17 Best Natural Body Washes in 2023

We found 17 outstanding products, and you will want to try them all.

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Are you looking for a new body wash that is natural, refreshing, and cleansing? Or, do you need to find the ideal gift for someone who is difficult to shop for? Whatever your reason might be, there is an excellent selection of natural body washes on offer in 2023. 

There are so many great natural products derived from plants, flowers, fruits, or honey. Nature certainly provides the best, and this is why so many companies now incorporate natural compounds into their products. 

Natural products have been around for centuries; however, many people still remain skeptical as to whether these products actually work. Because of this, we searched for the best natural body washes so you wouldn’t have to try several products until you find the one that works. 

We found 17 outstanding products, and you will want to try them all. We cannot recommend these body washes enough, and they will definitely enhance your cleansing routine. 

Before you buy your next body wash, take a look at this list. 

1. Blu Atlas Body Wash 

At the top of our list is Blu Atlas’s all-natural body wash. Many professionals have said that Blu Atlas offers the number one range of men’s skincare, and we couldn’t agree more. Although Blu Atlas is primarily used by men, women can also enjoy the benefits of this product if they would like to try it as well. 

Blu Atlas is renowned for using high quality natural ingredients in their products, and every single one they select works. So if you are a tiny bit skeptical of natural products but have always wanted to try one, you won’t go wrong with this body wash.

Blu Atlas uses a simple combination of green tea, sugar cane, and aloe vera in their body wash. With these great ingredients, you get a skin care product that cleanses and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed after every single wash. 

Green tea, in particular, contains powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients that are perfect for cleansing your pores while keeping your skin healthy. In addition, the smell of green tea is invigorating. If you incorporate this body wash into your morning routine, you will feel fresh all day. 

Although sugar cane and aloe vera may sound subtle, they should not be overlooked. Sugar cane is a light and gentle exfoliant that will remove dead skin cells, and aloe vera will soothe your skin to reduce any redness or skin irritation. 

Blu Atlas’s all-natural body wash does it all, and this is why it is sitting at number one in the best natural body washes for 2023. 

2. Oars and Alps Luxury Body Wash 

Next on our list is Oars and Alps Luxury Body Wash with moisturizing jojoba spheres. This body wash comes in three different scents, and we think California Coast is the best one on offer. 

California Coast offers a zingy and refreshing citrus smell, blended with the sweet aroma of patchouli, ylang ylang, and sandy amber. The jojoba spheres give an energizing burst of cleanliness as they gently exfoliate and moisturize your skin. 

Jojoba spheres are tiny beads that contain jojoba oil. When these spheres pop, they release antioxidants and nutrients for your skin, such as vitamin E, to keep your skin healthy and strong. 

Oars and Alps promise to deliver naturally derived ingredients in this product, and they avoid sulfates and parabens. 

If the citrus smell of California Coast doesn’t sound appealing to you, they also offer other scents such as Fresh Ocean Splash or Alpine Green Tea. Or, if you find this selection too hard to choose from, you could alternate between all three.

Oars and Alps offer a great variety of scents, and the jojoba spheres are a great feature of this body wash. 

3. Bulldog Lemon and Bergamot Body Wash

Bulldog Lemon and Bergamot Body Wash is an incredible, natural scent that not only includes citrus and bergamot – it also has undertones of basil, rosemary, and cedar. If waking up in the morning is difficult for you, then this body wash will make you feel energized and ready for whatever your day brings.

The main feature of this body wash is the aroma because nothing goes better with lemon than bergamot. However, have you noticed that while some body washes smell great, the formulation is too strong and dries out your skin too much?

Bulldog has ensured that their body wash cleanses your skin while moisturizing it at the same time to provide protection. From this, you get the best of both worlds, a clean and fresh feeling and healthy skin that won’t crack or look dry.

Bulldog also ensures that the ingredients for this body wash are sustainably sourced, and they keep their formula paraben free. 

If you need a body wash that brightens your day and gives you a boost of energy in the morning, then Bulldog’s Lemon and Bergamot Body Wash might be the one you are looking for. 

