5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites For Phone, Chat & Video Readings

Are you unable to find the best psychics online? Worry not, here’s a list of five best psychic reading websites of 2023.

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Sometimes, when faced with life adversities, you might feel lost, depressed, and hopeless. During such times, one will often like something to hold on to that gives you a flicker of hope. For some people, the only psychic reading is that flicker of hope they are probably looking for. 

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A psychic reader offers a psychic reading to help you determine your future based on your present and past. These readers are often gifted in various specialties; therefore, there is always something for everyone. 

This article will look into some of the most reputable online psychic reading services we identified during our research. 

In addition, this article review offers a complete insight into our top five picks of the best online psychic reading platforms available on the market. Therefore, if this is one topic you have been curious about, hang on tight as we tag along. 

Top 5 Picks Of The Psychic Reading Websites 

  • Purple Garden: Overall Best Psychic Reading Platform Online, Editor’s Pick
  • Kasamba: Best For Fortune Telling Services (3 FREE Mins + 50% OFF)
  • Mystic Sense: Recommended Platform For Tarot Card Reading (5 Min FREE)
  • Keen: Highly Trusted Psychic Medium With Prominent Fortune Tellers
  • Psychic Oz: Best Psychics For Spiritual Readings (First 3 Mins FREE)

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Psychic Reading Platform Online, Editor’s Pick

Purple Garden is one of the most reliable and trustworthy online psychic reading sites. As an independent platform, there is nothing much they provide online to help back up their credibility. Most of the online reviews are of individual readers registered on their platform. 

Perhaps it is because the site is relatively new, but you have probably heard or know of their sister sites, Purple Ocean, and Bitwine Psychic, which have been in the business for a longer time. Seeing the reliability of the two sister sites, you can trust Purple Garden to offer the best and most reliable online psychic reading services. 

Additionally, they boast of having the most reliable and experienced psychic readers registered on their platform. Therefore, this is the ideal site for you if you want online psychic readings on career, relationship, finance, a horoscope, or tarot reading.

Lastly, Purple Garden has a professional, well-designed, and user-friendly website interface, making it easy for anyone to navigate the site. In addition, their services are available 24/7; hence they are a go-to platform whenever you feel you need guidance. 


  • Variety of services

Unlike some online psychic reading sites, which are niche-specific, Purple Garden seeks to cater to everyone’s needs. 

As a result, the readers registered on the platform offer a wide range of services, including palm reading, tarot card reading, psychic reading, horoscope reading, etc. 

Therefore, when you search the site for reading, we recommend you narrow down your search to the specific reading type you want. Doing this helps you to find the readers most suited to your specific needs.

  • Convenience 

Purple Garden always operates with the customer in mind. They have created a mobile application software their users can download on their android or iOS devices. 

The mobile app is well integrated to have all the features available on the desktop to offer users a seamless user experience. 

The purpose of having a mobile application is mainly for convenience purposes. Therefore, users can download this mobile app and enjoy the services offered in the comfort of their homes, office, or even while on the move. 

  • Transparency

The founders of Purple Garden understand how important it is to foster trust with their clients. One sure way of doing this is by providing utmost transparency. They highly vet their readers to ensure they only work with the best. 

Also, on their platform, they have provided a detailed profile of each reader to help their clients make informed decisions.

The information provided includes their name, origin, work history, how long they have been active members on the site, and available reviews from the different clients they have worked with over time. 


  • Purple Garden is a highly reliable and trustworthy website offering online psychic reading services. 
  • The site features an easy-to-use and friendly website interface.
  • They have a mobile application that you can download on any handheld device.
  • They provide a detailed profile of all their readers.
  • They have different modes of communication to cater to the needs of their clients. 


  • They do not have a standard price range – price is often determined by the type of reading, mode of communication, duration of reading, and the level of expertise of the individual reader. 

Customer’s Review

We noticed little regarding the platform when looking into customer reviews on Purple Garden. However, several reviews were based on services offered by the different individual psychics.

Much of the feedback we came across was of good remarks about the quality of services offered by the readers on this platform. 

