23 Best Aftershaves for Men (2023) 

In recent years, it has become more accepted for men to immerse themselves in self-care as hygiene has increased in importance. 

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After using a razor, getting waxed or even paying for laser hair removal, having a proper shaving routine in place to protect your skin is a must. Most men tend to shave at home, where a mirror is present and all of their essential products are at their beck and call. But we’re not here to talk about the convenience of shaving at home; we’re here to talk about the importance of aftershaves!

For this list, we’ve gathered the best aftershaves for men based both on popularity and on high-quality, natural ingredients. In recent years, it has become more accepted for men to immerse themselves in self-care as hygiene has increased in importance. 

1. Blu Atlas Aftershave 

Blu Atlas produces the finest aftershave in the world. With woodsy and zesty citrus notes, and a herbaceous heart of lavender sprigs, clary sage and patchouli, this fragrance will bring out your adventurous side. This no-nonsense aftershave is all-natural, vegan friendly and devoid of sulfates and parabens. It is the ideal scent for any guy.

2. Joop! After Shave Splash

While this aftershave has been championed by many, the product contains alcohol and other harsh chemicals that might cause an allergic reaction or irritation to those with sensitive skin. However, the Joop! aftershave made this list because of its ability to leave your face smooth and revitalized after shaving. Not only that, but it leaves a bold, masculine scent that will help you start your day the right way. If alcohol doesn’t irritate your skin, definitely give it a shot.

3. Sauvage Dior After Shave Lotion

This is a fresh, subtly scented aftershave lotion that comes in a splash bottle and will leave your face feeling refreshed. Its strong scent emboldens the senses, leaving a lasting impression on those you encounter. Note, however, that this lotion contains alcohol, which may not be suitable for every skin texture. 

4. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood After Shave Balm

This aftershave is a perfect pick for anyone looking for a moisturizing balm that benefits your face after a good shave. This company heavily utilizes shea butter as its main ingredient for the majority of its products. 

The balm itself absorbs easily, reduces signs of aging and contains a noteworthy masculine aroma. This product does not contain harsh ingredients such as alcohol, so it is ideal for those with sensitive skin. 

5. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l’Homme After Shave Balm

Yves Saint Laurent is known for the many colognes and perfumes the company creates. This particular balm soothes, stimulates and conditions the skin as it settles on your face. 

This special balm is infused with the signature scent of La Nuit de l’Homme, which contains hints of lavender, grapefruit, sage and sandalwood. It will be particularly enticing to those who want a fresh smell after shaving. 


6. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò Pour Homme After Shave Lotion

Enjoy a stimulating aftershave with the scent of Acqua Di Giò Toilette Perfume. Its aroma features strong notes of cedar and sandalwood, leaving a lasting impression. This particular lotion protects the skin, creating a soothing effect after application. However, while this is an excellent addition to most shaving routines, avoid it if you have a reaction to alcohol.

7. Harry’s Post Shave Mist

This is an alcohol-free cooling and refreshing mist that is perfect for anyone looking for a simple yet hydrating post-shave product. This brand utilizes natural ingredients such as mint, tea tree oil, aloe and seaweed to help reduce irritation and other potentially adverse reactions. 

8. Polo by Ralph Lauren After Shave Balm

This sporty fragrance is perfect for anyone seeking a lotion that will leave them smelling fresh. It is gentle and nourishing to the face, and even contains antibacterial agents that help protect facial skin. Another fact about this product is that it is alcohol-free, so it is a great option for a wide variety of skin types. 

9. Versace Eros Aftershave

Versace created this product particularly to benefit men and their shaving routine. This aftershave lotion smells like mint, green apple, vanilla and more. The aftershave is soothing to the skin and moisturizes the face after application. However, this product does contain alcohol, so fair warning if you’re worried about irritation or adverse reactions. 

10. L’Occitane After Shave Balm

This balm contains lavender notes and peppery scents, as well as hints of burnt wood. This shea-butter-based lotion hydrates the skin, reducing irritation and tightness after shaving. This is perhaps not the best option for those with sensitive skin, however, as this product leaves a poly film on the skin, which can create acne after a few uses.

11. Proraso After Shave Lotion

Proraso has created a lotion that cools after shaving and tones the skin after use. This product contains witch hazel and menthol, which promote skin healing and revitalization, and reduce inflammation with a refreshing cooling sensation. 

12. Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel

A cooling gel is meant to soothe any razor burns or irritation after a simple morning shave. This cooling gel is fragrance- and alcohol-free and contains balm mint, aloe, chamomile, sage and lavender—all effective natural ingredients that can clean, refresh and hydrate the face. The scent is earthy, with a hint of lavender shining through. 

