‘Stranger Things’ Was 2022’s Most Streamed Show as Netflix Titles Dominated Rankings

The most viewed streaming titles include "Stranger Things," "NCIS" and "Cocomelon," all on Netflix.

A Netflix sign appears above a monitor advertising Stranger Things Season 4.
Netflix released Stranger Things Season 4 in May 2022. AFP via Getty Images

Netflix’s Stranger Things earned the most streaming minutes in 2022 by a landslide, according to Nielsen’s year-end streaming rankings. Netflix’s original and acquired titles accounted for many of the top spots on Nielsen’s lists.

Last year, viewers watched 52 million minutes of Stranger Things, which premiered its fourth season in May. NCIS and Cocomelon, both on Netflix, took the next top spots. Ozark, a Netflix original, earned the fourth overall place with 31.3 million minutes streamed. Other Netflix original standouts include Wednesday, Cobra Kai and Bridgerton. 

Netflix dominated viewership of original content, according to the lists. Of the top 15 most watched original titles, 13 belonged to Netflix. Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys and The Rings of Power made the list in the 11th and 15th spots, respectively. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video had the highest budgets for content of the year at $17 billion and $15 billion. Disney spent  $33 billion on new shows and movies, but that included its budget for movies designed for theatrical release. While Disney titles were absent from the top watched original programs list, its movies accounted for 10 of the top 15 most viewed films. Encanto received the top spot with 27.4 million hours viewed, followed by Disney’s Turning Red and Netflix’s Sing 2. 

Top Streaming Programs Overall In 2022, By Minutes Watched

  1. Stranger Things—Netflix
  2. NCIS—Netflix
  3. Cocomelon—Netflix
  4. Ozark—Netflix
  5. Encanto—Disney+
  6. Grey’s Anatomy—Netflix
  7. Criminal Minds—Various
  8. Bluey—Disney+
  9. Gilmore Girls—Netflix
  10. Seinfeld—Netflix
  11. Supernatural—Netflix
  12. Wednesday—Netflix
  13. Heartland—Netflix
  14. Cobra Kai—Netflix
  15. The Simpsons—Disney+
‘Stranger Things’ Was 2022’s Most Streamed Show as Netflix Titles Dominated Rankings