CBD Oil for Pain: Top CBD Brands Reviewed

For centuries, people have turned to hemp to ease muscle and joint pain. Learn how CBD works, and explore the best CBD oil products for pain.

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No one likes to deal with aches and pain. Sore muscles and joints can kill your workout momentum and simply sap the joy out of everyday life. Many people turn to CBD for pain relief, whether it’s topical CBD products, edibles, or sublingual CBD oil products. In this article, we’ll take a long look at the latter: sublingual CBD oils. We’ll examine the benefits of CBD oils, talk about best practices for shopping for safe and effective CBD oil, and we’ll even recommend the best CBD oils on the market today. Because when you reach for CBD oil for pain, you want to make sure you’re only getting the best of the best in purity and potency.

Top CBD Oil Brands of 2022

When shopping for a sublingual CBD oil or any CBD product, for that matter, you want to make sure you’re only buying from the best brands, in terms of safety and effectiveness. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of things to look for when shopping for cannabidiol:

  • CBD oil derived from organic hemp
  • Safe, clean CBD oil extraction methods used, such as CO2 extraction
  • All products backed by a third-party lab report (Certificate of Analysis)
  • Products containing natural ingredients

With these criteria in mind, here are the best CBD oil brands of 2022, when you’re shopping for top-quality CBD oil.

CBDfx (Best CBD Products of 2022)

CBDfx has been among the very best CBD brands in the industry since they entered the market in 2014. Using organic hemp oil, with that CBD oil extracted by means of clean CO2, and all products backed by an independent, third-party lab report, this California-based company delivers the purest and most potent hemp products anywhere. And when they do add active ingredients to bolster the effects of their products, you can be assured they use safe, effective, natural ingredients.

Their CBD oil collection is wide-ranging, with a CBD oil seemingly for every need, including CBD oil for pain relief. All of their CBD oil tinctures are made with the more robust forms of hemp oil extract: full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum CBD oil. Their CBD + CBG Wellness Tincture contains broad spectrum CBD, CBG (often referred to as the “Mother of All Cannabinoids”), the antioxidants curcumin and coenzyme Q10, and coconut-derived MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil for better absorption — making this an excellent product for morning energy, focus, and overall health and wellness. Their CBD + CBN Calming Tincture is a powerful CBD oil for pain, leaning on CBD’s relaxation effects, with full-spectrum CBD, CBN (the ultimate relaxation cannabinoid), calming terpenes, and MCT oil. Getting to sleep when you’re in pain can be difficult. CBDfx CBD Sleep Tincture delivers deep sleep support, with CBD oil, melatonin, restful botanicals, and sleep terpenes.

CBDfx also has two powerful CBD Mushroom Tinctures, combining the calming health and wellness effects of CBD with adaptogenic and nootropic mushrooms. Adaptogens, in particular, relieve stress on the mind and body, and can be useful as a natural pain relief product. Focus Blend CBD Mushroom Drops deliver broad spectrum CBD and CBG, plus lion’s mane for stress, cordyceps for energy, and chaga for immunity. Relax Blend CBD Mushroom Drops are another strong relaxation product, useful when you’re dealing with aches and pain. These CBD oil drops deliver deep relaxation by combining CBD with restful CBN, plus maitake for wellness, reishi for stress, and turkey tail for immunity.

CBDfx has two potent delta-9 THC tinctures, as well, for those seeking next-level health and wellness, relaxation effects, and pain relief. Delta-9 THC Oil Drops + CBD: Ultimate Chill Blend

 deliver full-spectrum CBD in a variety of strengths (from 1500mg to 6000mg), plus 2.25mg of legal delta-9 THC per serving. Delta-9 THC Oil Drops + CBN + CBD: Sweet Dreams Blend take the same powerful formula as Ultimate Chill THC Drops, but with additional CBN and sleep terpenes for deep sleep support.

This table breaks down CBDfx’s unmatched selection of CBD oils.

Product Type of CBD CBD in mg Additional Ingredients
CBD + CBG Wellness Tincture Broad spectrum 1000–6000mg CBD CBG, curcumin, coenzyme Q10, terpenes, MCT oil
CBD + CBN Calming Tincture Full spectrum 1000–6000mg CBD CBN, terpenes, MCT oil
CBD Oil Sleep Tincture Broad spectrum 1000–4000mg CBD Melatonin, CBN, terpenes, MCT oil
Focus Blend CBD Oil Mushroom Drops Broad spectrum 1000–4000mg CBD CBG, cordyceps, lion’s mane, chaga
Relax Blend CBN Mushroom Drops Broad spectrum 1000–4000mg CBD CBN, reishi, maitake, turkey tail, elderberry
Ultimate Chill Delta-9 THC Drops Full spectrum 1500–6000mg CBD Delta-9 THC, MCT oil
Sweet Dreams Delta-9 THC Drops Full spectrum 1500–6000mg CBD Delta-9 THC, CBN, terpenes, MCT oil