Clients seem to be of the popular opinion that the readers found on this site are reliable and trustworthy; hence it is worth spending every coin on getting a reading at Purple Garden. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba: Best For Fortune Telling Services (3 FREE Mins + 50% OFF)


Kasamba is one of the pioneer online psychic reading platforms available on the market, with over two decades of experience. 

Over the years, Kasamba has become one of the most reliable and trustworthy online psychic reading platforms available on the market. They have served over 3 million clients worldwide, most of whom have only positive reviews of the site. 

Due to its popularity, most readers seek to offer their services on this platform. Unfortunately for them, however, it is not as easy to be accepted as with other platforms because readers are often subjected to thorough vetting to determine their credibility and suitability for the site. 

Kasamba quickly identifies the most experienced and reliable readers since they are always star-rated. 

The best readers are easy to spot as those with four or five-star ratings, while the less experienced readers are awarded a three or two-star rating. The rating is also based on the merit of their performance based on client feedback. 


  • Educational Blog

Besides offering online psychic reading services, Kasamba is also actively educating the public on matters to do with psychic reading. 

Their main aim is to help more people understand psychic reading since some associate it with dark magic. In addition, the goal is to make more people comfortable with online psychic reading services.

  • Modes of Communication

Kasamba features different communication modes to cater to their different clients’ needs. The available modes of communication on this platform include email replies, telephone calls, and live chats. 

  • Accessibility

The services offered at Kasamba are available 24/7; therefore, you do not need to worry about your schedule getting in the way. 

Similarly, they also have a well-integrated mobile application, making it even more convenient for clients to access services even when moving. Load the mobile app on any android or iOS device.

  • Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for this platform hence why they offer a refund policy to their customers. 

At Kasamba, clients are guaranteed to get up to $50 in a refund if they are unsatisfied with the services they get from any reader on the platform. The refund policy goes a long way in helping them foster trust and credibility with their clients. 


  • The platform offers the most reliable online psychic reading services as they highly vet all readers they register on their platform. 
  • They offer a wide range of psychic reading services.
  • Kasamba offers their first clients a free-3 minutes trial offer.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee to clients who are unsatisfied with the services offered. 


  • For their modes of communication, they do not feature video call readings. 

Customer’s Review

Kasamba is one site we highly recommend to anyone looking for insight or guidance on any life matter, such as finances, relationships, career, etc. 

We looked into several online reviews of previous clients to affirm what we already knew about the site. The reviews we came across were mainly positive. 

What clients seemed to love the most about this site is that it features diverse readers who offer a wide range of services to cater to the needs of their clients. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of kasamba

#3. Mystic Sense: Recommended Platform For Tarot Card Reading (5 Min FREE)

Mystic Sense is another reputable online psychic reading platform with over a decade of experience in the business. 

Like the other platforms mentioned in this review, Mystic Sense simply acts as a middleman – they offer a platform where various readers can register to offer their services to a wide range of clients. 

The company has a vast network of online psychic readers registered on its platform. These readers are all experienced in various niches, including tarot card reading, horoscope reading, dream interpretation, and astrology, amongst several others. 

Therefore, regardless of your area of need, you can rest assured you will find the perfect reader for you. 


  • Free-trial Period

On top of having the most affordable rates on the market, this platform also offers its readers a free-5 minutes trial period. 

If you are new to the platform or online psychic reading, you can use these free minutes to try out several readers you feel best suited to cater to your needs. 

These ‘interviews’ are meant to help you identify a reader you feel you can connect with and to help you get a gist of what you can expect during an online psychic reading session. 

  • Refund Policy

Mystic Sense is very confident with the quality of services they offer. As such, they often refund their customers if they are not satisfied with the quality of services they get from any of their readers. 

However, it is essential to note that the site does not refund money. Instead, they give out free Mystic minutes, which the client can redeem during their next reading with a different psychic reader. 

  • Modes of Communication

Mystic Sense caters to a wide range of clients, and they acknowledge this. Hence, they offer several communication modes to cater to their needs. 

The most common forms of communication available on this site include video calls, email responses, calls, and text replies. 