4. The Grandpa Soap Co. Apple Cider Vinegar Body Wash


If you want glowing skin after every wash, this apple cider vinegar body wash by Grandpa Soap Co. can help with that. The Grandpa Soap Co. has been around since 1878, so they have been incorporating natural compounds into their products for quite some time now. 

If your skin looks dull and lifeless, this product is definitely worth trying. This body wash contains a combination of organic apple cider vinegar and apple juice to make your skin glow and feel revitalized.

If you didn’t already know, apple cider vinegar has many health benefits, but has the taste of apple cider vinegar ever put you off from using it in the past? Well, this product is the ultimate solution. 

While some people might drink apple cider to enhance their skin, you can simply use an apple cider vinegar body wash instead. By applying this product directly to your skin to tone and cleanse, you get all of the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the nasty taste. 

Due to this innovative way of thinking, we think this product deserves a place among the best body washes. 

5. Every Man Jack Eucalyptus and Mint Body Wash and Shower Gel

Maybe you’re a hard working person who needs a strong cleanser after a long day of physical work. In that case, Every Man Jack understands your needs and has provided a deep cleansing body wash that also hydrates your skin. 

The eucalyptus and spearmint scent will make you feel fresh again after you’ve been working all day. This body wash is available in a larger 1000 mL bottle and comes with a convenient pump. You will have plenty, should you need to use it more than once a day.

The key ingredients worth noting for this body wash are naturally derived glycerin and sodium coco-sulfate (a compound extracted from coconut). With this simple combination, the glycerin hydrates and helps your skin to retain moisture, while the coco-sulfate gets to work and cleanses your skin thoroughly. 

If you use this body wash in the morning, you will be feeling great all day, and be able to smell the eucalyptus and spearmint long after you have used it. In the evening, you will be revitalized and refreshed by this body wash after work.

6. Black Wolf Charcoal Body Wash 

No list about the best body washes would be complete without this sleek looking charcoal body wash by Black Wolf. With this product, you can be sure that the body wash is just as good as the bottle it comes in. 

Black Wolf uses high quality natural ingredients to provide you with the best clean possible. After you use this product, you will smell the pleasing scent of fresh citrus and blue sage. 

This body wash is formulated with black charcoal powder, salicylic acid, and cucumber extract. With this formula, you get a deep cleansing body wash that will penetrate and deeply cleanse your pores. 

If you are prone to acne, the charcoal and salicylic acid in this product will help prevent any future outbreaks. The cucumber is also very soothing and will help reduce redness and calm your skin. 

Additionally, charcoal is excellent for removing any toxins that accumulate in your skin. If you work in a dry or industrial environment, your skin has to put up with a lot during the day. The charcoal will help your skin get rid of any toxins or dirt, keeping your pores fresh and healthy.

 7. Ingreendients Daily Body Wash


As the name suggests, Ingreendients use naturally sourced ingredients that come entirely from plants. Because of this, it’s certainly worth mentioning. 

Ingreendients Daily Body Wash is suitable for anyone who suffers from skin sensitivity. You may have experienced this before – your skin feels itchy and irritated, and you might get rashes on your skin after you wash. 

If this sounds too familiar, it might be your body wash contributing to your skin sensitivity. In that case, you need to opt for a gentle alternative to prevent this from happening. 

If you are trying to reduce sensitive skin, then ingreendients daily body wash could be the product you have been looking for. It is made entirely with naturally derived ingredients and there are no irritating synthetic compounds that can harm your skin.

This daily body wash is suitable for all skin types and is pH balanced, meaning that it does not disrupt the natural pH level of the skin. 

Ingreendients also claim that their product is safe to go down the drain and into the ocean, making it not only safe for your skin, but also for the environment. 

8. Sukin Botanical Body Wash

Sukin is an Australian-made brand available in the US. They offer a range of natural products, including this soap-free botanical body wash. This variety of body wash would also be ideal for people who have a sensitive skin type since they avoid using harsh soaps that typically irritate the skin. 

The Sukin Botanical Body Wash contains many great ingredients: rosehip, jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, and chamomile. With this combination, you get a gentle cleanser that keeps your skin hydrated. 

Like other brands that have already been mentioned, Sukin uses only high quality ingredients and avoids parabens or other skin irritants. 