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Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals is another longtime leader in the CBD industry. Their CBD oil tincture products come in multiple formulas, each with its own distinct health, relaxation, and pain relief benefits. For those who prefer no THC whatsoever in their CBD oils, Lazarus Naturals offers a CBD Isolate Tincture in three flavors: Unflavored, Blood Orange, and Wintermint. They also offer a unique CBG Isolate Tincture, delivering CBG (cannabigerol), which can be great for energy and focus. In terms of CBD oil for pain, Lazarus Naturals also carries a variety of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures. These full-spectrum products include CBD-only tinctures, plus a formula with CBG added at a 1:1 ratio. Lastly, we’ve already mentioned how important sleep support can be when you’re dealing with pain. Lazarus Naturals offers solid CBD Sleep Tincture with 30mg CBD, 10mg CBG, and 10mg CBN per serving.

Product Type of CBD CBD in mg Additional Ingredients
CBD Isolate Tincture Isolate 750–1500mg MCT oil
CBG Isolate Tincture N/A N/A CBG, MCT oil
Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture Full spectrum 750–6000mg MCT oil, hemp seed oil
Full-Spectrum CBG:CBD Tincture Full spectrum 750–6000mg CBG, MCT oil, 
CBD Sleep Tincture Full spectrum 900–3600mg CBN, CBG, MCT oil, hemp seed oil

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals is another respected name in the CBD industry. With their CBD oil tincture collection, NuLeaf delivers only robust full-spectrum CBD, which contains all the cannabinoids (including CBD and trace amounts of THC), terpenes, and flavonoids of the hemp plant. They offer one Full-Spectrum CBD Oil that is strictly full-spectrum CBD, plus no other active ingredients (with the exception of hemp seed extract for absorption). They also carry a selection of other CBD oils that each bump up the amount of a specific complementary cannabinoid, including Full Spectrum CBG Oil, Full Spectrum CBN Oil, Full Spectrum CBC Oil, and a Full Spectrum Multicannabinoid Oil that features CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC, as well as the option to add Delta-8 THC. Each CBD oil is available in a variety of strengths.

Product Type of CBD CBD in mg Additional Ingredients
Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Full spectrum 300–6000mg Hemp seed oil
Full Spectrum CBG Oil Full spectrum 300–1800mg CBN, hemp seed oil
Full Spectrum CBN Oil Full spectrum 300–1800mg CBG, hemp seed oil
Full Spectrum CBC Oil Full spectrum 300–1800mg CBC, hemp seed oil
Full Spectrum Multicannabinoid Oil Full spectrum 300–1800mg CBG, CBN, CBC, Delta-8 THC, hemp seed oil


Another top-notch CBD brand, CBDistillery also offers multiple sublingual CBD oil options for users. Their CBD Relief + Relax Oil is a pure and potent CBD-only product, with the only added ingredients being natural MCT oil for improved absorption and hemp extract. This CBD oil is available in multiple spectrum options: full-spectrum CBD oil for the complete cannabinoid experience, broad-spectrum CBD for a similarly robust cannabinoid profile (minus the legal traces of delta-9 THC), and CBD isolate for those who only want cannabidiol with all other cannabis hemp content removed. Their Synergy line of CBD oils delivers that same pure profile, plus the added boost of a single cannabinoid: Sleep Synergy with added CBN (great for sleep when you’re dealing with pain), Daytime Synergy for focus and energy with added CBG, and Raw Synergy with added CBDA for bonus health and wellness benefits.

Product Type of CBD CBD in mg Additional Ingredients
Full-Spectrum CBD Relief + Relax Oil Full spectrum 500–5000mg MCT oil
Broad-Spectrum CBD Relief + Relax Oil Broad spectrum 500–2500mg MCT oil
CBD Isolate Relief + Relax Oil Isolate 500–2500mg MCT oil
Sleep Synergy CBN + CBD Oil Full spectrum 450–900mg CBN, MCT oil
Daytime Synergy CBG + CBD Oil Full spectrum 1000–2000mg CBG, MCT oil
Raw Synergy CBDA + CBD Oil Full spectrum 1000mg CBDA, MCT oil

Charlotte’s Web

Our final “best CBD brands” recommendation is Charlotte’s Web, another longtime leader in the CBD oil industry. Rather than offer a variety of ingredient combinations in their sublingual CBD oils, they concentrate on one CBD oil formula, offered in multiple CBD strengths and flavors. Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract CBD Tincture is offered in strengths ranging from 200mg to 1800mg CBD. This breadth of strength choices allows you the option of microdosing for all-day CBD support or bumping up your CBD oil serving for deeper effects. This pure and potent CBD oil tincture features full-spectrum CBD, which contains all the cannabinoids (including traces of delta-9 THC), terpenes, flavonoids, and healthy fatty acids of the cannabis hemp plant. These organic hemp tinctures make use of natural olive oil for improved absorption and come in Natural, Mint Chocolate, Lemon Twist, and Orange Blossom flavors.

