through your social media channels and email list. You can also include a link to the live stream on your channel homepage.

Because Live stream drives real-time engagement to the channel with non-stop duration time. Everything can be subject to live, even the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, broadcasted by The Independent. It seems 13,110 YouTube users are watching it. 

Source: The Independent

12- Are You Maxin’? Go to YouTube Comments Now

The comments section on YouTube is the place where every one of your viewers can freely interact with you. So, to get more viewers’ attention to your channel you need to be for them.

You need to answer questions, give advice, and thank people for their comments as much as you can. Of course, moderate the comments section to control that it doesn’t get out of hand. But, if you can keep it under control, it’s a great way to get more views on your YouTube channel.

13- Crack the Audience Stillness, Call Them to Action

If you want to get more views on your YouTube channel, you need to call your viewers to action. That means asking them to like, comment on more videos or subscribe to your channel, or do something you want at the moment.

Know the drill, call them at the end of your videos, or in the comments section. Just assure that you’re not being too pushy about it. Otherwise, people will unsubscribe from your channel thinking about what is going on right there.

Try these 8 types of CTA’s to find out your audience motivating type:

  • Place a button at the beginning of the video and leave it until the end to generate overall clicks.
  • Suggest your own videos at the end of the video to keep them in your channel to increase watch time
  • Statistically claimed that subscribers tend to watch longer than non-subscriber, leading them to “subscribe” for at least 15 seconds.
  • Put your social media accounts’ links to the videos to generate awareness
  • Create YouTube videos of your well-performing blog content to drive viewers back to your content.
  • Give a link to your website if you’re intending to increase selling through this lead.
  • Write a video description with filled with all the links useful to your engagement
  • Ask your audience to comment on your video to be ranked on YouTube.

14- “How to” Videos to Create a Route to Success

“How to” videos are some of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. They’re having insane views on YouTube with thousands of daily watches. It seems people have lots of things to do, and to learn from YouTube. You cannot believe “how to get more views on YouTube” videos are even getting hit on the platform.

So, if you also create “how to video” no matter what your niche is – which is something created with relevant keywords to your channel-, you’re more likely to get more views on your YouTube channel every day.

There are three types of how-to videos that you need to try presume to do these videos:

  • Explainer videos
  • Software demo videos
  • Instructional videos

15- Manage All Social Media Platforms in One Hand

Promote your YouTube channel on all of your social media platforms. That way, you can get more views on your videos.

You can share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also include a link to your YouTube channel in your email signature. Also do not forget these:

  • Use open graph tags on Facebook
  • Create different posts to announce one video to your social media followers
  • Use call to action statements
  • Ask them to share the news
  • Use specific hashtags to reach industry-target
  • Direct questions to increase engagement of the post

16- Get Premium Results with YouTube Premium Account

With YouTube Premium, everyone can get access to exclusive features, such as ad-free viewing, background playback, and YouTube SEO. If your audience uses YouTube Premium membership, you may enjoy some benefits in terms of SEO. How?

Since your videos will not have ads and will be available in HD, people will continue to watch your videos without any interruption, and spoil. You’ll keep the true watch time and catch the real audience attention which will result in your demographic results better when it comes to YouTube SEO. Therefore, it could help to boost your channel’s SEO. 

If you’re not signed up for YouTube Premium, you’re passing over these features:

Source: Google

17- Play the Game with Brands and Other Creators

You can do this by creating sponsored videos or product placement videos.

You can also collaborate with other creators by guest starring in their videos. Choose collaborators that are relevant to your brand and that your audience will enjoy.

18- Read the Play from Your YouTube Analytics

You can use it to see which videos are performing well and which ones need improvement.

You can also use it to see which demographics are watching your videos and what type of content they’re interested in your Youtube content. So, it will be a guide for your next video, and you can also control your other videos posted before you use YouTube Analytics.

19- Cross-Promote the YouTube Channel

When you cross-promote, you promote your channel on other platforms, such as social media or email. This can help you reach a wider audience and get more views on your videos.

There are a few different places where you can cross-promote your YouTube videos. You can share your videos on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. You can also include a link to your YouTube channel in your email signature. You can also embed your videos on your website or blog.

20- Build Your YouTube Videos Ranking with Ads

You can target your ads to people who have already watched your videos or who are similar to your target audience. Just make sure that you’re not overspending on your ads. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make a profit from your YouTube channel.

Source: Google

Display Ads:

Display ads can be used on websites, in email newsletters, and on social media platforms. When creating a display ad, consider the following:

  • The size and shape of the ad
  • The colors and images used
  • The text included in the ad
  • The overall message of the ad

Overlay ads:

Overlay ads are semi-transparent, modal ad units that appear in the foreground of your site or app, atop your content. These full-screen ads offer an immersive experience for users and can be dismissed by viewers with a single tap.

Traditionally, overlay ads have been used to promote special offers or calls to action, but they can also be used to deliver rich media or video ads. Overlay ads are highly customizable and can be adapted to fit any brand’s style.

Skippable and non-skippable Video Ads:

Video ads come in two forms: skippable and non-skippable. Skippable video ads allow users to skip the ad after five seconds, while non-skippable video ads must be watched until the end.

Bumper Ads:

A bumper ad is a short, unskippable video ad that appears before a YouTube video. Bumper ads are ideal for driving awareness and reach, as they’re seen by everyone who watches a video. Bumper ads are 6 seconds or less in duration, and can be created using either video or images.

Sponsored Cards:

Sponsored cards are a new type of credit card that allows businesses to offer their customers special rewards and benefits.

With sponsored cards, businesses can tailor the rewards and benefits to their specific products or services. This means that customers can get more value from their purchases, and businesses can attract new customers with these unique benefits.

Final Words on YouTube Views

YouTube is a very powerful platform that can help you reach a wide audience and make you rich. However, you need to put in the work to get views on your videos. If you do not know how to get started on YouTube, get help from Views4You, the most recommended YouTube views service, to give YouTube what it ranks you most.

Bonus comes with the tips above, if you follow them, you can double your growth number of views on your YouTube videos and build a successful channel.

Disclosure: This content was not created by the Observer and does not imply any endorsement. Observer and/or sponsor may collect a portion of sales if you purchase products through these links.


How to Get More Views on YouTube and Promote Your Channel