The scent of this botanical body wash is enriched with lavender, mandarin, tangerine, and vanilla. You will get a burst of citrus from the mandarin and tangerine and sweet undertones from the lavender and vanilla. This offers a pleasant but neutral scent that would suit anyone who uses it.  

Since Sukin’s botanical body wash is so versatile, it is undoubtedly one of the best natural body washes. 

9. Native Body Wash 

Unscented body washes do exist, and if perfumes or fragrances aren’t really your thing, then an unscented formula could be the way to go. However, it should also be mentioned that Native currently has nine different scents to choose from. They also release limited editions such as ginger lemonade. 

Why choose an unscented body wash over a scented one? For some people, it is not the soap that gives them skin allergies, it’s the perfume instead. Others just prefer a more simple product, and for them, the fragrance is an unnecessary ingredient. 

Maybe you have been disappointed by perfumed body washes in the past? The scent labeled on the bottle wasn’t what you expected, or the smell was too strong and bothered you throughout the day. In that case, a scent free body wash still does the cleansing and you don’t have to worry about any fancy fragrances or perfumes. 

This body wash is just like any other. Native states that it will froth up, covering you in big soapy bubbles. While it cleanses you, it will moisturize your skin without leaving any residue. The only difference is – no fragrance. 

Native is another company that accommodates a range of customer needs, which is why they offer one of the best natural body washes. 

10. Dove Glowing Body Wash Mango and Almond Butter

Dove has recently released a new body wash infused with mango and almond butter. These ingredients will hydrate your skin and give you a healthy and vibrant glow. 

This body wash offers a warm fruity scent and stands out from other body washes. You will instantly imagine a tropical beach whenever you use this body wash, making your morning routine a pleasant experience. 

The mango and almond butter will hydrate your skin during every wash. After you have used this body wash a few times, you will notice that your skin feels silky and smooth. You will also have a vibrant glow that shows that your skin’s health has improved since switching to this product. 

Another great feature is that Dove claims to have a 98% biodegradable formula. So after every wash, 98% of the soap you use will degrade in the water into compounds that are safe for the environment. 

Dove is dedicated to ensuring that their body wash is safe for you and nature. They exclude parabens and instead offer ingredients that are beneficial to the health of your skin. 

11. Harry’s Body Wash 

Here we have Harry’s Redwood Body Wash that offers a scent like no other. Redwood is an earthy, woody smell with warm undertones. This fragrance would be perfect for anyone who typically avoids fruity or citrus aromas. 

Every time you use this body wash, it will make you feel grounded and relaxed. It might remind you of that scenic walking track that you like to visit every summer. 

Perhaps you know of someone who is an avid outdoor adventurer. In that case, this body wash would be the perfect gift for them as they would certainly enjoy the fragrance of this product.

Harry’s promises that the effects of this body wash will last long after you have used it. Your skin will be feeling smooth all day, and will leave you feeling refreshed. 

Like many natural body washes we have mentioned, Harry’s also avoids parabens and other nasty chemicals. 

They also offer a range of body washes that are all inspired by nature. There are so many different options to choose from you might have a hard time selecting just one. However, we think Harry’s Redwood Body Wash is a great place to start. 

12. Cremo All Season Body Wash No. 4

Cremo’s All Season Body Wash comes with a blue cedar, and cypress scent, that has a natural woody fragrance with hints of lemon. Cypress is an evergreen plant similar to pine.

With this body wash, you get a scent like one you would expect to find from a high-end fragrance store. However, you don’t need to go into one of those stores to buy it, and the price is more affordable. In other words, you get all the benefits of a good cologne at a fraction of the price. The scent is not too overpowering either, which is precisely what you need as nobody likes a strong cologne. 

Alternatively, you could save this body wash for special occasions. Perhaps you are going to a fancy restaurant for a business meeting or on a date; before leaving your house, you could quickly shower and use this body wash. You won’t have to worry if you forget to use any cologne because this will provide you with a luxurious scent. 

Cremo offers a unique product with an amazing scent, and this is why it deserves a place among the best natural body washes.

13. Dead Sea Collection Coconut Body Wash 

The Dead Sea Collection offers natural products suitable for men and women, and their body wash will benefit anyone. 