13. Baxter of California After Shave Balm

This is a soothing alcohol-free aftershave that keeps razor burns at bay and reduces signs of premature aging. Aloe vera and glycerin are some of the key ingredients in this product, which is intended to calm and soothe the skin after shaving.

14. Calvin Klein Eternity After Shave Balm

Calvin Klein is another well-known brand that has created an aftershave intended to give a cool sensation and a refreshing feel to the skin. The ingredients include basil, sage, rosewood and fresh herbs, which produce a deep, comforting earthy aroma. Although this is a decent product, it does contain alcohol, so keep that in mind when purchasing. 

15. Tend Skin Solution

This is a well-known product among both men and women that reduces the appearance of bumps and wrinkles and calms any potential irritation after shaving. It has a gentle, floral scent that kisses the palate rather than overwhelming it. Note that this formula contains alcohol, which may irritate those with sensitive skin. 

16. Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm

If you have sensitive skin, turn to an affordable, reputable and reliable brand, such as Nivea. This aftershave balm is gentle on the skin, and is enriched with vitamin E, chamomile and witch hazel extract. In addition, this formula contains no alcohol, making it safe for sensitive skin.

17. The Art of Shaving Unscented After Shave Balm

This is an unscented moisturizing balm that results in healthy skin after shaving. It prevents razor burn, encourages smooth skin, and includes shea butter, glycerin, grape seed extract and essential oils for hydration. In addition, this balm contains shea butter, which dramatically benefits the skin after shaving. 

18. Anthony After Shave Balm

Anthony’s balm cools, hydrates and reduces razor burns. People with skin of all types can benefit from this product. This is largely thanks to the combination of mint, eucalyptus, allantoin, rosemary, aloe vera and vitamins such as A, C and E, which all come together to rejuvenate the skin. The best part? There’s no irritating alcohol included in this balm. 

19. Bevel After Shave Balm

This is another product that doesn’t include alcohol. Bevel has created a highly effective aftershave with natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, jojoba oil, oat kernel, salicylic acid and lactic acid. These ingredients are intended to benefit the skin and give the best results after each shaving routine. It produces a rich, bold aroma, with the tea tree oil shining through.

20. Frederick Benjamin After Shave

An alcohol-free solution that prevents bumps, soothes the skin and moisturizes. As this is dermatologist tested and approved, it makes a great option for those with sensitive skin. This blend contains an array of essential oils that benefit and protect the skin, and has a gentle, calming fragrance.

21. Kiel’s Ultimate Razor Burn and Bump Relief

This product contains ingredients such as lipo hydroxy acid, willow herb extract and vitamin E. The blend hydrates, exfoliates and helps reduce any irritation of the skin. However, those with sensitive skin should refrain from using this product, as it contains alcohol and a few other drying agents.

22. Fur Skincare Stubble Cream

This is another alcohol-free aftershave that contains beneficial ingredients such as tea tree oil, tapioca starch and lavender oil. The oils produce a floral yet earthy fragrance that is refreshing and pleasing. All skin types can use this product, so if you want a cream that can nourish your skin and decrease the appearance of razor bumps or burns, this is the one for you. 

23. Ingrown Hair Cream Malin + Goetz

This alcohol-free aftershave contains glycolic and salicylic acid, which benefit your skin in a wide variety of ways. It also includes vitamin E, vitamin B5, chamomile extract and allantoin. This ingrown hair cream gently exfoliates, hydrates, nourishes and calms the skin. 


The Best of the Best

So, what is the best aftershave for men? How should a man decide what to buy? The majority of these aftershaves have scents that complement the natural musk of a man, while others may simply help to minimize razor burns and irritation. 

The products on this list have been carefully selected, and all are amazing aftershave options, regardless of skin type. No matter what option you choose, you’re going to get a high-quality aftershave that smells great, hydrates the skin and soothes any potential irritation. 


Choosing the Right Aftershave: A Buying Guide

Selecting the perfect aftershave to fit your needs does not have to be a complicated process. However, there are many factors to keep in mind regarding the products. The ingredient list is an area where you should pay close attention. Some ingredients can cause a reaction, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Aftershave comes in a variety of forms. Which consistency you choose will be based on preference, skincare routine and personal needs. Obviously, the scent will also play a big role in which product you select. 

Try out a few different scents, and figure out which suits your personality. Your scent needs to fit the occasion, so this will also play a factor. 

Finally, researching your product of choice and reading what other people say about it is a sure way to avoid major disappointment. By reading through this buying guide to the best aftershaves for men, you should feel confident when purchasing an aftershave product to add to your daily routine.


Do I Need Aftershave?

Adding aftershave to your daily routine is important. While there are costly options that will help you feel your best after a shave, there are plenty of budget options that will still check a lot of boxes. Incorporating aftershave directly after a shave provides several benefits. 

