50 Best Colognes for Men (2023)

Whether you are looking for a daily cologne that gives a hint of who you are or you are looking for a cologne that makes a statement for a night on the town, you’ve come to the right place.

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The cologne industry has an overwhelming number of products, and unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, you will lose your mind in the whirlwind of information. Also, what works for you may not work for the next man, so remember that your opinion is the one that matters the most. 

Whether you are looking for a daily cologne that gives a hint of who you are or you are looking for a cologne that makes a statement for a night on the town, you’ve come to the right place. Our list of the best colognes for men in 2023 will give you all the information you need to make the perfect cologne decision for you or a loved one.


1. Blu Atlas Eau de Parfum

Without a doubt, the best-smelling cologne around is Atlantis by Blu Atlas. The scent will bring out your adventurous side, with its signature scent inspired by the coastal jungles of Bali. It is a refreshing fragrance containing top notes of bergamot, lemon and blackcurrant, These are complemented with mid notes of lavender, clary sage, peach and apricot, and then earthy base notes of orris, oak-moss, violet, and ambrette seed. Made with premium sourced ingredients, this irresistible scent is vegan-friendly and free of sulfates and parabens. Atlantis is the ideal scent for any man.

2. Stetson Original 

Stetson Original offers an earthy and untamed aroma that will take you back to an evening around the campfire. This fragrance says independence; it is the scent of a true man, a true American. A headstrong fragrance with bold notes of citrus and sage, its strength and purity mean it will last all day…or all night.

3. Coty Aspen For Men

Coty Aspen For Men is a masculine fragrance crafted from a blend of outdoorsy, adventurous scents that include citrus and spices. This irresistible cologne is guaranteed to become your signature scent. This cologne is so bold it is recommended for daily use. Become the irresistible man you’ve always wanted to be by using this unique fragrance.

4. Ron Dorff − Discipline Sport

Ron Dorff’s Discipline Sport is a fresh and woody scent that will accentuate your personal style. This focused and determined scent derived from crisp citrus will fire up your sights and keep you smelling fresh and clean after a tough workout session at the gym. Don’t let your actions overpower who you are. Allow this Ron Dorff scent to lend a hand in showing off your true personality.

5. Peter Millar Crown

Peter Millar is a brand for the manly man. The Crown fragrance will bring the outdoors in with its thick woodsy aroma. The birch, leather and black pepper notes create a deep, layered scent that invigorates the senses. Use this scent to bring out the working man inside of you. This scent will help enhance your natural fragrance and personality.  

6. Malbec by Boticario

Malbec by Boticario is for those who are ready and willing to leave their mark. Like seasoned men, this cologne goes through a maturation process to create its one-of-a-kind fragrance. 

This scent made in French oak barrels complements the lifestyle of the man that wears it − specifically, one who is sophisticated and distinct. Allow this scent to complement your night out and give you the perfect balance of sophistication and style.  

7. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme scent mirrors the principles of his women’s scent. It is the perfect yin to the yang. In a world full of differences, it embodies unison and togetherness. This is an everyday cologne that is fresh, yet warm. Get a bottle for yourself and a bottle for your lady.  

8. Clive Christian 

Clive Christian offers a dream in the historical aroma of the crown. After exploring and experimenting with over 151 different ingredients, the company has created a unique fragrance. The top note of crab apple blossom provides a spark at first impression. The other ingredients offer support, creating a classy scent that is not overpowering. 

9. Powerful Blue Lacoste

Powerful Blue Lacoste is a cologne that contains a powerful blend of aromatic, woody, citrus and spicy aromas. The masculine color represents a strong, powerful and calm coolness. Add this bottle of enticing fragrance to your daily work routine to upscale your suit-and-tie presence. 

10. Allure Homme Sport − Chanel

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel is a scent in motion; this is more than just a fragrance, it’s a way of life. It is fresh and invigorating, like a breath of crisp morning air. This scent features a fair amount of citrus freshness that is paired perfectly with spicy lovage and elemi notes. This cologne is best for the average and athletic man. Beat the everyday gym odor with the special Sport blend from Chanel.   

11. Histories − 1828

Histories − 1828 is a welcoming scent that embodies an aromatic citrus fragrance for men. This masculine scent has top notes of eucalyptus, grapefruit and tangerine. Blended with the finest rare and luxurious ingredients from around the world, this cologne will make you want to believe that history will repeat itself. Take your own trip around the world and back every time you spritz this. 