Product Type of CBD CBD in mg Additional Ingredients
Hemp Extract CBD Tincture Full spectrum 200–1800mg CBD Olive oil


What Is CBD?

Before we get into the benefits of CBD oil for pain, it’s worthwhile to take a step back and understand what cannabidiol is and how this cannabis compound works in the body. Cannabidiol is one of a group of compounds found in the cannabis plant, called cannabinoids. There are over a hundred cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, with cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), being the most abundant. CBD products are made from a form of cannabis called hemp, which contains high levels of cannabidiol, but only traces of THC (less than 0.3% by law).

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

Your body creates its own endocannabinoids, which are part of a cell-signaling system known as the endocannabinoid system. This system helps the body to maintain homeostasis, or balance, in a number of other systems and organs, most notably the nervous system and brain. This helps the body to regulate such important functions as sleep, pain management, stress management, immunity, mood, memory, appetite, motor control, and more.

When you take a CBD oil product, the cannabinoids in your product enter the bloodstream and mimic the body’s own endocannabinoids. This bolsters your body’s ability to maintain homeostasis, and assists the body in regulating all those crucial functions. It is because of these effects that CBD health supplements have become so popular, now available in products as diverse as CBD oil tinctures, pain creams, CBD gummies for pain and other CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD for dogs, and hemp-derived THC gummies, THC pen and other THC oil vape products, and more.

The Benefits of CBD: Sleep, Pain Relief & More

For centuries, people have been using cannabis and CBD oil for pain. CBD oil tinctures allow you to better dial in your dosage than, perhaps, any other type of CBD oil product. Taking CBD oil is simple: extract the CBD oil from the bottle with a dropper in whatever dosage you find works best for you, then hold the CBD oil under your tongue for 60 seconds, allowing the cannabinoids to enter your bloodstream through the vessels of your mouth. This occurs much quicker than with edibles, which require the cannabinoids to travel through your digestive tract first. In general, sublingual CBD oil can enter the bloodstream in 15 to 30 minutes, depending on bioavailability factors, such as height, weight, and metabolism. And the effects of CBD oil can last from four to six hours, again depending on bioavailability factors.

How Does CBD Oil for Pain Work?

Among the receptors that cannabidiol interacts with are CB2 receptors, which (among other things) help the body with modulating pain and fighting inflammation. Certainly, topical hemp products can give direct relief to areas affected by pain and discomfort. But it’s also worthwhile to take a sublingual CBD oil or edible, as well, to keep your endocannabinoid system working at optimal levels.

CBD for Sleep

Cannabidiol also has wonderful calming effects, which makes CBD oil a great base ingredient for sleep products. Pain can keep you from getting the sleep you need in order to rest and recover. The right CBD oil product can help you fall asleep quickly and sleep more soundly through the night. And because CBD oil is a natural supplement, you don’t have to worry about some of the problematic effects of some prescription and over-the-counter sleep supplements.

Can You Take CBD Oils for Arthritis Pain?

The FDA is still studying the effects of cannabidiol and has not yet approved it for medical use. So, legally, no one can make a recommendation for its use for serious medical conditions, like arthritis. What we can tell you is that many who deal with aches and pain, including testimonials from people suffering from arthritis, have found it effective for pain relief. We can’t legally recommend the use of CBD oil for relief from pain stemming from arthritis. The best we can tell you is to check online and see what others say, who have used CBD oil for pain relief, and ultimately, try it to see if CBD oil works for you. 

Final Thoughts on CBD for Pain

There’s a reason so many people have turned to CBD oil for pain relief. If you’re shopping for CBD oils for pain, just make sure to follow our criteria listed at the top of this article (organic hemp, clean CO2 extraction, third-party lab reports, and natural ingredients). We encourage you to explore the brands highlighted in this article, as well as their best-in-class CBD oils. We hope that this article will help you on your journey, and we wish you the best in happiness and good health.

Disclosure: Products featured in this article are not approved by the FDA and may pose certain health or legal risks. You should consult with relevant professionals before making a decision relating to the information or products referenced. This content was not created by the Observer and does not imply any endorsement. Observer and/or sponsor may collect a portion of sales if you purchase products through these links.


CBD Oil for Pain: Top CBD Brands Reviewed