  • Mystic Sense is a highly reliable online psychic reading platform.
  • They have a strict vetting process for their readers.
  • Mystic Sense offers its services at the most affordable rates compared to similar platforms.
  • They offer free 5-minute trials to their readers.
  • They offer different modes of communication.


  • They do not refund the money; instead, they give you Mystic points that can be redeemed on your next psychic reading. 

Customer Review

When doing our research, we came across thousands of positive online reviews about the services offered at Mystic Sense. 

These reviews all pointed toward the platform being one of the most reliable with the best customer service. 

As such, we were convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Mystic Sense is a trustworthy site from which to get an online reading. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mystic sense

#4. Keen: Highly Trusted Psychic Medium With Prominent Fortune Tellers

Coming in at #4 is Keen, a very reliable and highly reputable online psychic reading platform that has been in business since 1999. 

Keen is one of the few reputable brands that cater to clients from all over the world. They have built a good reputation for themselves in the industry. 

The platform features a vast network of readers registered on its site. These readers are all experienced in different psychic niches, including tarot card reading, horoscope reading, and dream interpretation. 


  • Easy-to-use website interface

Keen features a professionally designed and easy-to-use website interface – even if you are not tech-savvy, you can quickly get the hang of this site within a few minutes of use. 

To use Keen’s services, you must sign up on their platform by providing your username, email address, and birthdate. On approval, you will get immediate access to their vast pool of readers gifted with different psychic reading abilities. 

With the many options of available readers online, narrowing your selection to pick the best reader suited for your needs can be overwhelming. Luckily, the website features a search filter option where you can narrow your search to find a reader based on their work experience, pricing, area of specialization, etc. 

Suppose you feel stuck with making a decision. In that case, you can opt for the easier way out, which involves filling out and submitting an online questionnaire to allow the site’s algorithm to match you with the most suitable psychic reader based on your needs. 

  • Free Trial Period

Keen services are often moderately priced. Ideally, the price for an average reading often ranges from $1.99 to $9.99 per minute, depending on several factors, including the expertise of the individual reader, type of reading, duration of the reading, and the preferred mode of communication. 

In addition to offering reasonable rates, Keen offers its clients a free 3-minutes trial period. The purpose of these minutes is to help clients connect with readers before the preliminary reading. 

In addition, it helps them determine if the reader is a good fit for them before proceeding to actual reading, where you will be required to pay. 

Lastly, their services are available 24/7; therefore, even if you have a busy day, you can always schedule an online reading for later in the evening or late at night. 

  • Variety of Services Offered

Keen is an all-inclusive online psychic reading platform. The readers registered on their platform provide a wide range of psychic services to help cater to the needs of their wide range of clients. 

Some available services include love, career relationship guidance, astrology readings, horoscope reading, and tarot card readings, among many others. 


  • Keen features a professional and easy-to-use website interface.
  • The site has a vast network of readers from different backgrounds for inclusivity purposes. 
  • They offer different modes of communication to suit the needs of their clients. 
  • Keen offers a free-3 minutes trial period for their new clients.
  • Keen’s services are available 24/7 and hence offer great convenience. 
  • Keen’s prices are relatively lower than those on similar platforms, starting from as low as $1.99 per minute.


  • Their top-rated readers are highly priced.
  • The free-3 minutes trial period might not be enough to establish a connection with a reader of your choice. 

Customer Reviews

From our research, we have all the reasons to believe that keen is one of the most reputable online psychic reading sites available on the market. 

Furthermore, the online customer reviews we found of the services offered on the site do not have a different opinion. 

Most of the reviews we found of the services offered at Keen were primarily positive remarks. 

Above all, customers seem to love the quality of service offered by their highly experienced readers. Their efficiency and reliability have enabled the company to build a reputation for itself in the industry and with its clients. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen

#5. Psychic Oz: Best Psychics For Spiritual Readings (First 3 Mins FREE)

Last on our list is Psychic Oz, which is also one of the pioneer online psychic platforms available on the market. Psychic Oz has over 30 years of experience providing online psychic reading services to its clients. 

As such, they have successfully built a good reputation in the industry and developed a good rapport with their clients. 