12. Henry Rose Fog

Henry Rose Fog is a classic warm scent. It will make you feel right at home with its strong vanilla smell. The longevity of this cologne is its most notable feature. Embody the perfect romantic with this Henry Rose signature scent, which will leave your lover wanting more.  

13. D.S. & Durga Cowboy Grass Fragrance

D.S. & Durga Cowboy Grass Fragrance is a scent fresh from the wild. This enticing body spray has hints of wild grass and flourishing herbs, and is slightly smoky. The scent itself includes notes of Haitian vetiver, white sage and clary sage. This fragrance belongs in a masculine collection, standing by for whatever adventure comes your way. 

14. Kenneth Cole Black

Kenneth Cole Black is sophisticated and sexy. It blends the perfect amount of herbs and masculine spices to create an irresistible scent that evokes the elegance and excitement of the nighttime city. Kenneth Cole Black cologne provides an undeniable presence that is masculine and timeless, just like the color it represents.

15. Gentlemen Only 

Gentlemen Only is a masculine scent that expresses what being a gentleman is all about. It is about attitude and a way of life, so the scent focuses on a modern woody aroma that is infused with rich and sensual spice and wood. This fragrance is created for the everyday gentleman. 

16. Jo Malone Red Hibiscus

Jo Malone Red Hibiscus takes the crown with its English pear and freesia fragrance. It embodies a light and fresh scent that evokes the vivid flowers of an island paradise. This scent is crisp, fresh and uplifting. Enhance your day or night routine with this finest of the fresh fragrances. 

17. Only the Brave Diesel 

Only the Brave Diesel is an aromatic woody fragrance for men. After the first spray, Amalfi lemon and mandarin orange enhance the air. Those forward notes are followed by calmer scents of cedar and coriander. This fragrance is elegant, unique and long-lasting, for whatever life throws at you. So show off your Diesel bravery with the most powerful and manly scent available on the market today. 

18. Mr. Burberry

Mr. Burberry’s fragrance takes a drive down memory lane, a trip chaperoned by the warm, woody scents of tarragon and cinnamon. The craftsmanship and innovation put into this fragrance are bound to impress the individuals who wear it. However, while this scent is versatile, it fits best in the cool fall months of the year.  

19. Maison Francis 

Maison Francis is a unisex cologne that complements any individual who wears it. The top notes of this classic fragrance are saffron and jasmine. Those scents are supported by the middle notes of amber wood and ambergris. The scent is polished with a hint of resin and cedar. This cologne is destined to be the final piece to any night out. 

20. Eight and Bob

Eight and Bob is a fresh and elegant fragrance, with notes of cardamom, ginger, lemon and bergamot. This cologne has established itself as a timeless classic that is preferred by the world’s most elegant and sophisticated men. Take your routine to the next level with this scent, which is perfect for a day in the office or a night on the town. 

21. The Harmonist Hypnotizing Fire Parfum

The Harmonist Hypnotizing Fire Parfum is a cologne as heady as its name. This scent is hypnotizing, with a seductive fragrance that will be like a flame for the wearer who nurtures it. With hints of Madagascar vanilla touched with a kiss of rose, this rare blend causes individuals to harbor a warm glow. Be the talk of the show when you use this fragrance to spice up your night on the town. 

22. Polo Deep Blue

Polo Deep Blue is a sophisticated unisex perfume that opens with a wave of citrus, bold cypress and clary sage. This creates a foundation of sensuality that intensifies with base notes of salty minerals that energize and activate a new level of freshness. Give your system a vacation with this fresh fragrance made for your daily routine.  

23. Jo Malone Silver Birch 

Jo Malone Silver Birch is a woody aromatic fragrance for both men and women. The strategic blends of lavender, wood, citrus, leather and smoke leave a lasting impact for whoever comes across your path. The fresh, cool crispness of the aroma will cut through the evening air. Wear this fragrance all day and night to show off your strong personality.  

24. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a bold fragrance that contains bursts of French lavender and Moroccan orange blossom. These two scents pair perfectly with an icy white tea accord to mimic the fountain of youth in a perfume. Show off your sophisticated side with this exceptional scent that will take you on a happy ride.  

25. Botega Veneta

Botega Veneta is a timeless and alluring fragrance you will swoon over. This mature and elegant aroma mixes cedar leaves and pimento for a spicy yet sophisticated experience. Allow yourself to leave a lasting impression on the world around you with this sensational fragrance.   

