The Most Incredible Horseback Riding Experiences Around the World

Whether you’ve never been on a horse or you’re an experienced rider, there is a trail ride destination waiting to impress you.

A group of riders on horseback adventure through rough terrain . Photo by Hy Peskin/Getty Images (Set Number: X1485)

It’s not every day that you hear the roar of a waterfall while on horseback and enter through a clearing to see the rushing water cascading down a rock wall. You may be traveling out West and have trail rides on your to-do list, or you want to feel the thrill of edging along a narrow cliff looking out over the mountains of a national park. The below list of places to ride pairs the excitement of riding on horseback with the opportunity to gaze at breathtaking views and world-famous sites. Horseback riding is available at many travel destinations, but these are some of the most epic equestrian tours that you can book across the globe.

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United States and Puerto Rico

Maui Mountain and Waterfall Ride in Hawaii

Travel 2,500 feet towards the sky during this ride in the Aloha state that showcases the beautiful aquatic and mountainous landscape. All riders from beginners to experts are welcome on this ride, and more advanced equestrians can trot and canter their hearts out at certain checkpoints. Guides take photos for you as you pose on horseback in front of mountains, the ocean and waterfalls set in the background. The Hawaii tour runs year-round and is recommended for ages 7 and up. The duration of the journey is around two hours.

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

One of the most popular Colorado sites to see is Rocky Mountain National Park, and there is one stable within park boundaries that offers seasonal trail rides from May through September. Hi Country/Glacier Creek Stables in Colorado offers trails for all levels, including an easy 2-hour trail, a 3-hour intermediate trail, and a 5-hour advanced trail with sharp inclines. Although perched on a horse at 8,688 feet above sea level, you will feel small against the magnificent snow-capped mountains that encompass the beautiful scenery. Your ride includes a pass to the national park so you can continue your visit on foot.

Zion National Park in Utah

Canyon Trail Rides is the sole stable housed inside Utah’s popular Zion National Park. Splash through streams at the foot of colossal rock formations and sprawling clusters of cacti. You’ll get to see the renowned Three Patriarchs and Beehives natural structures as you follow your guide through the landmark. Beginners love the 1-hour ride, and advanced riders gravitate towards the more elevated 3-hour tour with a magnificent view. Riding adventures take place from March through October.

Yellowstone National Park Trail Ride in Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

If you’re stopping at Yellowstone National Park in the Summer, it’s worth considering a memorable trail ride through the petrified forest. Yellowstone is the habitat for bison and an abundance of other wildlife that roam amidst hot springs, geysers and waterfalls. You’ll ride along rolling hills, tranquil valleys and meadows. There are two different trail rides with one and two hour options.

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

One of the most visited and scenic national parks in the nation offers guided trail rides through rock formations and cacti. Canyon Trail Rides not only offers riding in Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon National Park, it has also led tours in the famed Grand Canyon for more than two decades on the North side. Apache Stables offers tours on the South Rim. When you are not on horseback, you can enjoy rafting, biking, hiking and other outdoor activities at the Grand Canyon.

Glacier National Park in Montana

Imagine horseback riding through a landscape reminiscent of the iconic Sound of Music opening scene. Your horse’s hooves shuffle through endless wildflowers in expansive meadows as you fix your eyes on the snow-dusted peaks that reflect in the valley’s bright blue water. The national park is part of the Rocky Mountains in Big Sky Country. There are trails available for all riding levels, and you will be traveling through forests and next to rivers and creeks.

Rainforest Ride in Puerto Rico

Nestled in El Yunque, the sole tropical rainforest in the United States forest system, is La Vista Rides. The stable lives up to its name and offers magical views for you to enjoy during their horseback riding tours through the rainforest. Not only will you have the opportunity to gasp at panoramic views of treetops and mountains, you can also ride to the river and take a swim in its infinity pool. The tours are a perfect fit whether you are an advanced rider or it is your first time on a horse. If you or your child want to refine your riding skills, La Vista Rides offers both individual and group riding lessons.


Castles, Coastlines, & Countrysides in Ireland

When horseback riding is the focus of your excursion, opt for this unforgettable experience over the course of 6 nights in the Irish countryside. The Castles, Coastlines, and Countrysides riding trip is for intermediate to advanced riders and includes a stay at both a bed and breakfast and Castle Leslie Estate. Equestrians walk, trot, and canter across the lush green hills and sandy beach coastline and past stately historic castles. You will be led by skillful guides and enjoy an Irish breakfast each morning.

Thórsmörk Ride in Iceland

If you are looking to go horseback riding for a few days on small but powerful and elegant Icelandic horses, book this Summer trip in Iceland. You’ll traverse the landscape of Thórsmörk mountain, roaming through fields of wildflowers, past spectacular waterfalls, and between snowy glaciers. Riders sleep overnight in the host’s rustic farmhouse and mountain huts that appear throughout the journey. 

Patagonia in Chile

During your getaway to Chile, choose from one of five horseback riding experiences, including a rare opportunity for advanced riders to mount world-famous Arabian horses. The breed is known for high levels of endurance and excellent performance in competitions. Riders trail through forests, bodies of water and caves and past snow-capped mountains. There is a riding adventure for all skill levels, and you’ll be on your own horse for the duration of the trip.

Safari Ride in Tanzania 

Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano that attracts slews of travelers to see the tallest free-standing peak above sea level in the world. During this 8-day equestrian getaway, you’ll be riding alongside African wildlife, including elephants, giraffes and zebras. Riding trails immerse guests in the local Masai culture and offer views of Mount Kilimanjaro. You’ll be camping out each night and living simply as you take in this unmatched experience.

Moonlight Horse Ranch in Cappadocia, Turkey 

Cappadocia is known for its hot air balloon flights due to its excellent weather and sweeping valleys alongside distant rock formations. Among your riding tour options with Moonlight Horse Ranch is an early-morning sunrise ride overlooking the picturesque view of hot air balloons filling the sky. You can also opt for a sunset ride at the end of the day and a one or two-hour daytime ride. The ranch offers a tour with professional photographers who take your picture along the route.


The Most Incredible Horseback Riding Experiences Around the World