What we loved the most about Psychic Oz when doing our research was their dedication to ensuring they provide the best services to all their customers. 


  • Modes of Communication

Psychic Oz features many communication methods, including email replies, online chats, phone calls, and video calls. The purpose of having this many options is to help them cater to the needs of the clients they offer their services globally.

  • Easy-to-Use Website Interface

Psychicoz features a well-designed and user-friendly website interface convenient for beginners and even people who are not very tech-savvy. 

All the sections on the platform you might need to visit are readily available on their drop-down home bar menu. 

  • Transparency

Psychic Oz prides itself on being very reliable and trustworthy. One way they ensure this is by providing a complete profile of all the readers registered on their platform. It is to help customers make an informed decision when choosing a reader for their specific needs. 

  • Service Rates

At Psychic Oz, there is no standard rate for all psychic readings. Rates often vary depending on several factors such as type of reading, the reader’s expertise, duration of the reading, etc. 

However, the advantage of this site over several others is that you can request a price quotation from your ideal reader before reading to help you decide if you will move on with the reading or switch to a cheaper option. 


  • Psychic Oz is one of the longest-serving online psychic platforms with a high reputation. 
  • They offer utmost transparency with their clients to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The site features a simple and well-designed website ideal even for beginners.
  • The company has a strict vetting process for readers looking to register on their platform. 


  • They do not offer a refund policy to their customers. 

Customer Reviews

Psychic Oz has been around for the longest time and has built a good rapport with its clients. When doing our research, we came across thousands of customer reviews about the services offered on the platform. 

We were pleased to find that the reviews were primarily positive; hence we can highly recommend this platform to anyone looking to get an online reading. The only downside most clients seemed to take note of is the pricing. 

Many are of the suggestion that the company should not leave the matter solely in the hands of these readers as some tend to get exorbitant. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PsychicOz

How We Made The List Of The Best Psychic Readers?

The internet is filled with so many options for online psychic reading platforms – there are paid or free options. In addition, some are niche specific to help people looking for specific psychic readings such as dream interpretation, horoscope reading, tarot card reading, etc. 

Unfortunately, not all the sites you come across are legit. Hence why you need to be very cautious when making your decision. 

For this list, we did In-depth research. First, we consulted with a few industry experts to identify the critical factors when choosing an online psychic expert. 

Then, after identifying our criteria, we evaluated over 20 available online psychic sites and eliminated those that did not meet our quality standards. 

Ultimately, we were left with a comprehensive list of the top 5 brands we consider reliable for an online psychic reading session.

The factors we considered included:

  • Brand Reputation

The first and perhaps most crucial factor you must consider when selecting is a company’s Reputation. It often takes most reputable brands several months or years to build a solid reputation for their business in the industry and with their clients. 

To determine a brand’s reputation, there are several factors you need to consider, including how long they have been in business and what previous clients have to say about their services. 

In addition, you can find customer reviews either on the company’s official website, social media platforms, or credible third-party review sites. Lastly, it is also essential to determine if the company has any prior incidences of bad press. 

  • Diversity

Diversity can go two ways. First, we have diversity in terms of services offered. While some platforms are niche specific, we have others that encompass all forms of psychic reading services, including tarot card reading, dream interpretation, horoscope reading, numerology, etc. 

Second, we have diversity in terms of the Readers available. Clients who seek these services often come from different backgrounds and regions. 

As such, it helps when they feel included and represented. It also helps to foster better communication hence ensuring customer satisfaction. 

When curating our list, we considered platforms that offered great diversity to their clients.

  • Pricing

Pricing for online psychic platforms often differs from one platform to another and also from one reader to another, depending on several factors such as the type of reading you request, mode of communication, duration of the reading, as well as the level of expertise of the reader among several other factors.

Nonetheless, our research established that most online psychic reader platforms are affordable. Hence, we caution our readers against using sites that charge exorbitant prices for their services. 

In addition, we advise clients to look into platforms that offer attractive discounts to their clients – this helps them save money.

  • Customer Feedback

Before purchasing a product or service online, we always advise our clients to look into customer reviews to find out what previous clients have to say about the quality of products or services offered. 