26. Polo Black

Polo Black is a fragrance that is made specifically for the reserved yet sensual urban gentleman. This refreshing mix of iced mango, Spanish sage, effervescent green accord and silver armoise gives the cologne a light tropical fragrance. This subtle aroma will cause those around you to wonder and dream. Leave everyone speechless when you spritz this cologne each day. 

27. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Collection

Blow up your senses with the Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb collection. This group of fragrances will make no apologies for its explosive masculine scent. It will bring out the sensual side with the expressive notes of chili and saffron. All four of the fragrances will explode in your olfactory system. Try them all, or use the collection to find the perfect one that suits you.   

28. Hermes H24

Hermes H24 is a cologne that prides itself on the promise of the lasting power of excellence. It breaks the mold of traditional scents with its warm, rich, masculine character. Its combination of sage and rosewood leaves people in awe. Show your powerful side with this exquisite fragrance.  

29. Prada Luna Rossa Sport

Prada has taken on a new project with their Luna Rossa Sport. They have combined the most unexpected ingredients to create a story within a bottle. The surprising combination of ginger, berries and lavender creates the foundation of a fragrance that will last all day long. The longer you wear it, the more notes you will smell. Take this with you for a day on the racetrack, or an evening at the bar.  

30. Gucci − The Alchemist’s Garden

Gucci’s The Alchemist’s Garden sets the stage for a night of amazing sunsets. Gucci produces an aroma that is unique, with deep woody and spicy scents. The essences of exotic plants and flowers allow this cologne to unlock the blend of the twilight sky. Become an alchemist yourself with this specially designed set of fragrances. 

31. Calvin Klein Everyone

Celebrate your infinite freedom with this genderless fragrance. The earthy and citrusy aroma is perfect for anyone desiring to express themselves through scent. The orange, ginger and cedarwood notes will appeal to all. So grab this scent today and watch everyone go crazy over you next time you walk into the room. 

32. Maison Margiela Replica, Jazz Club

Maison Margiela Replica, Jazz Club is a cool, calm and collected cologne. This fragrance is smooth like a cocktail with its warm scents and spicy aroma. It awakens with the scents of lemon and pink pepper, which are met with rum and vanilla combined with the perfect amount of smoky tobacco leaf. This fragrance is timeless, just like the music it embodies. 

33. Ellis Brooklyn Salt Eau de Parfum

Ellis Brooklyn has rightfully earned the Allure Best of Beauty Award with the Salt Eau de Parfum. This warm and spicy scent captures the feeling of a long day in the hot sun. Although it has a bright fragrance, it is perfect at any time of year. With the notes of warm florals and ambers, you’ll imagine yourself on the beach every time you spray this on. 

34. Versace Eros

Versace Eros is a strong fragrance for passionate people. The sublime masculine aroma opens with a blast of mint, lemon and green apple. After the mist has cleared, you will be left with the scent of Madagascar vanilla, vetiver, oakmoss and cedar. Use this scent every day to exude confidence and show others exactly who you are. 

35. Henry Rose Smyth Eau de Parfum

Henry Rose has created an impressive and powerful unisex scent. The crisp green apple mixes with white woods to create a luxurious fragrance. Looking to bolster your confidence? Use this scent every day to create your own signature smell and thank Henry Rose for the special gift. 

36. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue is a timeless fragrance with a hint of seduction. The blended notes include mandarin, rosemary and oak moss; these simple yet sophisticated notes combine for the perfect fragrance. Woo everyone around you with this creative fragrance made especially for a night on the town.  

37. Gucci Guilty

As the name indicates, Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum is a provocative mixture. Live life on the edge with the modernized 1970s ingredients. It combines rose and chili pepper notes to create a blend like no other. Give yourself a vintage yet timeless new personality trait with this signature blend. 

38. Dior Spice Blend

Dior Spice Blend was created to shock your senses with the unification of spice and citrus. This strong fragrance is the perfect signature for the man seeking to impress. With notes of rum extract, black pepper and ginger, this fragrance will delight your senses. Give your olfactory system a treat with this special blend from Dior. 

39. Hawthorne Tailored Scents

Hawthorne is the new kid on the block in the men’s fragrance world. This trendy new way to savor fragrance allows you to customize your smell by taking a short quiz about your likes and dislikes online. These scents can contain a whole mixture of notes to be used to create your own unique, personal smell. Add personality to your daily routine with a fragrance all your own from Hawthorne. 