As the name suggests, their products are inspired by the naturally occurring Dead Sea – a massive salt lake that contains many minerals. In this product, coconut oil is combined with those minerals. 

Coconut is rich in hydration and will leave your skin feeling silky and soft. While the minerals from the Dead Sea will nourish your skin and give it a boost in nutrients. 

Plus, coconut is a scent that everyone enjoys, and although the smell can be subtle, it is still pleasing and refreshing. This body wash will be ideal if you dislike strong fragrances because there is nothing potent like pine or spearmint. 

There is a range of minerals packed into this product, including magnesium and potassium, which are highly beneficial in renewing your skin cells. 

This body wash also comes in a 1000 mL bottle which is perfect if you need to share with others in your household as there is more than enough to go round and it won’t run out quickly. 

14. Nivea Men Deep Clean Body Wash Rock Salts 

Whenever you think of natural products, plants, fruits, or vegetables often come to mind. However, one natural compound that is often overlooked is rock salt. 

Rock salt is a mechanical exfoliant, ideal for removing dead skin cells while providing a deep cleanse. If you have any rough skin that needs to go, this body wash would be ideal. 

Another great aspect is that exfoliants are also great for removing dirt, paint, or anything else that might stick to your skin. Suppose you have a messy job or have been renovating your house. In that case, you will probably get covered in sorts of stubborn residue that won’t come off with regular soaps. 

What you need is a powerful exfoliant, and we think this one is best because the tiny microbeads of Himalayan salt will gently crumble against your skin while removing any dirt. While this product is said to be a men’s one, women would equally benefit from this cleanser if they need an effective exfoliant as well. 

This list would not be complete without an exfoliant and we think this is one of the best on offer. You won’t be disappointed. 

15. Bevel Body Wash

Supreme Oak Body Wash by Bevel, is another excellent exfoliant with a rich woody scent. Bevel offers online exclusives such as this supreme oak fragrance, which cannot be purchased in stores. That means you can grab a unique product that is not like other generic body washes. 

This exfoliant also moisturizes your skin while scrubbing it. If you have avoided exfoliating body washes in the past because they left your skin feeling dry, then this product is the solution you need. 

Bevel has incorporated argan oil into the formula to ensure your skin stays healthy and hydrated. Argan oil is deeply moisturizing, and it is one of the best natural oils available. 

Another unique aspect of this product is its fragrance. Supreme oak includes undertones of bourbon and the natural aroma of almonds. This is the perfect blend, and no other body wash is comparable with this scent. 

This product would also be great for anyone who may want to avoid floral, fruity, or citrus smelling alternatives.

16. Botanic Hearth Lavender Body Wash

Don’t let the lavender scent of this product put you off. While many people consider lavender to be outdated, the relaxing aspects of this herb should not be ignored. 

Botanic Hearth recognizes the potential of lavender and has paired it with coconut oil, jojoba, and shea butter so that their product is not strictly lavender as you will get undertones of other scents as well. 

100% lavender oil is added to this formula, showing that Botanic Hearth selects only the best ingredients. Lavender oil has relaxing and calming properties, and it will help your tension to fade. 

After a stressful day at work, this product would definitely make you unwind and relax, in fact, many people use lavender to help them get a good night’s sleep. 

You might also have heard of people using lavender oil in aromatherapy. The great thing about this body wash is that you can get the same benefits of aromatherapy, without having to buy essential oils. 

Botanical Hearth state that their products are gender-neutral and are ideal for anyone to use. Since this is another versatile product, we had to include it in our list of best body washes. 

17. Burt’s Bees Citrus and Ginger Body Wash

Last on our list is Burt’s Bees Energizing Citrus and Ginger Body Wash. This is one of the best body washes you can use in the morning to get your day started. 

Burt’s Bees is renowned for sourcing high quality natural products. While most of their range typically contain honey, this is an exception. Instead, they have combined the fresh smell of citrus and ginger to awaken your senses. 

97.8% of this body wash is made from naturally derived ingredients, and there are no nasty parabens or unwanted chemicals. So this body wash will gently clean your body but without irritating your skin.

Ginger, in particular, has many great health benefits so it makes sense to incorporate it into a body wash so that your skin can benefit from it too. 17 Best Natural Body Washes in 2023