It is a concept still applicable for online psychic services, mainly since most of these platforms only act as host platforms; hence, most reviews are often about individual readers rather than the platform itself. 

When doing our research to come up with our list, we looked for client reviews on credible review sites and individual readers’ profiles to find out the experience of previous users. 

However, do keep in mind that people’s experiences often differ. Therefore, you should keep an open mind when looking into these reviews and earn to manage your expectations. 

For this list, we only included online psychic readers platforms that featured psychic readers with the most positive online reviews. 

  • Available Modes of Communication

Online psychic sites often provide their services to clients from all over the world and with different personalities. These sites must ensure that their services are easily accessible to their clients. 

Some of the most common modes of communication include email replies, telephone calls, texts, live chats, and video calls. 

Most legit online platforms often feature three or more communication modes to offer customers convenience. 

Therefore, when curating our list of the top 5 best online psychic reading platforms, we included only the platforms that offer their clients flexibility and convenience.

Beginner’s Guide: Things To Consider Before Availing Online Tarot Card Reading Or Psychic Reading Services

Brand Reputation

Before committing to any online platform, you must research to establish that your company of choice is highly reliable and trustworthy to help you get value for your money. Free Trials

Most often than not, legit companies will often offer a free trial period limit to help you evaluate a few of your preferred choice readers without having to go through all the trouble of spending money on services you might not be pleased with. 

Modes of Communication

As you research, determine the available modes of communication offered by your choice of an online platform. Ensure that they offer a mode of communication best suited to your personality and preference. 

Some of the most common modes of communication include email replies, telephone calls, live chats, and video chats, among others. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews often offer the most truthful and reliable information about a company or reader. 

Therefore, before deciding which platform to register and which online psychic reader to consult, you should look into customer reviews to see what you can expect by moving on with your decision. 

Feedback from previous clients often offers valuable insights into what it is to work with certain companies. Check for companies with the best reviews but remember that people’s experiences differ.

Online Vs. Offline Psychic Reading

In the past, people were used to getting a psychic reading from readers within their area. It was solely a one-one session that required you to make a prior appointment. However, thanks to technological advancements, anyone can now get a paid or free psychic reading online services. 

What is even better is that you not only need an appointment to get the services rendered, but you also get the opportunity to interact with various readers worldwide. 

The change, however, does not come without its fair challenges and good tidings. Some of the most recognized advantages of online psychic reading compared to offline reading is the convenience of accessing the services 24/7 in the comfort of their homes, office, or even while on the move. 

Also, you do not need to set up a prior appointment to get these services. All you need to do is log into the site and find an online reader that suits your current needs. 

On the other hand, online psychic reading also has a few challenges compared to offline psychic reading. For example, with online psychic reading, the cost tends to be relatively higher since the session is billed by the minute and not any longer. 

Generally, we can say that the advantages of online psychic reading outweigh those of offline psychic reading. In the end, however, it always comes down to personal preferences. 

FAQs On Online Psychic Reading Platforms

Q1. What should I expect from a reading?

A psychic is a person gifted with the ability to predict the future based on the present and the past. These people are not magicians, just regular people like you and me. 

Therefore, you mustn’t have any crazy expectations when going in for a psychic readers session, as these people cannot provide you will all the answers to your life worries. 

Q2. How can I avoid scam online psychic reading platforms?

Do adequate research before taking any steps. When doing your research, it is essential to consider crucial factors such as brand reputation, customer reviews, pricing, etc. 

You can also refer to the criteria we used to help us develop our list of the top five most reliable online psychic reading platforms. 

Lastly, learn to trust your gut instincts. If you feel something is wrong with a particular company, it is best to avoid them altogether. 

Concluding About The Best Psychic Reading Platforms For The Analysis Of Past, Present & Future

We have finally come to the end of this review article. We sincerely hope that you now understand online psychic reading services better and are better positioned to make an informed decision. 

If you are a beginner and would love to give psychic reading a shot, allow us to recommend any of the sites mentioned in this review article. When you do, feel free to leave us a comment on your experiences. 


5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites For Phone, Chat & Video Readings