40. Frédéric Malle Cologne Indélébile

Frédéric Malle Cologne is famous for its pure and wicked aroma. This perfume with its irresistible lemon and orange blossom scent is a bright, seductive cologne that is unforgettable. Use this scent daily if you want to spice up your personality, or add a little extra scent for a special night out.  

41. Celine “Black Tie” Eau de Parfum

Celine Black Tie is composed of vanilla that is as crisp as lacquered satin. This is a delightful masculine and feminine fragrance with touches of cedar and tree moss to caress away the troubles of the body and mind. Another unisex fragrance that will leave you speechless every time you apply it. 

42. Sigil “Anima Mundi” Eau de Parfum

Sigil Anima Mundi eau de parfum embodies balanced masculine and feminine aromas. With its accents of floral, smoky and woody scents, Sigil embodies the unconscious spirit that connects us to all living things. Live life on the edge with this unisex fragrance, which is perfect for any occasion.  

43. Fulton & Roark Blue Ridge

Fulton & Roark Blue Ridge is an enticing cologne. This warm and woody fragrance features fresh sage and smooth amber to bring out confidence for every occasion. Adding this to your routine will give your life an exciting new twist.

44. Tom Ford Black Orchid

Black Orchid Eau de Parfum is an alluring and sophisticated product that will have you wrapped around its finger. This modern take on the 1920s blends deep vanilla and smoky orchid to create an unforgettable smell. Although it is a special-occasion fragrance, you’ll desire it every day. 

45. Dior Sauvage

The Dior Sauvage fragrance was inspired by the desert twilight, leading to a crisp and enticing scent. You can feel the magic in every whiff. With notes of citrus and vanilla, this fragrance will be a staple in your night-out collection. 

46. Bleu de Chanel

The Bleu de Chanel line is crafted for the man looking to make a statement. With a woody fragrance and notes of grapefruit, this fragrance will constantly have you wanting more. This powerful scent is meant for the special occasion, but their line contains options for everyday use. 

47. Giorgio Armani, Acqua di Gio

Acqua di Gio is the iconic fragrance we all know and love. This carefully crafted blend of tangerine, rosemary and aquatic notes is sure to make heads turn. Wear it daily for an extra confidence boost around the house or in the office.

48. Creed Aventus

Perfectly crafted by father-and-son duo Olivier and Erwin Creed, this sophisticated scent is made for the man who craves a little sophistication. The ingredients in this scent are legendary and unpredictable, with notes of pineapple, birch and vanilla. You’ll never want this smell to fade. 

49. Nautica Voyage 

Nautica Voyage is the perfect blend to take you back to a day at the beach. With its bright, forward notes of green leaves, apples and cedarwood, you’ll be ready to set sail all year long. This scent is meant to be enjoyed daily.

50. 1 Million

Whether you’re a risk-taker, an adventurer or an at-home kind of man, you are still one in a million, and so is this cologne. 1 Million Eau de Toilette by Paco Rabanne is a sensational product with exciting and fresh aromas. This cologne provides grapefruit, cinnamon and amber notes for a perfect blend at any time of the year.  


Understanding Cologne Descriptors

When scouring the industry, it’s important to understand how cologne is categorized and described. First, it’s going to be described by longevity. Some fragrances are meant to change or even fade as the day goes on, while others are crafted to stay on skin all day. 

Next, cologne is categorized by families: floral, fresh, fruity, citrus, oriental, woody or spicy. These categories help give you a direction, but you also need to pay attention to the notes within the cologne. 

There are top notes, heart notes and base notes. Each set of notes creates a different sensation in your olfactory system. Pay attention to which notes are listed in which category and stay away from any strong notes that don’t please you. 

Properly Apply Your Cologne

Before you choose your personal scent, make sure you know how to apply it. Don’t waste your money on the perfect fragrance only to ruin it with the wrong application. Just one spritz is usually plenty. 

Fragrances should be applied on the warmest parts of your body, like the neck, cheek, wrist or forearm. However, make sure you only pick one area to apply. Also, if you do choose your wrist, do not rub your wrists together, or you will risk breaking down the molecules of the cologne and destroy the notes that you should be smelling.   

Smell Your Best, Every Day

Your cologne is an important part of your self-care routine, and you should take it seriously. Don’t let another day go by without perfecting that routine. Prove to yourself and everyone else that you can take care of who you are. 

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated cologne for a night on the town or a down-to-earth cologne for your day in the office, you’re going to find the perfect one on this list. So amp up your life now with one of the best colognes for men listed above.


50 Best Colognes for Men (2023)