First, it can be an extra layer of protection against dirt from the day. This is important, especially after a close shave. Next, it can provide added benefits to the skin, like moisture, smoothness or texture. Finally, a great-smelling aftershave can boost your confidence and take your hygiene to the next level. 


What Are the Ingredients?

Aftershave is used on sensitive areas, including the face and neck. Therefore, the ingredient list is something to keep an eye on. You should avoid harsh ingredients, and especially any drying agents. 

Alcohol is a common drying agent that is often included in scented products. Dyes and synthetic fragrances can also be irritating for a lot of people. Keep in mind that aftershave will be used as an integral step of your skincare routine, so take your time when reading the ingredient list and be sure to take good care of your skin. 

Some brands are marketed as dermatologist recommended, but if there are any specific concerns pertaining to ingredients, skin sensitivity or reactions, it is best to consult with a dermatologist before purchasing. 


Consistency Is Key

Aftershave usually comes in one of the following forms: cream, gel, lotion. There is some variety between each of these. While most shaving products are applied and removed during the shaving process, aftershave serves a slightly different purpose. Aftershave is applied to the skin and, unlike shaving cream, it is not wiped off right away. 

This allows aftershave to perform a few different roles. First, aftershave typically has antiseptic properties. This will keep the skin clear of any infections from scrapes or nicks that occurred during the shaving process. 

Additionally, aftershave is considered a fundamental skincare tool. This means that you will want to make sure that your aftershave fits with your skin type, doesn’t cause any type of skin reaction and interacts gently with any other products you may use. For example, if you have oily skin, you won’t want an aftershave that holds in a lot of moisture throughout the day. Stay away from products that are described as “dewy” if you have oily skin. 

However, if your skin dries out easily, you will want to avoid any products that contain drying agents. In this case, you may want to find a product that comes in a lotion and boasts moisturizing qualities. 

Basically, when it comes to selecting the perfect aftershave for your needs, you might need to try a few different consistencies. Creams, gels and lotions vary greatly from brand to brand. Analyze your needs when it comes to skincare to ensure that your aftershave has a lasting effect that does your complexion justice. 


Which Scent Is for Me?

Aftershave, similar to cologne, seems to come in an endless variety of scents. So, how to decide what to pick? First, take into account your own preferences. When picking out an aftershave, it is a good idea to smell the product before buying. 

If your first reaction to the scent isn’t overwhelmingly positive, it may be smart to keep searching. Also, many scents have multiple layers to them. For example, a scent may go on smelling a certain way in the morning, but by the end of the day, it could offer a very different aroma. 

This has to do with the chemicals interacting with your skin. However, this will be different for each person, and sometimes wearing a scent all day can make the difference between your go-to favorite and a product that scarcely leaves the shelf.

Finally, some scents are strong and bold, while others are subtle and less pronounced. A bold scent might draw more attention to its presence, but it could be distracting. A subtle scent will ideally mix with the natural scent of the skin, and it might not be quite as detectable. 

Be sure to consider the other products included in your routine. Some scents work well when worn together, and the result can be a mix of aromas that smell delectable. However, some scents can clash, creating a confusing odor that could be described as off-putting. So be sure to take stock of your shower gel, soaps, shampoo, cologne or other scented products that are a part of your routine. 

Utilizing the same line or brand for each of these could be an easy way to ensure that the products work well together, but you also might need to do some experimenting. In sum, the scent preference will differ from person to person, but by keeping each of these ideas in mind, the best scent for your personal taste can be discovered.

What’s the Occasion?

Along with selecting a scent that matches your preferences and personal products, it is important to shop for the occasion when it comes to aftershave. Do you want to be memorable and leave an impression? Or will you be in a more subdued setting that calls for a casual or muted approach?

It isn’t always proper to draw a lot of attention to yourself, and with some aftershaves, people might be able to smell you before you arrive. For this reason, you may wish to keep one or more aftershaves on hand. 

Sometimes people rotate their scents by the season. By having a few tried and true aromas of varying intensity, you can be sure to wow the crowd, command the room and always meet the occasion. 

Listen to the People

One of the best methods to learn about a product before purchasing is by reading the reviews. Authenticated reviews are generally written by real customers and not a marketing team, so they give a more realistic and honest description of the product at hand, especially in daily use.

Unhappy customers are also more likely to leave a review, so by reading carefully, you’ll be able to identify any common problems with the product. However, good reviews are some of the best ways to learn about which products are tried and true. Cult favorites and classics are usually listed that way for a reason. 

Great products tend to have a large following and rave reviews. However, just because a product doesn’t have a lot of reviews, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is lacking in quality. Small companies have to start somewhere, and many small businesses pride themselves on offering quality products at a fair price. 

So, wherever you are purchasing your aftershave, read the reviews and find out what other people are saying about the brand and specific product line.  23 Best Aftershaves for Men (2023)